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  1. Wait, hold the phone. I heard people saying a lot of stuff, but apparently that Rise of Skywalker plot that was lekaed on Reddit three months ago... Was actually legit? (spoilers in the replies!!!)

    1. Jango


      Even the Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter part? Luke and Leia force ghosts aiding her in the final battle and Kylo/Ben Solo redemption (and dead)? Damn. Worst fanfic ever.

    2. Boomer


      It's true. All of it. 

    3. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      Yeah it's legit although, SPOILERS!


      It's Rey vs Palpatine fight, the others are voices that tell Rey to raise, every Jedi, Luke and Leia appear at the end. Kylo Ren obviously is redeemed, that was his entire arc. He dies in a fitting way. I actually enjoyed Rey Palpatine a lot, it makes sense considering all of her power, plus it's a mirror to the "I am your father" twist.

      At this point people will not be okay with anything that moves the plot forward.

    4. Jango


      It's an ass pull twist IMO. How did Palpatine have a granddaughter? Oh dear lord, I feared something so fan fictional could actually be true and it is.... But hey... It's Star Wars after all. It has always been a big mexican soap opera. 

      Oh, and apparently they "explain" Palpatine's return in the opening credits, you know, through TEXT?! That's so lame.

    5. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      Yeah that was lame I agree. 


      They don't actually explain it via text, but they mention his return immediately which I didn't like. Could have been done better...

      Anyway, I think it's better if you watch the movie to make your own opinion, reading leaks is just a waste imo.

    6. Jango


      Yeah, you're right. But I'll probably dislike it even more xD

      Tell, do Finn and Poe... You know

    7. Boomer


      IIRC it's something like


      Kylo: How are you here? You died on the second Death Star.

      Palps: Yet here I am

      As for Finn and Poe, nope nothing at all between them. Finn wanted to say something to Rey but never does.


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