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  1. Here is the face of the GUN commander without his mask.: https://melithesonza.tumblr.com/post/651252652837076992/new-photos-by-canadagraphs-have-released-when Source: https://canadagraphs.weebly.com/other-celebrity-blogs-part-iii/category/sonic-2
  2. I assume Jeff Fowler and the rest of the cast might be going. I don't think she will be the only one going there. Right now, they are currently doing the voice acting. After that, they will start going to Hawaii in June which is next month. She will probably wait for them until they have arrived in the island state. Also, new video.: I wonder if Colleen have to been in Vancouver to do the voice acting in the movie? They are doing the voice acting for the movie now. She is currently doing voice acting for something that have probably nothing to do with the movie in her home in California. I have an feeling that she won't be voicing Tails again. I hope that is not the case. I hope she can voice Tails again. I guess we will see.
  3. What if that hotel that they planning to filmed in probably June is used as a stand-in for a fictional resort called Emerald Coast? That would be a cool reference to the place.: Also, some extra set photos.:
  4. Here is the name of the place in Hawaii where they planning to filmed possibly likely next month.:
  5. Some more updates. I know somebody already did talk about the last one.:
  6. Now that filming is officially wrapped up in Vancouver, the next stop is Hawaii.:
  7. Yea, I'm hoping for that too. I believe that will be the case. However, these possible casting calls could indicate that there will be some scenes that will set in Hawaii.: Also, I guess this inevitable tie-in promo is pretty much going to happen.: Also, an video.:
  8. Yes, me too. I wonder what are we going to see in Hawaii? Are we going to see something like this? Also, an video that I found.:
  9. Nothing new, but a new picture and an video of the tank that we had already seen.: Only a few more days till the filming in Vancouver ends. It was supposed to end today, but somehow was extended for 2 more days. So, the next stop, Hawaii. Also, probably a bit unrelated. A local theater still had the Sonic movie standee. This was taken recently. Also, what if they keep it until the Sonic movie sequel standee come out? That would be funny. Lol.
  10. This is not part of the production, but Jim Carrey give away an car to an crew member.: The car is an Chevy Blazer RS.
  11. Ben posted this a few days ago. It's look like he is ready to work on the movie.:
  12. Looks like they extend the filming in Vancouver for a bit.: I guess they need a little more time to complete the filming.
  13. I guess we will see. Also a new set photo from the Fort Langley filming set a few weeks ago. that guy in the green shirt doesn't look like Jeff. He look older. He could possibly be the assistant director.:
  14. Well, yes. the Burger Princess is not important to the plot. There was supposed to be a scene of Sonic playing with the Burger Princess drive-thru operator and run away without getting any food. It just that it would be nice if they put the scene with Tails.
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