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  1. Welp, I just finished the last route in Fire Emblem Three Houses (Blue Lions), took me ~250 hours. In short it's a really good game, probably one of the best I played this year despite not looking too great graphically as well as having some balancing issues (wyvern lords and just fliers are busted in this game).

    As for the route order from best to worst IMO:
    BL >= GD > BE-E > BE-C


  2. Holy shit Sans actually got memed into Smash

  3. 1) More DLC characters, that's neat! 

    2) Xenoblade 1 remaster/remake, that's actually really good, cuz I kinda want to play that. 

    3) Excuse me Jedi Outcast port what

    4) The moment I saw Tokyo Mirage Sessions, I went into a corner and turned to stone. 

  4. Huh, didn't realize I haven't been active for nearly a month or so, only lurking. I do have a good reason, and it starts with Fire and ends with Emblem. also losing most of my interest in sonic but lets not focus on that. 

    I've dumped ~200-ish hours or so into Three Houses and I still need to do 1.5 routes, so I think I can tell my opinion on the game. The praise and sales it got is deserved for the most part. Probably my GOTY, even if I haven't played a lot of games that came out this year. It's such a big improvement over Fates in everything but map design and maybe soundtrack, it's not even funny. The story isn't insultingly bad, the worldbuilding and the lore is a lot more fleshed out, the VA is great (not counting original male Byleth for known reasons), the monastery gameplay loop is actually kinda addicting, yet doesn't overshadow the actual battles, and overall it's a great packagethat, while starts slow, picks up the pace in a way that makes sense. 

    Now I need to finish the Black Eagles route fully and maybe either leave Blue Lions for Lunatic mode, whenever that comes out, or do an Ironman run (aka no Divine Pulse, if the character dies, it dies) 

    1. Red


      I've sunk about 110 hours into Three Houses so far. Almost wrapped up Black Eagles. Will probably do Golden Deer next, then finally restart Blue Lions cause I messed up my original run real bad by not grinding ever lol It's a really fantastic game.

  5. Man, these 9 days till FE Three Houses releases are gonna be painful

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      9 days

      9 hours

      9 minutes

    2. Solly


      I've been busy lately but I plan on absolutely no-lifeing that game once it comes out. 

  6. Welp, I guess the worst did come true... Man, this sucks.

  7. So Nintendo showed FE Three Houses and I don't know why they were scared of showing gameplay properly till less than 2 months before release. Cuz the game actually looks good and some info made me more hyped for the game finally.

    The school system looks to be a really big extension on My Castle system from Fates, with all the different fetch quests, idle(?) quests, studying, improving skills, using said improvements to change the unit class, etc. There's a lot and I feel a little bit overwhelmed.

    The battles look pretty good, though I still can't figure out what the formations are for. Maybe it was clarified in the showcase or anywhere prior to E3, so please make me understand the system. Durability is back, Combat Arts from Echoes are back and they're actually more taxing on the durability of the weapon, so you can't really spam them.  There's actually more interactive tiles than I expected, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

    Overall I'm actually considering getting a Switch for this game, cuz I really liked what I saw. and I guess the leak was true, which means dark, but great story ala FE4, and I'm fully on board after the travesty called Fates.

    Oh yeah, they also confirmed that romantic relationships are only after the time skip, thank god!

    1. SupahBerry


      Where as Animal Crossing got pushed back 2020, yet it recived plenty of gameplay within its first trailer.

    2. Marcello


      We got gameplay ages ago. Looked butt ugly, though.

    3. Bobnik


      @Marcello and then there was pretty much nothing after that till this Treehouse (unless you count the JP account's tweets that introduce characters, but even those are just small introductions).

  8. GUH-HUH

  9. And now please read the blog post and you'll see they're doing it "at no additional cost". It's free post-launch content. Thanks for mutilating TSR's corpse even harder, CTR.
  10. Overall I think it was ok. Not bad, but also kinda weak. The highlights for me were Lego Horizons, hearing "120 FPS" and "console" together, PSO2 (though it's not coming to Europe apparently cuz fuck you too, SEGA), fucking Keanu Reeves on stage and being in Cyberpunk 2077 like holy shit. But there also wasn't that much of actual gameplay stuff shown for important projects? Like, the same Cyberpunk 2077, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, that game with R.R.Martin's involvement - all CG stuff or pre-rendered stuff. xCloud also wasn't properly described, like the pricing, the requirements, the supported games, etc. It just felt a bit heavy on pre-rendered stuff and kinda light on gameplay. But overall it wasn't bad. Just kinda weak.
  11. Holy shit the meme is dead

  12. I actually liked the trailer, even if there's not much actual new stuff shown. One, ya boy Skinnype-- I mean Roxas is playable and he looks to be without any sort of changes, including the damage output. Yes please! Two - can't believe I'm gonna be talking about Luxord in 2019/2020, depending on when the DLC gets released (since "this Winter" can be early 2020 for all we know) Three - glad to see Oathkeeper back in the game. It doesn't get a proper transformation, only a new form, but I don't mind too much, cuz these combos are kinda nuts. And it's free thankfully! Four - nice to know they aren't spoiling too much this time, since we know there's gonna be a Limit episode - most likely harder refights, as well as a Secret episode with a new boss. I hope at least the latter doesn't get spoiled, have to leave something for a surprise. Five - give me more stupid lore in galons pls ty. Overall, while I can see people being disappointed in this trailer, I'm not one of those people. That said, I still have my expectations in check, so that I don't burn myself later on.
  13. Fallen Order looks pretty cool, a mix between Dark Souls (hurr durr dark souls of star wars series) and I guess Uncharted/Prince of Persia?

    Kinda sucks this is the only cool Star Wars game we're getting from EA.

  14. Welp, they had to press the panic button sooner or later. Infinity Ward had a pretty poor streak of CoD games lately. After MW2 they've made MW3, which, while still good, was a somewhat noticable drop in quality; Ghosts, which was a messy cross-gen game, and Infinite Warfare, which did poorly, even though I'm seeing more people liking the game's campaign (haven't played it, so I don't know). IW had poor rep this gen, so they pushed the panic button and got quite an amount of important people from Respawn Entertainment (aka people that worked on MW2, MW1) and even a Narrative Director taken from Naughty Dog. This trailer doesn't give the previews any sort of justice. Like, if I only saw the trailer, I would be very cynical of the game's campaign, but the previews are making this a pretty interesting situation. For one thing, I'm glad that (if that's the case) the campaign looks to be more grounded and not the bombastic Michael Bay-ass Mountain Dew-filled power fantasy. Going for the shock factor ala No Russian or the nuke (or even the chemical attack in Paris in MW3), cranking it up to 11, not making the campaign a white-and-black affair, but more of a grey-area affair sounds promising too. No season pass, crossplay, free DLC - too good to be true (and it is, cuz MTs are confirmed with the PC pre-order page stating that the expensive edition will give you 3k COD Points). Overall, while still not too excited, at least it looks more interesting than anything since, well, BO2. I really hope the campaign is actually worth a damn.
  15. Bridge baby

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