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  1. Oh boy, maybe this topic about Forces won't go into the same circlejerk limbo every other Forces topic has go-- aaaand of course it did.

  2. Josh, you goddamn baiter you

    1. Thigolf


      I thought I could finally post my 3000 word Sonic Waifu essay but I guess not :((

  3. ...holy fuck, people.

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      sonic forces the worst in us out

    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      @RosaRosaRosalina...this is not the first time i see this phrase

  4. Good morning, what's goin--

    *looks at the thread about Forces being E10+*

    ...fucking hell, people.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      pretty much every sonic game ever is e10 these days so i dunno how it's even news

      and did people really expect the one that looks 90% on fire to go back to just e


    I'm dead

    1. Dejimon11
    2. Ruby Havoc
    3. Dee Dude
    4. Strickerx5


      That's just... wow.

      Though, then again, this doesn't look like the kind of site that even knows that there were other games to begin with.

    5. The Deleter
  6. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    We're not saying it's 100% confirmed, but the clues the game gave us are pretty convincing that the connection is there. Hell, I'll be surprised if Phantom Ruby doesn't play any sort of role in Forces.
  7. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    There are several reasons why: 1) When Phantom Ruby is being used, the sound it makes is nearly identical to the sound Infinite makes in the E3 trailer 2) The pose of Sonic at the end is the same as the pose of Classic Sonic in the reveal trailer (which, granted, was the pose from one of the old concept arts iirc) 3) The music that plays during the fight has some notes that are very similar to Fist Bump. 4) When you look carefully at the Ruby, it sort of glitches. (here's a gif of that) 5) this may be just me, but the ending is too ambiguous for it to not be some sort of a prelude to Forces.
  8. *looking through Mania glitches thread*

    Dang, I really hope these issues are a reason for PC version being delayed. I don't want to see the same issues by 29th.

    1. SSF1991


      The thing is, even that's not really valid enough of a reason to delay it. You can update the game easily on Steam. There's no approval process necessary, like on consoles. Some games on Steam even put out daily updates of varying sizes and content.

      You can even put out an update that just fixes a single bug. Which makes this delay even more pointless.

    2. Bobnik


      I know that, I'm just saying these bugs shouldn't be a thing by 29th.

    3. Marcello


      Don't advocate for games to release buggy and unfinished. Who gives a shit if they can patch it.

    4. Bobnik


      With that I also agree.

    5. SSF1991


      Well, if the console versions came out this buggy...

    6. Bobnik




      (kidding of course)

    7. Marcello


      They shouldn't have either.

    8. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Legend has it the PC version was running a lot worse.


      Legend being several tweets I've seen and other stuff.

    9. SSF1991


      I feel like all the versions of this game should've been delayed 2 more weeks. Not just the PC version. If that had been done, I don't think people would've reacted to things so strongly.

    10. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      To be fair. The PS4 version isn't that buggy it's playable.

      But when you do encounter a bug. Like Chemical Plant Boss bug or the scoreboard crash... It's not like it's recoverable/a minor thing.

    11. SSF1991


      Oh no, there's bugs in the PS4 version. You can even skip right over a boss.


      (Zone is a spoiler btw)

  9. It's great that Mania gets great reception, but I REALLY hope we don't get any nostalgic throwbacks in the next Sonic games (to Classic games anyway). It gets annoying.


    Anyway, have fun, Maniacs!

  10. Have fun y'all, I'll try to find something to kill off 2 weeks of time.

  11. time to get ready for death of 3d sonic games










    (kidding of course)

  12. At least a better classic game, like S3&K? Or I dunno, one of 3D installments? It doesn't really make sense, but it's still better than Sonic 1.
  13. can i die now

  14. can i die now I mean, it's a good thing they're optimizing the game, but it's very annoying that it got delayed 4 days before the release. What's even more annoying is that console users will be able to play in 4 days, therefore it'll be even harder to avoid spoilers, walkthroughs, let's plays etc. I'm frustrated. I'll get over it, but I'm frustrated. Also woo, free Steam version of Sonic 1, it's not like I don't have it already...
  15. and OF COURSE it's the only version I have that gets delayed. DAMN IT!

    1. A wreaKING heavy engine
    2. Bobnik


      PC version got delayed...