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  1. 10 hours ago, Harkofthewaa said:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have something big here. The coin payouts for offline races has been massively buffed! I've been testing and while the game is still showing the old values for me, doing some quick math tells me I am in fact getting the buffed amounts right now.

    Yeah, about that. I keeping reading on Reddit that this is only working for some players, apparently? It's working for me tho', but I admit I didn't did the math to verify if it's real or just a visual bug. I got 103 coins racing offline on Polar Pass and was like "whaaaaaaaaa"? This is great! Perhaps they buffed the coin earning this month because all you can buy are legendary skins, which are a 1000 coins more expensive than a new character.

    Beenox has the best of intentions, too bad their programming is buggy a lot of the times xD


    Also this:


    Is anyone seeing this?

  2. Okay, but...

    ...who's Joe? Joe is the codename to Emperor Velo?

    Also, Driver WhoCouldIBe, Beenox you cheeky sons of a gun xD

    This GP just began and I'm already very excited for the next. I don't even mind if each GP will only have only one new character each. That way they can extend the GP longevity. We still have plenty of characters to go. At this point, I'm convinced Beenox won't skip a single one. So get ready for Viscount, Willie Wumpa, Evil Twins and so on. Heck, even Bearminator might get in.

  3. The Canadian Guy Eh video has a more in depth analysis of a clean footage plus new screenshots. There's a bunch of stuff going on. A new mask, tons of references, crates that release a golden energy ball, new animations. I'm curious for this Chick and Stew tag team stuff too.

    All the skins look dope as heck (except Cortex's, IMO). Dingodile going full crocodile is awesome. 

    The track design is nuts in a great way. Lots of cool shortcuts. It even recycles (very briefly) parts of Roo's Tubes, which is awesome. The inner part of the ship reminds of the Doominator levels from Crash of the Titans aswell. This whole GP has a Titans vibe actually.

  4. Oh man, TLJ's final scene (with the boy) was perfect. That should've been the saga's last scene, the last lesson. Anyone can be strong and control the Force, you don't have to be a Skywalker, or Palpatine or whatever your bloodline. I swear to God when...


    Rey answers the old lady with "Skywalker" at the end of the movie I wanted to die. I got the impression that the writers wanted to say that "Skywalker" is a title, not a family name. But it felt sooooooooo clichê, goddamn it. The 2 suns scene agaaaain! Sigh. I knew it was coming, but I still hated it.

  5. 1 hour ago, Nina Cortex Jovahexeon said:

    It's a problem with this entire sequel trilogy indeed.

    TBH, I noticed it happened more often in this last one. One thing is Luke using a never seen before force power at the end of the movie in TLJ (which Rian Johnson later showed he took it from an official Star Wars guide book), another is expecting people to know there's a rule that says that could only be 2 Siths, ever... I mean, it was implied when Palp dropped the classic "-Do it" to Anakin slash Dokku's head in Episode III, but still. I understood it was simply because Anakin overpowered him and Palp no longer saw use for the old bastard.

    Man, there's a lot of stuff in this movie that's way harder to swallow than in TLJ.


    10 thousand ships, seriously? How did Palpatine hid 10 thousand Star Destroyers for over 30 years? How did he build it? It's too much, man. I can take Rey healing space worms with the Force because Star Wars always had these "Jesus moments", but there's some technical stuff that's just forced, no pun intended.

  6. Kylo should've been the ultimate villain of TROS, not Palp. It would've been better than giving everybody the mental image of Palpatine having sex halfway through the movie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Also yeah, the movie expecting the public to piece together main story bits and lore from games, books and other spin-off media is bad. A lot of this movie makes no sense, stuff happens " just coz' ".

  7. 3 hours ago, TheOcelot said:

    PlayStation 5 logo has been revealed:

    Image result for ps5 logo

    #mindblown ;)

    There's also been more rumours about PS5 having PS1, 2, 3 & 4 backwards compatibility. #Fingerscrossed

    Backwards compatibility with ALL generations? They can't. Can they? This would be a game changer. 

    As for the logo, I'm just glad they didn't tried anything crazy with the font, I mean, you guys remember the PlayStation 3 logo with the Spider-man font? lol

    I hope the console looks cool. The new Xbox looks nice.

  8. 36 minutes ago, Marcello said:

    This movie was so bad. How depressing coming off of The Last Jedi, the best Star Wars movie.

    God awful pacing, never a moment to let things breathe, the stupid, awful twists, the lazy retconning of TLJ, the constant shoving in the face of Poe definitely not being gay, guys, really!, Finn's complete uselessness, Finn wanting to tell Rey he loved her right before dying, but he actually wanted to tell her he's force sensitive which definitely fit the way he acted about what he wanted to tell her (I'm not saying its bullshit about them saying he's Force sensitive, which was hinted at pretty heavily throughout this movie), Palpatine, Anakin's lightsaber, the fakeout deaths, the awkward implementation of Leia, Chewie getting a medal, Luke, Luke's smile at the camera after lifting the X-Wing.

    But what really makes me angry is the way the bent over for the sexist shitbag Nazis and reduced Rose's role to less than 2 minutes of screentime. Way to do exactly what all the people that harassed Kellie Marie Tran wanted. The other stuff was just bad movie stuff (Well, maybe not the "No Homo" stuff with Poe), but this honestly kind of disgusted me. She should've just been travelling with Rey, Finn and Poe.

    I liked some stuff such as Babu Frik and (Ending spoilers)

      Hide contents

    Rey getting a yellow Lightsaber, as it's my favorite color for a Lightsaber.

    She should've gotten it much earlier in the movie, though. Anakin's should've never appeared.

    It's not just the studio. Abrams and Terrio didn't have to write something that didn't fit into one movie.

    My feelings exactly. TROS takes a lot of the stuff people complained about in TLJ and doubles down, not to mention all the rushed plot in itself, awkward retconnecting and corny / awfull twists... I don't get the folks who talk shit about TLJ saying TROS is better. It's not even more visually appealing (TLJ has some gorgeous visuals, the final battle in the salt planet speaks for itself).

    If I had one word to describe this movie is: coward.

    Can we move on from the Skywalkers once and for all, tho'? 

    I swear to God if Rey is pregnant of Ben...

  9. 6 hours ago, Austroid said:

    Okay but, that opening shot of South Island complete with that little piano melody is just pure magic! Honestly I choked up a bit.

    That shot is what the franchise is all about for me!

    Image result for happy crying gif

    Yeah, that was really nice. I expected none of this after that first trailer. It's so good when you actually have someone who "gets it" on board (even if it was only halfway through, but still). At least we're gonna get cool things out of this instead of a whole movie made of mess, like how I imagine Paramount's original idea would've turned out. Praise our lord and saviour Tyson Heese. They even got Hyper Potions' Friends in this.

    Leave it to Team Mania, man. Leave to them.

  10. I'm not a huge SW fan, but I enjoy this universe and what-not. I saw TROS yesterday. Film's pretty corny and badly writen, but it's entertaining. But hey, that's basically what SW always was. But honestly, this one takes the cake. It has the biggest ass-pull twists and corny scenes ever in the franchise, alongside the many under used characters and unjustified returns.

    I didn't bought Palpatine's return was "planned from the beggining" talk before, and I'm buying it even less now lol 

    Rogue One still the best by a wiiiiide margin IMO. Not surprisingly, it's the least SW movie of them all 🤷‍♂️

  11. 13 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    he had toggled hard difficulty by complete happenstance

    Ah... No wonder why you had such a bad time, hard mode is indeed hard, far more than the original CTR from 1999, actually. This explains literally everything. It wasn't the game's fault in this case. Same thing would've happened if in your first time playing Mario Kart 8 you picked 150cc or 200cc, for example.


    13 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    So then I decided to go to story mode after not being able to find a tutorial mode.

    That's your tutorial mode. If you have told us this was going to be your first time playing the game, I would've recommended playing the Adventure Mode first, because...


    13 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    Uka Uka pops up with, "Say, did you know you boost off a hard turn just by tapping the drift." Not, I didn't despite numerous attempts to do so.

    Like you said, the masks are your tutorial. It's true that the game doesn't teach you everything you can perform while racing, but you don't need to learn any kind of "advanced techs" to do well in this game, period. I'll say 99% of the game resolves around getting the hang of the drift-boost, which is the primary mechanic. You drift with one shoulder button (R1) and you boost with the other shoulder button (L1). There's no secret. You'll master this mechanic as you play, now that you know how to do. Eventually you'll be able to chain one drift-boost after another, which is the name of the game. You can even toggle the "Nitro Wheels" option (in the gameplay options menu) to know exactly when to boost while drifiting.

    If you don't feel like dialogue and text is enough to understand the game, Beenox was even nicer to add VIDEO tutorials if you try to re-listen to Aku-Aku (or Uka-Uka) hints, as you can see:

    I think it's less intrusive than the "stop and go, stop and go" tutorials in TSR, but that's just my personal opinion.


    13 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    This game doesn't exactly play like mascot racers typically do and yet it does...? 

    It doesn't play exactly like Mario Kart, that's all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Don't give up, no one is expected to do well on their first try.

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