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  1. Well, there's always other "tubes" you could watch... He..he

    lol no

  2. New game plus coming tomorrow and first DLC next week! 3 new suits confirmed. I've finished the game 2 weeks ago, 100%'d everything, but I'm still playing because it's so fun and gorgeous. This and God of War made my PS4 worthy this year. Sequel when?
  3. Jango

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Well. We didn't played the same game then, I've never ran into these bugs as often as you're saying. They exist for sure, but you're making it seems like they happened 99% of the time lol. I had the PS3 version just to clarify. Also, you said the game bugged "one time" and made you look at the logo repeatedly and you didn't liked the logo... now that's really nitpicky, man... Everything else just feel like you strugling to nail the controls. I admit, the boat is tricky because the waves affects you pretty realistically, I've flipped many times at the beginning, but man oh man, once I've learned how to surf those bad boys, dang, I was flying. Great boost-awesome boost-amazing boost all the time. Also, saying speed characters have advantage on planes, now that's just lie, there isn't even "classes" in Transformed, and you could mod literally any racer to make them faster and better than their standard stats. Also the All-Stars Racing Transformed logo is sweet, if I dare say so, I'm graphic designer myself. Just sayin'.
  4. Jango

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    He's... He's right you know... You basically said that as long as you do good at the game, it makes it better. I'm not calling you out, I just got intrigued with what you stated about All-Stars Racing Transformed, because when you said the logo pops in your face, it's clearly because you got off the track... Would you feel better if the screen simply fade to back or something else? I don't know about you, but I love when games challenge me instead of holding my hand the entire time, and the challenge Transformed brought to the genre wasn't unfair, impossible or unballanced, it was very rewarding and solid TBH. The "bounce" thing in fact happened a lot online tho' and that sucked, and hopefully that shit is fixed in TSR. Not that I'm buying this, but I admit it was an issue back then. Still, intriguing statement you made.
  5. Just when I began to miss the Sonic Twitter's clues...! The saga continues. 

  6. Yeah... Not so sure about Alladin's clothes and hair in that teaser trailer... Isn't he a thief?

    1. Diogenes


      yeah he stole 'em

  7. I related more with their voices than their designs. They nail'd. Everyone sounds great and well animated too. Some design changes still bother me, but eh... Nothing is perfect. Really like Agent 9 and Spyro here tho'. Also, funny pick of a cutscene to reveal, isn't this from Spyro 3's epilogue?
  8. Jango

    Sonic 4: Episode 2 Defence Thread

    So basically... Sonic 1/2, but less inspired, less zones and with more speed boosters and homing attack chains. Hm. Unless of course that by "in the style", you mean more than just physics, graphics and sound. A full remake, as in, keeping the zones' names and some of the aesthetics, but create all new level design and remove the homing attack...? Eh, still worth the shot. I would rather we close this book. Agree that Metal Sonic's theme in Episode 2 is lit, tho'. It was even remixed in All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  9. I always liked Fracture Hills because it was wider than the other levels, or at least felt wider... IDK, maybe it's more open? I used to get lost sometimes. Another similar one is Mystic March, I think that's the name. The Reignited version tho' looks flat as heck and pale... Pretty bad if you ask me. Enemies look cool.
  10. 100%'d Spider-Man. Still no sign of wanting to put it down. It's so much fun. Bring on DLC and New game plus.

    1. dbzfan7


      So 100% the game twice then.....twas what I did...

  11. Man, I really appreciate that TfB are doing this, I don't recall VV sharing any N.Sane Trilogy concept art, and literally EVERY piece of art from Reignited Trilogy is incredible, I seriously wish the 3D modeling people could translate these a little better, because again, they're amazing.
  12. Jango

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It's probably gonna be delayed. Hopefully it will be delayed. It's likely not gonna be delayed.
  13. I now understand the drama of the people who didn't wanted Donald Trump as their president... 

  14. That's the Switch hyperbole, alright. Beg for a port, don't actually buy it or play it.

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