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  1. This was in the Toy Factory website. Here is the link for those who want to see it. https://www.thetoyfactory.biz/licensed-cont.html
  2. Hmm, what could this possibly mean? Kinda a bit unrelated, Ben posted some pictures of him meeting Roger Craig Smith. Also, here is Roger’s response.:
  3. So, this was in the official Puma website. I wonder if this had something to do with the movie?
  4. Oh, this is from this guy. BTW, it’s fan made. Also, I wouldn’t mind if he actually look similar like that.
  5. The release dates list have been changed. So much of the previous release dates for several countries have been removed. It’s seem that the movie will be released in China next August. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3794354/releaseinfo?ref_=m_tt_dt_rdat
  6. So, I found this. Someone made an trailer with the Normal Sonic. It’s looks cool. This is what could have been, if they put the Normal one in instead of the one that they made for the movie.
  7. So, according to this tweet, TrailerTrack isn’t expecting another trailer until like September or October. They even say that there will likely be one probably released just in time for the upcoming Star Wars movie which will be coming out in December.
  8. I wonder how much the design change will impact on the marketing? It's probably likely be a lot, because this would make the promotional partners change it to the design that was teased on the new release date picture.:
  9. Paramount had now replaced the Sonic movie with another movie called Playing with Fire in its November spot which, it’s when the movie was originally supposed to released. https://deadline.com/2019/05/a-quiet-place-2-sonic-the-hedgehog-playing-with-fire-paramount-release-dates-1202622152/amp/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&__twitter_impression=true So, it’s took just a trailer to get them actually working on an new model, despite the fact, that they send this tweet out back in January. I guess they want to wait and see if the fans and general audience like and accept the design that they were originally going with. Also, here’s Ben’s comments on the online response.: “I was excited that the trailer came out, and then I just take my strides from Paramount, the human beings that helped do this and even allowed me to even play the role. They said we’re gonna retool it, and I said, ‘Really?’ And they go, ‘Yeah,’ and I said, ‘That’s great.’ I’m excited to see what it looks like ... I feel like they’re going to do a good job playing with it a bit.” The actor added, “I think it’s cool of them even that they are going to retool it maybe because of feedback, maybe advice from everybody, from director and producers ... they believe in the movie.” Schwartz said it’s really possible because the CGI is added in during post-production. “I think it’s pretty cool,” he said, adding that he hopes the end product will be something Paramount and audiences “could be more excited about.” Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5ce29d99e4b09e05780828da/amp
  10. Hmm. What could this mean? Yuji Naka’s response: Translation: Was Hollywood Sonic's release date postponed? I'm guessing they're going to change Sonic's design, but I wonder who is going to cover the cost. Do they think it'll be alright since it became such a hot topic? They should have made the right decision from the start." How is this written as a tag in the sense? no vfx artists were harmed in the making of this movie There were no vfx artists in the production of this movie Also the Storyboard Artist for the movie posted this.:
  11. A response from the actor who played Agent Stone.: BTW, the director who directed the infamous movie, The Room posted this.:
  12. So, happy that the movie is being delayed, and also, I see that it's going to be releasing on Valentine's Day. Here are all the movies that will be releasing in that month. February 7 (Friday) Birds of Prey Peter Rabbit 2 February 14 (Friday - Valentine's Day) Sonic the Hedgehog Kingsman: The Great Game The Photograph February 21 (Friday) Bloodshot Call of the Wild February 28 (Friday) Fantasy Island Also, it's kinda funny that the Kingsman prequel and the Sonic Movie are going to be releasing on the same day. Both of the movies were originally going to be releasing this November. At least, the movie won't be competing against Frozen 2.
  13. Had a feeling that they going to delay the film to next year. So, it’s not surprising, but that’s good news. I’m glad to hear about this. Here’s Ben’s response about the redesign teaser image.:
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