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  1. I want to live in a timeline where we get brand new classic Sonic, Crash and Spyro games, not just remakes.

    1. Ferno


      but the sonic advance series already exists and mania was already 75% new, give me some saturn era-esque 3D sonic games


    2. Jango


      As long as it's the classic look, I don't mind if it's 2D or 3D. Just get the pinballicious physics working in 3D once and for all.

    3. Red


      I'd love a Saturn style 3D Classic Sonic game. Taxman and co already made the special stages for Mania so I'd love to see them go further with it.

    4. Ferno
    5. Tangled Jack

      Tangled Jack

      Why does it have to be Classic if it's 3D? A new Classic, sure I want that. And obviously new Crash and Spyro.

    6. TheOcelot


      We need a 3d Sonic Saturn game "the Extreme game we never got".

    7. Ferno


      for me I could go either way between modern and classic looks but would prefer a classic look just to fill that "3D saturn platform game" void. I'll always look at gen 5 and feel like something was missing because Sonic wasn't apart of it. He wasn't directly duking it out with Mario or Crash and just sat that gen out for the most part. It's why fan games like Utopia are so fascinating to me besides being good examples of classic gameplay in 3D.

    8. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Looks like Evening Star isn't really going to touch 3D gameplay. 

    9. Jango


      I don't know man, I think Christian said not long ago he wanted to make a 3D game. The Retro Engine was made by him: "friend of pixels and polys alike".

    10. Polkadi~☆


      Classic or not, I just want a faithful adaptation of Sonic's 2D outings in 3D. With none of the "2D section" crutches.

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