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  1. Why is SEGA continuing to waste money on using pointless and ineffective DRM for their games on Steam that will eventually make said games unplayable? I just don't get it.

  2. For some reason I can't post status updates. I've been able to in the past but now I can't. I don't recall doing anything wrong that would ban me from posting status updates. Could you please fix this for me? Thanks in advance.
  3. do a barrel roll

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Oh... My bad
  4. do a barrel roll

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    In my opinion Team Sonic Racing looks good so far, and I'm glad that it's been delayed so it can get more polish. I just hope that Green Hill Zone isn't in the game. Even I'm getting tired of seeing it reused over and over again
  5. Also according to the official Sonic Facebook there will be a DVD release of Sonic Boom Season 1 this Spring!
  6. No, it's probably because of how the show wasn't treated too well by CN. There are clearly a lot of people who enjoyed the Sonic Boom TV show, especially considering that it got nominated for a Teen Choice Award.
  7. Honestly I'm not surprised in the slightest about that. Don't get me wrong I'd love to have a 3rd season too but like @Ryannumber1Scarer said why would the announcement of a 3rd season for Sonic Boom be saved for something as random as Mipjunior especially considering how SEGA basically never even mentioned the show this year (at most Aaron Webber would address the question of there being a season 3 on the livestreams by saying that he does not have any news about it), not to mention that the original creative team is no longer involved with the show, and apparently a new Sonic animated series is in production. As sad as it is for me to say this, I think it's time for us to accept that the show is over. It most certainly had a good run, though. The show has gotten 104 episodes, making it the Sonic TV series with the most amount of episodes at this point. I understand that SEGA wants to move on from the Sonic Boom sub-series and the TV show (though I would appreciate if they at least release the show on Blu-Ray/DVD), but in my opinion if the TV show were to air somewhere that's more accessible and have frequent promotion, I'm sure it would do well, but I'm not complaining. I know a lot of Sonic fans are actually happy that the show (let alone the entire Boom sub-series) is over (which is completely fine because it's their opinion), but I am definitely going to miss it, and I wish the staff of the show (Bill Freiberger, Alan Denton, Greg Hahn, Sam Freiberger, and everyone else) the best of luck on their future projects!
  8. These show reels have been on YouTube for some time now but not a lot of people know that there are Sonic Boom show reels on YouTube (I didn't know either until recently) so I thought I'd share it with you guys.
  9. Hey guys I've come across some YouTube videos that have animation show reels from the Sonic Boom TV show (Seasons 1 and 2): The people who uploaded these worked on Sonic Boom as well so this is their work.
  10. No, nothing related to Sonic Boom has been announced As a matter of fact they haven't really announced anything despite them saying there would be "surprise announcements"
  11. I would like to see that, but at the very best we'll probably just get an announcement for a Blu-Ray/DVD/iTunes release of the show One of, if not, the surprise announcement(s) for SDCC could just be something like a final DLC for Sonic Forces
  12. Please correct me if I'm wrong but could the reason CN didn't promote Boom at all during it's 2nd season be that SEGA had to pay for ad space on CN/Boomerang?

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