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  1. CTR Nitro-Fueled has a shitton of stickers to customize your kart and... It doesn't have the most obvious one: wumpa fruit. lol

  2. That's okay, relax @StratusAsterion 😅 I didn't mean to brag back there, I can recognize it is hard to beat Oxide's times, as you gotta boost constantly and / or hold a blue fire the longest you can in tracks that allows it. I'm pretty sure this wasn't necessary in the original game, as I could barely chain boosts correctly back in the day and I still managed to beat N. Tropy's times with ease (I was a veeeery average player, I didn't even knew about reserves, USF and all that jazz). Nitro-Fueled is hard. What I meant when I said "this looks easy", it's because I've been doing every platinum relic challenge in Adventure Mode, and compared to that, beating Oxide's time looked easy. I'm telling you, getting every platinum relic is hell. At least the times are exactly the same as the original game, but still, it's too stressful, as you gotta not only boost constantly, but boost correctly. You can easily fly over a time crate by going too fast, or fall under it by not going fast enough, and if that happens, you restart, there's no return (especially if you miss crates over bottomless pits). You gotta time every jump and nail every turn. When you master this, time trials become a piece of cake. Sorry to everyone if I came off as douche, I didn't mean to devalue anyone's effort 🙁
  3. I was looking at some gameplay from the original CTR, and holy crap does it looks primitive now that we have Nitro-Fueled, like, wow. N. Gin Labs looks INCREDIBLY baren, it's scary.

  4. To quote the might Thanos: Fine, I'll do it myself.
  5. I'm watching the video and it looks easy o.O You don't even keep blue fire for the rest of the 2 other laps. You've played exactly like I did couple of minutes ago, and I was doing the relic run, which meant I had to slow down in some turns and go out of my way to hit crates. I imagine tracks with less jumps and turbo pads, like Inferno Island and Dragon Mines, must be indeed harder. But Oxide Station?
  6. Well, only 2 platinum relics in Citadel City left. N. Gin Labs, which I gave up after a lot of attempts and Hot Air Skyway, which I missed the platinum for one second on my first run and decided to move on and try it later. Funnily enough I got the Oxide Station platinum on my first run and fucking up a lot lol 😭 Comere! I didn't mean it either. I'm aware that the time trials are harder, mostly everything is a bit harder than the original in Nitro-Fueled.
  7. The same band who made Jimmy Neutron's theme made Sonic Unleashed's theme. Hum.

    1. Strickerx5


      I had no idea Bowling for Soup did the theme for Jimmy Neutron! They're actually one of my favorite bands ever. 1985 still remains one of my favorite songs of all time.

      They also did the theme for Phineas and Ferb.

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup has a very distinct voice. It was neat hearing him do Endless Possibilities for Sonic Unleashed.

      That said, Sonic Underground's theme sounds so different from all these things. 

    3. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      I wish they could do more Sonic songs. Their style fits Sonic well.

    4. Dejimon11


      And the Lead singer is the voice of Chuck E. Cheese

    5. Jango


      @Strickerx5 completely forgot about 1985, I loved this song, THANK YOU

  8. Holy shit, look at that Eggman skateboarding!
  9. ...Congratulations? I never tried the Oxide ghosts back then because I knew it didn't unlocked anything, so whatevs. I'm not too eager to unlock the Digital skin anyways, I was mostly looking forward to the paintjob. Will do the time trials eventually, can't be that hard. The relic challenges are harder IMO because on top of being fast, you gotta hit those damn crates, and I swear some of them are just insane.
  10. Oh, I guess getting all the platinum relics unlocks the 3 paintjobs (sapphire, gold and platinum). Still not sure if I have to get from both CTR and CNK :S I recall beating the N. Tropy ghosts in the original fairly easy, but I've never tried the Oxide ones hehe
  11. I haven't even touched Time Trials yet (save for Crash Cove and Twilight Tour which I only did to complete the GP challenges) 😅 I got back to my Adventure Classic Mode playthrough and so far I got all the platinum relics from worlds 1 to 3. Some are fairly easy, but some are hell. Blizzard Bluff is really annoying. So is Papu's Pyramid. But I'm getting there. BTW, the N. Tropy Digital skin unlocks if I get all of CTR's platinum relics or do I have to get the CNK ones too? Because that would be N. Sane.
  12. Ketchup flavoured chips is best chips.

  13. I suppose that if a brand new Crash is announced, it would be during next year's E3, rather than this year's PlayStation Experience or Game Awards. Well, that NECA article did said a new Crash game would be released in 2020, so...

    1. TheOcelot


      Twinsanity remake, then new game 😋

    2. Jango



    3. mayday2592


      I'd like a Twinsanity remake just as much as everyone else, but I'd definitely want something entirely new first. It's been way too long since we saw a new Crash game.

    4. Jango


      ^ Basically this. If Future Tense is anything to go by, Vicarious Visions has a good basis. I mean, they have Naughty Dog's blue print to follow and obviously improve. Sure, they fucked up the gameplay a little with the whole pill shapped hit box, but it's likely that they will learn from the feedback people gave. They helped Beenox, Beenox helped Toys for Bob, Toys for Bob helped them, it's all a big family. In fact, the remake which nailed gameplay and visuals the most was CTR Nitro-Fueled, which all the 3 studios worked on. So maybe, just maybe, a brand new Crash game will have them all involved again. 

    5. JosepHenry


      All of you who want another remake before a fully new game can eat socks with mustard

  14. That's what I told them, man! That's what I said! But they called me crazy. CRAZY! Speaking of keeping the good act, I've been feeling nostalgic for Twinsanity lately. While I much rather have a new game based on the ND formula with original levels, vehicles and story, I wouldn't be completely against a Twinsanity remake with all the cut content added.
  15. And to think that before the official announcement at E3 2016 a lot of people (some arguibly internet trolls, but still) kept saying Crash would never sell, let alone be as popular as he once was, in today's gaming industry. Nostalgia or not, both remakes are great, they just gotta take the next step and then we'll see for sure how well Crash can do.
  16. Agreed 100%. If they spread the GP itens all over the Nitro Gauge, it won't feel some much like a chore. Getting Nitro Points is easy, but the prizes are so far apart that it feels like it drags. A bunch of the challenges are arguibly boring and repetitve, but I imagine Beenox will get more creative as the GPs go on. The rewarding system for the GP itself needs more stuff to keep people interested. Only 5 prizes for tier is kinda dishonest. They gotta add 20 prizes for tier, at least. A bonus for tier completion would be great too, be it coins, maybe a bundle. Also, a skin as the final unlockable is not a great idea either. It could be a bundle too and like, 10000 coins bonus. That's how I would improve the GP on a veeeery basic level. I have a lot of other ideas. The Pit Stop on the other hand, would have the same prizes as the Nitro Gauge. It's up to the player to decide if he wants to buy them right way, or earn it with nitro points, saving the coins for something else. And if he earns the item with nitro, it should NOT appear on the Pit Stop anymore. Hey, I hope Koala Kong is in the next GP!
  17. You probably got it. It just happens that the game never warns you. But I'm pretty sure I got dem coins, and so did you. Anyways. Just bought Biker Crash skin! I love his podium animation xD
  18. I wonder when we're getting the annoucement of the announcement of the next Sonic game, as it usually happens.

  19. Honestly, I would have preferred a thousand times more if all the GP exclusive itens were added to the Nitro Gauge instead. There are so many itens, it's more likely that every time you play you're rewarded with something, even if it's just 3 stickers. Being constantly rewarded would benefit replayability. Between karts, characters, paintjobs, wheels, stickers, decals and skins, I think there are around 60 exclusive itens or more, meaning you could get something every 200 points or so, doing a rough math. That would've worked much better as an incentive to keep playing, because the Nitro Points can't buy anything on the Pit Stop, and filling the Nitro Gauge completely only unlocks 15 itens.
  20. A lot of the weapons in this game work poorly and the distribution system is hella broken. Homing missiles are absolutely crazy. I'm pretty sure they made the missiles lucky based, because sometimes it simply misses targets in a straight line lol As for the warp ball, heck, I don't even know how it works anymore. Sometimes it hits first place, but ignores 2nd and 3rd, sometimes it ignores 2nd, but hits 1st and 3rd, sometimes it hits all of them, and sometimes it even decides to ignore 1st place and keep moving. It's wacky. I admit I won some online races because the game gave me an Aku-Aku mask when I was in 2nd, but still... They couldn't just reverse engineer the ogirinal and copy the equation or something? Although... The original can be just as inconsistent and broken... Well, you know what never fails? The clock. It never fails to piss me off lol It should be suuuuper hard to get.
  21. I like Crash's retro skin and the retro kart, which even have the original SFX. But I reeeeeally couldn't give two shits for Retro Stadium. It's pretty bad honestly. But since I always customize my kart, I rarely use the retro kart anyways :S So yeah. It's something.
  22. Damn Marvel dropping the bombs 😮

  23. Finally joined the Tawna Motorsport club. Just got her with a little help from my gf. Now I can play the game :V
  24. Add me on PSN, let's do some races. My ID is joaovicmartins. Maybe it's an unhappy coincidence. I read people constantly saying the major online problem is the warp ball + clock shit fest (which is 100% true, although it was toned down a bit recently), but AFAIK, the framerate problem was only as bad as you're describing when the game released a month back. Are you sure it isn't your internet connection? I have a very slow internet speed, and I manage to get solid races nearly 90% of the time 😕
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