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  1. Damn, had to happen sooner or later... Still sucks, and I'm not even a big comic book fan

  2. You see "nothing wrong", I see dead eyes looking into my souls and too much fur (even if it makes sense for Pikachu, unlike, say Jigglypuff). And it's not just Pikachu I'm talking about. Mr.Mime is on the verge of being uncanny valley creepy, Charizard looking like every other generic CGI dragon, but orange (which makes sense, sure, but it still doesn't look good in my eyes), and Greninja, well... Here's the model they based him off. And I dunno man, this is nightmare-inducing material. I do understand there's people liking the designs, I do understand that I might be in the minority, and I said myself, that they don't look as bad as I expected, but this still isn't changing my stance and I'd be really weirded out if Sonic looked like any of the Pokemon, or even worse. And I specifically mentioned "video-game franchise that's known for having a cartoony style". I'm not saying VG movies in general. Cartoony style by itself rarely translates well into the real world, and Hollywood's take on adapting the style is not a good one IMO. Like, some here that have already said what they'd like for Sonic to look like in the movie (aka this), and I'd be okay with this kind of a design as well. Any more fur, any more drastic changes, and he'll look really off-putting in my eyes, just like Pokemon in that trailer.
  3. I'm sorry, but while they look somewhat better than I expected, I still think they look hideous, and if nothing else, just further shows to me why adapting a video-game franchise that's known for having a cartoony style into a live-action-CGI hybrid is not a good idea. Then again, that's coming from the perspective of an adult, and I'm not the target demographic for these kinds movies, so if kids like it, then kids like it. I don't. At least this prepared me for the reveal of Sonic's design for the movie even more.
  4. >looks at Greninja

    Thanks for the nightmares

    1. Forte-Metallix


      feels bad, man

    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      The Pikachu one is terrifying tho

    3. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider


      I adore the Snubbull adaptation.

    4. Yeow


      they look like taxidermy animals modified to look like pokemon 

    5. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      You mean they look like monsters?

  5. Bobnik

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    While it does concern me that they haven't shown customization yet, there are hints that the customization will be a little bit more in-depth. For example, here's a character select screen taken from TGS demo showcase Here you can see that it'll be possible to change the front, the back, the wheels and the transmission (supposedly). Not only that, the visual customization has also been confirmed a while ago. I wouldn't expect really deep customization, but it should be at least more in-depth than the mods in Transformed. And hey, the game was delayed, so now there's time to actually showcase that part of the game.
  6. Okay, why are people here saying Tabata got fired when the official statement was that he left by himself? 

    Here is the official statement from Tabata. He said that he left to focus on other projects. And I know we can't really take every word they're saying on face value, but is there any confirmation that he was fired?

    And I doubt it's because of the loss of 33 million dollars, since he stated that he left on October 31st, while the loss report came up a day before the stream.

    1. AlphaRuby


      Unless it’s a misdemeanour, both parties rarely ever say why the individual is no longer working there, at least not immediately afterwards.

      Talking in general btw

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Official statements don't always tell the truth. Usually it is either sugar coated, lied in Hideo Kojima's case or respectable if they had enough but did well for them. Saying that Jade Raymond's departure from EA was worded that she caused problems there as the tone was harsh by professional standards.

      Getting sacked isn't true either, honestly we don't really know whether he wanted to leave or Square Enix wanted him to leave. If in the future he says something, he'll say something.

  7. Good morning, what's going o--

    >Square Enix cancelled 3 out of 4 FFXV projects and announced the resignation of Tabata on a special FFXV related stream

    ..o-oh... Looks like that one Sonic stream where they announced a delay for the PC version of Mania got overtaken in the "Biggest bummer on stream".

    But wow, I guess that's the reason why Square Enix booked an extraordinary loss of 33 million dollars a day before.

  8. It's November 7th today (for me), so you know what that means!


    Happy N7 day!






    ...what do you mean "Sonic Forces released exactly 1 year ago"?

    1. VEDJ-F


      It means getting rumbled at work for me. 

  9. Y'know, now I'm actually kinda glad that some of the "out there" characters aren't in Ultimate in any way, like Crash or DoomGuy/Dragonborn.


    At least they're not obliterated by the Tabuu 2.0.

  10. Bobnik

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I know that, hence why I still hate that they're doing Season passes. "Didn't fall into the bs" barely means anything if I never liked this business model to begin with
  11. Bobnik

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Well, this Direct was pretty disappointing and it''s not really because of characters (though seeing Shadow, Isaac and everyone else that was "leaked"/speculated being assist trophies was kinda sad). Incineroar and Ken being fighters - fine, whatever. Shadow and every other assist trophy being, well, assist trophies - whatever. The 2 main things that actively annoyed me (that's not characters-wise) are 1) Season pass being a thing. I mean, at least it's not lootboxes or w/e, but I never was a fan of Season passes, and this sure won't change my mind. 2) Why exactly was this Direct 40 minutes? Sure, they talked about the new characters, showed a little bit of Adventure mode (which looks pretty neat, especially when EVERYONE IN THE GALAXY JUST FUCKING DIES), some online stuff, but why show every freaking menu option for 10 minutes, and then put so much attention to the Spirits thing? Like, when you look at it, it's sort of stat customization from Smash 4 + mutators, just a little bit more in-depth. This Direct shouldn't have been 40 minutes In terms of characters I'm annoyed at Piranha Plant being a thing. Out of all characters, even first party ones, you choose Piranha Plant. And it's apparently a pre-order bonus? W H Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ?! Ahem anyway, everything else was whatever. Which sucks, I expected a bit more of hype things. Oh well
  12. Bobnik

    bubsy: paws on fire - OH GOD, HE REALLY IS BACK

    I am not a fan of this, at all. And not just because it's Bubsy (though that can be one of the reasons), but it looks like yet another reskin of an already existing game, only made worse! With Woolies Strikes Back it was the 2.5D Giana Sisters game reskin, and this looks like a reskin of Runner 3, only looking even worse than the the game it's being based off of. It makes sense, granted, since both are made by the teams that actually worked on the original games, and it kind of makes sense with Bubsy, but... at least do something that's not a rip-o-- ...oh right, Bubsy 3D exists. well, now I feel dumb. Anyway, yeah, this looks pretty bad in my eyes.
  13. If you completed Undertale, please fill out this survey. Apparently it's very important to Toby Fox. Don't worry, it's just a survey

    1. Teoskaven



      -wink wink-


  14. Good morning, what did I mi--

    >a new Bubsy game got announced

    excuse me what the fuck.

  15. Finally they decided to start posting music tracks for the upcoming game. And holy hell they started with a really cool one! We got Tee Lopes, more of Jun's shredding, and now some violin to add to the atmosphere. And it's a Sandopolis remix, which I certainly didn't expect. The track on a screenshot looks more varied aesthetically than, say, Ice Mountain, or even the other tracks, and it's so weird considering it's actually hard to make desert look appealing IMO. But yeah, the music keeps better and better. The name's a little bit "eh" to me tho, since someone who doesn't know who King Boom Boo is, but knows Mario's Boos, could be kind of confused.

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