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  1. Skins aren't generating as often either. I see Baby Coco and Crash bundles every (I bought the characters separately), but I haven't seen Stone Age Tropy in a while. I think I'm only missing this skin and Caveman Zem... Which I don't intend to buy because I never play as Zem anyways, so fuck it. As for paintjobs, I think I'm only missing the Pastel one which comes with the babies' bundle, so eh. I just got the Quartz paintjob which looks real nice. Pretty sure I'm missing a lot of stickers and decals, but eh. I got the Pitfall! decal tho', which is a nice little reference to the ancient game And finally, wheels. I got Red Lava at the beginning of the GP and I just got the Purple Lava one because I think it will go well with Spyro 😈
  2. Speaking of skins, I unlocked Fake Baby T last night. That's another GP done I don't know why, but that felt easier than the last one. Right now I have 6K Wumpa Coins saved. I want to save as many coins as I can untill the Spyro GP begins to buy all that good purple stuff!
  3. Great interview with Lewis, @Indigo Rush, I'm looking SUPER forward to Sonic Studio Project. The UI already looks amazing and intuitive, the level/object interactions look fun and inovative and oooh the sprite work is great.

  4. I remember I was really into Sonic in mid 2010, especially after listening to Colors' main theme (I even made it my ringtone back then lol). I was actually looking forward to Sonic 4 too. There was something special in that year. I didn't even had a Wii or PS3, my only chance to play Colors was through Dolphin. 

    1. Soniman


      The Colors/Gens one-two punch in the span of just a year was the best time to be a fan Imo 

    2. Strickerx5


      I still remember the hype leading up to Generations. Shit had me excited for that entire summer.

    3. Jango


      I eventually managed to play Colors on Dolphin and remember loving it. I still like the game a lot TBH. Then I got a PS3 and then Sonic 4 and... Yeah. Didn't hated, but didn't enjoyed it either.

      @Strickerx5 YES. THEN. Came Generations (or Sonic Anniversary as we called it) announcement and holy shit I was excited for that son of a bitch. Every teaser, every news, trailer, gameplay, leaks. It was great. It was the one time where the bigger part of the fanbase was looking forward to a Sonic game (untill Mania) instead of the polarization that was with Lost World beyond.

  5. Ha, people are gonna get sour. Get it, coz' of the bubblegum?
  6. Yeah, that could be it. I recall a similar case with the PS3 ports of the Jak & Daxter trilogy. Mass Media Games said in an interview that porting Jak & Daxter to the PS3 was painfull because the original Naughty Dog code was a complete mess. I imagine Blue Point Games used Mass Media's port to re-port it to PS4 instead of ND's. Well, if they at least fix Spyro 3 I would be happy. Sure a better optimization would be ideal, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen, at least not on Switch.
  7. Yes, the point that they still didn't had enough time to optimize the game remains. I'm not an expert in the area, but porting should be something fairly easy and quick, especially because Spyro uses the Unreal Engine, which the Switch supports IIRC. The process of porting the game to a weaker hardware should by extend demand some optimization already. Is 10 months not enough time then? Or Activision only gave them like 2 months and the game is simply waiting for the most profitable release date? CTR came in June, makes sense for Activision to release Spyro in September, so both games won't compete with each other.
  8. Right.....!!!...... Or not....? Damn. Why is this game so... un-optimizable (that's a word)?!
  9. Need for Speed Instagram Filter.

  10. Well, that was my optimism speaking... but who knows. I trust Toys for Bob with all my heart. But they definitely needed more time to finish those games, as it became clear that it shouldn't have come out in November either, as much as the final product is still fully playable, enjoyable and beautiful. They just needed an extra time to iron the tech part, like the issue with the ridiculously large file size, motion blur and shitty frame rate in Spyro 3. But since time is money, and Activision loves money... well, you know the story. The situation I see is that this "extra year" wasn't spent in fixing Reignited Trilogy, since anything they had to work on the game post-launch is still work, and if you work you wanna get paid, right?... and since Activision pulled that dick move and put Toys for Bob on a crunchy state back then, it's clear that they thought the work the studio had invested in the game was already more then enough. Heck, if Toys for Bob didn't fighted Activision back, they would've release the game in the original date, which was September 21st. And since Actvision haven't changed a bit, I wouldn't doubt if they have said something like: "- Let it go, move on to the our next project". Apparently, it isn't even Toys for Bob doing the ports, and according to their Twitter, they indeed moved to the next project already, so... Spyro just might end up never being fixed
  11. As we approach the Switch and PC release of Spyro, I keep wondering if the other two versions will get a patch that fixes the still present issues the game has, and also fixes Spyro 3 as a whole...
  12. A hundred bucks it's a fix for N. Gin Labs exploit.
  13. Wow. This obviously proves that the GP challenges are computer generated, like, holy shit. That's literally impossible. What the hell is going on at Beenox?
  14. I find it funny that I usually prefer Weird Al's version of the songs he parodies over the original xD The guy is so good.

    1. StaticMania


      Being better versions of the songs most of the time usually helps.

    2. Jango


      Hahaha man, the Ebay song which is a parody of Backstreet Boys is sooooo damn funny

    3. Polkadi~☆


      My my, this here Anakin guy

      May be Vader some day later, now he’s just a small fry

      He left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye

      Saying: “Soon, I’m gonna be a Jedi.”

      “Soon, I’m gonna be a Jedi...”

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