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  1. It's look like Ben is in Vancouver getting ready to be on set. However, he have to wait for a while to get out.:
  2. We had some footage of people running away.:
  3. Also, here's Yuji Naka's response to the stand-in models.:
  4. I bet that scene that they are filming will be in the end of the movie. Eggman takes Agent Stone and kidnap Sonic. Knuckles become good and help Tails and Sonic's human friends to rescue him. Also, here's one more photo.:
  5. More filming. Tom yelled Sonic. Going to assume that this is going to be a scene after Eggman kidnap Sonic.:
  6. Adam Pally had already finished filming his scenes. This probably means that Wade will have a minor role again.: Also, found these.:
  7. Yeah, I agree. Usually movies reveal the cast before filming begins. Anyway, here are some extra new photos that I found.:
  8. I bet we will get the casting confirmation for Knuckles, Tails, that Randall dude, and probably some extra characters after the filming ends. Kinda weird that we didn't have any casting news before the filming begins.
  9. Video of Eggman in the air.: Also, Donut Lord and Pretzel Lady reunited together.:
  10. We got our first look of Dr. Eggman on set. It's weird we never see set pictures of Jim Carrey as him for the previous one.:
  11. There is one interesting detail that they change on that Crown Victoria police car. They seem to change the license plate of the car. However, they keep the number 45 on the car. This is from the Green Hills filming set in Ladysmith back in 2018. Also, another cool little easter egg.:
  12. Found some more set photos.: These photos were taken by Fenrir Wolf from TailsChannel. You can find more by clicking the link on this tweet.:
  13. New photos.: Also, here is a reply from one of the people who had something to talk about the guy in the air.:
  14. Lol. Yea. I know. I even think it's too early for them to appear. I feel like the military vehicles used for filming means that rumored Randall guy is in and GUN raiding Green Hills. Also, Tom's police car is back!
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