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  1. I don't care who sat on the iron throne. Breaking Bad still sitting of the throne of best TV series.

  2. Game of Thrones is history, Breaking Bad still the best series of all time. As if its kingdomship was ever threatened.

    1. SupahBerry


      This is Avengers right now knowing they have the indefinitely superior finale

      Image result for holy grail frenchman

      This goes for Star Wars too. No Contest.

  3. After seeing both streams (TSR last week and now CTR:NF), gotta say the later has waaaaaay more going on, looks better aesthetically, it simply feels more alive and fun to play (as if it wasn't obvious already). For starters, it has 10 more racers (right now), all of them are very unique and well animated, with many cool skins for each, it has double the number of tracks, the customization system looks just as robust, there are more game modes, we even learned today that there's a mirror mode and even the CTR token and crystal collecting modes for MP. Not to mention the huuuuge amount of fan service and references, something that TSR, save for some music remixes, really lacks. It never feel like you're racing in Sonic's world TBH. Now with Crash, it feels like I'll be racing all around those places I've once platformed around. There was a lot of mistery regarding the menu exposition during these streams, it's clear that Beenox is saving some surprises. They never showed the track selection menu or the main menu. And in one stream, the Activision rep said something like: "can't comment on that" when one of the guys asked if the robot Velo would be playable. He also said in the second stream something like not been able to talk about "3 certain characters" right now. Hmmmmmmm. Anyways, game is looking amazing and super fun. Can't wait for next month. If you guys want to join me there soon, my PSN ID is "joaovicmartins"
  4. Jesus Christ, Nolan and Troy's impressions are killing me xD
  5. I absolutely adore the character icons. They could've just went with the 2D ones from N.Sane Trilogy, but these new ones are so great and unique. Oh, and it looks like they fixed the issue I had with homing missile: in the old builds you can't see the missile catching up behind you before it hits, your character would simply explode out of nowhere, very akwardly BTW. Now you can see it closing by like in the original. There will be another stream with Nolan North (Nathan Drake) and Troy Baker (Joel) soon, BTW! It will be on the channel Retro Replay on YouTube.
  6. N. Trance's skin looks like he's ready to enter the kids pool XD Loved General Tiny skin! I imagine it's a reference to his look in Crash of the Titans.
  7. https://m.twitch.tv/criken Live stream going on! They're playing a recent build, as all characters, the cars and skins are available! They're about to show battle mode!!
  8. Because SEGA probably didn't put much money on this game...
  9. Don't make fun of my hype!!!!! It's a disease, I can't control it and I'm taking medicine okay? ­čśž
  10. Oooooh, I bet we're gonna get a glimpse at the Adventure Mode. Hmmm, to watch or not to watch, that's the question...
  11. These guys are also saying there will be Tag Team Racing tracks. I mean, sure we got the cars from CTTR, the two chicken guys... But they could just be cool references and nothing else. Just imagine the hell of a job would be to rearrange the CTTR tracks to fit CTR's gameplay? I think it's easier to believe that the characters from CTTR, like Nina, Pasadena and Von Clutch, would be in, but the tracks? I really don't know. Time will tell. But if they do. The madmen! I would love to race in the Rings of Uranus.
  12. Apparently, the Final Egg remix we heard in the customization trailer is used in one of the returning Final Fortress tracks from All-Stars Racing, probably Dark Arsenal. Kinda lame. It would've been better to actually have a track based on Final Egg... Oh well. At least the remix is rad. There's also a remix of Final Fortress itself. No one has upload Sky Road's music yet, I'm curious.
  13. I can't stress this enough: share this guy's channel. That's 90% on point with what a 3D Sonic should play like. Thanks @Ferno

    1. Ferno


      dude even got Knuckles working


  14. Funny, the 5th Cup re-uses Sky Road from the 4th Cup and Wisp Circuit from the 1st Cup. Did... did they ran out of tracks? Also, gotta be honest, I didn't liked Casino Park's remix.
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