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  1. Wait a second. Did Sonic just called him Mr. Eggman? Cool, their keeping that piece of lore.
  2. Okay. That furless render of the movie design looks liiiiiiit AF. Baby Sonic tho'.. Ehhhhhhh
  3. Jesus that's funny (and holy shit I though we had news!). BTW, what's up with that moon mask, huh? Almost forgot about that. I wonder if it will be a boss or if it will help the good guys.
  4. What... How? Knuckles is monologuing and then bam. What the hell. We never even see his ship nearby or him sneaking behind Knuckles with a bomb... Or whatever he used to break that.
  5. Actually, wait. It was all Eggman's fault. Chaos went on a rampage in the last story after been beaten several times by Sonic and co. because Eggman kept making him fight. Up untill that point Chaos didn't displayed any will, he was just a mindless minion. All the beating probably brough back the awfull memory of the Equidna tribe attacking him in the past. Oh, snap. Fucking Eggman. Also, it wasn't Eggman who released Chaos, was it? It's every explained why the M.E. broke?
  6. All this talk about SA story only made me realize... The plot makes no fucking sense whatsover.
  7. Yeah, but c'mon, kids can enjoy good music once in a while. Not saying the music we have today is crap. But it totally is. Throw in some goddamn Michael Jackson FFS. Or the overly used but arguibly catchy Bad Religion's "Super Sonic". God, those early YouTube days, every Sonic "music video" had either that song or that Linkin Park song, lol.
  8. Those trailers, but in english: How come there's no 80's or 90's pop songs in this (I mean, besides Blitzkrieg Bop)? Save the raps for Knuckles, lol. Also, can't be Sonic without a good old leak, heh. Also, he made an Uber joke. And mentioned Vin Diesel.
  9. Just make his campaign a mini-game or non mandatory to unlock Super Sonic. Hell, they can make Big's story something super over the top since he's seen as a joke these days anyway. Even if the fishing isn't as exciting as homing attacking robots, we could at least enjoy some fun antics. The Knuckles & Knuckles secret ending in Mania caught everyone off guard and it's so clever. Something like that, as in, it was all a dream or a story being told by Big himself, could work for the character.
  10. Does anyone remembers that Horizon Zero Dawn video with the guy SINGING the Jurassic Park theme? It was the funniest, but I can't find that one...

  11. So, are you guys enjoying this GP? I'm pretty content the new track, it's probably my favorite of the bunch, design wise and music wise too. I'm really looking forward to the next one tho'. It's sad that the game still has a long way to go when it comes to bug fixes (those pesky invisible walls) and the online mode in general. I wonder if Beenox will ever give attention to that once they run out of characters to add to the roster. It's a good thing that they indeed improved the online experience over the months, but it's still not that great, eventhough I can play mostly fine 95% of the time.
  12. Let's be honest and just say Team Sonic Racing was the best music album that included a free game inside. The game itself is really inferior to All-Stars Racing Transformed. Budget limitations? Sure, but why? It's the only Sonic game SEGA put out that year (and 2018 as well, and probably also 2020). TSR is abandoned right now. Not a single DLC. It's as gift as a pair of socks can be. And no, I don't hate the game, eventhough I haven't played it, but let's face it, it's super underwhelming.
  13. It is depressing. I want a brand new and unique 3D Sonic as much as a Mania sequel, but I'm fully aware that the later is a safer bet. Every time I comment on Modern Sonic I sound cynical, but it is what it is. Sonic Team entered this loop where they can't move forward and their attempts at pandering the past always falls short. And, while Mania was 70% old levels and gameplay, Christian and his team managed to refresh those old zones in a better way than Sonic Team. I'm too am freaking tired of old tropes, themes, bosses and gameplay, but if the brand wants to keep going that way, I'll look forward to whatever the Mania Team is cooking, because they at least got it. If Sonic Team comes up with another boost game with corridor-like level design and old themes, no one's gonna buy that shit. At least I'm sure as heck I won't. I already skipped their last game anyways.
  14. He's 100% right tho'. Everytime Sonic Team moves forward, they take at least 2 steps back. Most recent example? Sonic Forces. The avatar and the story are new. But everything else is old. Classic Sonic that Iizuka swore it was a one time only thing for Generations? There. Boost gameplay that was already left behind after Sonic Lost World? There. Rehashed zones and final boss, because of course? Theeeeere. Taking inspiration or out-right copying the past worked in Generations and Mania. Those games were special ocassions tho'. Sonic Forces was supposed to be the next big game. It flopped for many reasons besides the ones I listed, but they certainly took major steps back instead of going forward. Sonic has a future worth of 1 or 2 years untill the next game comes along and sends it back 3 years again.
  15. But here's the catch: you can't just go remaking every game expecting it to sell like hot cakes. Crash and Spyro did sold like hot cakes because, besides the really well done remakes, the original games were already great. Sonic Adventure? Er.... Sonic's gameplay is great. But everything else is just non-sense. I wouldn't bear replaying Big's levels now in 4K.
  16. I'm so tired of Modern Sonic at this point that I'm actually open for the idea of using the movie design as his "next gen" model, with small tweaks. I think part of the reason is because of how poorly animated and modeled he was Sonic Forces. It's so freaking boring and stiff.
  17. On my list of games that deserve a sequel or remake: Sheep, Dog n' Wolf (PSOne).

    1. Plasme


      What a great game!

    2. Tarnish


      Never finished that one..couldn't figure out as a kid you had to run around that big red hairy thing guy to make him dizzy.

  18. Being completely honest, I rather they make a new game that revisits the best of Sonic Adventure + new stuff instead of a complete remake/remaster of it. Have Sonic go back to Station Square, Emerald Coast, Windy Valley... Re-imagine these zones, modernize them (and give Sonic a reason to revisit them too, even if it's something as simple as "going on a vacation at the beach"). On top of that, a new plot and new places to find. Somewhere beyong Mystic Ruins maybe? Who knows. Pick the main characters (minus Big) and improve their gameplay, but keep the design philosophy, full 3D levels with plenty of platforming and open areas instead of corridors. Maybe give Knuckles a bit more of combat gameplay, Amy a bit more of stealth gameplay. Improve Big's fishing and make it a funny mini-game. It's not hard, they just need the will and the right people to do it.
  19. Oh, he's really talking about that 4chan leak? C'mon... Anyways, we should find out really soon. The PS5 will be revealed early february.
  20. Really, you're saying Boom had this: Because I don't recall that much advertising. Toys and happy meals are one thing, this is a mural on a pretty big building.
  21. Jesus, Paramount and SEGA are going all out with this movie, it's like they have faith or something. I can't imagine they doing this with the old design. Like, I really can't. Just the thought of having to pass by a giant mural with that ugly ass face while driving to work every day, sheesh, it give me the creeps. Thank God Sonic looks cute now, I wouldn't mind taking a ride on that bus even. Oh, and by God I mean Tyson.
  22. So this Sonic 2020 thing better end with Mania 2 reveal

    1. PaddyFancy


      Watch it being just like that.

    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      You'll get poorly made 3D Blast ports and like it!

    3. Jack at the Cinema

      Jack at the Cinema

      Doubt it,  this series of news is a Japan thing, it may be a lead up to the next big game coming in 2021, IMO at least. Mania 2 is an American thing.

    4. TheOcelot


      Inb4 Gens 2 is announced.

  23. I hope they take a big page from the Crash and Spyro remakes. As in, better not let Sonic Team do it, but a studio/team that really understand and liked the original game / Sonic in general.
  24. I mean, they obviously went with the Speedy Gonzales persona for Sonic in this movie. Not that is baaaaaad per se, it's just cliché and not really how Sonic usually reacts (in the games at least). But I admit I really like the after-image effect they gave Sonic in some scenes, I don't think I ever saw this visual effect in speedy characters before. Usually when they want to represent a character that moves fast, they slow down everything else, see Quick Silver from the X-Men and Flash from JL. It was a good creative choice, opens up for funny gags.
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