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  1. I mean, they can always add a venus fly trap ya know :V
  2. Ah... No wonder why you had such a bad time, hard mode is indeed hard, far more than the original CTR from 1999, actually. This explains literally everything. It wasn't the game's fault in this case. Same thing would've happened if in your first time playing Mario Kart 8 you picked 150cc or 200cc, for example. That's your tutorial mode. If you have told us this was going to be your first time playing the game, I would've recommended playing the Adventure Mode first, because... Like you said, the masks are your tutorial. It's true that the game doesn't teach you everything you can perform while racing, but you don't need to learn any kind of "advanced techs" to do well in this game, period. I'll say 99% of the game resolves around getting the hang of the drift-boost, which is the primary mechanic. You drift with one shoulder button (R1) and you boost with the other shoulder button (L1). There's no secret. You'll master this mechanic as you play, now that you know how to do. Eventually you'll be able to chain one drift-boost after another, which is the name of the game. You can even toggle the "Nitro Wheels" option (in the gameplay options menu) to know exactly when to boost while drifiting. If you don't feel like dialogue and text is enough to understand the game, Beenox was even nicer to add VIDEO tutorials if you try to re-listen to Aku-Aku (or Uka-Uka) hints, as you can see: I think it's less intrusive than the "stop and go, stop and go" tutorials in TSR, but that's just my personal opinion. It doesn't play exactly like Mario Kart, that's all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don't give up, no one is expected to do well on their first try.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot it wasn't just racing. Derp. You know where TSR could've won easily? Best soundtrack.
  4. Crash winning a GOTY is surreal. And for a remake, no less. Well fucking deserved tho'. I was baffled TSR wasn't even nominated, it was arguibly more innovative than Crash in terms of gameplay. But since Crash does the basic so well and has 8 times more content than TSR, it was only logical. I guess they didn't wanted to have two mascot racers in the same category.
  5. Except no. He admitted he was playing on hard mode. Hard mode is bananas, for that you really need to master the game and also have a lucky start. Easy and normal are fairly doable. My GF never touched a videogame in her life and she wins on easy without even drifiting. The only difficulty setting that's vastly different from the original is hard. Also, the drift boost isn't an advanced tech, you can beat the whole game with it.
  6. Damn man, Crash stinky Bandicoot won a GOTY. Crash. In 2019. What the flute. Imagine saying this a good 5 years ago. So proud of you guys.

  7. You guys made me stay awake to watch that shit show.

    I loved it

    1. Jango


      Still no new Crash tho' :(

  8. Yes, could be officialy announced tonight in a about an hour and a half. Come watch the stream with us!
  9. I'm sure as hell enjoyed this a lot. So much so that I'm eager to have more stuff like this, but integrated to the games. But I'm also sure as hell we ain't getting this from the current Sonic Team (Forces' staff).
  10. To replace Sonic Team on these fronts, yes. Writing, characterization, art direction and design. If you wanna throw programmers and composers, just get the Mania staff and you have a game without Sonic Team.
  11. Well, that never stopped Sonic Team :V Just sayin'. Of course you can't make a great Sonic game with these 4 folks he mentioned, but through in a Stealth, a Taxman, a Hunter Bridges, a Tom Fry, a Tee Lopes and see if they can't kick ass. I'll put my hand into the fire for these folks.
  12. I've thought I was seeing things. It does looks crispier in some areas. I did a time trial run on the new track and I do thought it was a bit tight, put pretty well designed once you learn it. It's better than Spyro Circuit and Koala Carnival IMO. Also, holy shit, the warp ball is super sonic fast now!
  13. That's just perfect in every way. I would gladly trade those boring ass lifeless 3D cutscenes for these 2D animations beauty. This is such a better way to tell the story if Sonic Team can't animate for shit with their in-game 3D models. Real talk tho', these guys should take control of Sonic as a whole already :V
  14. Ah, snap. Here we go. Something tells me Nitro-Fueled will be one of the ways they'll use to advertise the new game. Or Beenox simply felt like creating a new mask and that's it :V Nah, why would they create a new mask just because of a GP? Makes no sense, we already have 3 freaking masks... Also, Megamix? This I don't want xD WhoAmI character? OK, they're fucking with us, those smelly beautiful devs haha
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