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  1. IIRC Aaron said in one of the interviews that there probably won't be any more zone announcements, so that there remains some element of surprise.
  2. Here is another interview that caught my eye. Especially the part where Nakamura talks about how the story will be told from playable characters' perspectives, somewhat similar to SA2.
  3. At 4:40-ish OC ran through the loop without using a boostpad... Then WHAT IS THE POINT OF A -- ugh, this is annoying. I mean, it's not really a dealbreaker, but it's just really annoying. Like, if a character can go through the loop without a boostpad before it, then why is the boostpad there to begin with? I do agree with the preview tho - Custom looks to be a more interesting gameplay, purely on something that it hasn't really been done before in a franchise. Will it be good? Who knows. Can't wait for the release.
  4. Interesting and somewhat concerning preview for the custom character gameplay. Although looking at the IGN gameplay, it doesn't really look like OC is Castlevania-level uncontrollable and looks more like something I can deal with, so whatever. Also I guess stomp might be a problem solver for overshooting, so that might be less of a problem. Also the bird has double jump iirc, so that might improve platforming (which is weird, when only one type of characters have improved platforming capabilities). Thanks for the impressions for that gameplay style, really wanted to know about it.
  5. Eh, expected, but still sucks. I guess other people are able to play modern sonic games at 30 FPS, but not me. I cannot for the life of me play any Sonic games at 30 frames, it feels so sluggish and, well, slow.
  6. Looks like it runs 60 frames on PS4 at least in gameplay videos. Haven't really seen Xbox version on the interwebs tho.
  7. From what I heard, the soundtrack looks to be a big improvement over Lost World. Modern and Custom Park Avenue sound really good to me. Green Hill Custom also sounds nice, especially at the final part of the level with the giant enemy crab, reminds me of Zero Gravity OST somehow. Classic is... weird. Green Hill has an okay melody, but the instruments sound ear-rapey-ish. The Eggman boss fight music sounds better, but still not as great as I'd like. Then again, these songs are not as bad other bad songs of this franchise, so eh.
  8. I don't think it means anything tbh. This sounds more like "Yes, I would have this make sense" and not some sort of tease of his involvement in this game. i'll scream like a girl if he is actually involved tho
  9. This game is pretty much what I asked for - use Generations gameplay and create original content with original and somewhat interesting story. That's why I mostly like what I see and think it'll be a good game. That said, Classic Sonic somewhat disappoints me, mostly because of Mania. Hell, I don't think I'd be that miffed about him if Mania didn't exist, but with it existing, I do not really understand why is he needed here. But even with that, most important thing for me is "will I have fun with this game". If I will, it's a good game in my books (unless it's fun for all the wrong reasons, which this game probably will not be). I don't like to be a person that goes "this is specifically what I want, if it's not like that, it's shit". I know what I want from games - I want them to be fun. Forces looks like fun. Also saying "the game is bad" before the game comes out or at least before reviews is a shitty thing to say. There's a difference between "looks bad" and "is bad"
  10. Pretty much none based on 2 main reasons: - SEGA hasn't done it in quite some time - wide-releasing demos is pretty asking for the game to be spoiled from data-miners It would be cool if we had the demo, but it probably won't happen.
  11. Sergio the Not-Intern-iirc played the demo on IGN stream if that's any indication. Still, the homing attack is noticably faster, which is really nice.
  12. I mean, we already got Lost World, why would we need another crossover? /s To be fair, I'm not sure if I'd like that. Earlier I thought it's a good idea and not capitalising on it is dumb, but now, especially after Lost World (which had so much inspiration from Mario, that is one of the main reasons I don't like this game), I'd rather them be separate when it comes to platforming genre. An RPG would be gr8 tho. ...ju-just no more Olympic Games please.
  13. Thanks, fanbase, you pretty much returned him from the dead. THANK YOU SO MUCH And this doesn't even look that great, but hard to tell from several seconds of gameplay
  14. No it doesn't apparently, it's just Game Informer being dumb THAT MUSIC THO.
  15. I'm actually somewhat disappointed by the choice of a level. Like, why not Aquatic Ruin? Or Oil Ocean? Chemical Plant was already in Generations. Oh well, at least the second act looks like something completely different, so w/e. Also, Chemical Factory, huh? That's weird to see a classic level being renamed (unless it's a mistake on GameInformer's part, which I somehow doubt)