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  1. I remember when Sonic Mania leaked online and I watched a few minutes of that infamous live stream. I entered the stream at the exact time the player got a game over and returned to the start screen. He then let the intro animation play. I believe it was the first time anyone (beside critics and devs) saw that intro. I'm not an easy crier, but man... That intro got me. It was everything I wanted.

    1. Heckboy


      Seeing that intro for the first time together with everyone was one of those rare moments I enjoyed being part of the Sonic fan community.

    2. Polkadi~♪


      I remember joining the stream by the end of Mirage Saloon Act 1.

      I was in class. It was very difficult to stay quiet.

  2. Exactly, but why tho'? I'm pretty sure the Havok engine should work on PS4. They could've just imported the Generations settings and properties and build from that, like they did with Unleashed to Generations, as you said... Instead they got the Lost World data and tried to make it play "kinda" like Generations, which just ended up feeling uncanny for obvious reasons. They had the structure ready to go, if they really wanted Modern Sonic in Forces to play like Generations, they should've just got the data from Generations, not modify Lost World. It just seen stupid and more work... But hey, this is Sonic Team, maybe they actually wanted to make a mess. Not to mention, Forces was made by newbies, perhaps they just didn't thought about using Generations data :V
  4. I don't think I can get more pumped for this game than I already am. They nailed this. Beenox actually did a better job than Vicarious Visions. Oh, imagine these two together making a brand new Crash game... 🤤
  5. I really think this game has the perfect scenario for console exclusive characters. Crazy completionism aside, I think it's a situation that everybody wins if the console exclusive character IS from an exclusive IP (but making something like, say, Crunch a Switch exclusive for example, that would be shit). You're getting the version for the console you own plus a character that's exclusive to that very console. Double the reason to get the game. Sincerely, I'm all for Ratchet (and Clanky) Jak (and Daxter), Parappa or heck, even something completely out of place like Nathan Drake (or at the very least, Crash wearing Nate's outfit as seen in that artwork). Would be a nice "wave back" at Naughty Dog. Mario for the Switch is a given, finally Crash and Mario could race against each other to see who's the best. But knowing Nintendo... As for Xbox... Banjo? I don't think he's enough relevant right now... He made it to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, but that was 10 years ago. Maybe... Battletoads? IDK.
  6. Fixed for you. Please let's keep "gorilla anus face" away from this game? He has nothing to do with Crash, I don't know what Eurocom had in their minds when they came up with Rilla Roo for Crash Bash when they could've just used N. Gin for example... He's just a meme at this point, his design is bland and unappealing. If they wanna add a meme to the game, I would gladly accept something actually funny, like a guy wearing the Crash suit, over bootleg Donkey Kong.
  7. > Goku Super Saiyan 4 added to FighterZ.

    < It's just part of a level 3 super.

    Fuck off Bandai.

  8. OMFG, Crunch looks awesome! Even Zam and Zem looks less obnoxious, dare I say even a little... Cute? Aaaaaaaand pre-ordered. Once I get home from work that is
  9. I love how Crash 2's jetpack levels song is precisely timed with gameplay (when you play it for the first time at least). The music start slow and even kind unsettling, as you, the player, experiment the controls of the jetpack, and, as you get used to it, the music tempo catches up as you blast off making it sound truly epic. It's practically dynamic music. So amazing for 1997.

  10. Which doesn't excuse them one bit, it actually just make them look even dumber. Why in heavens they tried to replicate the boost gameplay using the Lost World engine, instead of using the actual boost engine they already nail'd down before? This is beyond stupidity... They had no idea of what they were doing in Forces. I'm surprised at how the game didn't turned into another Sonic 06.
  11. It's funny watching everyone trying to figure it out, when it's so simple, at least in my head what Sonic Team should do... We know what works and what doesn't. What was succesfull and what was mediocre. They just gotta build from that. Goddamnit we've been passing on feedback for years and years, it feels like our critics never actually get to these guys, as much as Aaron says he does report to Sonic Team our concerns. When Generations happened, as much as the boost gameplay was getting tiresome at that point, there was a spark of good to great 3D level design in zones like Seaside Hill and Sky Sanctuary, even Chemical Plant with those branching paths at the very beginning that everybody swore were merely background pieces. And were blown away when the game came out and found you could actually reach and run on those pipes. You guys remember that episode, right? Man, I really though: "-Okay, they got some good level design going on here, Generations was less boost heavy than Unleashed by far (you could actually beat it without boosting), they just gotta make Sonic control a little better at lower speeds and we can have a game that's fast and thrilling, but also has good 3D platforming like Sonic Adventure. Add in Tails and Knuckles and give 'em the same gameplay as Sonic but design levels with different paths to take by exploring their unique skills and voilà. You have a game that's basically Sonic 3 in 3D". But no. When they finally got the formula down, they throw away, and try a new gameplay that frankly controls like ass, just to a game later return to the boost formula, but nerfed big time in both gameplay and level design. And they even brought Classic Sonic back, despite Iizuka swearing on his mom it was an one time thing. It's like those bastards are mocking us or something. I'm tired of this Sonic Team.
  12. What if a brand new AAA Crash Bandicoot game is a launch title for the PS5 in 2020?

    1. blueblur98
    2. Blueknight V2.0
    3. JosepHenry
    4. TheOcelot


      Would be cool, but no need to keep rushing out Crash games.

      We got N-Sane in 2017,  are getting Nitro fueled this year, so 2021/2022 for the next Crash game would be fine.

    5. JosepHenry


      But Nitro Fueled is from Beenox though

      I think 2020 is fine since it will be 3 years after N. sane.

    6. Strickerx5


      A brand new Triple-A budgeted platformer built for a decently powered piece of hardware? Hm, color me interested.

      Been dying to see what devs (with proper funding and drive) can do with a cartoon world on current gen hardware for ages now.

    7. E-122-Psi


      The division of main games (Vicarious Visions) and spin offs (Beenox) could work on paper if maintained (on paper since the same could have been said for Sonic Team and Dimps), especially with them sharing resources like graphics and models. A key reason post-Naughty Dog Crash kinda struggled to keep ground was because he kept switching to new developers who always had to start from scratch in a limited deadline. Hopefully at least one of these companies will keep consistent this time so they can refine on they have.

      In fairness though, Crash isn't a Sony exclusive anymore, even if he made a solid launch title he wouldn't likely be the PS5's killer app, not for very long anyway. Man, Sony blew their chance there, imagine how much better the PSOne Classic would be with some Crash titles.

    8. Jango


      Perhaps Sony would be feeling nostalgic and can aid this hypothetical game somehow... another 1 year exclusivity deal? Althought... Crash Bandicoot wouldn't fit as a title to show the "power" of a new console. Would feel right at home as a family game tho', NGL. 

    9. E-122-Psi


      Depends really, the original Crash games really did test the graphics capability of the PSOne, mostly through character quirks like Crash's expressions and Papu Papu and Tawna's 'jiggling' physics.

      Stuff like this admittedly became less impressive with each console, though even then Titans is one of the most visually lavish looking games on the PS2 and we continued to get odd 'impressive for the hardware' quirks like Pasadena's tail animations in CTTR.

      Now PS5....they'd have to do something really extravagant, like a full blown 3D slapstick cartoon level epic.

  13. New and cooler coverart spotted! https://imgur.com/a/XnLNj5Q
  14. YES. Ya know, Tomoya is actually fucking great, but they can't lay ALL the work on him, he's been on this since SA2. Sonic soundtracks are better when it's made by a team, not a single man. Colors was IMO the last memorable soundtrack in recent time, save Mania. Colors had a ton of composers. Same goes to Unleashed. Just get the whole gang back again and add Tee.
  15. Watch Star Wars Episode IX be a copy of Dragon Ball. 

    1. Jango


      As in: Rey is Goku, who was supposed to be evil and conquer the galaxy (I have a theory that she was created by Palpatine), ended up being banned to a distant planet (Jakuu), was "adopted" by a normal family and raised to be good. She has incredible power inside her that was meant to be unleashed as evil, and that's what Palpatine will try to do in Episode IX.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      How so?

      EDIT: Just read response now. Makes a bit of sense. He did like his clone technology did Sheev.

    3. dbzfan7


      I'm still waiting for the Disney Princess confirmation. Can Disney resist the urge or not to have a Jedi Princess XP

  16. Yeaaaah, about 1 quarter of it is actually good TBH... A remake like Resi 2 would be the best option, clean all the bad and boring stuff. Which would let us with... basically just Sonic's story 🤔
  17. I just realised I did basically a wishlist instead of guessing what it could be. Well, I guess none of what I said will happen. It will be another mediocre game with the boost, wisps, dash pads, classic Sonic topped with a crappy gimmick and story. The usual :V
  18. Would like to see them combine their forces with the Mania Team and dig something like Generations' classic stages graphically, but with the gameplay being the exact same from Mania and all original levels. Basically Gens looks with Mania gameplay. Perhaps the graphics could be as detailed and layered as Generations, but with more saturated colors and visual effects, almost cell shade like, but not quite. I wouldn't say similar to Sonic 4 Episode 2, but something along that way visually (but with a WAY greater budget, obviously). I don't know about you guys, but I doubt they could make a 3D game that is fun to play. But you can't deny that Sonic Team's games 9 out of 10 times look and sound great, so my idea would be let Sonic Team do the artistic part, and the Mania Team do the gameplay/mechanics part (and help with the art and sound too, why not). They could try a graphic style never seen before, something like Spider-verse did, ya know? Make a pixel art in 3D, I'm don't know, just throwing ideas out there. If Sonic Team is indeed "moving" to America, I can't see why wouldn't be a good idea to join forces or work very closely with the Mania Team... Simply adding the drop dash DOESN'T COUNT! Man, imagine Tee and Jun directing the soundtrack of this hypothetical game, maaaaaan fuck.
  19. I think the Russo brothers are into Marvel vs Capcom. Already two references to that game regarding Iron Man character. Man, I wish they could use a remix of one theme from the first game, they're fucking amazing, especially Captain America's.

    1. Teoskaven


      Where and what, specifically? Smart Bomb? Unibeam? Proton Cannon? Iron Avenger?
      Thanos has one reference in Infinity War, but i don't remember Iron Man having one.

    2. Jango


      Leaked image teased at proton canon and one recent clip showed Iron Man using a cybernetic blue-ish shield shaped almost exactly like the one from MvC 1 (used by WarMachine tho'). I think the same shield is in MvC3.

  20. I know this is a mostly Sonic focused forum, buuuut... Endgame spoilers would grant a suspension, right?

    1. Polkadi~♪


      If you keep it to the appropriate threads, I'm sure it's fine.

    2. Jango


      I'm talking more about coming here after the 25th and get spoilers on the status :( I come here very often, I know it's safe, but still... You know how people can be sometimes.. don't wanna come over here to discuss about Sonic or Crash and get Endgame spoilers.

    3. mayday2592


      I don't think there has evee been an issue with movie spoilers being out in the open here, so you should be good.

    4. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      There have been issues with spoilers before. 

      Just keep them in 

      and  avoid those and you should be good

    5. mayday2592


      Oops never mind Lol. I'd just avoid status updates.

  21. Eh, so are color swaps in every fighting games, even Smash... We get used to the original colors, it's normal to think they look off or weird. From a design perspective, none of these color combinations are offensive to the eye, they're all within the color spectrum and have the correct contrast between them. No proof is a biiiiit of a stretch, this is a very old build, even older than the PAX one... I'm pretty sure every character will have, why would they make skins for only 3 characters? Nah, they all will have nice skins, I trust these guys. Also, it's Activision. They will want to milk this as much as possible. The sad part is, I'm probably gonna bite....
  22. And if some hardcore players were unsure about the inclusion of the secret techniques (reserve system and the sacred fire thing), you can rest easy: https://streamable.com/006an It is in Nitro-Fueled. Also, skins do change the character icons, not just their looks in game, which confirms my theory that the Pinstripe with the purple suit and hat that was leaked is indeed an alternate skin I think every character will have the color palette swap skin ala Super Smash Bros. (or literally any fighting game) and at least one actual skin, like a different clothing. Crash, Coco and Cortex obviously have the lead right now, because of the Retro skins, Star skins and Electron skins, but hopefully, every character will get a cool one too. Maybe there could be a Gladiator skin for Tiny, Professor skin for Ripper Roo and so on. I'm sure Beenox will surprise us with nice references. Right now I only see people complaining about the color palette swap skins as if it's the end of the world... 🙄
  23. Crash Team Racing Funko! https://www.funko.com/blog/article/coming-soon-crash-bandicoot-pop-rides I neeeeeeeed it!
  24. Finished Spyro 3 Reignited. Solid gameplay, but man, are the graphics and framerate on this one bad in places.

  25. That's Inferno Island? 😦 I love that they made it night time to differentiate from Crash Cove! Also, hay there Velo. I like the fact that the CNK levels aren't set on Earth, it really shows.

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