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  1. Yeah, also, I think China is the only other country that haven't got the movie yet. Let's hope they get the movie as well.
  2. New picture.: Also, I draw this to celebrate Lee's birthday.:
  3. Some new fan art to celebrate the sequel confirmation.:
  4. Yuji Naka's reaction to the sequel confirmation.: Translation.: What a sequel to movie Sonic!
  5. Wow! Cool! I didn't expect an confirmation sooner. I thought we were going have to wait for it until the pandemic is over. I'm excited for what's come next. All aboard the hype train!
  6. Well, it look like there were some props that you can buy on eBay. Take a look.: Also, I don't think we see any of these props in the movie. They are probably just background props.
  7. Hey, look! Yuji Naka got the movie. He even got the comic book as well. Now, he can finally watch it. He look very happy and excited to watch it.: Translation: The movie Sonic's 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray has arrived. I ordered it from Amazon USA and it arrived in Japan in 3 days. 4K UHD certainly contained Japanese audio and subtitles. I want to watch it at a movie theater, but I'm worried whether or not to watch it. Also, a little Crazy Taxi easter egg if you didn't noticed.:
  8. Well, it's a shame that the movie is still yet to be released in theaters in Japan. I feel bad for him. Oh well, I'm glad he had find a way to watch the movie in his home country. Let's hope he like it. I'm pretty sure he will like it. Also, BTW, the movie is still yet to be released in China either.
  9. Ben say that he would do a sequel in a second.: Also. It's nice to see Paramount using Sonic to promote their other movies.:
  10. New concept art, storyboards, and some footage with the old Sonic that I found.: Also, I found a picture of some stunt doubles.: Also, new set photos from Josh Miller.:
  11. So, apparently there was supposed to be a scene of Sonic asking a Burger Princess (Parody of Burger King obviously) drive-thru operator some questions and run off without ordering any food. However, sadly, that didn't made it into the final cut. A prop was made, but it was never used and seen in the movie.: Found some pictures.:
  12. Just found some new stuff.: New concept art.: Also, the people at Paramount are giving away free donuts and the free comic to people who are living in LA. Too bad, anybody outside LA can't get these unless you live there.: Even the Sonic Boom writer and Tyson got them. These donuts look tasty. I want to eat them. Yum! Also, if you want to take a good clean look at the comic. This guy got it covered for you. Take a look of the pages.:
  13. Found some more videos of the Tacoma from the movie. There is a little story about the fate of the truck. It look like some of the parts will be sold and then it will be scrapped.:
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