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  1. Finished Encore Mode. It was ok. The levels were for the most part the same thing, although I did expect even less changes than what we got. Mighty and Ray are pretty cool. Overall DLC is worth 5 bucks/euros I think.


    Now to not touch the game till at least 2019.

  2. Nice on being condescending and completely belittling someone's opinion (that's pretty valid mind you), I'll give you a 10/10 on that one. I do agree that the DLC looks to be a very solid "ok" - Encore Mode looks to be mostly a pallete swap with minor changes, but overall is still a pretty okay DLC for 5 bucks. I'm more weirded out by the fact that the writer looked at the Plus DLC as something completely separate. I'd understand if it brought some major changes to gameplay mechanics that's drastically different from the main game, but it just looks to be a supplement to the original game, so eh...
  3. Am I the only one weirded out by the fact that DLCs get review scores? Like, I'd understand if it was a standalone expansion, but evaluating DLC by review score is just weird.

    The most recent example being IGN's Mania Plus review. I do agree that it looks to be a "7" material (aka good, but not too substantial) and with most points I agree. That said, giving a DLC a 7 is weird when the original game has been given an 8.X (don't remember the exact score), cuz DLC just supplements the whole game. It's not something separate from the game.

    Scoring DLC is weird, y'all

    1. Biggs


      It's a bit nonsensical. At the end of that IGN review I didn't know whether they were scoring just the DLC and changes or the whole package itself, and if the latter then obviously that makes no sense given the game's original score. Like how can extra content make a game worse, even taking into consideration the slightly higher price? And if they're just scoring the DLC... well, is that really even review-worthy to begin with, it's DLC.

    2. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Yeah, I feel the same. Reviewing something that is way too small and doesn't make sense to review. It would be like reviewing a movie trailer or a chapter in a book. I mean there's plenty of weapon based or costume based DLC these days but how could you review that?

      I can understand the old school expansion packs though because at least they gave you new levels, new features, new graphics and all it required was the original game (closest ones in modern day terms were the ones that Rockstar did for GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption). Mania Plus isn't quite expansion pack worthy but is more than the standard game. Its more like a GOTY edition but releasing the DLC at the same time rather than ahead of it.

  4. Status update on KH2 - finished the game, beat all of the Absent Silhouettes, died a lot against Sephiroth.

    Sephiroth is an ass. While his 1st phase is easy, starting with 2nd phase his pattern throws me off for some reason. The most I got was 4 HP bars left on him. I guess I'll try beating him tomorrow.

  5. All right, just woke up, let's look at some ne--

    >Jim Carrey is being negotiated to play as Eggman in a Sonic movie

    ...It's like the world wants me to suffer

  6. The more I look at Mania Plus, the more it feels like Sonic Mania Final Mix - some additions here and there, 2 new characters, but mostly the same game. Good thing we don't live in 2006 anymore

    1. TheOcelot


      The new content in Mania Plus is 95% cut-content from the original release. If Sonic Mania had been given an additional six months development (etc) this is the version we would have gotten.

    2. Nast


      the only reason this is being considered a new game is because it's getting a physical release for the first time, otherwise it would have been dlc like it is for the digital versions

    3. TCB


      Yeah that's how I'm feeling with this

      Isn't it technically DLC if you do own digitally cuz its like five bucks or something

  7. >goes to youtube
    >"Recommended: <insert Devil Trigger memes here>"

    oh, so I've listened to the track more than I should've.


    *goes back to listening to the full track*

  8. As X was the first thing that got me into this franchise, I'll always have the soft spot for that. I do think it's the worst of the three tho, as Season 1 is boring and Season 3, while was pretty cool, also felt more like something a teen fanfic writer would make (Dark Sonic? Really?). Season 2 was the best one, and even then the last few episodes weren't too great because of Chris. At least it introduced me to Adventure series, which is neat. Animation quality wise SMA wins for me - it's pretty expressive and visually pleasing. That said tho, overall I prefer OVA. It had, in my opinion, the right balance when it comes to pretty much everything - it had goofy moments, like the owl or the first exchange between Sonic and Eggman at the President's house, but it also had really cool moments, like the fight with Metal Sonic, or Mecha-Robotnik (or whatever it's called). The voices were... hit-and-miss, but I still enjoyed that aspect, even if ironically. And overall I like an anime-esque Sonic representation, which is apparently not a very popular opinion here.
  9. Oh man, didn't think Joe saying "the dialogue sounds cheesy/dumb" and people suggesting for him to play the other games would evolve into some "big" drama. To be fair, I can kind of understand him - he has concerns about the accessibility of the game to the newcomers (aka Xbox owners and those who never followed the series before). And I can also understand why he didn't know about the fact that the game is going to have the recap thingy, cuz that info came from Japanese interviews (please correct me if I'm wrong on that). What annoyed me a little bit is the fact that he's generalizing the community as "elitist", which, while not uncommon, still sucks. Sure, the "elitists" are always dumb, but this generalization is also wrong I think. But eh, I didn't really care too much if he played other KH games or not. In fact, I actually want to see his review to understand how a newcomer might feel about KH3. Will it be short-sighted? Probably. Do I care? No, not really, I just want to see other perspectives. I just hope he doesn't laugh the game off as "holy hell why does anyone like this crap" because of the story
  10. Haven't posted anything about my endeavours in Kingdom Hearts "marathon" kind of thing because, well, I didn't really have much time to play Days (that was the game I was playing before I had to pause).

    ...and that game is still on halt, because I decided to play through KH2 on Proud mode instead. I got to Agrabah, finished Halloween Town before that cuz for some reason I thought I'll get the Decisive Pumpkin after the first visit, not the second. Man, I don't know why my first playthrough was on Standard mode, cuz Proud Mode is a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. While it's a bit on an easier side right now, it's still possible to die somewhat quickly if you're not careful. Granted, I'm not that far in the game, so I can't really say too much, but overall I'm liking the game even more than I did when I first played it.

  11. There's Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 collection, it has 4 games and 2 movies. It covers most of the series. There's also KH 2.8 that has Dream Drop Distance, KH 0.2, that's best played after Birth By Sleep, and another movie that technically covers the mobile game. There's also an option to get the All-in-one package with both of the collections (which I guess you get after buying?) and Kingdom Hearts 3 at its release for 100 bucks, which I think is a pretty good price
  12. I don't think that's an impossibility, considering that there is going to be customization options - maybe one of the skins for the car is going to have decals. Who knows tho... Oh right, the announcements. While it does somewhat suck that Cream isn't in the game, I'm fine with Chao's, at least for now. Also Big the Cat is playable, which already makes this game a 10/10 tbh.
  13. By the way, Shadow's music theme during Ultimate in TSR is All Hail Shadow remix.

    Cuz nobody likes Throw it All Away anymore apparently.

    1. Red


      Why do they still insist on using All Hail Shadow all the time? I never took it seriously to begin with because of how out of character it was for Shadow. I always imagined it to be purely a joke theme because Shadow's not the heroic type. He has heroic moments but for the most part he's anti-hero.

      Why couldn't Waking Up be the one thing they took away from Shadow's game?

    2. Celestia


      Yeah it's weird. Maybe they made a deal with Magna-Fi specifically to keep the rights to AHS, but didn't bother for any of his other themes? It's not very fitting but I guess tbf post-'06 they only ever use instrumental versions (as far as I remember, anyway).

      Also yeah Waking Up owns

    3. Blacklightning


      I mean we saw Throw It All Away as late as Black Knight so I'd be pretty surprised if it were a rights issue. I wouldn't mind seeing This Machine either tbh


    4. Bobnik


      I feel like This Machine is going to be Omega's theme, considering how it makes the most sense for someone who never actually got his own theme.

      Also I seriously doubt it's rights issues, cuz the guitar riff in the cutscene track from Episode Shadow was from Throw it All Away

    5. Celestia


      Oh yeah I forgot how Black Knight brought back all the Adventure themes and made everyone wonder why they don't do that more.

    6. Strickerx5


      Eh, I’m more of a Tripod Baby guy myself




  14. Cream on freaking suicide watch right now, damn.

    But at least I can play as Chao, that's neat.

    Also Big is back, so the game is alrrady a 10/10

  15. Bobnik

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    Here's his tweet stating the Flynn part was false. That was fast. I guess this just leaves "AW" and the document itself being actually real and not a dupe Windii themselves got duped with.

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