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  1. Jango

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    C'mon Indy, no need for that table fliping rage comic, you know me for years on this forum, you're reacting as if I'm a troll or something. You're free to have your opinion on Iizuka and his management of the Sonic brand as much as I am. I didn't presented my thoughts like "lol Iizuka sucks lmao", I'm just seeing from a different perception. My perception is that the things you said Iizuka did right like handling the "mindless cries for SA3", "using iconic locations from the golden era" and "giving the go to Sonic Mania" are just normal stuff, nothing special. You even say I should respect him for keeping the consistency of the brand...? Which consistency? Every game is a new thing. Throw away the boost formula ~ bring back the boost formula. Saturday morning plot ~ "Sonic was held prisoner and tortured for months" plot. He has also contradicted himself many times too, or do you forgot about the "Classic Sonic was a 1 time thing for the 20th anniversary celebration"? I've tried, but I simply can't respect him when he come up with things like this. Oh, he is consistent with one thing he said: Wisps in every game since Colors. I'm sure eeeeeeeverybody love these! You said it's a miracle Sonic Mania happened after Sonic Boom, I just think the opposite. It's miracle to me that Boom happened in the first place. He decided to allow a novice studio make a Sonic game with: different designs; different gameplay; different lore; different tone. And exclusive to one console. If Boom failed, that's totally on SEGA and Sonic Team. I've never seen a brand do this to their flagship IP. It's really bold, or extremely naive. The majority of people looked at Boom with bad eyes even before the designs were fully revealed. It was just waiting to fail. How can you say it's a miracle that Mania happened and Iizuka was on his right to be unsure about it when he: 1. He directed Sonic 4, which was pivotal to make the fans more and more vocal about their desire for a new classic game with all new zones and classic physics after so many rehashes and poor attempts; 2. He brought back the Classic Sonic persona with Generations which got praises, but made fans even more anxious for a 2D game with the right physics; 3. The man doing Sonic Mania had a recent history of 3 extremely succesfull remakes and approval and years of respect from the Sonic community, to the point of people loosing their minds just by seeing his name and logo before the Sonic Mania reveal trailer at the event. I literally can't see what's so hard or special about giving support to the Mania project when it was literally exactly what many, many people had been asking for years. It was a logical decision for Iizuka and SEGA. The real miracle is the fact that it took them so long to realise where the money was. You're not going to participate in the shaming and disrespect of one man? Of course not, there isn't any here. At least no from me. Oh, and you say SEGA have never hired a "bunch of fans to make their games before". Now that's one notion I would like people to drop. Sonic Mania was made by fans indeed, but it's not a fan game. The guys that worked on Mania weren't random fans pulled from Sonic forums on the internet, Christian himself worked for SEGA 3 times before, Pagoda West Games did commercial games before Mania too. They are professionals. Man, I would LOVE if the current Sonic Team was at least 1% fans of Sonic as these people are. The way I see it, Iizuka isn't a bad person by no means, he's just a weak manager, who while not playing safe, made some arguibly questionable calls over the years instead of siting down and making a long term plan for the franchise and NOT rethinking the formula every new game and allowing things like Sonic Boom in the first place. That's what I was trying to say.
  2. Jango

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Christian pitched Sonic CD on Twitter. He literaly called out SEGA's bullshit ports. He then proceeded to remake it, and later remade Sonic 1 and 2, because it's obvious that he has talent. If Iizuka couldn't see that by his own, dear Lord he's incredibly insecure or just plain dumb. Anyone on his place would be dreaming of the moment Christian would call and pitch a new classic game. Assumption is thinking Mania wouldn't happen because of Iizuka and give him credit for making an obvious decision. Saying yes to a classic game by Taxman at that point in 2016 (when EVERYBODY was asking for it) should be almost a reflex. "-I want to make a new classic ga... -YES". It's like: "-You want money?". Also, Mania was basically 4 new zones and zones from the classic games... So the original pitch didn't chaaaanged all that much if you think about it. Besides, the idea of giving the old zones a new twist was all his (Taxman) AFAIK. You know what would ACTUALLY make Iizuka's imput relevant and make me respect him? If he had the balls to say: "-No, let's make ALL NEW ZONES. Fuck rehashing stuff, we've being doing this for years now, it didn't worked. I believe in this, it's going to turn out great". But he even said in an interview that he was affraid and unsure about Mania's success... I ask you... HOW? Oh, because Forces looked so much better and no one was complaining, right? Yeah, that one inspired confidence... Yeah. Not the game by the guy who just release 3 excellent remakes of classic games.
  3. Jango

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Moooooorio Kishimoto, not Miyamoto, that's who I meant. I mean c'mon, Iizuka? Don't even you think he needs a rest? He was the director for SA and SA2, Heroes... But wasn't Yuji Naka the godfather of these games? AFAIK a producer has plenty of control over a movie at least, not sure games. I don't know, I feel like Iizuka just kinda signs his name on the paper, but he doesn't influence the game all that much, being for good or bad. Producers, game designers, even writers end up having more control than the game's director, what least it feels like in my vision. I don't buy the "Mania wouldn't be what it was without Iizuka" talk. Seriously, imagine if Iizuka didn't green lit Mania when Taxman proposed him... He would have to be really freaking dense not to. Guy remakes 3 classic games, add new stuff to all of them, improve literaly everything, sells a lot and get great reviews, and you're not gonna trust him a brand new game? C'mon. Sure the "idea" of making it a fullgame was his, but that's likely something Taxman obviously had in mind, he just wasn't sure if he would be able to go that far yet, so he aimed short to see what the reaction would be. Anyways... I think they should get both ST and Mania Team together and see what they can do.
  4. Jango

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Hm. So it's the directors' fault... Disappointed, but not surprised. Sonic Team has some great artists, composers... They just need someone as great directing them. Didn't knew the same person did Lost World and Unleashed, holy shit. Surprised Forces' field artist was also Adventure's and Heroes'. Man. We need new directors. Iizuka need a rest. And Miyamoto could join him.
  5. Jango

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    What, are you saying Sonic fans OVERREACT? BECAUSE I TELL YA THIS TOTALLY MEANS SA3 #BELIEVE Well, Hiroshi-san is a field artist. If he did the art for Sonic Adventure and Heroes, I'll gladly take him back over the current almost Mario-esque artstyle Lost World came up with. I adore Heroes' art TBH, is almost as if it's a 2D Sonic game in 3D (as in, fantastic worlds). Sonic Adventure is great too, if a bit too grounded. Then came Sonic Unleashed which is just Mykonos and Europe, and oh hey look, Thailand and New York City! Don't get me wrong, I love these, but I'm for more of colorfull, wacky worlds like Sonic 2, Sonic CD, if you know what I'm saying...
  6. Jango

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    If it's the SA remake, hopefully they can make at least Big's campaign no longer mandatory to unlock Super Sonic or make him a mini-game altogether. Visually, I think the levels will be fantastic if it's anything like Spyro and Crash's remake, althought being PSOne games, these had much more room for graphical improvements. I wanna see what they can add and remake in Sonic Adventure. Me thinks they'll find a way to screw the gameplay tho', or add unnecessary shit to it.
  7. Jango

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Okay-ish untill CTR is out and swallow it completely.
  8. Yeah. If you wanna appreciate every fan-service in Endgame, do watch every MCU movie. Also, read the Infinity Gauntled comic if you can, there's dialogue pulled straight from those pages. It's very sweet. The movie is like a final issue of a comic book saga. 

  9. When you watch the whole movie leaked just to make sure it isn't a Rick Roll: "A small price to pay for salvation".


    1. Mega


      Wait, now the whole movie is leaked? Not just parts?

    2. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      It's not April Fools today. 

    3. Jango


      It leaked a bunch. I just spoiled myself one death I was NOT expecting. 

    4. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      So which us it? Did the movie leak or just chunks of it???

    5. Jango


      Everything man. Or at least enough to know all three acts.

  10. I'm a fool. I knew I should've quit Reddit for a while... Already know major spoilers for Avengers Endgame :(

  11. Oh jolly, that's really nice. I assume it's gonna get even better when it's out, as Beenox probably gathered some real time feedback from PAX, and the daily Reddit feedbacks, which they're indeed listening very closely. I can't wait for June!
  12. You played? Nice! What you say about the game?
  13. I must've read that wrong, it can't be. Maximum Overdrive, AKA the Team Sonic Racing Original Soundtrack will feature 130 songs?!?! The game has like, 20 or so tracks! This truly IS an album with a game inside lol

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Na, Jun just loves us and gives us hundreds of remixes XD

  14. I went back to complete Spyro 3 on the Reignited Trilogy, and oh boy, this clearly wasn't ready to be shipped. Even after the patch, Spyro 3 has some baaaad glitches. I got like 15FPS on Fireworks Factory after playing Lost Fleet. Had to reset the game. Sparx won't get green gems A LOT of the time. Some cutscenes just play at an awfull framerate and have pixelated textures (some levels also have ugly pixelated skyboxes, like Agent 9's Lab). A bunch of animations look rough or outright missing, even some that were in the first 2 games. Spyro 1 and 2 are near perfect, but 3? Oh man. It does help that Spyro 3 is the most beautiful of them. Every level is super colorfull and detailed. It also has the most creative levels and themes of all trilogy (and best soundtrack IMO). It would easily be the best game if it was as polished as Spyro 1 😕 Hopefully when the PC version comes out we can have the perfect Spyro 3.

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