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  1. Watch as they add two Delsins Well, at least he's a better character than Cole McMeh. They could pick Fetch, tho'. BTW, the leak also says a demo will be playable at PSX. Do Sony usually reveal new stuff during these Paris Games events? Because I still don't buy it 100%, it's a small fair, isn't it?
  2. At least we'll be able to knack his ass with the superior platforming hero. And yeah, the rumor is veeeerrry convenient... I could give the game another chance tho'. I didn't loved, but I didn't hated either. Also, Joel and Ellie, please?
  3. I have a funny story with PSASBR. I enjoyed the hell out of it during the open beta, but when I've finally bought it... I can't remember a single memorable match. Not to mention the angsty that was before release, rumors about Crash and Spyro all around, sadly deconfirmed over and over, fake leaks, fucking GoW everywhere, 2 freaking Coles instead of Abe or Ryu... This sequel will have a lot to fix. If the rumor is true, which I still don't buy it, at least fucking Crash is there.
  4. So there's a rumor about a sequel to the infamous PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale... Which will be first revealed (this month) in cinematic form. It has Crash, Kratos, Aloy (Horizon ZD) and Morgana (Persona) throwing punches at each other. Thoughs?
  5. I can check another item from my "life list": be on a Paul McCartney's show.

  6. wow wow wow. PlayStation Smash Your Bro 2? Are u for real my man?

    1. Operationgamer17


      It’s a rumor. Not confirmed.

  7. So, have you guys watched mother on theaters?

  8. Because I'm a failure.

    1. Super Mechanio
    2. MickeyMFromDa303


      Because I'm a failuuuurrrre

      Clap along if you feel like a useless waste of space

      Cause I'm a failuuuuuure

      Clap along if you feel like your souls been sprayed with mace

  9. Something happening tomorrow

    More disappointment.
  10. Nowhere, kill it, focus on 2D. Unless Sonic Team is fully renewed. This team can't do 3D Sonic. They're even missing the hand with basic Sonic concepts, like the ring system. I say stop it before it gets too embarassing. You want those nice 80 and 90 on Metacritic, universal praise and great sales? Keep the Mania Team around as long as you can, send Iizuka and crew fucking home.
  11. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    All I can say is thank-fucking-you, Time Eater, for creating the best universe.
  12. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Neat, more and more it looks like Crash is back to stay! I'm really eager to see what will be VV's next step with the franchise. Man, it's so great to be legitimately excited for Crash Bandicoot after so many years of disappointments and fake promises. I'm glad I had always stick around
  13. Sonic Forces PS4 Trophies to be Leaked

    Nobody is complaining, mate. We're discussing. Maybe you're not familiar with the concept of a forum. People are wondering why there's are silver moon medals in the game. We already know what Red Star Rings mean in Sonic games, but something as specific as a moon is odd at the very least. The last time these we're seen was in Unleashed, but it made sense to that game, it had context. What we seen so far from Forces that implies a moon context? That's why it's intriguing. And heck, it could very well mean Werehog. I'm gonna bet the game MAY have a day-night system and perhaps you get the moon medals by completing levels at night?
  14. Sonic Forces PS4 Trophies to be Leaked

    Fascinating. I just want to know what are these moon medals and what they have to do with this game, like, at all? Moon?