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  1. Well, it's turned out that Robotnik movie rumor was debunked once again. UPDATE: I can confirm this rumor is false after entering in contact with some sources related to the Sonic Movie’s production. https://aawesomepenguin.tumblr.com/day/2020/10/07/ I don't think we would see any spinoffs in development, probably after the sequel is released. Besides, the sequel had an official release date.
  2. I thought this was the same Robotnik movie rumor that was covered by this website called We Got This Covered which is known for not being an reliable source months ago and the other one that was also covered by them last week.: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/sonic-hedgehog-movie-spawn-trilogy/ https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/paramount-reportedly-doctor-robotnik-sonic-spinoff-jim-carrey/ However, I guess it's seem like this is an different kind of rumor covered by an different guy according to the video. Anyway, I think if any Sonic movie spinoffs like that rumored Robotnik movie going to be happen, it will probably likely happen after the sequel. BTW, I found this WIP artwork poster. It look official. This could give us an glimpse of what the movie could be like. Also, this remind me of the concept art of some of the Marvel movies.
  3. I think we already know about this since, this was posted 6 months ago. Anyway, that's cool. Also, the lizards were probably likely replaced by the echidnas.
  4. Well, apparently, the Batman got moved into March 2022, which is an month before the Sonic movie sequel released. You think this could affect the sequel’s box office performance? I had an feeling it will get push back because of that. BTW, Matrix 4 got push back to next year. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/the-batman-delays-release-to-2022-as-warner-bros-shuffles-calendar One Sonic fan think that it might get push back.: https://mobile.twitter.com/o_Azul35/status/1313495922727432201
  5. I think it would be interesting, cool, and, cute to see Sonic giving Tails a noogie. This could show that they are best buddies. I would love to see that in the sequel.
  6. New art that I made. Take a look.:
  7. Well, this is from an very popular Sonic fan, named sonic_cosplayer. Colleen love the idea of an show.:
  8. Yea, I agree. It's doesn't mean anything, but an TV show based on the Sonic movie would be nice to see. That would be cool and interesting to see. Something maybe like this for example.:
  9. I know this probably won't mean anything, but I saw this on Twitter.: Translate: In Vancouver they are offering employment to air fresheners for a television show and just look who appears in the image Eyes Is a short / series coming? Will it be for # SonicMovie2? I doubt this is for the sequel, since there are no news of any new cast members casted for the sequel yet. This is probably just one of the companies which work on the movie offering people to work an TV show that have nothing to do with the sequel.
  10. So, this doesn't mean that much, but yesterday was both Colleen's and Ben's birthday. Coincidentally, they are both in the movie. Ben did have some interactions with Colleen.: Interestingly, they were both born 10 years apart. Ben was born in 1981, while Colleen was born in 1971.
  11. Yea, maybe we might possibly even seen Baby Tails for first time. I bet he will look cute like Baby Sonic and also sound cuter.
  12. You know, I had a feeling we might see Baby Sonic again in the sequel. He will probably just appear in flashback scenes.
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