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  1. 3 hours till The Bomb drops

  2. I find it odd that a lot of the DBZ games refer to Gohan during the Cell Games as "Teen Gohan", when he's only about 10 or 11 years old during them.

  3. *looks at newest member* oh..oh god.. why would you sign up under that alias... o__o;;

  4. 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' sounds shit but is actually a really good film

  5. "Band Geeks" = Best SpongeBob episode

  6. Sonic Adventure's soundtrack is a thing of beauty.

  7. I wonder if releasing Generations on the Wii would've cushioned SEGA's financial troubles a tad

  8. Oh boy.....Look what's on Disney XD right now....

  9. Naruto Storm 3 was just announced. Time to start saving money.

  10. Lol so many people had looked at my profile since I joined. I guess I'm... interesting :B

  11. So, I have come to realize that I suck at the classic Sonic games. I feel ashamed.

  12. What's your favorite fruit?

  13. Did SEGA do anything for Sonic's birthday today? They're oddly silent about it.

  14. the test results came in, I definitely have breast cancer

  15. Dexter's Lab or PPG?

  16. have some smutty sonico as a placeholder until i find a better image to use :333

  17. Dexter's Lab or PPG?

  18. Dexter's Lab >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Johnny Test

  19. Searching Sonic images for an article, came across Blaze porn, was mildy aroused, hated myself. Still hate myself... :(

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