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  1. There is also a possible chance that the trailer might play during Playing with Fire which is the movie that take its release date. It’s another Paramount movie that stars John Cena. It was originally going to be released next year, but got pushed back to the date that the Sonic movie supposed to be released.
  2. Thanks. BTW, I found this. It’s not perfect, but it could show how the Sonic that we always know could look like if they used that in the movie.:
  3. Oh, yeah. Whoops. Sorry, the head seen in the screencap look similar. Anyway, I think you are right. That could be the Eggmobile. Also, it would be nice to see Metal Sonic in the movie.
  4. Well, the trailer probably isn't likely to be played before Gemini Man which come out tomorrow. Here's what TrailerTrack have to say on this.: Also, somebody noticed this. Hmmm.
  5. Another video came from the same guy who posted the last video.: In the video, there were some footage of the explosion filming in the desert. The scene that I believe they were filming for is this scene which is seen in the trailer.:
  6. Could this indicate that we could be getting something soon? I guess we should see about this.
  7. So, I read some of his responses about his experience of the filming in the comments. He claimed that the production was great. It was so much fun working on set and when he say things went wrong, he meant some of the filming went bad. So, they had to redo some things like I think he is refer to reshoots. He say that some of the experiences on set were super funny and interesting!
  8. I had a feeling that we probably not likely going to get the trailer until November. Maybe on the day that the movie was supposed to be released on. I guess we should see.
  9. Made some more movie related drawings for fun.: BTW, I found this nice redesign concept. I was unable to find the source for this.:
  10. Nothing new here. I found a old set photo that Adam Pally posted. He doesn’t mention the filming of the movie on the post. If you look closer on the background, you can see the Green Hills filming set in Ladysmith. One of the cars which is the grey Ford Fusion right behind the lady walking with Adam that was used for a explosion scene can be also seen in the picture.
  11. Yea, this was unofficially confirmed. He had confirmed that he say he is involved in the movie at a event in Mexico.: The information that I posted is just more evidence that he is working on the movie.
  12. Oh. Not sure if this mean anything. So, this might be hinting that Tyson Hesse is involved in the movie. Somebody noticed that the director, Jeff Fowler is following him.
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