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  1. So I've been playing that new Doom Eternal DLC. I finished level 1 and I'm kinda close to beating level 2, but I stopped to take a breather. I'm playing this on Ultra-Violence.

    Do you remember that trailer that showed 2 marauders fighting you at the same time?

    Yeah, that was probably one of the easiest parts of the DLC for me.

    1. dbzfan7


      Honestly the best strat is the Super Shotty to BFG combo. I managed a Maruder double kill like that without even trying.

  2. Okay, EA finally announced the NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) remaster. Oh cool, there's a comparison video between the original on PC and the remaster, I wonder if it looks any differe--
    > it looks the same
    ...oh. Welp, at least I might be able to play it at a 120+ FP--
    >Gamespot's preview confirmed that the game still runs at 60 because of how the game was coded.
     you can't buy the original version on Steam anymore, so new buyers have to spend 30 euros/dollars for the game now

  3. Oh neat, Nier Replicant is available for pre-order on Steam--
    >it's 60 euros
    Oh... Well, I guess I can take a hit, nothing else is coming in Apri--
    >FF7R exclusivity ends April 10th

    1. Teospooker


      It also seems to have Denuvo. It's best if you just wait.

    2. Bobnik


      Eh, it sucks that it has Denuvo, but I'd be lying if I said I have moral ground to not support the game based on that alone. Hell, FF7R will likely have Denuvo and I still will probably get it, as long as the port itself is good.

    3. Teospooker


      Fair enough. I was planning on getting it on PS4 anyway so i don't have these issues thankfully.

  4. 1) Special Edition isn't a PS5 exclusive, it's also coming to Xbox Series S/X, just wanted to point that out (though, funnily enough, raytracing is coming to PS5 first, then the Xbox Series, uh, series god the name is so stupid). 2) It really sucks that PC version isn't getting the Special Edition stuff that's not Vergil, it's the same situation as the DmC Definitive edition, where consoles got the enhancements, but PC never did outside of the mods. I hate that shit. But other than that, as soon as Vergil comes to PC, I'll also come buy it even if it costs 40 euros or something just for the theme alone, goddamn
  5. That was a pretty good showing all things considered.

    But tbh, if I had a PS4, I probably wouldn't bother with getting the PS5 at launch, since Miles Morales is coming to PS4, a bunch of other stuff are either cross-gen or next-gen + PC (I have a decent enough laptop to play games as is) or they're coming 2021 (or maybe even later, like FF16).

    My dad and I will probably still try going for it maybe, since we don't have a PS4, and going through back.compat. stuff would be neat.

    EDIT: And the list of reason for a PS4 owner to buy the thing grows even smaller, since apparently Sackboy and Horizon Forbidden West are also cross-gen


  6. Oh hey, Sony's doing a thing.

    it better have the price and release date or i ooooooooo

  7. >Apple: "Ok, fine, we'll allow other games streaming platforms into our App Store"
    >also Apple: "You have to download each game separately as an app and include in-app purchases through our App Store so we get our 30%"

    sod off Apple, ffs

  8. >game developers who worked on games for years: raise concerns on how Series S isn't necessarily a good thing for them since scalability and optimization can only go so far
    >console warriors/xbox fanboys: "Wow, what a fucking idiot, you dont know what you're talking about, stop making games omegalul"

    I understand not everyone understanding tech and all, but ??????

    1. Strickerx5


      Honestly, this is interesting to me as it's a case where both sides have a good case to make (beyond the language).

      For the pro Series S camp, I don't think it's the best undermine a next gen alternative that clocks in at a more reasonable price point. Simply put, it's going to make the generation more accessible for a lot of people and that's something you really shouldn't scoff at. This is already a better alternative than simply trying to release a game for both the current and last gen systems (which was something that ran wild in the past).

      We see this every generation. We always have a large portion of people preferring to wait several years to make the jump to the current generation while still expecting to be at the table with most new releases (often making the case that their sheer install base is enough of a reason for it).  They're waiting for the price to go down. Having a cheaper entry point for such people, and getting them even somewhat onto the newer architecture alone, is a huge step forward.

      Plus, you always hear it a lot. For a lot of people, they don't care about the extra specs. Not only do you have a camp who doesn't necessarily always play those games, but you simply have a large amount of people who don't even think about it for one reason or another. For the large portion of the casual base that only plays things like Madden or Fortnite (and it is a large base that I think too many people forget about nowadays), the Series S couldn't be more perfect for them.


      As for the anti Series S camp though, you're still talking about a hardware sku that's significantly less powerful than the majority and still needs to be addressed. Hell, I've made this argument on more than one occasion lol. Sometimes it really isn't worth trying to cater to the lowest platform when crafting a game. It can hold a lot of things back and simply make a worse experience for everyone at that point.

      And let it be said, I 100% get where these devs are coming from. It's easy for a suit to come out and say that a box will support game A, but when you're the one who has to go in every day and figure out how that's actually going to happen, this whole picture of expanded accessibility starts to look more than a bit like bs. Simply put, there are probably more than a few out there who'd much rather just see next gen be next gen and not worry about trying to get as many people on board as possible (myself included in some cases). To let games for these platforms run at their fullest and push the industry forward even more.


      With all this being said though, I think the reason why I'm more currently in favor of the Series S is really due to these scalability and optimization worries already really being a thing. Even outside of the PC space where it's a literal selling point for many, you already have the One S and X caparisons (or even the base PS4 to Pro in a lesser sense). It's hard to imagine that's going to be any different in the next gen. You'll more than likely have your 1080p-1440p with slightly paired back features baseline for the S while having the more fleshed out, 4K baseline for the X (like what already happens).

      Basically, I'm not really seeing how this situation is really that different from the one many devs already tackle today. And I get it, it'd be nice to cut that extra version for any dev (lord knows I ain't a fan of even the most basic versioning control myself even with how necessary it is). Though, with the way the world is, I don't believe there's really an option for anything but. You have a consumer base that consists of the full gambit of economic backgrounds. You need more of these people on a platform to even consider making software for it. The Series S aims to do this for the next generation. While it certainly has its drawbacks on the back-end (and let me stress that I don't want to play down any of that as a software dev myself, especially when we haven't seen the actual drop off yet), I personally can't see the Series S as anything more than a net gain for most at this point. 


      tho in b4 "it doesn't hav gaems anywayz"

      essay over, lol

    2. Strickerx5


      Though, on a side note, it'll be very interesting to see if Sony uses their single baseline to try and fill the gap of sheer performance the Series X has over the PS5.

    3. Bobnik


      I guess we'll have to wait for next-gen exclusive games to actually, uh, come to Xbox to see how it's gonna do.

      Though I guess I can kinda see back.compat. suffer somewhat on paper, since it can't get One X enhancements thanks to lower amount and memory speed of VRAM. Which means devs either have to make a Series X/S specific modes (ala Gears 5) or run in legacy One "non-X" mode, which would probably look kinda bad, especially early gen games.

      It's weird, this upcoming generation is weird.

  9. Pff. I guess they know now.

    1. Bobnik



      And they made it official now. Man, what a nightmare.

  10. How is it that I managed to wake up to the insanity called "Xbox Series S details leaked, including price for both Series S and Series X" and it actually being real this time. 

  11. It's cool how there's been a kind of a 90's shooter resurgence thanks to New Blood and 3DRealms and whatnot. 


    But man 3DRealms just give no shits on who to promote or how to be not right-wing-y and whatnot, putting a pretty sizable shitstain on the genre. Like, come on, promoting a game from a nazi that tried to assist someone in suicide just because he made Brutal Doom and is now is making what looks to be Brutal Not-Doom? 

  12. Y'know, if there's one thing I didn't expect to see after work today, this year or even this life, is a BMW M3 made like the mascot car of NFS Most Wanted (2005) actually driving around the city. 

    No joke, I even have a bad photo I took while I was crossing the road.

    What a weird timeline

  13. I thought I saw it all with Tangle and Whisper coming to Speed Battle. Apparently not, holy shit that's actually unexpected.

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      say what now

      Holy shit I need to play this now.

    2. Teospooker


      Gun-wielding Shadow when.

    3. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      First the Knuckles hat and now EXCALIBUR SONIC?!


    4. Zaysho


      I can't believe Saber is coming to Forces Speed Battle.

    5. Thigolf


      This is so weird

  14. I'll take a bit of a different direction and I might anger platformer purists (or at best might just not be an "unexpected" or "obscure" choice), but I'll say that the closest thing to what I want a 3D Sonic game to go for is Trackmania, mostly for 2 reasons: 1) That series' track designs made me go "that would've been cool in a Sonic game" quite a lot. The big, non-automated loops where you have to preserve your speed to go through, dash pads that don't automate your movement, really long jumps that work only when you have the right speed, no invisible walls, meaning you can do some maybe non-intentional, but still satisfying shortcuts without any kind of glitching, etc. If there's one game that knows how to make you use the momentum/speed and not fully restrict the player, it's probably Trackmania. 2) A level maker would be nice. That'd give a near-infinite playtime to a game and a way to circumvent the issue of Sonic games being short without being padded with bad gimmicks. It'd also give the way for a community to be creative with levels without the need of modding tools or going into game's files and such.
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