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  1. The feeling of arriving at Dremweavers for the first time in Spyro Reignited Trilogy is surreal. This is the most beautiful 3D platformer I've ever played, hands down. 

  2. But, but ... You gotta understand my excitement. It's CTFR. It's been a long cold lonely gaming life without a great kart racer on a Sony platform, the only one I ever owned. The sparkle of hope came with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which was 6 years ago. I've played the shit out of it. It's so good. But I always returned to CTR and thought: "Fuck. This is still better". Its simple, yet deep mechanics don't need to change for this remake. They don't have to do anything with it. I'm all for more than just "graphics patch" (c'mon seriously? Look at the animations and how much life the tracks have now), I'm super excited about the surprises they've promised. It's just... The core gameplay can't change. New stuff it's welcome of course, it should be added in fact! Well, if you ever post something about HP, I'll think you're biased too
  3. Yes? I am for real. Have played some (arguably too many) kart racing along my life (including even the licensed stuff like DreamWorks Kartz, sue me), there's something about CTR that just feels right from the moment you start playing. It's really easy to pick up and play, but incredibly challenging to master. The level design of almost every course is ballanced, with secret entrances and clever shortcuts, something many modern kart racers still can't do it right. Comparing the controls, although yeah, the game is from 99, the old CTR still feels better, tighter and especially, faster the most games that came after it. Obviously I can't compare CTR's content, graphics and animations against MK8 or TSR, but now looking at CTR Nitro Fueled, and honeslty? Looks waaaaaay better than Mario and Sonic, for one, characters appear to animate much more than any of these 2 (especially TSR, which is the most static of all three All-Stars Racing to be honest). Maybe the Switch version of CTR NF will look as good as MK8 because of the graphics being downgraded a bit. But I know, "whatever graphics". CTR doesn't have much to proove, as long as the remake keeps the gameplay intact, it will continue to be the best kart racing to date, only prettier now.
  4. I do... Wait, are you calling me biased?
  5. And it doesn't? Colorfull tracks, super animated and charming characters and the stuff only CTR had back in the day: story mode (which I wanna bet will have co-op this time). It looks tons better than Team Sonic Racing right from the bat, and we only saw a trailer and some screenshots. Honestly, all that game needed besides the graphic and sound remake is an online, but we're even getting new karts and tracks. I say it's appealing enough to old and newcomers. They don't need to change how the game plays. I read the PS blog article, and the game director said he played the game with his gf back in the day... Casual? This doesn't inspire hope. I don't want another uncanny valley, close but not cigar game. A big part of what makes CTR so good untill this day are the mechanics. This is a real case of don't fix what isn't broken. A guy who worked on the mechanics of CTR did an AMA on Reddit, and IIRC, he said he still has the coding of Crash Team Racing and that he could give Activision if a CTR remake was made. Guess what? It is now.
  6. Not really, to this day many people consider CTR better than any other kart racing, and I agree 100%, have played Mario Kart 8 a few weeks ago. Transformed comes close, but that game isn't just racing, so...
  7. Does anybody know what's the next gaming event? I'm eager for some hands-on. Really think they should release a free demo early on to get feedback from the players to help Beenox nail the controls. This game can't be just another "almost the same", it has to be exactly the same. I think the uncanny valley feeling is worse than being different, but since this is a remake of CTR after all, it should control the same, have the same jump height, kart weight, turn speed, physics and yes, the same exploits too.
  8. Pretty sure they will, in the PlayStation blog article they mention that there are some surprises to be revealed. Please make Spyro playable too.

    1. Ferno


      kinda would've liked to have watched the trailer before knowing the title, especially since they don't spoil it in the video name

      but hey.

      (tbh I kinda wish Nintendo did this for their Switch reveal trailer, just call it "NX reveal trailer" but then reveal the name of the console at the end, etc)

    2. Teoskaven



      ...sooo, how did Scott managed to get out of the microworld?


  10. I believe there's no doubt Vicarious Visions is assisting Beenox somehow, the character's models are exactly the same, so are the assets. Which is great for consistence of course! I will rest easy if they nail the gameplay, the reason CTR is better than any Mario Kart untill this day is the tight and rewarding controls. They gotta get the original code. Oh, we got some soundtrack already... It's awesome!!! Missing a few notes as usual, but not bad. I really hope the remixes in this game are very energetic, loud and rock-oriented, it's odd when you have graphics almost literally popping out of the screen, but the music is quiet... It needs bass!
  11. Well, for starters, you CAN unlock him in game... which is already some progress. Oxide wasn't playable in the original, so he's a new character to this game. Unlike certain companies that lock new characters behind paid DLC forever *cough* *Bandai Namco* *cough* at least it's something, especially coming from Activision. What really got my attention is the fact that... Who the f* is Beenox and where is VICARIOUS VISIONS? More stuff rolling: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/12/06/crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-races-to-ps4-june-21/ You better be! Pre-orders on! https://www.crashbandicoot.com/crashteamracing/home#buy Pura is too pure for this world.
  12. Playable Nitros Oxide as pre-order bonus, but he can also be unlocked... by... playing the game?! What year is this?
  13. More info! Screenshots HERE!
  14. I'm just gonna lay down for a second.
  15. It was nice knowing you Team Sonic Racing.


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