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  1. Cool stuff for everybody: Beta title screen (apparently): And... Speaking of title screen, I wonder if each game will have its own (with the whole introduction sequence remade, including the logo for each game), or if there will be only a single one with the N-Sane Trilogy logo like the above. Or perhaps one like this: Would be great too!
  2. It's not even nostalgia pandering because Classic is freaking everywhere now, like, I saw him yesterday. He just doesn't work anymore here. Mania? Great, just the way it should be. Forces? Scripted/wonky physics, too cute (instead of cocky and cool), mute... I dare to say Classic Sonic is... Boring :V I rather have Classic Tails or Eggman, at least they were entertaining.
  3. How do you guys would feel if the level we saw is actually the first? Like, you already starts at the "Age of Eggman", instead of playing regular/non-destroyed levels on the present, if we're actually in the future there. I for one, rather start the game before Eggman takes control of everything, just for more "interactive" plot explanation, you know, instead of simply watch a huge ass cutscene or a have a character explaining to you what the F happened. It also helps the impact feel greater, you know, when you start the game and it's all well, but just a bit later and everything is gone to hell.
  4. I'm enjoying Marvel's Iron Fist so far. Waaay more than Jessica Jones and Luke Cage at least :P

  5. That's so cool! Can't wait to the see the crazy, or should I say INSANE, ideas the internetz will come up with. Heck, I may even take a shot at it! Edit: I was reading the rules and... I'm not from any of these countries D: Anyways, my idea would be this, feel free to submit and win for me if you want Crash takes a PS Vita out of his pocket and starts playing Uncharted (you know it's Uncharted because a bit of Nate's theme can be heard). OR He takes one of the Uncharted series artifacts out of his pocket, like: What better away to return the reference?
  6. Except you are wrong. The only way it would be possibly is if the entire dev team immediately stopped work on whatever they were doing and immediately switched to making a new stage... At the cost of the work they were doing. And even then it's still wrong because contractually they wouldn't be paid for creating a new level and might even get the final build rejected. Again with the absolute truth posts. Could you try to be *more* obnoxious?
  7. I just truly believe a new zone can be proposed, aprooved, developed and tested in the course of 4 to 6 months. Same way you so realistically believe it can't. The thing that beats me is the fact that you've responded to the other member "NO. IT CAN'T" as an absolute truth, which none of us know for sure. I'm not going against any of yours and Jez arguments, tho. But that's what they are right now, just arguments, not facts. Try to be a bit more positive too.
  8. Yep ^^^^ No need for that... And "few months"? Again, do you work for SEGA? Summer goes from June to September. I say there's a pretty long time to add more zone(s), ESPECIALLY if they already began one and asked more time to finish, instead of scrap it to meet the initial Spring deadline.
  9. It's amazing how much discussion we're having here considering we know now as much as we knew in July, save for the name of the damn game. 😲 This thread doubled its size.
  10. I'm totaly OK with this. Keep the cute critters out of the main game. My gripe with the Wisps is that I think they're a bit too childish. And since they're telling a darker story in Forces, it is much harder to swallow it with these little space worms flying around... :/
  11. Man, those lines Eggman threw at Sonic during Crazy Gadget, damn. "SONIC, HURRY UP, SHE WILL DIE". I mean h-o-l-y-s-h-a-i-t. It will be cool to see Eggman doing this again in Forces. And some hillarious ones like Colors too. All very well ballanced.
  12. No. That's not happening. The game isn't going to be finished for a Spring release, so instead of rushing it, they're just going to release it later. There's nothing more to it. Don't kid yourself into thinking otherwise. Do you work for SEGA? Do share details about Mania and Forces then!
  13. Half pipe again, nooooooo D: Why not one like CD's? Of all Special Stages... UNLESS. Each Special Stage/Chaos Emerald has a different mini-game...?! Like, the first one (usually the Blue Chaos Emerald), is Sonic 1's Special Stage, the second one is Sonic 2's Special Stage and so on.
  14. Okay, Aaron sorta confirmed it. He said both Ohtani and Jun are working very hard on the music.