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  1. Oh man, there's quite a lot of stuff to process, so I'll just go over the easy ones: - BH6 world looks really good, no surprise there. The part where Sora goes through hoops gives me a bit of a PTSD from Superman 64 and Sonic 06 tho so thanks Nomura-san - I love how there's an interplanetary mobile network in KH universe now with Sora having pretty much a smartphone. A bit funny, but also makes sense since Radiant Garden was always technologically advanced. - The Black Pearl (I think) can spin and fly up and then dive bomb holy shit Overall I really liked the trailer, but I dunno, it felt a little bit spoilery? Granted, it still doesn't reveal how these things happened, only what happened. Also selfie mode. Cute.
  2. Since the PC beta of BO4's Blackout is open (you can play it today if you watch one of the streamers playing the game for an hour on twitch) and I have a good enough PC at my hands, I was able to play it.

    Not gonna lie, I think I'm not so butthurt about lack of campaign anymore, cuz the mode is quite fun. Some articles stated that it's a "polished PUBG", and the sure as hell ain't wrong. The gunplay is great, the car physics are actually properly made, the map layout is also pretty cool, with bigger locations being multiplayer or zombies maps with a bit of a twist. At first I wanted to blame the game for poor optimization, but installing newest drivers made the game much more playable.

    Some stuff are still a bit flawed, but overall I think that the trendiest and already oversaturated game genre/mode is what CoD actually needed to make things a bit fresh. Bravo, Treyarch, you still have it in you.

  3. On the one hand, that's really nice to hear, I liked Mania Adventures, so I wouldn't mind seeing more of quality animations. On the other hand tho, I really hope it's something Modern-related. Mostly speaking from personal bias, so you don't need to take me saying this seriously, but I feel like Classic's already been a tiny bit overused with Mania, Forces, Mania Plus and Mania Adventure in just 1 year (not even talking about previous game entries going full-on nostalgia pandering without any sort of subtlety).
  4. <<tweet>>

    Well, might as well prepare for the time to





    (seriously tho, why him of all characters)

    1. Marcello


      Yugi was fun in Jump Ultimate Stars, so I'm all for him being playable.

      That hand, tho.


    2. KHCast



      Guess we won’t have to wait long to see him in action 


  5. It's so cool that we got another Fire Emblem representative in Smash Ultimate, and it's Camilla of all characters!

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      More like screw you France (still jealous that the Internet is more popular than minitel and why they pushed for it), Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. They are the ones who really pushed for it.

  6. Literally unplayable


    1. Diogenes


      2/10 game is trash

  7. So apparently this is a thing. Not sure if it's fake or not, since I can't find the source, but if it's not fake, then

    EDIT: Found the source: http://joegibbsracing.com/. It's legit


    Cristopher Bell for TSR when

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      "Christopher Bell to run a scheme for the upcoming game Sonic Team Racing at Indy"



    2. VEDJ-F


      Danica Patrick, Cristopher Bell and James Marsden for a DLC team. 

    3. SupahBerry


      Now watch as he gets last place driving that thing

  8. So TWEWY Final Remix won't support Pro Controller and people are bummed out about that.

    And I'm like "...how did you expect to play this kind of a game with a traditional controller and traditional control scheme?"

  9. I mean, the minigames are completely unrelated to the main game since they're the same minigames that are going to be in KH3, so being good at UX or not doesn't really matter. But yeah, it'd be neat if you're able to get Starlight in the game itself, even if as DLC later on.
  10. So Kingdom Hearts Union X is celebrating 3rd anniversary of JP version, and with that they announced a bunch of stuff. The 2 most notable announcements: 1) The game is getting a big update version 3.0.0 this week (at least in JP version, no confirmed date for Global version yet), and with that come 5 Classic Kingdom minigames, chat rooms, a new world that was teased during Dandelion Meeting(iirc) and probably a bunch of other stuff. 2) If you get a certain score in said minigames, you'll be able to get a Starlight keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3. And I guess this is just a part of the overall connectivity between KH3 and KHUX according to Nomura's message, which is also included in the link.
  11. So I decided to look through Spotify's library of Sonic OST, and got 2 things out of that:

    1) I found ASRT soundtrack, but every track name is in Japanese, so that probably means it was a physical JP-exclusive release or something. I have no idea how I haven't found it before.

    2) For some reason volume 2 of Sonic Generations OST is region-locked (I think), which really sucks, because it has 3DS tracks and some remixes that are really good. And for some reason this is the only volume that's hidden for me.

  12. "Oh cool, GameXplain posted some direct feed gameplay of TWEWY Final Remix"
    >4 minutes out of 7 is doing nothing in the menu and the other 3 minutes is some of the poorest gameplay I've ever seen




    why are you like this

  13. Bobnik

    Do you like complaining about Sonic?

    I don't really like it, so I'm trying to not complain too much about the games themselves, unless it's deserved/grinds my gears really hard. I like reading others' complaints tho, either for a laugh (mostly that) or to evaluate my own perception on things. Or both.

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