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  1. So much this! The modern gameplay has the same flaws stemming from physics and automation, but because you spend so much time boosting and using the homing attack that you can ignore it. Classic's gameplay doesn't afford such shortcuts and lazy design. You can liken it to when Dimps attempted to create Classic gameplay over Rush's gameplay. It fundamentally does not work. Yeah, it should've been its own thing from the beginning. But no, let's just update our graphic engine and call it a day :V Seriously, I seriously wouldn't have mind if Sonic Team hired DIMPS to program Classic Sonic. It's actually pretty good in Gens 3DS, but people seem to forget about it. Then again, even if the physics worked right, we would still have bad level design... Or not? Nothing can save Forces (jk).
  2. I think Green Hill still looks bright and lush because this isn't the future yet. OR. When Eggman brough Classic Sonic to the future (I'm still confused was WHY?) he literally brough EVERYTHING, including Green Hill, and threw it in the middle of a desert.
  3. The level design is of a Megaman game, rather than a Classic Sonic one, at least is how I see it. The physics are nonexistent or scripted, so there's no slopes, ramps and stuff to play with... Actually, all the ramps they've added to the level design are just to shos how janky and off the 'physics' are.... They never should've created Classic Sonic's gameplay OVER Modern Sonic's gameplay... The game still looks beautiful, tho'.
  4. Sometimes the grass looks a bit too high for Sonic that's just so tiny :V I give you that.
  5. Where is the bullshot from? Also, it looks reaaaaallly nice. There's just the right ammount of detail and layers right now. It's a in between Gens and Lost World. I welcome this. It's still colorful and bright.
  6. As expected, the Guardians Vol. 2 tracklist is full of great music. Good job, Jim.

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  7. HOHOHO Holy shit, Sigma on his original design and Ultron, this looks fucking awesome man. I reaaaaaaaaaally want a remix of one his themes: Too bad the graphics are still kinda ugly
  8. I guess I've just figured out why Sonic bounce on enemies some times, and other times don't: Classic Sonic now has a "stomp" skill, which crushes enemies and stops the precious momentum. Perhaps it's the same skill we saw in action near the end of the level, which people are saying it's the drop dash. I guess if you use it on clear ground, it works just like the drop dash from Sonic Mania (you land on a spindash), but when used on enemies, it just smack them. Thoughts? Another skill to break the momentum? Do we know if you use the drop dash in Mania on an enemy you still land on a spindash?
  9. Holy shit, c'mon, no. The blocky aesthetics are a design choice, and it does looks much better than the footage from Nintendo at least... Well, if you like it or not is subjective. I do, because you can focus on Sonic better than in Generations, which was so full of layers and stuff that was easy to loose track of the little blue bastard on screen some times. But not-Green Hill is still colorful and bright. The lightning effects are also prettier, watch it in HD. The only real complaint I can agree with EVERYBODY is the excess of unnecessary automation (springs, boosters) and the music, that right now has a case of bad soundfont. So the level design doesn't offer moments to exploit rolling and momentum? I'm not amuzed, it's Sonic Team :V We have Mania at least. More and more is clear that Classic Sonic is in Forces just because of ST's insecurity, it's OBVIOUS that they don't get it.
  10. you're a Jun Senoue The music sounds bad, Sonic 4's music sounds bad, they sound similar, it sounds like he made it. the end. Stahp, or I'm gonna tell ya mom > It sounds bad right now. RIGHT NOW. LET'S WAIT AND SEE. PREASE LOOK FORWARD. ARIGATOU.
  11. I have yet to find a single human being that's excited for this game because Green Hill Zone and Classic Sonic are in it. Assuming you're not just being funny. Because holy halibut this forum in the past few months. I did it in 2010 and I'll do it in 2017, if he can't play the Cat-o-thizer, don't give him a Cat-o-thizer. I'm allowed to have standards. Well, of course Indigo, but c'mon, don't ya think using someone's else name as an insult is kinda rude? I agree with you that this music is quite meh, but let's not shit on people's work. For all we know, it was probably under Sonic Team's request that Jun had to use the cat-o-thizer for Sonic 4's soundtrack, as we seen him playing those songs in events on a regular piano and guitar and they sound MUCH BETTER, because the melody was always pretty good. Same with the new not-Green Hill, as Jez and Nepe pointed. Still wish SEGA would've called Naofumi Hataya and Richard Jacques to compose at least the classic half, but O have faith in Ohtani.
  12. Don't spit on the plate you eat. Jun is a great composer, he's just not great at composing something classic-like, ergo why the Sonic 4's soundtrack is a hit or miss. It's like giving a veteran guitar player a saxophone and expects him to be good at. He's great at composing rock and pop-rock tracks, see the fucking Sonic Adventure soundtrack. Ohtani is great, but I did expressed my concern on him being again the sole composer of a main-line game. His creativity will eventually dry out... Why SEGA didn't hired their other composers is beyond me.
  13. Well, I re-watched the video, and you can see the level has different routes to go and explore, the player simply took the quickest. However, none of these other routes are to reach using momentum, rolling skills and PHYSICS, which isn't as rewarding or FUN like the classics and like Mania... But they EXIST, so yeah. There's just too much automation in there, I especially dislike the ending segment with the falling bridge. What if I want to go back and get more itens, rings? This ain't Uncharted, the classic gameplay don't need SCRIPTED SEQUENCES to be cool. There you have it.
  14. Well, one doubt still remains, is it or not Green Hill? The video title says so, it's official?