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  1. http://www.tssznews.com/2017/05/14/sega-plans-to-revive-major-ips-sega-sammy-recoving-from-restructure/

    Let's hope that SEGA will accomplish these plans for 2020 and beyond.

    1. -dan-


      I wish them luck. I'd certainly like to see some major IPs being revived. It does seem like we're starting to see that, too.

    2. Ferno


      they must be reeling from the sonic movie news right now. they're just minding their business trying to restructure and dumb decisions from pre-2015 (forces started development, the nintendo exclusive deal, boom in general, greenlighting the movie, etc.) are still biting them in the butt

  2. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    No, SEGA/Sonic Team can't rely on luck anymore. Not after this "movie" comes out. It's not hard for them to make consistently good titles with all of the resources and (some of the) talent they have. I already explained how they can do this earlier in the thread (by having three certain people who had previous and better experience with Sonic replace three certain people who currently work at Sonic Team). They can even hire more experienced fans if they have to.
  3. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    I pray to God that this movie bombs too. I don't give a shit about what people in this thread are saying, I refuse to believe that anyone, even nostalgic casual fans who grew up with Sonic in the 90's, will actually watch this literal incarnation of cancer, let alone look forward to watch it.
  4. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    No. Don't say that. The Sonic franchise can redeem itself, it just needs to be run by more competent people.
  5. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    Dear God, why is it so hard for SEGA to get their sh*t together? Why is it so hard for them to see problems that fans can see clear as day (here's a small example: they keep using Denuvo for their games on Steam, which is a problem because it can potentially harm PCs. Solution? Simply stop wasting money to implement pointless and ineffective DRM to your games on Steam)? Why can't they just get more competent people who had previous and better experience with the Sonic franchise like Tetsu Katano, Hiroshi Miyamoto, Akinori Nishiyama and/or even Christian Whitehead to replace people like Morio Kishimoto, Shun Nakamura, and Takashi Iizuka? Why can't they just stop trying to please every single fan and instead just focus on quality? Similar to what you said, @Dr. Detective Mike, I'll always love Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic will always be my #1 favorite. but I f**king loathe how SEGA and Sonic Team is mismanaging the franchise and mistreating the fans by destroying the franchise. The only competent people at SEGA/Sonic Team I can think of is Aaron Webber and the social media/PR team, the Sonic animation team (Jasmine, Marlene Sharp, etc.) Christian Whitehead and the team behind Mania, and the music composers (Tee Lopes, Tomoyta Ohanti, Jun Senoue/Crush 40, Hyper Potions, etc.). I'm done. I'm not gonna let Sonic Team/SEGA treat me like this anymore. I'm boycotting them. Right now. I will not buy Team Sonic Racing. I will not buy any Sonic game made by Sonic Team/SEGA unless A. They actually re-evaulate their strategies and bring more competent people who've had better experience with Sonic such as the people I've listed above whom I think should take over Sonic Team or B. They get lucky and they make a game that actually pretty good like Colors/Generations but even then it'll probably have some stupid gimmick that brings down the quality of the game more than it needs to. For example, Sonic Mania, as great as that game is, the majority of the stages was just returning stages. It was more of a celebration of Sonic's past and less of a celebration of Sonic's future. If they had an even mixture of old and original stages or at the VERY LEAST sacrificed 1 remixed old stage in favor of an original stage, then this criticism would've evaporated. But of course, Iizuka was supervising the project and he told the Mania team to add more old levels because god forbid the Sonic series to be original right? (Disclaimer: I have nothing against Takashi Iizuka, the current head of Sonic Team. He's a really nice guy with a postive mindset, and I would like to say that he's still passionate about the franchise. However, he's made a lot of poor decisions and I think he needs to step down to a lower position, but not leave Sonic Team entirely.). Also, while Colors and Generations are decent/good in my opinion, they could've been so much better if they didn't overdo it with the stupid freaking 2D sections. This became a massively bigger problem in Forces, to the point where basically 75% of the game was 2D (that's barely an exaggeration), and there was literally only 1 level in Sonic Forces (not including Episode Shadow levels or Boss levels) that was fully 3D. And I will absolutely NOT watch the Sonic movie, not even ironically (even though like I said I love Sonic the Hedgehog dearly) because I don't want to give Paramount/SEGA any kind of support for this (I know SEGA is against the design but I'm sure they had some kind of control over it, at the very least to where they should be able to decide whether or not the design should be changed and whether or not they should green light the movie, so I'm partially blaming them for this. Please correct me if I'm wrong to blame SEGA at all for this though.). I don't want this movie to be a success because it'll probably show the people in charge of this monstrosity that this is an okay thing to do (newsflash: no the hell it's not) and they'll make even more abominations like this.
  6. Top 10 questions science cannot answer


  7. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    Someone give this man an Oscar.
  8. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    That's the thing though. We don't want Sonic to produce bad content anymore. After Mania I honestly thought that SEGA was getting back on track and I would like to believe that Forces was just a road bump but didn't completely ruin Sonic's reputation at all, but of course we get this movie that's most likely going to be even worse than Sonic 06.
  9. Guys, if you think the Sonic movie will be bad, then please don't buy tickets to watch the Sonic movie when it releases in theaters, even if you plan to watch it ironically just please don't. If the movie actually does well in the box office then Paramount will think that this is an okay thing to do and they will likely make even more live-action Sonic films that will just ruin Sonic's reputation even more while instead we could get a fully CGI Sonic movie.

    If your looking forward to the movie and you want to watch it then that's great but if you're like me and you'd rather see actual Sonic animation instead of CGI/live-action please do not support the Sonic movie. If you really want to watch it I'd say wait until it releases on Blu-Ray/DVD or Netflix. In fact, I think I'll wait until it releases on home media too.

    (I am a big Sonic fan and I really don't like criticizing the franchise to the point where it makes me look like I'm not a fan especially because that's what I've been doing lately but sadly SEGA isn't making it easy for us not to. Right now we need more people to wake up and tell SEGA and Sonic Team that they need to improve.)

    1. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      I'll watch it if I like the look of it.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'll watch it if I like the look of it too. I mean, that's almost certainly saying that I won't watch it, but still...

      Vote with your wallet. If you support a product and the price that's being asked for it, then go ahead and pay. If you don't, then don't. Simple. Right now I'm hoping that other people are going to agree not to pay for it based on what we've seen, as I don't think the movie is one worth supporting. But to to clarify, I would always rather a product was good and worth supporting than otherwise. Sadly though this is typical of Sonic and it's probably not going to be worth supporting.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      From the looks of things, I would steer clear of the movie. Maybe if it turns out decent, might watch it in 4 years time if it is on TV but apart from that, try to ignore the blooming thing.

      Even then the problem with voting with your wallet doesn't always work. I have bought and supported many series (not just Sonic) only for them to either not take off, turned out to be a flop because not many people bought the thing, the next game/series turned out to be not as good to pull out or a silly decision. Opposite is also true where I wonder why they keep making X when no one is playing/watching it where the only explanations are either its cheap enough to keep making them or a creator passion project. With the movie as an example, it wouldn't matter if no one watched it in cinemas when people watch it in streaming services or TV. Say the next Sonic game is Microsoft Gamepass only right, even if no one bought the game and it failed to take off, it is on Gamepass it could be seen as a success because of the amount of players playing the game.

      We are at the day and age where sadly data about us is worth a lot more than the price of paying for a ticket/DVD/Blu-ray or buying a physical copy of a game. So the only way that this movie will flop is if no one on social media is talking about it along with voting with your wallet!

  10. I cancelled my automatic renewal for Nintendo Switch Online. I (and hopefully many others soon) will not pay for this service anymore until Nintendo fixes it.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Lol how bad is smash right now?

    2. Polkadi~♪


      Poor connections and lack of features.

      Local Smash has more options than online.

    3. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      @Polkadi~♪ You just perfectly described every 1st-party Switch game's online mode.


      The reason why there's almost always poor connections is because the online is solely based on peer-to-peer. Nintendo needs to get some servers already!

    4. Ivo the Coldsteel

      Ivo the Coldsteel

      yikes, glad i didn't waste $20 for online then

    5. -dan-


      Make sure you haven't backed up any saves you want to keep on the cloud. They delete them once the subscription ends. Another decision by Nintendo regarding online that baffles me.

    6. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      @-dan- I just checked and it looks like my back-up saves are the same saves I have on the console, so I should be fine.

    7. TCB


      I got the seven day free trial. 


    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @do a barrel roll P2P is flat out the better connection method for fighting games though. Servers are not only one more pit stop in the network, adding to lag even further, they're also severely limited because of the cost. Which means, while there might be enough servers for big cities like new York, London, Tokyo, and Paris, for example, every player located outside those areas, or even in completely different states entirely without a server, would be routed to the nearest server anyways, and deal with the increased lag as a result.

      There is one issue that servers could "fix", which is the input delay a non-hosting player will encounter if they come across a nearby user playing through 2.4ghz wifi with poor bandwidth, but the chances of that happening to individual players is increased a hundredfold when operating through remote servers, so it's definitely a tradeoff worth weighing.

      The only Nintendo game where dedicated servers would be beneficial is Splatoon, since it's definitely popular enough to warrant server upkeep at this point, and a central server would help keep lag discrepancies balanced and whatnot, which is more important for a game divided between 8 players than 2, especially when the host device has a bad connection. That, and maaaybe Mario Kart, though that's definitely a lot less justifiable with the smaller online playerbase imo. Every other 1-v-1 game on the market, though, servers would have near Zero effect and make connections even worse in remote areas.


      Really it's fine if you don't feel like paying for the online - I know a lot of people who are better off saving their money with the amount of online they play - but I definitely think it's better if people understand what is actually bad about an online experience, and what isn't. The mass usage of wifi connections and resulting packet loss, (causing lag and disconnections) routing issues and delays, ISP provided routers and subpar infrastructure/bandwidth, high ping rates but inconsistent bandwidth flow, etc etc.

      And at the end of the day all these services are is "PS/XBL/Nintendo account tax", really. None of the money they're charging actually goes towards the development of servers and online game modes, just the services that host your online account information, eshop infrastructure, and side things like cloud storage servers, voice chat services, streaming services, messaging services, etc etc. It's definitely worth more on PSN and XBL, since their infrastructure for streaming and stuff has become seriously impressive... But it's still paying for features I'm never going to use for the "benefit of the platform", (and the right to play games and servers that Sony and Microsoft don't even make or provide for in the first place) so it is what it is. Tax.

      @-dan- backing up your saves online doesn't effect your saves on the console itself. You can upload and download them at any time, so it's completely seperated. They also delete the uploaded saves six months after your subscription has ended, which is the same amount of time PS Plus provides, as well.


  11. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    Okay, I can kind of understand why the Sonic movie would use "the series' most iconic and well known location". My bad. It's just that over the past few years, SEGA/Sonic Team has been bringing back so many old levels that have now been re-used more than enough times. Sometimes it was understandable (Generations and Mania, though Mania was said to be a celebration of past and future, yet the majority of it is remixed stages from old games), but now it's gotten to the point where they're relying on using old levels instead of making actual original levels. It's not just old levels that they've been relying on either. They also rely on old concepts (specifically wisps, 2D Sections, and Classic Sonic in Modern Sonic games). It's gotten to the point where the franchise has become so stale and it frustrates me every time I see overly re-used levels/concepts come back when they could instead make something actually original and execute it properly. Seeing a town named "Green Hill" in this movie reminds me of how Sonic Team is refusing to actually try to improve the series (Such as maybe revisiting the Adventure formula. And no, I'm not saying they should make Sonic Adventure 3) and instead play it safe by relying on old concepts/levels that worked in the past.
  12. do a barrel roll

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    I know it's extremely unlikely but I just wish they would cancel this movie because I (and a lot of other people I'm sure) have no hope whatsoever that this movie will be good, or even so bad it's good. There apparently won't even be that many Sonic characters (in a SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE), the plot of the movie is a generic friendship/buddy cop plot where Sonic needs a friend even though he has his best friend he has known for over 25 years, Tails (seriously what is up with the Tails neglect SEGA?), Green Hill is back for the millionth time (Thanks, Iizuka!), and the mere fact that it's live action/CGI instead of fully CGI. Another reason why I wish for this movie to be cancelled is because Sonic's reputation is already not so good (Again, thanks Iizuka!) and we really don't need this movie to ruin the franchise's reputation even more. I know for a fact that it's completly possible for the Sonic franchise to be good, it just needs to be run by more competent people who had experience with the Sonic franchise before (and Christian Whitehead) Personally, I'd much rather have a movie based on the Sonic Boom TV show than this. (I know that's also extremely unlikely to happen but hey I can dream can't I)
  13. 82E7D7B1-9A50-46D7-A58D-CAB4AE6AA2CD.jpeg.26a420909d3f13fd3e180664743c29a3.jpeg

    1. tailsBOOM!


      It's great (I've unlocked like half the roster).   Good luck in your journey to get a copy!

    2. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      @tailsBOOM! Thanks! I should be getting the game later today.

    3. tailsBOOM!
    4. Kiah


      Same but it’s going to be a while until I’m able to do so. 

    5. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      I have the game now :)

    6. Kiah


      Good for you! Have fun! 🙂

  14. So I've sort of been exposed to Smash Ultimate spoilers.


    I'm not gonna let this ruin my experience with Smash Ultimate in the slightest but man wouldn't it be nice if we could have at least one anticipated game that doesn't get completely leaked online?

    1. Failinhearts


      Yeah, it's a shame you have to practically be like the Russos to keep your spoilers safe.

    2. tailsBOOM!


      @Failinhearts With a video game, like Smash it would be harder to do.    THe best you can do is use obscure file types and name them a mixture of languages (WHich is what they do anyways)

    3. Failinhearts


      Of course, but still.

    4. Kiah


      That’s wishful thinking at this point to be completely honest with you.  But it’s a real shame there are others out there that fail to show consideration for others so they can be able to experience the excitement of discovering said spoilers on their own. 

  15. do a barrel roll

    The Wisps, or; Throwing the Baby Out Instead of the Bathwater

    While I admit that Wisps was a decent concept in Colors, I am personally f**king tired of seeing the Wisps returning over and over again. They were originally supposed to just be a mechanic for Sonic Colors (and for Planet Wisp/Tropical Resort for Sonic Generations), but of course, because of Sonic Team’s lack of originality and play-it-safe mindset, we’ve seen them return with no explanation or relevance. They’ve been brought back just about as many times as Green Hill has been brought back. It’s not like too many people are even asking for them to keep coming back (at least not anymore considering they’ve been done to death). Sure, the Wisps concept may have been praised by the majority in Colors, but that doesn’t mean SEGA/Sonic Team should solely rely on it when it’s been downgraded ever since Lost World and has been overused to the point where it has become beyond stale. All I want is for the Sonic series to move on and make something original for once. That shouldn’t be much to ask! Also this. 100% this.

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