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  1. What if Movie Sonic's design is an hybrid of Classic and Modern? I'm pretty much over the design now. The only improvement I would make is his face . I made this picture with Movie Sonic with some minor changes, a while ago. I improve his eyes and the nose. I wouldn't mind, if he actually look similar to this in the movie.:
  2. So, you all remember about the reaction that the girl who used to worked at Sega tweeted last month? I know this is old, but I found this, but I don’t think anybody noticed this. She still have some hopes about the movie.:
  3. CaptainRobo

    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Here is a picture of Sonic going on a journey to SF with his human friends. Enjoy!:
  4. Wow, never seen this before. I look at the date. It was uploaded a few days after the teaser poster were released. Also, I see that the box say flat card standee. Could it be the Golden Gate Bridge Poster inside the box?
  5. So, I find out in this interview that Jim Carrey say that he isn’t a big gamer, but he does play games with his son.
  6. Back in July, one of my guesses of what role of Tika Sumpter will be playing as was that she will be an veterinarian. According to that Reddit leak, Tika will played an veterinarian named Annie. So, I got a lucky guess, eh?
  7. I like it! This sounds like it could be the official song for the movie.
  8. Is the movie likely to be PG or PG-13? Detective Pikachu is rated PG. I know this film is going to be for the whole family. Maybe it will be PG-13, because it will definitely contain a lot of action.
  9. Going to update the timeline of the development of the movie
  10. CaptainRobo

    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Another picture of Sonic and the car that I did.:
  11. I know this is fan made, but it would be cool if the opening credits is similar to like this.:
  12. So, you know about this? Someone had made a mockup of what the Paramount logo could look like with rings.
  13. Oh, ok. Whoops. Just curious. Thanks. Anyway, back to the topic.
  14. Agreed, I think it’s ok for people to be excited and optimistic for the movie. I think the movie will be a fun movie to watch despite the backlash. Anyway, sorry, this is off topic. Are you referring to this? It’s remind me of that scene.
  15. CaptainRobo

    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Also made this quick drawing of Sonic having chili dogs with a Suzuki Swift for fun. Enjoy!

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