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  1. Well, I'm not sure of the idea of an kid voicing Tails because I know the kid will get older and they probably will have to recast him for future movies. I guess we will see. He even got an nice voice message from Ben back in February.
  2. That movie is probably going to end up skipping theaters and be put on Paramount Plus like that Infinite movie that was released a while ago. Anyway, I hope the pandemic doesn't end up extend into next year.: Also, CinemaCon is coming up. So, hopefully, we should expect some news about the movie there.:
  3. Ok, cool! It's nice to see that the studio will give them more creative freedom. So, I hear they only cut one character from the movie. I guess that is Metal Sonic? I wonder if Amy will appear in the end of the movie? Not sure if we will see Sonic transformed into Super Sonic in this one. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  4. So, does Paramount give the team working on the movie more creative freedom this time? I just want to know. That's all.
  5. Oh, sorry. My bad. I never believe these rumors anyway. I post these if these are real or fake which that info that I posted is likely fake. I always take these information as a grain of salt. Anyway, here is a thank you card given by the filming crew in Fort Langley which is the town where the movie was filming a few months ago.:
  6. You guys think this is real? This is probably likely fake. Vin Diesel is rumored to voice Knuckles.: In case, this get deleted, here are the pictures.
  7. I know it's way too early to discuss about this. I wonder who will be directing the third movie if Jeff is done working on Sonic movies and work on the Pink Panther movie after he is done working on the second movie. I hope it's somebody that cares about Sonic and the source material. I guess we will see about this. However, we probably won't find out about this for a very long time.
  8. I know this is too early to talk about the 3rd movie which could probably be expected to be released in 2024 if the 2nd movie is successful. I think we will probably expected to see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy working together in the next one. I think we might see Amy in the post credits scene in the 2nd one just like Tails in the post credits scene for the first one. I wonder how she could look like. Do you think they will based on her usual appearance or the classic appearance?
  9. Found this, but these could be fake. Do you think these are real? Also, I noticed that none of the military vehicles were actually destroyed in that filming set a few months ago. There were only debris which can be seen in the background on the 2nd photo. However, we do see GUN soldiers fleeing from the vehicles. I guess it would be risky to actually destroy these. So, we assume that they are going to use CGI to make the vehicles destroyed.:
  10. She only did the stories for Amy's New Hobby and Dr. Eggman's Birthday Also, kinda unrelated. How will you feel if this happen since the Sonic movie franchise is owned by Paramount which is owned by Viacom?
  11. Yeah, it's weird. I guess they want to surprised us rather than the way that other movies usually announced like you know announcing the cast before production starts which nobody were announced during the production of the movie except Shemar Moore.
  12. I'm surprised they still yet to revealed the other new cast members. Usually, they revealed a lot of them before production begins. I know they reveal some of them in the middle of production like they reveal Shemar Moore on that set photo. He was the only new cast member to be revealed so far. We probably know the rest at CinemaCon which starts next month.
  13. Not surprised. There was no official announcement on the book by IDW Publishing yet. It was only first discovered on that listing. In case, you missed it, this is how it's look like.:
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