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  1. A printing factory hidden in a cherry blossom forest during winter, ha. Those guys are genius.

    1. Ferno


      i keep forgetting that stage exists

    2. Polkadi~☆


      how is there a cherry blossom in winter, anyways

      that’s not how cherry blossoms work

    3. Jango



    4. Jango


      @Polkadi~☆ because aesthetics Polkadarling.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      don’t call me thaaat >///<

      It’s certainly a wonderful stage aesthetically, and I cannot deny that. However, I personally like Stardust Speedway and Mirage Saloon more. The best part of Mania is how everyone’s favourites are different~!

    6. Jango


      I actually didn't liked Press Garden the first time I've played, I admit. I might actually hated it! The music didn't caught me and the level design was all over the place. I don't know exactly why I felt that way before, because on my second playthrough of Mania, I ended up loving it! The music especially. Everything clicked somehow, go figure. I'm actually between Press Garden and Studiopolis as my favorite Mania zones.

      Oh, to have a game full of brand new zones... as much as I love Stardust Speedway, Chemical Plant, Flying Battery and heck, even Oil Ocean re-designs and ideas. I mean, at the end of the way, the game is just so fucking great to play and (pleasant to listen) that I don't even care which level I'm playing, simple as that. Games should be fun before anything else in my book. Heck, even Green Hill for the 20th time was good in Mania because of the level design, new gimmicks and twists.

    7. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Act 1 is better than Act 2.

      There I said it.

    8. JosepHenry


      Good can we have  a fully original game next

    9. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      What @JosepHenry said

      Mania's great and all but only 4 new zones was saaaad.

    10. FReaK


      act 2's music is my alarm tone ever since they released the track..

  2. Damn, this video hits all the right nails. Great view.
  3. Nice @DarkRula! Tracks with not too many turbo pads are a bit trickier to master, such as Coco Park, Crash Cove and yes, Inferno Island. Playing on normal/hard will require you to chain boosts constantly to keep the yellow fire active AND hit every crate to get the -10 seconds bonus. BTW, it's fine if you're doing it for fun, but if your intention is to unlock the platinum paintjob, you don't have to beat the CNK tracks 😉 Just a friendly heads up, because these things are tough, even on easy I think.
  4. New Streets of Rage character 😮

  5. https://www.megavisionsmag.com/new-streets-of-rage-4-character-revealed-at-gamescom/?no_cache=1 New trailer, characters, platforms and more!
  6. I think they were supposed to be harder than the Oxide times. Seriously, when you beat that crap, beating the Oxide times are a walk in park. It's piss easy.
  7. Skins aren't generating as often either. I see Baby Coco and Crash bundles every (I bought the characters separately), but I haven't seen Stone Age Tropy in a while. I think I'm only missing this skin and Caveman Zem... Which I don't intend to buy because I never play as Zem anyways, so fuck it. As for paintjobs, I think I'm only missing the Pastel one which comes with the babies' bundle, so eh. I just got the Quartz paintjob which looks real nice. Pretty sure I'm missing a lot of stickers and decals, but eh. I got the Pitfall! decal tho', which is a nice little reference to the ancient game And finally, wheels. I got Red Lava at the beginning of the GP and I just got the Purple Lava one because I think it will go well with Spyro 😈
  8. Speaking of skins, I unlocked Fake Baby T last night. That's another GP done I don't know why, but that felt easier than the last one. Right now I have 6K Wumpa Coins saved. I want to save as many coins as I can untill the Spyro GP begins to buy all that good purple stuff!
  9. Great interview with Lewis, @Indigo Rush, I'm looking SUPER forward to Sonic Studio Project. The UI already looks amazing and intuitive, the level/object interactions look fun and inovative and oooh the sprite work is great.

  10. I remember I was really into Sonic in mid 2010, especially after listening to Colors' main theme (I even made it my ringtone back then lol). I was actually looking forward to Sonic 4 too. There was something special in that year. I didn't even had a Wii or PS3, my only chance to play Colors was through Dolphin. 

    1. Soniman


      The Colors/Gens one-two punch in the span of just a year was the best time to be a fan Imo 

    2. Strickerx5


      I still remember the hype leading up to Generations. Shit had me excited for that entire summer.

    3. Jango


      I eventually managed to play Colors on Dolphin and remember loving it. I still like the game a lot TBH. Then I got a PS3 and then Sonic 4 and... Yeah. Didn't hated, but didn't enjoyed it either.

      @Strickerx5 YES. THEN. Came Generations (or Sonic Anniversary as we called it) announcement and holy shit I was excited for that son of a bitch. Every teaser, every news, trailer, gameplay, leaks. It was great. It was the one time where the bigger part of the fanbase was looking forward to a Sonic game (untill Mania) instead of the polarization that was with Lost World beyond.

  11. Ha, people are gonna get sour. Get it, coz' of the bubblegum?
  12. Yeah, that could be it. I recall a similar case with the PS3 ports of the Jak & Daxter trilogy. Mass Media Games said in an interview that porting Jak & Daxter to the PS3 was painfull because the original Naughty Dog code was a complete mess. I imagine Blue Point Games used Mass Media's port to re-port it to PS4 instead of ND's. Well, if they at least fix Spyro 3 I would be happy. Sure a better optimization would be ideal, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen, at least not on Switch.
  13. Yes, the point that they still didn't had enough time to optimize the game remains. I'm not an expert in the area, but porting should be something fairly easy and quick, especially because Spyro uses the Unreal Engine, which the Switch supports IIRC. The process of porting the game to a weaker hardware should by extend demand some optimization already. Is 10 months not enough time then? Or Activision only gave them like 2 months and the game is simply waiting for the most profitable release date? CTR came in June, makes sense for Activision to release Spyro in September, so both games won't compete with each other.
  14. Right.....!!!...... Or not....? Damn. Why is this game so... un-optimizable (that's a word)?!
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