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  1. Talk about a track with a lot of downhills
  2. The fact that many of us are considering characters DLC before the game is even out is very concerning, especially because this is a mascot racing game and a spin-off of the Sonic series, and you all know the implications of this genre. But then again, I'm pretty sure this is another case of Sonic Team's unjustified fear more than anything. Highly doubt Sumo would consider only 15 characters for this, when not even their first SEGA/Sonic racing game had this few. Not to mention the likely roster is the most standard you can get, with 12 character slots coming straight from ye' good old Sonic Heroes. Same rule will probably apply to the track selection. Realy hope they're keeping stuff in their sleeves and 15 is the starting roster, and there's at best 10 other characters to unlock. But I doubt. Probably gonna pass this one like I did with Forces.
  3. I'm not too keen on that dynamic music idea, as seen in Sunny Flight the music almost go mute when Spyro enters a cave. On the other hand, I liked how they handled the dynamic music in Toasty. Well, I just hope there's a way to turn it on/off.
  4. Terrible referee in Brazil x Switzerland game...

    1. Jango


      Then again, this always happens in world cups ;/

  5. WHAT A SOCCER GAME, Jesus Christ. Mexico and Germany are on fire.

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Mexico's goalkeeper was on point!

  6. The re-designed elder dragons are the best thing in this remake, I love what they're doing. I guess making the statues resemble the dragon within them would be nice, but I'm fine with the way it is. I like especially the way the dragons fly away after the cutscene and the way the last dragon in Tree Tops shrugs while doing it 😁 Oh yeah, and the voice acting is lovely. Can't wait to hear Hunter, Ripto, Elora... BTW, big chances Ripto will get some lines changed/censored?
  7. This game is getting better and better.
  8. Just saw Jurassic World 2.. ye, it's pretty shitty.

  9. I'm really salty with the fact that they're likely going with the most standard roster ever for this... Would have loved to see different and crazy teams, like a Team Adventure (Tikal, Chaos 0 and Gamma), Team Villains (Metal, Mephiles and Infinite), Team SOL Dimension (Blaze, Marine and Nega) and even a Team Deadly (Zazz, Zavok and Zeena)... C'mon, Sumo and Sonic Team, this was your chance...
  10. Wait... If Amy is tech... Blaze confirmed part of Team Rose? Cream can't/won't be speed. I actually doubt she would be in to begin with. So Team Rose is likely going to be Blaze, Amy and... Big!
  11. Argentina is having a tough time in this match.

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      This was me everytime Messi attempts to score a goal but it doesn't happen-


  12. Wait, but didn't you said a few pages back that if a game has a story mode you consider it main series? 🤔🤔 I really hope Infinite is in, he's a great character.
  13. You know which character would be cool instead? Infinite. After all, he is a modern character.
  14. Guess I just predicted the future. Yep, this game wil have your standard affair of characters. Which sucks, honestly. Congratulations, Sonic Team, you missed the point of mascot racers :V 10 bucks we're getting at least 4 more levels from Generations/Forces in this and none from the classics. Well, except Green Hill, Chemical Plant and Death Egg, obviously :^)
  15. Yeah, if anything, let the modern games suck by themselves, don't need to drag the classic branch too

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