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  1. Sonic CD demonstrated early on that Badniks can be plant-powered.

    Is there any reason not to just use flower-powered robots? It seems like they'd be:

    A.) Easier to procure than animals, and
    B.) Less likely to get Sonic on your case. I mean, yeah, he'd still show up eventually to thwart your robot invasion, but collecting flowers is still less likely than kidnapping animals to make him show up in the plan's early phases.

  2. So... When is the next Sonic game? I wanna hate on something :^)

  3. So... When is the next Sonic game? I wanna hate on something :^)

  4. reminder that upcoming sonic movie could have looked somewhat like this 


  5. joker_eatin_popcorn_by_capnectoplasm-d39

    Who'll be seeing The Joker when it hits theatres?

  6. Today is the 15th anniversary of one of the few good Crash games after Naughty Dog left, Crash Twinsanity!

  7. Well, that didn't take long. How much did Disney asked?

  8. New Pokemon anime poster and character designs leaked.


    He's not leaving.

  9. When was the last time you had an authentic s'more 

  10. As somebody who's indifferent towards Naruto I think a fighting game on the same scale as DBFZ would be pretty great.

  11. SP Season 23 starting really strong, good stuff.

  12. Remember Rian Johnson directed one of (if not) the best Breaking Bad episode. And he also directed the new Star Wars episode everybody hated :V

  13. I tried using my PS3 controllers tonight for the first time in quite a freakin' while, only to discover the analog sticks were oddly sticky. I did some research and apparently this might be a common issue now, as they're made from some kind of rubber that naturally degrades and becomes sticky after a while. Has anyone else here experienced this?

  14. There's this game called The Outer Worlds that I've just discovered that looks rad.

  15. Call me a jerk if you want, but I’m not gonna feel any sympathy for anyone that ends up getting injured or even straight up dying during the Area 51 raid tomorrow. Fuckin idiots.

  16. Kojima apparently came out and said Death Stranding doesn’t really get fun til half way through the game.

    because that’s a good sign

  17. Team; Sonic 1




  18. I remember hearing a few years ago that SEGA were going to be making TV series based on their games like Streets of Rage. Has there been any updates on those? Were they cancelled?

  19. youuuu ggguuuuuuyyyyyssss


  20. What's your ideal kind of weather?

  21. Nostalgia really is a powerfull tool. While I can see flaws in most recent 3D games, but also the early ones, I can't put my finger on Sonic Heroes too much and I think it's because Heroes was the first Sonic game I actually bought with my money and the first PS2 game I owned. I remember vividly the moment I put that disc on back in 2005. I love the artstyle and specially the soundtrack, and although the team mechanics are mostly gimmicky, I still have a lot of fun playing it (as either Team Sonic or Team Dark of course). It's also the last we had the Ryan Drummond, Deem Bristow (RIP) and co. cast and they're all good in Heroes.

  22. Still about Sonic Heroes, Team Rose's theme "Follow Me", how much of it is actually about Cream/Cheese and Big/Froggy? It's basically an Amy song in reality.

  23. can ash finally die now

  24. Okay, so, if they ever do a Twinsanity remake like N. Sane Trilogy and Nitro-Fueled, they gotta go through this: 

    I didn't knew Twinsanity had THIS MUCH cut content. 

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