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  1. Game Gear Micro wasn't the "revolutionary" thing Famitsu journo was teasing

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      So... no new Alex Kidd?

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Didn't think to realize this would only be a PS5 level revolution just for the country where Famitsu lives. The only place where arcades are hip anymore... Well, nobody did say the revolution would "shake the world" anyway.


      ...Where there any western game sites that'd been told by SEGA about this?

  2. Please check if it is uninstalled and not actually hidden in a hidden folder that you can't delete without messing with folder ownerships From what I gathered, there are 2 types of issues that the game has right now - the PSO2 launcher issues and Microsoft Store specific issues. PSO2 Tweaker (at least for now) only fixes the former. Too bad my experience has been purely with the latter and I doubt Tweaker would fix it, at least in the current state. UWP and Microsoft Store are a mess.
  3. Man, PSO2 PC launch is a damn mess, and it's all thanks to Microsoft and their dumb MS Store.

    Many people encountered different kinds of errors, like the login not being able to work because of the Xbox app, the different errors during launcher update, etc. The most egregious one is that, if you restart your computer, the game gets corrupted, it prompts you to reinstall the 70 gigabytes again (not the 11 GBs the Store tells you for system specs), but those 70 gigs that you already installed before aren't actually deleted. Instead they're being put in a hidden folder you can't gain access to without changing the ownership of said folders, and you have to delete those manually yourself.

    This is probably the worst PC launch in the 23 years I've experienced myself.

  4. Man, I woke up and already saw a bad take on how "PS5 is made from 2-year-old parts and it doesn't beat PCs of today" when their APU is a custom AMD hardware that is based on an architecture that's not even out yet and their SSD is faster than PCs have today.

    Also apparently PC gaming didn't exist till the end of PS2.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer



      Yuup, shouldn't be surprised this kind of shit about the new consoles started. Let the bad takes flow I guess.

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      why are gamers like this

    3. KHCast


      I’d argue PC gaming didn’t become such a mainstream alternative until after the PS3/360 era and companies REALLY started taking the piss and inconveniencing people more with consoles. But it certainly existed just fine well before that 

    4. Strickerx5


      It's a bad take for sure.

      Though, that two year old part isn't entirely bs as far as the apu is concerned. Thing is, while the level of graphical output we're seeing from these new consoles is quite new on the AMD side, Nvidia has basically had an equivalent GPU on the market for (by the time these things even come out) two years now. Add in that Nvidia is rumored to be launching their next generation sometime soon and... yeah. Both the PS5 and Series X are being made on the bleeding edge of AMD, but more than likely not really on the bleeding edge of consumer PC tech in general come the end of the year. 

      That being said, that's literally just the nature of bleeding edge tech and even if these new consoles are priced at $500 it'll still a hell of a deal (so much so that it the entire first part of this post is a very mute point at the end of the day). Add in the general hardware and software advancements that PC players will almost immediately be able to take advantage of thanks to consoles generally being the standard to which devs work from and yeah, it's idiotic to be making stupid takes like that.

      And that's not even going into that last bit there... like, I guess the early days of first person shooters are just lost to these people.

  5. How did a remaster for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 make me a lot more hyped than the whole Inside Xbox thing from May 7th

    1. Teoskaven


      My thoughts in order:
      *Wait, Activision still holds the IP rights?
      *Uh, so this is what VV has been doing since the N.Sane Trilogy.
      *Why this has to be EGS exclusive for the PC?

  6. image.png.0729cb56607a3c8a5efabe64c6d8bf53.png

    This combo is hilarious.

  7. So I finished FF7 (the original). It was a pretty interesting and fun experience, though the difficulty (which was barely there to begin with) kinda dropped by the end thanks to all the OP Materia you get by the endgame, even if you're not doing Chocobo stuff or beating Ruby and Emerald Weapons (I didn't do either of those).

    Now to wait for the Remake to come to PC next year, even though I've seen pretty much everything of that game.

  8. So we got a response from Marty Stratton in regards to the soundtrack. It's a bit of a doozy, but I'm glad he clarified what's been going on with the OST. 

    1. KHCast


      This kinda comes off more like a corporate damage control message to shift the blame and make Mick look like a whiny ex-employee that just wasn’t able to deliver, and it’s mostly on him with the flavor text of “he’s a great musician, he’s so good”


      and considering how many people are now turning on Mick and saying he intentionally withheld information to look like a victim, I’d say it worked 

    2. Bobnik


      I mean, if you want to think that way, sure, go ahead. From what I can see, I'd say it's the fault of both parties involved. id had general issues in communication, while Mick wasn't able to fulfil contract obligations in a timely manner.

      In general I'm just glad there is some clarification on what happened behind the scenes, even if it lead to this messy divorce of a couple made for each other. 

  9. We have no info on that. The best case scenario would be that they could make a save transfer feature ala Mass Effect series - you could transfer your save file and you could get some bonuses, like more skill points and maybe some additional items, but you still would start at level 1. It'd be weird if they just said "you have to buy and finish part 1 to be able to play part 2". That'd be like making you play Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance and re:coded to unlock KH3. That said, I'll probably make people mad, but I kinda don't want the next game to be on PS4/XBone because even this game is clearly limited by the console it was made for. A lot of squeeze-throughs to mask loading, backgrounds being bad-quality pngs, textures not loading properly, etc.
  10. Looks like Crysis remaster is all but confirmed at this point. I'm actually pretty interested in a couple of things:
    1) I wonder how badly the Switch version is gonna run the game
    2) The metadata mentions that it's gonna use "APU-agnostic raytracing solution", which is actually pretty interesting for me, because this might mean that to use raytracing, you might not need a GPU that has RT cores, which are relegated to nVidia RTX graphics cards. Granted, I expect it to be only reflections, since Global Illumination is very taxing, but I'll take the raytraced reflections over screen space reflections that we have now (low-quality and doesn't work with moving objects)

    I know the 2nd point is all techno-babble, but I'm still pretty excited to see the results. Maybe mirrors are gonna work like actual mirrors again. 

    1. Strickerx5


      And just when we all started to think that we had this game under control. Raytracing alone is going to set this back at least 5 years lol.

      But damn will it look good af

    2. Bobnik


      Unless they're doing the whole Global Illumination/lighting and not just reflections, their solution shouldn't be that taxing on a GPU. There's a benchmark called "Neon Noir", where you can test that out. On my laptop with a 1660Ti on 1080p ultra it runs at 60 FPS most of the time. Granted, it's a newer GPU, but it's definitely not top-of-the-line or anything.

      That, and since they're using a more optimized engine, I still think it's gonna run better than the original, at least on the new-ish GPUs. Hell, the game's coming to the Switch and Warface on Switch is already a thing, so...

    3. Strickerx5


      Wait, it's not running on Cryengine? Oh, that's sort of disappointing in a way lol

    4. Bobnik


      It's running on the newest version of Cryengine, not the original, which should be more optimised, at least for the modern hardware

    5. Strickerx5


      Hm, I see. Idk, a part of Crysis's charm is pushing tech settings stupidly far so seeing an optimized version of it sort of kills the mood for me a bit. It's a good change, don't get me wrong there, but I won't lie and say that I'm not going to miss the joke.

  11. So someone on a Discord server I won't name but is related to Sonic posted this

    This is a tweet from the S.A.M.E. drummer. It seems to be a new track. They are working on something, with what I'd assume Jun at the guitar. 

    EDIT: Here's a tweet from Jun himself from March 20th. They're definitely making something new, but I wonder if it might just be Jun's more personal project, like a new album or something. That'd be neat either way.


  12. Can't wait to see people discuss FF7R in the next couple of weeks. It's gonna be...interesting, to say the least. 

  13. Huh, so Platinum were that dumb. Huh.

  14. Good thing I slept through "Sonic Lost World is good" talk, otherwise I'd have some of the hottest takes. 

    Like 3D Mario platformers not being that good and Lost World failing to be even that. 

    1. blueblur98


      you can say whatever you want about lost world. it's just one of those games nobody can agree on.

      but 3D mario is great and i will fight you on this

    2. StaticMania


      Hot takes are overrated...

      Is that right?

    3. TheOcelot


      Sonic Lost World is a good Mario game but not a good Sonic game 🤣

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @TheOcelot Lost World is a terrible Mario game, but a serviceable Mario clone.

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