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  1. So I heard the new MK movie is garbage. Well done, Warner.

    1. pppp


      I would say it's decent overall, it's not boring and Kano is prety funny on it, it's the plot decisions and the boring new character that bring it down.

    2. DanJ86


      I've not been paying attention to it but I do get the feeling its had mixed reactions. I haven't seen it but learned about the story changes and OC lead which put me off.

    3. HPX


      I think calling it decent is being a bit generous. It's obviously a low budget, low-effort attempt to add content to HBO Max by capitalizing on a brand people know.

      It lacks any confidence or understanding of its source material and the entire film is bafflingly concerned with explaining the supernatural in excruciating detail with awkward additions to established lore, as if it's completely oblivious to the decade+ people have been watching superhero films where special powers are just taken for granted.

      I kind of knew it was dead on arrival as soon as I was aware that they had made the incredible decision to create a new character for the audience surrogate. That kind of cluelessness was the red flag that told me this was gonna be a train wreck. Still though, it's fun to imagine that Cole was someone's Mortal Kombat self-insert OC brought to life. 

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