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  1. I've just remember something crazy. Didn't Metal Sonic found a pink glowy source of energy that powered him up in... *gulp* Sonic 4? Could that pink thingy be the Phantom Ruby? And could be the Little Planet from Mania the same from Sonic 4 Episode 2's ending?
  2. Boy, those Chaos Emeralds in Mania are a real pain in the.. WHATTA? 

  3. Gee, Sonic Mania's staff credits is long. Thankfully the music is sweet.

    1. Penny


      i just wish there was a zone medley in there somewhere like the other classics

    2. JezMM


      Yeah I was kinda hoping for a zone medley too, especially considering the credits were so long.  As it goes through the tracks that do play it feels more and more like they're desperately trying to think of more songs that serve as a main theme for the game overall lest they resort to gameplay music lol.  Having the last few minutes be the file select screen music which very suddenly fades out when the credits are done was really lame.  Mania deserved a better credits sequence overall tbh.

      Having the opening animation play followed by gameplay demos ala Sonic 1 would've been better than nothing tbh, and would mean anyone who didn't see it by waiting on the title screen definitely sees it here.

    3. Ernest-Panda


      You know you can speed them up by holding one of the buttons?

      Or skip them altogether.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I believe the Switch credits might well be longer than the other versions because theyhave to include Tantalus. But even so, that only accounts for a small amount. You can skip them.

  4. @Meta77 You're missing the point. We have the right to judge what we were given. And they gave us only shit.
  5. Rhetorical question. It's not good. There's no "go back and save it", this very thread is about the connection being confirmed...
  6. Yeah, you make a game 99% aimed at classic fans, but decides to drop a cliffhanger that will be pick up in another game with a totally different target audience. Really smart move.
  7. Thing is, S3&K had an actual closure, while Mania didn't. I don't know in which world Sonic going into a wormhole is a "good ending" for collecting all those Chaos Emeralds. Mania can live by its own merits of course, it has the long awaited right physics and mechanics, great animations and graphics, superb music and it's fun as fuck. But that cliffhanger has no reason to exist. I'm all for connecting games, but not like this. This is not connecting games, this is Sonic Team desperately trying to convince you to buy Sonic Forces. I'm not saying the connection with Forces is bad per se, but they should've done it differently: properly end Sonic Mania, and add an AFTER CREDITS scene making that connection. It's not like Sonic Team doesn't have a reference, just look at like, every Marvel movie. Right now, Sonic Mania has no ending. People will buy and invest their time, just to find out the game will end... In another game that, mostly likely, a lot won't even buy... Like I said in another thread, this little "move" Sonic Team made has done more harm than good.
  8. lol Videl is playable, but Mr. Satan ain't. No buy.
  9. Things you'll never get tired of in Sonic

    Music for sure. In fact, I think at some point, I was more fan of Sonic game's music, than the games itself.
  10. That's easy. When you like something and you can see its flaws, you're a fan. When you blindly accept everything no questions asked, you're a fanboy. There's Sonic games I love, and some that I dislike. Even the ones I love, I can see its problems and point them out, hoping they will improve on the next game. Mania for example. It does so much right that it's easy to ignore the bad/questionable decisions. Even easier when you consider that this is the game a lot of people being asking for, and the past years soulless attempts at a 2D experience were, well... Soulless. Still, Mania has its fair share of issues, and I really hope the Team Mania will find a way to improve it. That's being a fan for everything, not just Sonic. Embrace the good, point all the bad, desire and ask for the better. If the guys on the big chairs don't deliver, you're gonna loose interest, and that's entirely their fault. Move on.
  11. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    I think Press Garden belongs in Angel Island. It feels like a zone from there. Love that place BTW, probably my favorite new zone. Titanic Monarch could be in Little Planet, but they got the name wrong :V It should have had the same initials.
  12. Hopefully one of said "iconic" zones is PRESS GARDEN. Because daaaaamn. That zone just became an insta classic. Ah, who am I kidding, it's gonna be Chemical Plant and Seaside Hill, isn't it?
  13. Hey Jango.

    Do you plan on getting FighterZ on PS4?

    1. Jango


      Probably, yeah. Why?

    2. Diamond Dragon X

      Diamond Dragon X

      We have a chat for PS4 players on SSMB wbout FighterZ.

      Wanna join?