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  1. I think I would be okay if Mania 2 goes for a hand drawn style instead of pixel art, as long as they can emulate Tyson's style. At the same time the game would cost more to make and this could mean less levels, buuuuuuut if it's well made and with all original zones, I'll eat it.

    1. Strickerx5


      Tbh I'd take even a 3 level game with a hand drawn art-style over the usual pixel art in a heart beat at this point. While I respect the effort that goes into making everything look as lively as it did in Mania (and Press Garden act 2 is simply stunning)... I'm just personally sort of bored by the whole pixel art movement seen in a majority of indie games over the past decade.

      Either way, I'm just hoping the next Mania advances things in multiple areas. Hope the team got the whole "what would a Sonic game be in the year 199X" out of their system. I'd like a game that actually moves the series forward while still keeping the same drive and love behind it. Not asking for high end graphics, 3D, or anything. Just a lot less emulation is all.

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