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  1. I really could use another Sonic All-Stars Racing right now... I really miss playing something of the genre, and the PS4 doesn't have any...

    1. Jango


      And Transformed was so good.

    2. Strickerx5


      It really was. I wouldn't mind another one myself honestly.

  2. More treats to you: Don't let the internet see, they'll think it's real! Oh no! It isn't exclusive! D:
  4. Remember that WIP from last week? I made my own "remaster plus" cover, inspired but no less than the original cover art from 1996! I've photoshop together pieces of official artwork (and some print screens from videos on YT), in order to remake it as close as possible to the original. The hype is real. YES.
  5. I know dude, I'm sorry again. Yeah, it kinda does, but that was my speculation because it's almost 99% confirmed that the base version is the PS4 one, and since Sony revealed this game (at E3) as a partnership with Activision, there's a big reason to believe that this version will be the "definitive". I even gave the example as having the original games as unlockable in this version because this is a thing they couldn't, even if they wanted, to do in other consoles. And see that this suggestion of mine isn't anything major, like "oh God this way it feels like my Xbox version is incomplete". To me is more like a treat to those who bought the original games on the PS1 and helped Crash become the icon he is today. As for the 6th gen, yeah, my fault. But hey, while we were arguing all that nonsense: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B06W2M3124/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1487783722&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=crash+bandicoot+PS4+special+limited Special Edition listed!!!
  6. Agreed. I only gave that last response because I don't like people putting words in my mouth. Again, I never said going multi-plat is bad (or a sin, like I saw some people saying in other places) and certainly didn't implied anything either (and even then I was called a fanboy). If someone took that from my posts, congratulations, you have nothing better to do. Back in topic, yeah, I hope Activision clear up that matter.
  7. The problem being that you didn't even properly back up this claim. I wouldn't call pointing out the flaws and factual errors "overreacting". Again, do you have sales figures showing that any non-Sony versions of Crash Bandicoot games have sold poorly? That's something that could help your case. What case? lol If you want the sales numbers, go look it yourself, I don't need to back up anything. It seems to me that you took it to a personal level, like "how dare you say the other versions will be shit? :U" To which I replied saying that I've read Activision's latest port was bad, and you ignored. I gave you something to "help my case", but you didn't read apparently.
  8. I have said, it will not sell well on other consoles, especially Switch and Xbox. Again, I didn't said it shouldn't be released on these consoles. You overreacted my first post on the matter, in which I even showed surprise because it will help the game to sell more copies.
  9. Xbox, like PS4 could always use an actual incentive for people to actually get the it. Now your opinion on the Switch not working out for it because its a system known for its abundance of cartoony platformers make no logical sense whatsoever that supports the claim that it shouldn't be accessible for Nintendo in addition. I mean if anything you'd be proving that there's certainly a audience for Crash Bandicoot on there. For cartoon platformers? Yes. For Crash? Not really. Same with Sonic to some degree. Why would a Nintendo owner pick Crash/Sonic when they have Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Kirby, Smash, DK, etc? These IPs were always on Nintendo, and are what Nintendo is better known for, and the main reason people buy their consoles. Don't tell me otherwise, because you don't see anyone saying they prefer Nintendo, because of the system's hardware, for example, we know they were always the weakest of the generation and still are. Don't say it's also because of the motion control stuff, because all consoles now have it too. Even the price isn't a reason, because their products were the most expensive also. It's because of the games. People who will get the Switch are those who always had a Nintendo before, most of them, and want to play the new Zeldas and Marios. Also, games are expensive these days, so one people will normally have to pick one game over another. And finally, if there were a real audience for Crash on Nintendo, then they should've pick the PS1 instead of the 64 back in the day, like I did. You didn't see Nintendo owners asking Crash's return, it was 99% PlayStation owners, or people who had the PS1. I'm not saying N-Sane shouldn't be released on other consoles, I'm just making a realistic prediction of sales.
  10. Admittedly we were all thinking the same thing about Crash Bandicoot even returning because of that factor. Also, what's the point of trying to put the potential ports down like that anyway? :U I guess since VV is most likely working full-time on the base version, the other versions might be ported by someone else, this happens a lot. The latest Activision port was the Marvel Ultimate Aliance, I don't know which studio they wired to port the game, but I read people everywhere saying it's really bad. And what if the only other version is PC, like happened with Street Fighter V? I don't really see Crash selling a lot on Xbox (due to its public) neither the Switch (due to its catalog already full of cartoon platformers)... As for CTR, remake or new, it needs to happen, the PS4 is seriously lacking a fantasy racer.
  11. Timed exclusive then? Well, we know which version will sell more, but holy shit, this will sell even more now. Now I'm imagining a CTR remake with online cross-platform play (like the PC-PS4 Rocket League)!!! I also think it's kinda dumb of Sony not securing a total exclusivity, but the other versions are going to be ports... Which doesn't inspire much hope, since this is Activision. And since the PS4 version is the main version, it will most likely have exclusive bonus, maybe the original games as an unlockable (these can not be published in other consoles).
  12. Finished Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4. Great game, it actually does more than Uncharted, but it's just not as memorable I guess. But it's great, with a few good fan services too. I wonder if Rise is better.

    1. TCB


      You finished that game too? Yeah I quite enjoyed it. 

    2. Jango


      Yep, I got it for like 5 bucks or so on PSN two weeks ago, flash sale. Finished on sunday!

    3. TCB


      Ha, same deal. 

    4. Jango


      It's pretty different from the originals, yet familiar in some places. BTW, dat fan service near the ending.

      It's certainly a different take on Lara and Tomb Raider, exploring her character development to the max, instead of already starting off as a bad ass girl power Lara, we can experience her journey to finally become one.

    5. TCB


      Her character development even carries into the combat mechanics; at the start she has no real combat experience but by the end (where you have fully upgraded your skills and such) she can effortlessly kill mooks and other threats

      Granted, it's more about survival over anything else, so you must adapt to survive.

      And then that Stinger once you 100%....

    6. Jango


      I actually 100%'d the game on hard on my first run. I'm usually starting all games on hard these days, most aren't as unforgiven as the old games. I actually didn't had a problem with TR, as far as I remember. Just be careful and don't rush. By the last chapter I had everything on max, so it became quite easy, even that big boss samurai was kinda easy. Still, great game, with a cool plot. Two thumbs up, will buy Rise soon.

      Sure hunting those mushrooms was a pain in the ass, but oh well haha NO! Wait! The biggest pain were find all the skull totems, fuck those things. Once you upgrade the survivors instinct it becomes so much easier to spot these stuff, but in the beggining you truly struggle.

    7. Nix


      I loved the last Tomb Raider.  The plot and characters were incredibly boring, but I thought the gameplay and the general encounter design was very solid.

      I haven't gotten far into Rise, but so far I think it's nowhere near as good as the last one.  It's like the developers thought "bigger is better!" and did absolutely fucking everything in their power to make the game as dull as possible with truckloads of useless garbage for you to collect and craft things from.  It doesn't do anything new or creative; it just does more, and that's fucking boring.

    8. Jango


      Good to know, I might get it when it's really cheap!

  13. It's amazing how good is the in-game model, they did a superb job. It's the Naughty Dog model in HD, no more, no less. No different proportion (like the Skylanders' model, although that one was heavily based on the original concept art instead of the PS1 model) and no weird additions, like tattoos and shit. The few additions they made, like the shorts' cord (I believe it makes it now a beach shorts, instead of a jeans shorts), are great. EVEN THE FUR LOOKS GOOD HERE, and some unlucky Xbox owners might remember a rather laughable attempt at giving Crash realistic fur. 😧 I say this "convertion" to HD is just as good as the Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations. In fact, I think it's even more faithful. Can't wait for this, I need demo ASAP. As for the level, I like the lightning a lot, the upper part, when you can see the red sky and the other islands silhouettes, should be looking amazing. If I had one criticism, is that I think the art dude went a little overboard with the grass prop, it looks a bit too much... it might even make it hard to see the ground properly. But that's kinda it.
  14. I loved this ^^^^ It's priceless. BTW, the release date on PSN haven't been updated yet for me. But then again, I bought from the brazilian PS Store, which usually takes a few extras days to update...