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  1. Ouch...what a mouthful of a title...but I think this would be a interesting topic! All right, not sure if anyone except me cares for this stuff, but the production of the sonic cartoons is pretty intriguing. A theory I have heard tossed around often was regarding the sonic ova, of which I made a topic a few days ago discussing the long-lost cels of the sonic ova. This particular theory is regarding the fact that the OVA was a supposed 'pilot' to a sonic anime, and I often hear a theory that the ova ultimately became sonic x, so most if not all its assets were passed on to the production company who created sonic x. Not only that, but I recommend watching the sonic x pilots, as they are drastically different to the final product. SatAM had very interesting production as well, not only were there two very different alternative openings and endings, (both of which are lost) and its character designs were borderline unrecognizable (particularly with Sally Acorn, who in very early production, was actually a human). And lets not even get started with Sonic Boom! That's an entirely different beast! So if anyone is interested or knows more about the production of the Sonic cartoons, please discuss it with me, I am very interested in the production of the sonic cartoons, and if you like the shows, then I recommend looking into the production and concept art of them its very interesting. So...yeah, anyone else wanna add to this?
  2. Most disappointing thing to ever happen to you guys with a sonic game?

    For me I got a chaos chao on my old SADX save and a shiny ghost chao on my old SA2B save that was on my ancient trooper of a memory card, then I thought, 'man, my chao's are awesome! I'm gonna bring my memory card to my pal's house and show off my chao!' then I brought my memory card, and yknow what happened? Lost the card...oops.

    1. Roboat06


      That's too bad...

    2. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      That really sucks. I remember when I found an old Chao on my old memory card and he ended up dying :(

    3. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      You guys think you have it bad. I spent hours getting a fucking CHAOS CHAO on my SA2B copy.

      Buuuuuut my memory card was from madcatz and got corrupted.

    4. Roboat06


      Wow dude, you had it really bad!

    5. JezMM


      Not as major a deal but I also lost a Chao due to my snotty next door neighbour stealing my copy of Sonic Advance and never owning up to it (this was when I was like 11 or 12 to clarify lol).

      Obviously Chao raising on Sonic Advance is not anywhere near the console experience but I was still attached to the lil' guy =C

    6. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      The ultimate thing is that raising Chao takes fucking forever no matter what game it is and playing through the rest of a Sonic game doesn't, so your biggest disappointment in a game like that would be seeing all the effort you put into such a massive thing completely undone

    7. Ferno


      "Sonic Unleashed: 3/10" ~Gamespot

  3. Out of curiosity, what's the rarest piece of sonic merchandise you guys own?

    1. Polkadi


      GE Entertainment 20-inch Sonic the Hedgehog plush

    2. JezMM


      Not really "merch" but at the SoS where it debuted, I won the original sketchwork for the Sonic the Comic/Archie Sonic crossover print that Nigel Dobbyn and Tracy Yardley! put together:


      Sadly it got a couple of minor but likely undoable creases in it when I moved some stuff around at home so it's no longer mint. Q_Q

    3. Roboat06


      None of my stuff is rare...

    4. Ferno


      a used but virtually good as new copy of the Sonic OVA on dvd.

      not sure how rare that is though

    5. Haalyle


      I won the Sonic Cafe CD, but so did 250 others.

      But I also won a framed picture of Sonic and Tails that has a date signed on it, which only 50 others won. I guess they're 'rare'.

      Don't know if I'd count the 25th Anniversary Crystal Cube that came with Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice 25th Anniversary Bundle, but I guess that'll be rare as the years go by.

    6. Adamabba


      A copy of SA2B on the gamecube

    7. Stasis


      Over the years, some of the more popular merch I've purchased that seemed rare wasn't as rare as originally thought. However I've got some Sonic and Knuckles dog tags which I saw in Sonic the Comic as a kid, and othet than the ones I've got never seen any others for sale online. So are these rare? Maybe, but not really a piece of merch people hunt for.

    8. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      I have Sonic Adventure 2 the Trial I think that's a little rare nowadays 

    9. JezMM


      @Haalyle Oooh, I was wondering, could you tell me the track listing for that CD?  I haven't been able to Google it at all (I found your youtube upload of Track 31 and your mentioning to someone that the vocal tracks are shortened in the comments, that's the most info I have lol).  I know none of them are exclusive to the CD but I'm still curious to know what their playlist selection was.

    10. Person


      That one Sa2 action figure, I guess.

    11. Haalyle
    12. JezMM
  4. Yeah, Tomy is known for delaying stuff a lot DX I'm pretty sure there's the Boom Metal Sonic plush though which could tie you over for the wait (if there is one in stock where you live at least).
  5. I think the crushed velvet material makes it difficult and more expensive to manufacture so I imagine the prices get higher and the stock gets lower given how many people want and like them, so making them with the normal material Tomy usually uses would be less pricey for them and more would be made. Plus I believe there are already the recent classic sonic plushes of tails and sonic by Tomy being sold on sites like Amazon (in the US at least, certainly not where I live haha)
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they did, but it really depends on what characters and the designs are like if they change, since Black Knight and Unleashed had different designs and characters (though unleashed had Werehog so I wouldn't be shocked if the new character for forces gets some plushes and figures).
  7. Woah! Nice the SATAM cels are actually pretty hard to come by nowadays, so your friend is pretty lucky to have that!
  8. Yeah I really missed modern figures that weren't super limited event-only things, it's a shame they don't have much articulation but the sculpts look really good! Also, I have been a fan since late August of 2016, so its really cool seeing someone else who is a recent fan!
  9. Yeah the 'cute tails' looks so...cute I guess for a lack of a better word! I actually liked the boom designs (except for knuckles that re design was pretty dumb).
  10. The emoji plushes looks super cute!! I might pick one up (if my local toy store properly stocks them haha) since they look cool. But I think Tomy should get on to releasing their stuff sooner, they've been delaying stuff a lot recently...
  11. I really just hope Tomy can make some good and hopefully diverse modern sonic stuff....not super interested with the Boom merchandise but i am really interested with the modern sonic stuff since modern sonic merchandise hasn't been very prominent in a while.
  12. I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up as of late, but since the cels for Sonic CD have resurfaced, the idea of the cels for the Sonic OVA resurfacing has crossed my mind. Now, the companies for the cutscenes and the OVA were separate, but both would generally keep and distribute their cels (for anyone curious the animation company for CD's cutscenes were Toei and the OVA were Studio Pierrot). So, where do you think the cels could be now?