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  1. I finally watched The Lion King 2019. What a tech demo!

  2. Sonic Generations is the most consistently good modern Sonic game, eventhough more than half of it is 2D. Generations is mostly a 2.5D platformer in reality. But when you're actually moving Sonic in 3D, it's probably the best one out there. I'd put SA2 as a close second because the Sonic/Shadow levels are super fun and less glitchy than SA1, but since we're talking "games" and not "gameplay", I'll have to go with Colors, and only then, SA and SA2 respectively. I'd say Heroes takes that final top 5 spot. So yeah, Gens, Colors, SA1, SA2 and Heroes. Buuuut. Pretty much like @UpCDownCLeftCRightC I also have my personal favorite list, which would actually put Heroes in first 😁🤷‍♂️ Generations in second, SA1 and SA2 tied in third and Colors / Unleashed tied in forth.
  3. Apparently Yooka Layle sequel is actually pretty good?

  4. You got me partner, I didn't knew Dora was actually good. But still. I'm hyper skeptical. Fart jokes and flosing will always entertain kids, but I really don't think the writing will be good or at least clever in this movie. But maybe it's too much too ask for a Sonic movie of all things to have good story? IDK. It's weird, because when you look at a product like this, you don't imagine it's gonna have a big story anyways. "-Oh, it's a kid's movie, so it has the liberty to have minimal writing" some might say. But we indeed got some good "kid's movies" (as in PG-13 or less) in recent years.
  5. We'll see. This is kinda paradoxal. I heard people saying they wanted to watch the movie just because of how terrible it looked. Now Sonic actually looks okay, will these people still watch for shits and giggles? And I hate that corporate notion TBH. Doesn't matter if the product is shit, if it sells, great...! But hey, that's how SEGA played with Sonic for some time, they thought that simply slaping the word "Sonic" to a product would guarantee some bucks. Well, if Venom taught us anything is that there are a looooot of folks willing to pay for shit stuff :V I will eat my shoe if this movie gets good scores. I'm sorry if I'm being grumpy and hyper skeptical, but a Sonic live-action movie can't be good.
  6. People with money to burn I suppose 🤷‍♂️ Going to the theatre isn't something cheap, at least not here. I'll wait for it to appear on some streaming service to check it out, if ever.
  7. So The Batman will have the Riddler as a villain? Interesting.

  8. You say that now, but we're gonna miss these days in the future (after the movie is out and flops hard, that is) xD Sadness will be all that's left.
  9. I want to watch Joker again, but at the same time I don't. Huh.

    1. PaddyFancy


      Is it good?

    2. Jango


      It's great 

  10. @Indigo Rush Spit it out pal! SEGA told you their next Sonic game, didn't they?
  11. Sonic Adventure Mania would be the best scenario TBH. Get rid of the problematic gameplay styles, because we know this would hold back a remake, tune the other characters' gameplay, throw in some new levels along old ones, a new story and bam. 

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Could still make characters like Eggman playable but make him less clunky than he was in SA2.

      Maybe give him some jet-boosted power armor instead of a big bulky walker, so his gameplay would still be speedy enough to appeal to core Sonic gameplay.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Again, it seems odd to do a retro collection with levels from only two games when Gens had 9 and Mania had 4/K games represent, in addition to originals in the later's case.

    3. Menace2Society


      Who said it had to be only Adventure 1 and 2? 

      The Adventure area doesn’t just consist of those two games, you know?

    4. Jango


      A game like this should evoke the same nostalgia Sonic Mania did. I see no better way (and believe me when I say I have the script all in my head) to the game to start than with this (I'll politely ask you to picture the scenes as you read 😁) :

      - We see a blue creature, blazzing fast through a jungle (fan service #1, it's just like SA's opening);

      - The camera gets closer, we already know it's Sonic, but the zoom in on his "Nike smirk" closes the deal, it's our blue hero indeed (fan service #2, the smirk from the Dreamcast Era);

      - As the camera tries to follow Sonic, we see that he has earbuds plugged in his ears, through which we can hear SA's main theme: "Open Your Heart" playing (fan service #3);

      - Sonic arrives at a city area, the speed freak wastes no time and starts running up a tall building;

      - He arrives at the top of the building, the camera now focuses on his shoes and slowly accends to his mouth height, when he smiles and shouts: "-Aw yeah...."

      - The camera zooms out revealing Sonic in full, he continues... "-This looks just like how I remember!". We then get a good look at Station Square, bigger and brighter.

      - "-I wonder if the people from here still remembers me, tho'!" Sonic says, just as a huge Super Sonic balloon gets into scene. The balloon reads "Saviour of Station Square Celebration". He does that nose rubbing with his finger thing and says: "-Yeah, I guess they do". 

      - Sonic jumps off the building and speeds through the streets were we can see that a big celebration is indeed happening. Adults and kids on the streets shout at Sonic "-Thank you, Sonic!", cars honk at him. There's people with Sonic hats and even a Super Sonic statue in the town hall. He waves at everyone and smiles "-Gotta go!" he says.

      - He goes straight to Emerald Coast resort. It's bigger than ever as expected, the pool is shapped like Sonic's head, he really is an icon in Station Square.

      - "-I guess there's no better way to enjoy the day than running on the beach" says Sonic as he moves towards the first level in the game...

      EMERALD COAST. The Adventure Continues.

      And then I'll keep writing my script.

  12. Sorry, if any song named "Changes" is used, it has to be David Bowie's 😉
  13. Looks better (not that this is a compliment or anything), but fake AF. Calling bullshit.
  14. Exactly, that's what I said! It's not SuperBot's fault at all, the game they ended up shipping was in fact really fun to play, if a little unbalanced (looking at you Kratos). But a bunch of timing issues hold some important characters' inclusion. Activision's dick move doesn't even surprise me TBH, they were literally sitting on Crash and yet felt right about asking a bunch of money for it, like seriously, fuck off Activision... Like I said, the ties with third party studios are cool now, and on top of more first party reps, like Abe, Joel and Ellie (maybe?), Knack (someone's gotta be the punching bag :P), Atreus (because why not?), Aloy, we could finally get fucking Crash and Spyro, the real Dante, Leon or Claire, Chun-li (since Ryu is busy in Smash), good old Lara Croft and even freaking Spider-man FFS. Also: If SEGA could do it, so can Sony. Gimme my Nissan Skyline as a fighter >:V Also, the original game had a WipeOut rep, sooooo.... Looking at the videos, I gotta say the menus, especially the character select screen, look much cooler.
  15. This could've been a great(er) to be completely honest. Sony always had a good balance between white-angry-dudes (a joke used to describe the roster back then) and anthropomorphic cartoonish characters. SuperBot managed to get the license to a few dormant, but beloved IPs, such as PaRappa, MediEvil, Twisted Metal and Ape Escape, which certainly helped to get people's attention. And yet, they not getting the license to some other IPs was also what hold the game back. No Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, OddWorld (it was planned tho'), Gran Turismo, Chrono Cross, Resident Evil, Klonoa, Castlevania and, of course, Crash and Spyro reps (not to mention the whole 2 Coles, Raiden instead of Snake and Donte instead of Dante controversy) really threw a lot of people off, myself included, and yet, I still got the game and had a blast. Besides the otherwise weak roster... The game was actually really fun to play with friends and online. The marketing and development cycle of this game was ALL over the place IIRC, but you could see in every interview that SuperBot really wanted to make this a fun game with as much PS history they could pay for, and I still think the last boss being the reject original PlayStation mascot is a genius fan-service, if a weak fight overall. I would love a sequel, especially since now Sony at least seems to be more "in peace" with it's third party studios.
  16. Finished The Boys (the series). Holy crap.

  17. There's something so cool about the way Superman and the characters in DBZ fly. If magic lamps were a thing, I would totally wish for that ability. Imagine how different society would be if everybody could fly? No cars, no bikes, no planes (although crossing the Atlantic flying must be really cold, but still).

    1. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Instead of road rage, there’d be sky rage...

  18. Nah bro, sign me in for PS5 release. Only such power house could run Sonic Mania 2, knowhatimsayin'?
  19. El Camino is literally a 2 hours long Breaking Bad episode. Which is great for me, as a huge fan. But I really doubt someone who didn't watched or didn't liked the series will be able to enjoy most of it. 

    1. Milo


      isn't the full title of the film literally "el camino: a breaking bad movie"

      what else is anyone supposed to expect from that

    2. Jango


      Something with a different tone or pacing?

  20. Yes, this is happening now. New decals and stickers still pop-up, but old skins are plenty. I can't stand seeing Gangster Pinstripe and Gentleman Ripper Roo anymore xD Only yesterday a ghost wheel decided to show up, along with Firefighter Dingodile skin. The bundles still appear very often, but I already bought Brio and Moe separately on the very first day. C'mon Beenox, this wasn't happening in previous GP's.
  21. Honestly, I'll be super down for a Simpsons Hit & Run remaster/remake.

    1. TheOcelot


      Is the best Simpsons game.

    2. Jango


      True that. Although I remember quite liking The Simpsons GAME, eventhough I only played the PS2 version.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


      One of the producer's seems to agree. We already got the demand, we just need to get interest from more of the old staff and then seek out EA's approval. (Or whoever else gets the rights to the Simpsons ID)

  22. IDK, it sounded like a Mario-esque remix to me xD Not a bad one mind, but not too memorable either.
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