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  1. ..is it safe for me to say "Central was fine" yet

    1. StaticMania


      Say whatever ya want...


      As long as it aligns with the consensus.


  2. >Dragon Quest XII announced
    >it was just a logo
    >they later said "It's like a Dragon Quest for adults", which might mean it's gonna be somewhat edgier
    >Then they said they're changing up the battle system

    man either this is gonna be great or it'll suck SO bad.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      my exact thoughts, exactly

    2. Dejimon11


      Yakuza is now a turn based RPG so Dragon Quest will be an action game 

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Quite an act, lets see how Sonic follows that up.



      And we're not ready for hardcore Puff Puff

    4. Polkadi~☆


      @Dejimon11 Yakuza 7 was inspired by Dragon Quest, so you know what that means...

  3. Man, makes you wonder what the hell happened earlier this year. I was already prepared to hear a different voice, but I guess I'm okay with this as well. Welcome back.
  4. I don't know why I decided to listen to this year's Eurovision finalists (or at least skim through the songs). I can see why Italy won this year - it was probably the only decent track that wasn't either a generic pop, trap or god forbid dance music.

    I can also see that emo/edgy 2005 is coming back with Finland being a representative.


    Which I don't mind, because outside of those 2 tracks and maybe Ukraine's song that sounds like it's from a 2050 russian dance club, all the other songs were just sleep-inducing and boring.

  5. I know I might sound like a poser because I haven't read Miura's work, but Berserk influenced a lot of media, be it Japanese or not. So hearing that he passed away still sucks a lot.

  6. Give Iizuka his piece of candy back

  7. Time to kinda revive this thread, because, while I'm not playing it right now, I recently finished Nier Replicant v.1.22474487139… (as in, got all endings). I'll start with the bad stuff first, cuz there's a couple important things: 1) The PC port is, again, kinda bad. There's supposed to be a 60fps cap again, but this time they wrongly capped it at 90 fps. This wouldn't be much of a problem if the physics weren't tied to the framerate, but they are and it leads to everything pretty much sped up. The game stutters pretty hard if something is happening with Steam input, it's implemented poorly. There are some graphics options, but no framerate limiter option, so you have to force it through your GPU's control panel...or download Kaldaien's Special K fan patch that pretty much fixes the issues with this port as well as allows you to run the game at higher framerates without breaking physics. That's how I've been playing it. 2) The side quests for the most part are kinda bad boring fetch quests. 3) Structurally not much has changed, which means the start is still slow and needs some time to really get going. It's not necessarily a negative for me, I found that portion to be pretty cozy, but might be a negative for people who don't like slower starts. And that's it for negatives, because everything else is pretty sublime. The gameplay is simplistic, but very satisfying, which was probably one of the biggest selling points for this "version upgrade" for me, graphically it looks good - maybe not big boi AAA level of good, but it's so much better than the original game, the music is still outstanding and you can appreciate it more if you haven't heard the original tracks before playing the game, the dialogue is top-notch, the characters are very likable even if you think they wouldn't be, the story is probably one of the best in years (I know, it's technically an 11-year-old story, but still), the redone VA is outstanding - both Zach Aguilar and Ray Chase have done a great job portraying Young and Adult Protag, Liam O'Brien is still awesome as Grimoire Weiss, all NPCs are voiced and voiced very well, and of course, Laura Bailey as Kaine is still probably one of her best works. I even like the new/cut content they added to the game, which is rarely the case with these kinds of remasters/"version upgrades". Heck, you can easily see how it just jumps in quality whenever you get to the new content made for this specific version, it's kinda funny. I can't even say much more about the game without spoiling the story, I'll just say that playing through the game multiple times was worth it. Also, since my brain has been on Square Enix wave for many months now, I guess I'll say this - no matter how shitty their business decisions are and how hard they've been struggling during the 7th (and probably most of 8th) gens of consoles, to me they probably have some of the most talented people working there. Yoko Taro, Yosuke Saito and their teams, Naoki Yoshida and his team, and yes, even Nomura and Kitase and their creative business unit brought me a lot of good gaming experience lately, and I guess that's what matters at the end of the day. Now if only Square's actual business decisions wouldn't make me want to pull my hair out.
  8. So FF7R Intergrade is gonna be exclusive to PS5 "at least" for 6 months, which means it won't come to PC till June 2022, which will then most likely be an EGS exclusive, so I won't be able to buy till probably at least June 2023

    See you in 2024 then.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      For someone with a clown avatar, you certainly avoid being the clown. Well done.

    2. Bobnik


      Haha, y-yeah!

      *hides the fact that I pre-ordered KH3 on EGS the day it was announced*

    3. Wraith


      I'm buying it as soon as I secure a PS5

    4. Adamabba


      My brother got a PS5 somehow so I'll be able to play it when it comes out yippee

  9. Oh boy, I'm soooo happy to see people react to that new Sonic Omens (previously called Sonic 2020) demo with "better than official SEGA product!!!" and "SEGA, HIRE THIS MAN!!", I can't wait to play it myself!

    (Note: I'm actually not happy seeing that again and the fact that people forgot the whole Patreon controversy and how devs, instead of just saying "yeah we fucked up", went all reactive and blamed people for stuff they've never even done is kinda sad. I will still try it, but based on the previous demos as well as stuff I've seen and heard of the current demo, I'm not having any hope that it's gonna be in any way good.)

  10. Just beat Secret Episode in KH3. Didn't expect to beat it today, but hey., now I can finally say this:

    I definitely understand why some people were disappointed, but people that say this game is bad are on some high-ass goop, cuz it's probably tied with KH2FM for me.

  11. As much as I like TWEWY, I'll probably wait it out before wearing clown shoes again. Yeah, this exclusivity shit sucks, especially to a platform that can lock you out of playing the game if the login system stops working (because offline mode doesn't work as well). That said, the game does look pretty hype. The music is already pretty great, and if these 3 tracks from JP website are to go by, it's gonna be a hell of a treat.
  12. >coming to PC
    >EGS exclusive

    Welp, might as well wait for FF7R release on EGS only as well and wear a clown wig again

    1. Polkadi~☆


      i think square enix cut a deal or something

    2. Teoskaven


      Tencent owns part of Square's stocks at this point, it's not too far-fetched that they would push some kind of deals that facilitates them.

    3. Strickerx5


      Honestly am interested as to why FF7R hasn’t hit the platform yet.

      Though really, a part of me is always just happy to see the acknowledge the platform this early at all.

    4. Bobnik


      It's not been 1 year yet, that deal ends tomorrow. Now will they follow up on that is the question.

    5. Strickerx5


      Wait, it's only been a year since... wow, I actually forgot about that. Honestly has felt much... much longer. For obvious reasons probably.

    6. Teoskaven


      Kinda the opposite for me, it barely feels like a year has passed already.

  13. I only heard people say that some cutscenes were pre-recorded video files, and that's still true - the Pandora's Box one, the continuation of that cutscene in ReMind, the first cutscene in the Secret Episode, etc. It's even more noticable on PC version due to uncapped framerate in in-engine cutscenes, and some apparently use both techniques (Xehanort opening Kingdom Hearts for example). But yeah, a bunch of cutscenes are in-engine and definitely can be messed with.
  14. I haven't tried out other games, so I can't comment on the quality of the collections, but I've been playing KH3 on PC for a little while now. I was concerned that, since there's been barely any info on the ports before the release, KH3 port would be bad. Boy am I glad that I was wrong, cuz goddamn, playing a KH game at 1080p 120fps is a hell of a treat. I will say that the last boss of Olympus dropped the frames pretty bad, at points it went sub-60 even, but the rest of my playtime was around 120fps on max settings and it looks great and feels great. Cutscenes running at an unlocked framerate instead of 30 are freaking me the hell out, but in a good way. The load times on a SATA SSD also aren't too bad, around 10 seconds or so for a world to load, which I think is on par with the game running on a PS5? Still, overall I'm impressed with the port. It still has some issues - some character animations play at that weird 30fps (Herc throwing a rock is the notable one), the same general bugs in console versions being replicable on PC, the already mentioned Olympus final fight, there's at least one instance where someone didn't get a Proof for going through the game on Critical mode, among other things I can't list. But overall it's a very solid port and a very enjoyable experience. Side note - the keyblade they give you for getting the game is OP, you get a random -za spell for every situation command, it's nuts.
  15. >me: "Welp, always-online DRM is gonna be a pain to deal with"
    >cracking scene: "yeah okay
    >1 day later Crash 4 is cracked

    ...oh ok

    1. JosepHenry
    2. Harkofthewaa


      That's what they get for putting it in in the first place. They never learn and they never will.

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Of course they won't learn, DRM is doing exactly what it needs to; secure the crucial initial sales. What Denuvo might do is make sure it doesn't take a single day for other releases. 

      That's why the removal of DRM way later down the line says nothing to them, the deed has already been done.

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