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  1. Hunter looks stoned AF, I love this shit xD Now give us a new trailer!
  2. Oh God what they've done to Sheila... She's dressed like the Crocodile Dundee... I get the reference, but... I dunno, not a huge fan. EVERYTHING ELSE, THO'. Freaking sweet, I'm in love with Sunny Villa and Cloud Spires (where's the rain, tho'???). Also, Winter Tundra looks so amazing, so amazing 😭 So does Magma Cone. The enemies design also looks great. I need a demooo!
  3. They've been working on this since... late 2015-ish, right? Basically the same ammount of time the original team of Insomniac took to develop all three games aswell. Surely they were creating a new IP for a new system, but hey, I'm okay with the delay, no matter the reason. I hope we get at least a demo next month to compensate
  4. Shit son, TfB have major balls if the scenario @Ratcicle King proposed is true. But I think it's more likely that Activision felt the backlash and changed plans by themselves rather than TfB going after them and demanding more time to fit all three games (most of it at least, the IGN article says you'll still have to download something) inside a single disk. It's just amazing that they realized how absurd their original plan was and actually changed it. In the end, it worked for both ends.
  5. I'm on the fence, because obviously I wanna play this ASAP. On the other hand, it's kind of amazing of Activision giving the devs more time to polish and refine the game, perhaps even sort the download matter. I'm not even mad, because september has also Spiderman 😀 And october has Red Dead Redemption 2. Just fix the text box, TFB!
  6. Jango

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    You guys are expecting too much from the story.. again. Remember Forces and to an extend Mania. Not trying to be a buzz kill, but c'mon.
  7. Probably because SpongeBob is too big nowadays and Kenny can't do that voice if he's not voicing SpongeBob. Some voice actors have their voices under contracts and copyright, believe it not. Last month I saw an interview with the guy that voices Mickey Mouse for years here in Brazil, and he said that Disney has his "Mickey voice" copyrighted, he can't even do it for fun in birthday parties for example. Crazy. Anyways, I still think the Electroll that handles the talisman sound a bit like Bob.
  8. Hurricos gameplay is the definition of "nail'd". I love every bit of it. Except, you guessed, that ugly text box. But eh... As for the Spyro 3 demo at Gamescon, YES PLEASE.
  9. Jango

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Team "whatever are Espio and Charmy"? xD Surely they will be in a team with Heavy and Bomb, amirite guys? Guys? Just show more levels.. please? Also, don't you guys wish the characters models were posing differently? Because Blaze is just standing like one of her many generic artworks and Silver is like he's ready to fight... This is a race, man. I like Vector in this tho', he does look confused and a bit out-of-place.
  10. I miss playing a modern Sonic game and having a blast with it. I think the last time that happened was with Sonic Heroes. Sure I was much younger and it was one my first games on PS2, but man, I had so much fun with this game. Internet wasn't a thing for me back then, so I played the game completely blind. Every new level, cutscene, piece of music, dialogue, boss, was exciting and cool. 

    I recall having a mini-blast with Sonic Colors of all games. And as much as I anticipated Sonic Generations, I didn't had a blast with it... It was a good game for sure, but... IDK, I spoiled the whole thing before actually playing it, the game was pretty short and the story was non-existent. 

    1. Red


      I still have fun going back to SA2 from time to time but I get what you mean. It feels like it's been so long since we had a Modern game with some meat in it. Everything post-Unleashed has just been so short and bland and boring to play.

    2. spinny


      I think last time that happened to me was Generations. LW and onwards were never on the same level for me

    3. Strickerx5



      >dialogue was exciting and cool

      ...to each their own I guess

      Honestly can’t say I’ve been satisfied by a Sonic game since Gens. Haven’t been completely wowed by one since Unleashed.

  11. From this day and age, me neither, but that's because the kart racing genre was kinda dead... What kept the ball running was Mario Kart and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. There are a few spits here and there, but most of them are very phony. Modnation Racers tried to be something, but it simply lacked any charm... Then came Little Big Planet Kart. To an extend Trackmania. Some lincesed garbage. None came close to be as solid, fun and livid as Mario or Sonic. It's like those Smash clones. They might be fun, but they don't hold a candle to the real deal. The All-Stars Racing was never a mere Mario Kart clone, it was actually the ONLY game to ever come close to be equaly as good, sometimes even better. And now we have Team Sonic Racing, which felt right at home with those cheapy licensed kart racing games. Like or not, the All-Stars Racing set a bar, and a high one. And still has "Sonic" and "Racing" on the tittle. It should look better, have more characters, cooler tracks, with or without the SEGA IPs, there's like 30 Sonic characters, where are those guys now? Why we're stuck with Sonic Heroes' cast minus poor Cream? Just take a look at Sonic Runners. That's some Sonic fan service done right. What the hell happened here? But hey, at least it has more characters than Sonic R, eh guys??
  12. Game's looking amazing and I can't wait. The whole "download 2 games" controversy doesn't affect me because I already pre-ordered it digitally anyways. Still sucks and it's a damn shame, but it's Activision we have to blame, I doubt TFB have anything to do with this decision, but they're the people actually making the game, not the publisher, and should be praised by the work and attention they been putting into this Trilogy. Honestly, I already think it's better than Crash N.Sane Trilogy, which I love.
  13. I'd save the "franchise is doomed" for after and IF we hear that Team Mania isn't coming back for any more projects. But that's getting off-topic.
  14. There isn't a great game either for the look of it so far.

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