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  1. Here is the full version of the Sonic movie short that I found.: The places that he had visited in the short are.:
  2. More fan art. BTW, I put the Movie Amy that was created by an talented artist named isa_yfn415 in both of the pictures.: Here is the Movie Amy that I was talking about. I recommend all of you to follow this artist.:
  3. Found more deleted scenes.: Also, BTW, Microsoft is giving away a Sonic movie themed Xbox One.:
  4. Here is the preview of the new upcoming Sonic movie short.: Also, according to Lee Majdoub, he mentioned a scene that haven't made into the final cut of the movie in his stream.:
  5. New concept art released by Jeff Fowler.: Also, it's turn out that the desert scene was actually filmed in Abu Dhabi. I thought the scene was filmed in Morocco.:
  6. Found some official t-shirts from Bioworld. For somehow, they seem to keep the old design.:
  7. An interview with Alin Bolcas who is one of the character modelers for Sonic.:
  8. A quick little drawing of Movie Sonic dressing up as a Sonic Drive-In employee.:
  9. Check out some of these Sonic characters in movie style that I found. I could imagine the other Sonic characters looking like these in potential future sequels.: Here is a good look of the Sonic Movie statue.:
  10. Found this from the Best Buy website. There seem to be a book included in the steelbook.:
  11. Apprently, an Australian cinema chain is selling these ice cream cones. Looks yummy. I want to eat one. A Knuckles spinoff movie would be interesting. Anyway, honestly, I don't think that site is a reliable source.
  12. So, one of the former Sonic voice actors just watched the movie. He like it. Ben is so happy about him enjoy it.: I'm very glad and happy that the movie is getting a lot of praise and success. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for a sequel. Yea, these were missed opportunities. However, unfortunately, Jack in the Box stop making toys in 2011. That's why there were no toys. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-toys-fastfood/jack-in-the-box-yanks-toys-from-kids-meals-idUSTRE75K6RZ20110621 You know, I feel like they could choose a better fast food chain partner like McDonald's or Sonic Drive-In for the movie. Jack in the Box is only available in certain states. Oh well. Maybe they will choose either one of those to promote the sequel in the future? I guess we will see. Also, it's funny that Olive Garden is in the movie, but not Jack in the Box.
  13. It's seems that James Marsden had already signed on for more sequels.: “I believe, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say. As many as they want to make. Yeah, that’s my somewhat vague answer. It is such a good group of people and it was so much fun to see Jim [Carrey] enjoying himself again.” Source New Concept Art.: Also new pictures of the steelbook.:
  14. Set photo from the website and another one from an extra who play one of the kids in the minivan.: Also. BTW, found a Japanese promotion from NAVITIME.: Last week, Kid Cudi rent out a theater for his fans to watch the movie. Ben also attended it.: He had also seen the movie twice.:
  15. Not sure if anybody post this before. According to this interview, Jeff say that Sonic is about 13-14 years old in the movie. Skip to 1:33 to heard it.: Also, BTW, found this.:
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