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  1. Iron Man's gameplay is the worst so far (IMO), but Cap's looks awesome tho'.
  2. FINALLY. Looks decent, if a bit a scripted. Thor's gameplay really ressembles Kratos' in the new GoW, which is nice.
  3. With the recent annoucement, it's safe to say Streets of Rage 4 will have the best VGM of all time?

    1. Solly


      The composer list is beyond stellar, so it honestly might be. 

  4. I believe it comes with Tawna Motorsport skin? Otherwise, I couldn't find it either
  5. Finally got the last Pro Challenge done and reach 37000 nitro points. The only thing left to unlock is Tawna Motorsport. I think I'll be done with the GP before the end of this week I'm also confortably sitting within the top 5% on the Nitro Leaderboard, so yeah, this has been an amazing experience. Can't wait for Back N' Time GP!
  6. My game crashed for the first time last night when I selected Pura on the character selection screen for a single race. Nothing was corrupted and the only thing lost was my current kart design, which reseted back to the classic one without any custom parts. Mind you, I was scared shitless, evethough I knew I had a backup file from a couple of hours ago lol
  7. Glad you're enjoying your experience even with all the bad stuff. I also understand that shitty decisions were made, most likely by Activision, but they never got in the way of the fun I'm having with the game. Hopefully things will be tweaked after all the feedback, positive and negative. BTW, now that you're playing online, what's your PSN ID? We can play together too!
  8. I might have to get my copy checked, coz' I haven't got any of these glitches so far. I'm not saying they don't exist, I saw the videos and screenshots. I guess I'm just super freaking lucky. Hey, does Tawna have a paintjob? I couldn't find it. As for the GP, I believe anyone who reaches gold tier will get the Champions' kart, there's more and more players everyday. It has over a million right now, holy cow. On PS4 at least.
  9. Played with @TheOcelot yesterday, we completed some challenges and did some races, great times. Online mode is running better as far as I can tell. Everything was super smooth. I'm halfway gold tier, and the online Pro Challenge left is the "Keep Nagging" one, which asks for hitting every player in an online match with weapons. I suppose the best way to do it is with a juiced Warp Ball. Other than that, I'll have to grind the weekly and daily challenges, since they don't give many points.
  10. Neat! I just think that this kind of challenge could be rule out for the next GPs, since it can be cheesed fairly easy. Or they could at least change the rules for it. Make it achievable offline perhaps. I had the luck to get this challenge done very early on a lobby with newbies on Cortex Castle, but I admit it's pretty hard without the cheat. Oh, and speaking of patches: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Crash-Team-Racing-Nitro-Fueled-Updates/?l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3ACrash_Team_Racing_Nitro_Fueled&fs=Search&pn=1 Few things have been fixed and improved
  11. So I guess The Lion King isn't great? Eh. Spider-man Far From Home is half great at least. That's right. Half.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Half of Far From Home is good?

      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  12. I can NOT hear "-A sea palace!" in Ryan Drummond's voice everytime I listen to Ocean Palace from Sonic Heroes.

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Did you mean to type “I can’t NOT her Ryan Drummond”...?

    2. Jango
  13. Heads up for update 1.06. It fixed Thunder Struck's exploit and apparently Sewer Speedway's shortcut. The save corruption glitch is apparently still happening... I imagine there's a smaller team dealing with minor glitches, while a bigger team works on the greater issues such as the save corruption thing. Maybe that's why the bug reports so far only said: "bug fixes". When the update that will fix bigger shit rolls out, they are likely to announce it on the blog or social media. Hopefully.
  14. Fair enough. Then I advice @KHCast to do the same instead of barking swear words, calling my arguments "bullshit" and that I'm sucking on Activision's, because that's clearly more aggresive than just pointing out my vision on the issue he's unhappy with, which I did without having to go low as saying "you're bullshiting!" like he did.
  15. I see you're displeased, but I consider a stretch, myself. There's no microtransactions in the game. It's similar for sure, but it's missing main ingredient: price tags. All the rewards are obtained by playing and not paying. When or if it happens, then it's lost. But considering how big the buzz is, I think Activision might keep their word for at least this game. I fully agree on the coin awarding system and Pit Stop randomizing factor. Aren't you doing the same assuming the opposite? Wow. Well, since this argument was so deep, I'll play the same card for your pleasure: it's not a kart racer, it's CTR. People knew CTR wasn't your average family friendly Mario Kart experience. Now who's making an assumption? :V It's literally one item that's being locked from everyone. Thomas Wilson, the game's director, said that all the other itens will go to the Pit Stop after the event is over, eventually. Very mature. It's ironic how this sentence completely invalidates the one before it. Also, very classy direct attack right there. Thanks. And I'm the one who "can't discuss like a human being". You can't discuss like an adult. I was going to reply to that, but you're clearly out of a debatable state of mind.
  16. It's not assumption. 80% of the tasks can be done offline, a bunch of them are piss easy and you can complete multiple tasks at once, you can even cheese the harder ones with a second controller and no AI. And that's bad because? It's natural. It really isn't. Near an entire month is a lot of time. Write down your objectives and use the correct customization itens to boost your Nitro Points earning up to 50%, it will help immensely. Who's the average player and how would you describe this person plays, anyways? I'm whiling to believe the average CTR player is a fairly skilled one. If by average you meant casual, I can't see why these people would get bothered / angry at not being able to win the Champions' Kart anyways. CTR should've been a F2P game for that to work, which isn't. When non-dedicated players get the ultimate prizes because they borrowed their mom's credit card, that's a F2P tactic. When the game allows everyone to try and get the prize without pay-to-win bullshit, that's fair. Obviously only the most dedicated players will be among the top 5%, but as far as I'm concerned, it's like this in every competitive game. The only troublesome thing about this top 5% is dealing with no-lifers that play videogames 24-7 or set turbo controllers to do their work, which again, happens in every game. Like @SonicWind and @Sonictrainer said, CTR has a lot of players already, so getting among the top 5 isn't as impossible or grindy as you're making it sound...
  17. I did only one online race today, on Tiny Arena, and I won. Got both the 2x weekend bonus and 5x wumpa hour bonus. Felt good, man. 750 coins all at once. Got Liz (only the character) and Pharaoh Cortex skin, so good. Guess I've missed Isabella's pack, the first slot still shows "empty" to me 😕
  18. I really don't get this whole Ariel hate going on... Isn't it an ADAPTATION?

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      It’s called racism

    2. SupahBerry


      That's exactly it. An Adaptation.


      Therefore it is automatically considered inferior and must be immediately protested. 

      And completly ingnore that the original movie was an adaptation itself that made several major changes.

    3. Jango


      They might aswell cast a purple actress to be Ursula, coz' you know, that's how she was in the animation :V Like, Ariel's origin isn't even important to the story, unlike, say, Mulan.

      And yeah, it's an adaptation of an adaptation.

  19. Not bowling bomb but I swear I got hit by my own missile one time. The homing missile in Nitro-Fueled is completely drunk.
  20. Yeah, there are many little things that could be added to make the experience better, especially in Battle Mode. There's not hit confirm, no way to see how many lifes the other players have. It's a tad underwhelming in my opinion. It lacks visual cues. Online mode lacks a lot of things. You can't play Cups, there's no option for "pure racing" -as in, no power-ups-, when you're in a friends' private lobby you can't see which track he/she picked, how many laps, the AI difficulty, nothing. Also, the power-up balancing need a heavy tweaking. By God dem clocks and warp balls.
  21. That's something I wanted since they announced the CNK characters, so recent Crash fans would know who the fuck are those two mimes. The game should have a little gallery on Extras, showing the character's model animated (similar to when you're about to buy them at the Pit Stop), a brief bio and which game/year it originated from. Math isn't my strongest suit.
  22. Good to know! I'm saving my coins for Isabella and Crash's Biker skin tho'. What is your PSN ID? It's always nice to have someone from here to play with and help each other with these challenges BTW, Twilight Tour's music is the first 100% new song we got since Crash was resurrected and I gotta say, it's pretty Crash-y and catchy. Good one.
  23. The 100x times easier way (if you have a second controller): Crash Cove or Coco Park. 2 players, no AI.
  24. Good guide, Ryan! I would like to reinforce that getting any of the Nitro Squad girls pack should be the first thing you do before jumping into the GP. Using any of the girls with their motorsport skin and paintjob will give you a 25% bonus on nitro points earning. Once you unlock the Bandibuggy car, use it too. It will give you another 10%. Buy any decals that give 5% bonus and equip it too. Unlock the Bandibuggy wheels and and equip that too. Equip eveeeeeeeeerything and you should have a total of 45% bonus. Another tip, look for the challenges you can do with a second controller on and no AI. I did a couple like this. Right now I'm almoooost reaching gold tier. Played a couple of races with @Ryannumber1gamer earlier and we completed some online challenges. You can complete the online ones in private lobbies too, not just matchmaking!
  25. What exactly creates this monstrosities anyways? It looks like textures swapped bodies. Ah, who cares, I've been laughing my ass of this everyday xD The next one is always funnier than the last. One of my favorites is Surprised Oxide.
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