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  1. Well, nothing interesting related to the movie was revealed at the Game Awards. Oh well. I didn't watch the show anyway. So, I didn't expect too much. So, the only Sonic related things that I hear were a Sonic's joke about James Marsden and a Green Day Concert which Sonic can be briefly seen.: Here is the joke if you are curious. The joke was made by a screenwriter named Jonathan Nolan.: "James Marsden's character, Teddy, was of course based on James Marsden's character in Sonic The Hedgehog." Oh, Geoff made a joke about Sonic not appearing at the show.: BTW, Jeff posted this.: BTW, if you go to his Instagram, Sonic can be seen dancing. The sprite seem to be from Sonic Advance.:
  2. Aw. That’s bad news. I hope the people who lost their jobs get new ones soon. Isn’t this just one of the branches that get shut down? Not the entire company. I think the company had more than just one branch around the world. I can’t believe people are blaming the movie for the closure. Here’s Tyson’s response to the company’s branch unexpected Vancouver closure.: https://twitter.com/tyson_hesse/status/1205269433876221952 BTW, anybody think that rumored Lizard villain is going to be voiced by Riff Raff? He said that he will have a small acting role in the movie and will be voicing two characters back in May. BTW, he seem to deleted his Instagram post about his involvement in the movie.: Riff Raff will have a “small acting role,” two voiceovers and a song on the soundtrack. Source: https://www.altpress.com/news/riff-raff-reveals-sonic-the-hedgehog-trailer/
  3. Sega and Paramount have just announced the list of merchandise for the movie.: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/12/11/sega-and-paramount-announce-official-sonic-movie-merchandise?amp&__twitter_impression=true Here is the list.: Bentex: Apparel for youth (Spring 2020) Bioworld: Apparel for adults Build-a-Bear Workshop: Specialty plush items and accessories Diamond Select Toys: Highly detailed premium statue featuring an iconic scene (Spring 2020) Franco: Sonic bedding (Spring 2020) JAKKS Pacific: Playsets and plushies available in select territories (January 2020) Penguin Publishing: Variety of children's books (December 2019) Sega Shops: Capsule collection of items (January 2020) Snapco and Ping Solutions: In-cinema concessions premiums including drink toppers and popcorn buckets at select theaters Toy Factory and Sega Amusement: Novelty products for amusement parts and attractions in North America and Europe TBM Fashion Lab and Cooneen: Apparel for adults and youth internationally (Early 2020)
  4. Found this. https://www.reddit.com/r/SonicTheMovie/comments/e8ujcs/my_screening_is_over_d/ Here are some details.:
  5. So, according to the Japanese Sonic movie website, it’s say that Sonic had stay on Earth for 10 years.: https://twitter.com/JayArby2/status/1204427865053376512
  6. Here’s something little interesting about the development of the movie that I found. So, three years ago, the director, Jeff Fowler and the writers had to go to Starbucks to get wi-fi because their wi-fi in their offices had died. They had to get their outlines for the movie in. https://www.instagram.com/p/B54BgprFij6/?hl=en
  7. It’s seem that the movie will have a sweepstakes where you win some prizes. All you needed to do to enter is RT this tweet. However, you have to live in the US if you want to participate.: These are the ones you could win if you are curious.:
  8. Well, maybe they will reveal a movie tie-in game there. I highly doubt it because Sega is working on the next Sonic game which won't be released for a while. Unless, if they have another studio working on it with them publishing it, maybe I could see that happening. I also could see them revealing some more new footage of the movie. Or maybe they might have Sonic give out awards. Lol.
  9. Here is the Japanese version of the Brazilian poster that was shown a few days ago. Notice that the book that Sonic is reading had changed.: Also, there is a QR code that you can used to make Sonic appear. This is what happened if you do it.: Here is the code if you want to do it. However, you need Facebook to make it happen.:
  10. Here are a few more that I recently done.:
  11. So, I found it. Here is the link to the thread where the guy made his comments about the trailer.: https://www.resetera.com/threads/in-another-timeline-sonic-the-hedgehog-released-today.151901/
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