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  1. What if they use this series to unify all the different continuities / interpretations of Sonic? Something like all the Sonics merging in one Sonic called "Sonic Prime" at the end of the series (and in general the continuities becoming one main unified "prime" one that they could then use in the games too) That would be very convenient for SEGA, think about it: Does Blaze come from the Sol Dimension or the future? Doesn't matter, this hypotetical Prime canon has both backstories since she is a merged version of the previous ones Same for Silver and for anybody who has any kind of inconsistency
  2. I have to say it make me angry that this new classic subseries was born one year ago and they already managed to somehow screw up the canon. It should have been easy, it was an opportunity to have a simple Game 1 -> Game 2 -> Game 3 etc. sequence but no, they had to do this weird thing. I honestly don't think it would have been impossible to make Mania Adventure a direct sequel to Sonic Forces and then setting Encore Mode after that or viceversa. You can say that canon is not that important and while I like Sonic canon I can somewhat agree, but the fact is that it would have been VERY easy to not screw the canon up this time since they are starting almost from scratch and it's almost like they went out of their way to do that I guess for now this is a "chose your headcanon" situation where you can chose one of them to be the sequel you want to be canon for yourself, I hope the situation is made more clear in the future with an eventual proper sequel to Mania
  3. This is something that has been bugging me since the release of Sonic Mania Plus, the fact that both Encore Mode and Sonic Mania Adventures are supposed to take place immediately after Classic Sonic returns to his world and because of this they seem to not be able to coexist This issue came back to my mind just now because I checked the Classic Sonic World page on the wiki and it lists the events of both the game and the short series, without even trying to explain in what way they can both happen, and I don't like that this contraddiction is blatantly ignored Because of this I want to see what the general opinion here is, which one do you think is canon? If you think they are both canon, how can that be? Personally I would like to see both of them be canon but I can't think of a way to make that possible, even putting another adventure between Encore Mode and Mania Adventures where both Eggman (as seen in the Encore Mode true ending) and Sonic (because we see him return again at the start of Mania Adventures) end up in the Modern Sonic World doesn't fix the issue because in that case both Eggman and Sonic would need to come back at the same time at the start of Mania Adventures and that doesn't seem to be the case at all (Eggman seems to have been searching for the Chaos Emeralds for quite a bit before Sonic turns up)
  4. Regarding the Past Classic Sonic vs. Other Dimension Classic Sonic thing My idea is that after C. Sonic was sent to the past at the end of Generations, it made the timeline split at that point and in that timeline after Sonic 3&K comes Sonic Mania instead of the modern games, which would explain how C. Sonic can be from both Generations and Mania
  5. Interesting idea. I don't think it's actually gonna be reflected in any form in the game/DLC or anything but it's still a cool interpretation
  6. The channel is gone now, I guess SEGA noticed what was happening
  7. Is there a live stream active at the moment? Not asking for a link, just if there is one or not
  8. It's... not bad i guess Better than the majority of what we've seen so far in Sonic Forces's OST but not super good It's cool they reused the US theme, don't get me wrong I love the JP/EU theme and have nostalgia for it but it's nice to not see a remix of it for the 10000th time (even more so counting that Mania has a really good remix that is hard to top) So far Sonic Forces's OST hasn't impressed me too much and it's sad, the OST should always be one of the best part of Sonic games
  9. So... if the game is divided in stories (I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere), what if the tag team levels are played multiple times? Like Sky Chase in Sonic Adventure, a tag team level with the Avatar and Modern Sonic would have to be played once in Sonic's story and once in the Avatar's story Maybe this is also a way to make the game longer without actually creating more content
  10. This is an interesting idea, can't wait for actual footage
  11. I'm happy we received Mania instead of the other idea I feel that a fully original new classic game can still happen, now more than ever with the success of Mania A 5 / 6 zone completely new game released together with the originals would not have been this successful i feel and it would not have necessarily warranted a sequel like Mania does, it would have just been a little bonus game tl;dr: Mania will probably spawn a series of sequels that may be completely original while with the original concept this would probably not have happened, it's a lot better in the long run
  12. Eeh... I'm not even mad about them reusing levels right now, I just hope they don't pick the ones used in Generations and Mania I'd like to see stages on Angel Island, it doesn't matter if new or old, I just want to see the island again in a 3D game They could even acknowledge the existence of the Master Emerald again I'd like to see them acknowledge and setting a stage on the Lost Hex (because of Zavok's presence), I'd be happy if they at least tried to explain it Hell you can even throw Little Planet into the mix, we could finally see it in a modern setting A new Eggmanland would be nice and appropriate, not necessarily based on the one in Unleashed but with the same concept I'd like to see stages from Adventure 1 and 2 come back (they could finally acknowledge Station Square again)
  13. I love them all, they are all great design If I had to pick... I'd probably go with the Heavy King himself And his design is so freaking cool I REALLY hope they'll bring them back again in the future because they are too much amazing to only appear in one game
  14. So... I predicted the connection a long time ago and am not mad about it Surprisingly, I am kind of excited about it, I dunno if it's continuity starvation but I'm glad to see two new Sonic games connected And it kind of makes me slighty less annoyed at Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces... I dunno exactly why but I can look at him and think that he is the same exact Sonic I used in Sonic Mania and like him more I'll put my old theory under spoiler because I'm now convinced that it could be true, I originally posted it in the Sonic Mania megathread (beware of Mania and Forces spoilers)
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