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  1. Just watched a Black Ops 4 showcase and... man, the stuff look interesting, but I'm also very disappointed.

    Nearly all the rumors were true - no campaign, Battle Royale mode, multiplayer reworks, a remake of one of the maps for Zombies, Batle.net exclusivity (which is pretty much killing an already small PC audience) and much more. The multiplayer stuff actually looks interesting for once. No wall-running, no jetpacks, a more grounded approach, no auto-healing, etc.

    1. Tefutakato


      Wait no campaign? And multiplayer is finally back to it’s original roots? For reals?

    2. Bobnik


      @Tefutakato well, not necessarily "original roots", but moreso going for an Overwatch-ish gameplay (which was also rumored, believe it or not). There are still specialists from BO3, and the setting is still futuristic (though narratively it's gonna be between BO2 and BO3). They also went for a predictive recoil, which actually sounds nice.

      And yeah, no campaign at all. There are going to be solo missions for each specialist, but that's not the same thing.

  2. The group looks to be private, cuz I can't check out the source. Anyway, I guess this gives more of a reason to think that the reveal could be this month? Hope that's the case.
  3. <insert a very long Roblox "oof" sound here>

    1. Gresh11990



  4. This is what I didn't expect, yet somehow expected from the sequel at the same time.

    Also there's gonna be gameplay tomorrow. Really weird how they decided to announce and actually showcase this game less than a month before E3

    EDIT: Now I'm just fucking dying


  5. So Walmart Canada leaked some E3 stuff. It's nothing too interesting, there's only, like, 1 or 2 interesting projects that we had no info about, but goddamn Bethesda likes turning everything non-intentional into marketing

    It's quite funny really, and I really like that.

    EDIT: Yes, I know this isn't under the spoiler tag, but I don't think that's worthy of a spoiler tag, considering how I didn't say anything about other games that were leaked.

  6. Y'know, while this is impressive, the goddamn "Mm-hmm" and voice fluctuations and 'um'-s shook me a little bit. Like, this is getting to that "it's getting kind of creepy" point in terms of AI

    Granted it's still a demo and I doubt it'll be very advanced at release, but it's still impressive. And a small bit creepy

    1. Ferno


      does this mean I can have a JARVIS now

    2. SupahBerry



      The show will begin momentairily...

  7. Ah, damn it, I messed up and now can't restore Fire Emblem Echoes save files.

    Now I have to play through my GOTY of 2017 again oh noooooo...

  8. Oh it's a windy and sunny day! (except it isn't in that video) Can't wait to unlock that boi in 2 months or so with how stingy-ish rare and super-rare cards are
  9. Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread

    I'm gonna be an odd one out here, but I voted "customizable character" don't @ me. Time Attack mode is cool, but it's in nearly every Sonic game technically, and (if that poll is made for something more than "just for fun") that'd be a waste of a vote 2P Competitive mode online would be really cool, but games were never about online capabilities outside of leaderboards and I doubt they'd suddenly do that for whatever the next mainline project is. Hell, even Mania doesn't have online comp.mode, which really sucks. So yeah, it'd be wasteful for me to vote for this as well. Also I can't say that it's my favourite if I never even had a chance to actually play it. Yes, I know there were some games that allowed online comp.mode, but these are either spin-offs, Sonic Colors DS (which died years ago) or some weird and very early WIP mods. Now Chao Garden would get my vote if I actually spent a lot of time to raise them, but, unlike a lot of people in this fandom, I didn't find it that interesting or fun, even as a kid. Hell, Chao Garden is the main reason I don't even bother with 100% completion in SA1 and 2. So yeah, by the process of elimination my vote goes to "Customizable characters". Now before you say "Avatars should never be in any game", I completely disagree with this notion. In a mainline game? Sure, I don't really want to see Avatar myself, but why not make some sort of a spin-off where the Avatar could be the main (or one of the main) character? It would be cool to see customization go further, like making different kinds of moveset or grant passive abilities, or an increase to different stats, etc. And, if that poll is made to be something that's more than "just for fun", I also look at it and think "I wouldn't mind changing the looks of already established characters". Like, giving Sonic some sort of a scarf or Soap shoes, or Rocket shoes, or a freaking tuxedo etc. Just cuz I voted that feature as my favourite doesn't mean that I liked everything about it. I just want to see some sort of customization back for future games.
  10. >sees that poll on Sonic's twitter
    >64% of people voted Chao Garden

    Maaan, I'm gonna be an odd one out, but I would love for customization to be back in some way. And I never invested a lot of time on Chao Garden cuz I found it a bit boring.

    this poll is rigged

    1. JezMM


      Lol I voted Time Attack coz honestly, if they brought back that "total time for the whole game" thing from the remasters, it is what I'd sink the most extracurricular time into.  I ain't got the time for virtual pets these days, I just wanna run and jump on shit.

    2. VEDJ-F


      Meanwhile most of my gaming time is full of micromanagement games. 

  11. So I was in some old-ish -school racing mood, so I started playing through NFS Underground 2 again. It's still pretty good and overall better than any Need For Speed after Pro Street, but some of the design choices didn't age well at all.

    - There's no fast-travel in this game. While the city isn't too big, especially by today's standarts, but man it can feel tedious when you go from one race to another that's in another end of the city. Sure, you can go to garage and choose an event there, but you still have to drive to different shops to upgradr and customize the vehicle.

    - Speaking of customization, while performance tuning is really in-depth even by today's standarts (when it comes to arcade racers anyway), the visual customization isn't too great. Sure, you can add a lot of stuff to your car, but I guarantee that most of the options will make your car look ugly. I wouldn't mind that too much if not for my next point.

    - You are pretty much forced to make your car ugly. The Star rating doesn't care if the car you customize looks good or not, it cares about how many decals and stickers and other expensive visual stuff you bought and put o  your car. While I understand why this system existed and ricing your car up was a very popular car cilture at the time, but I hate that I have to make my car look worse aesthetically.

    That plus this game's AI being rubberbandy, yet dumb at the same time, and some shoddy programming (mostly walls not having as much impact on your speed as it should've to the point that it's faster to grind on a wall) make the game show its age. Granted, it is a 2004 game. And it's still pretty good overall. But I do think that later games went above and beyond.

  12. Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 3 Coming Soon)

    Part 2 was a bit underwhelming compared to part 1, but at least it didn't make me question anything in terms of continuity cough greenEmerald I still liked it tho. Yeeeeeeeah, I'd raher not go through that again.
  13. >latest topic

    why did I expect some sort of theory about Eggman being a communist

  14. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    The trailer was nice, Jun remixing Hyper Potions track was the best thing in the trailer and that's a fact and you can't say otherwise. However I'm also annoyed by several things: 1) Encore mode gives an impression that it's going to be literally just pallete swaps, and that'd be a very weird thing to hype up. Sure, they've only showcased several seconds from some levels, but I'd still be miffed if Encore mode is just pallete swaps 2) This is moreso my bias coming in, but Ray is literally Cape Mario. While I understand why Ray plays like that, it gives me an impression of "let's do what Mario did" and not "let's make Ray more unique". And I don't really want my Mario vibes in a Sonic game
  15. Cool, I can finally say that Monstercat and Crush 40 truly collab'd.

    what do you mean hyper potions haven't posted there in a while


    what do you mean jun =/= crush 40


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