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  1. What a douche. lol Reddit.
  2. If only all Dragon Ball Super was animated like the new movie teaser...

    1. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Super have animation issues? I haven't been keeping up with it the best, but I've heard plenty of notorious stories. 

    2. Adamabba


      Super's animation isn't bad, maybe it was earlier in the show. But it's obviously not movie quality

      Either way, the animation in this trailer already looks much better than the first 2 movies. Those ddidn't look that much better than the anime imo

    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      It's almost like a weekly animated tv show can't compare to a full blown movie.

      On that note, it's not movie quality ALL THE TIME.



    4. Jango


      Tell that to My Hero Academia, or Boruto, or Attack on Titan, or One Punch Man. Every episode in these animes is beautifuly animated, rare are the times when something looks off, while on DBS is a lot of the time. It doesn't need to be movie quality. It just could be much better. 2 minutes of great animation in one episode, wow :V I stand my word, I tried, but holy shit is it bad almost all the time... This is just Toei being cheap bastards, if they wanted they could've got the best animators, it's freaking Dragon Ball we're talking about.

    5. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      They DO have the best animators.

      The difference between all those animes you mentioned and Super is that Super is weekly. All the others have year a long hiatus between every season.

      Toei isn't ''being cheap'', they're not ''barely investing in animation'', it's just that scheduling is an absolute hell and animators are being constantly overworked. It's not a matter of adding more animators, that'd just make it worse, the episodes with the MOST animators were the worst in the series, because all the art styles overcorrecting each other ended up making a messy artwork. Too many cooks spoil the broth. 

      Even if they were to invest MORE in animation, wouldn't change a thing. If I gave you a million dollars right now, would you be able to do a perfect drawing of Goku in 10 seconds? Of course not, because throwing money at people doesn't change their capacity to draw in a short amount of time. Best example being Naoki Tate, who's behind most of the infamous Episode 5 fight scene. If you look at his work later down the road in the series, or his work in any other show before Super, you'd see how talented he is and how good his cuts are. However, as I pointed out before no talent survives a ridiculous schedule.

      For a weekly series, Super's been doing great as of the last couple of arcs, only fumbling a bit at the end, where scheduling clearly got the better of them. I'd honestly recommend you do some research on the animating industry, because your view is misinformed when it comes to how a lot of things work in said industry.

      Are they doing something about the schedule? Apparently, yes. Considering DB's current popularity, it's doubtful they'll stop now. Either Super will return or they'll bring in a new series, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one year break on the series is to not only focus on the movie, but to give the production better time to warm up. Considering Super's pre production was rushed as all hell to capitalize on the newfound success of the series.

  3. I'd normally say it's just insane conspiracy... But you never know with these guys, so... It might be right. April 19th. Some people are saying we're getting "news" March 22nd... Let's wait and see. Prease, be excited.
  4. Hahaha oh my gawd yes, everytime someone passes him. They should embrace the ridiculousness of his character, since the "edge" part felt extremelly short. I almost forgot that's the reason Infinite is angry lol I think even Jet had better character, and his reasons were basically the same as Infinite (slower than Sonic).
  5. Mania/Classic series and the lack of characters

    lol We got more playable characters in Sonic Mania than any other main series game in 10 years. Be patient. This is only the beginning. It almost sound like ingratitude, we asked to play as Tails and Knuckles for yeeeeears, Team Mania delivered, and their gonna ice that cake with 2 more characters, and "it's still not enough! :V". Like, holy shit. Calm down.
  6. Pre-orders today? HELL. YES. SEGA please make at least this one available in South America.
  7. Agreed, this game could use a good dose of fan service. It was done to a T in All-Stars Racing Transformed, and I expect no less from Sumo this time. This is the third modern Sonic racing game (modern as in the last years, not Modern Sonic as a character...), so unless this new game changes the rules again with a unique gimmick, it's """"""kinda"""""" just another mascot racer. Which isn't bad, we need something other than Mario, BUT, giving this game a great amount of references and fan service will be the best way to avoid the fatigue. Since this is now a Sonic-only racer, SEGA is already decided to corner the target audience this time, so most buyer will be Sonic fans. Appeal to these people and give the outsiders a new look into the franchise, show them that Sonic is much more than checkered hills and factories. Put unique playable characters instead of just the obvious ones. Make Chaos 0 and Tikal playable, a badnik or a Hard Boiled Heavy, someone totally out of place like the president from Sonic Adventure 2, heck make Maria or Gerald playable. If Sonic Runners is anything to go by, Sonic Team is open to fan service. Go nuts, Sumo.
  8. Knuckles on the other hand, is closer to how he is portraited in the Mega Drive comics than the games. But I assume we have to consider everyone's personality based on the classic games, as Mania takes place soon after Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Whatever how any of them act in Lost World, using the same example as @JezMM, may or may not be a reflex on how they should or could act in Mania. Anyways, just fix the missing transitions Team Mania :V
  9. I dunno, that looks like something Tails would do ^^
  10. Who told Square Enix/Avalanche Studios that removing the run AND evade button in Just Cause 3 was a good idea? This puts me off so much, I can't get used to the game, it makes gun combat simply unfun and unfair... It already has a lot of slowdowns on consoles, it doesn't help that Rico also jogs so slowly... *huge sigh*

    1. Jango


      It's amazing how these simple changes make a huge difference in gameplay.

  11. At least one will happen. They could use Mania's version tho', with segments inside the caves and what not.
  12. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Pixel art is love. It can be improved upon on a sequel. Mania's pixel art is beautifuly done. But it can be done even better. Games with HD hand draw graphics, especially with 3D backgrounds, are becoming generic these days, unless it's something as stylized as Rayman Origins, which is fully hand draw, but that style is more expensive and demands more time, which means less zones, less game. Unless SEGA can give Mania Team all the time they need to do it, this isn't happening. For all we know, they rushed the Mania we got already, which is why there was stuff missing and some sound issues. I say, stick with pixel art, improve it slightly. Ironically, pixel art is an art style that will hardly go out of fashion, it's retro, while HD hand draw graphics are becoming generic already.
  13. Oh, I see. Haven't played World 2 much beyond the surface. But please at least Classic Eggman, Amy and Sonic. They could be in the same slot as their Modern versions, kinda like a skin.
  14. Yep, and it's the clever kind of reference/idea I expect Sumo to pull off. It's a good name. Let's just pray they go all out with this one, diging the Sonic world as deep as the SEGA world. Stuff like: - A track set on Angel Island AS A WHOLE, with segments of almost every zone from Sonic 3. - A track that's a remake of some Sonic Drift or Sonic R track because that would be a totally awesome and sweet homage. - Forgotten characters made playable, not just the new ones. I was going to say Mighty and Ray, but they're no longer so forgotten! Give us "THE BOYS, THOSE DUDES®" Fang, Bark and Bean. Or even Honey, c'mon. - Hard Boiled Heavies playable. Because YES, Heavy Rider was born for this. - Classic characters playable (Sonic, Tails, Knux, Eggman AND Amy). If people can swallow Baby Mario, Luigi, Peach, I don't see a problem. Also, as far as I know (not a huge Mario fan, correct if I'm wrong please), but only Baby Mario is actually canon (SMW2), all the other babies are just "there", while Classic Sonic and co. are much more actual characters. Also I wanna see Classic Amy in 3D, ok? And race with a Sonic that rellies on cool animations instead of one liners. - Eggman's track should be Scrap Brain, Launch Base or another level that isn't Death Egg for the 10th time. Nor Final Fortress/Egg Fleet. - Boom!Sonic as the secret ultimate unlockable character just for the lulz. - A track set in City Escape. Now, I know, City Escape, it's been done before, but c'mon, racing in San Francisco is always exciting, those hills, the bridge... Throw in an awesome remix and some Crazy Taxi references and were good. - A track set in an original Sonic Mania level. Because YES. And one set in a Sonic Forces level because God knows people are gonna be pissed if Mania is represented but Forces not. Metropolitan Highway (that's the name of the white city level?) would be rad. Music is great too. - A track based on a Sonic CD level that features the time travel gimmick. Each lap being a time period. It can be done seamlessly, this is the PS4! - Some SEGA characters should be made playable while a LOT of them could be hidden in the tracks as easter eggs, doing their business. - The arena/battle mode levels could be from different SEGA games. - And of course. Console exclusive guests. Switch gets Mario obviously, Xbox gets... Master Chief? Conker maybe? And OF COURSE. PS4 gets... CRASH. Or......... Sackboy? <.<

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