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  1. Not counting any projects that have been cancelled of coarse, but for me it's an anime called Despera, a spiritual successor to 1999 cult classic cyberpunk anime series Serial Experiments Lain. The anime was to be lead  by the three key people who made Lain what is was, those being famously bizarre writer Chiaki J. Konaka, my favorite character designer ever Yoshitoshi ABe and was to be directed by the late Ryutaro Nakamura, who unfortunately died from pancreatic cancer in 2013 his untimely death being the main cause of the hold of the project. However, in 2014 ABe announced they found a new director, but nothing new has yet to come from Despera. A graphic novel series, does in fact exist, yet it has yet to be translated to English and is currently running in Japanese magazine Animage.

    I also recall a Crazy Taxi movie being in development for years yet it faded away and I never heard much from it.


  2. Not sure if its considered as 'obscure' but I at least don't hear it talked about often-

    'Novas Adventuras de Megaman', this Brazilian Megaman comic that was published through 1996-1999.

    I don't have much to say on it other than the fact that Roll wears literally no clothes in it and one of the lead writers didn't even play any of the Megaman games. It's pretty funny actually..


    Moving on to stuff that isn't as racy...

    Dobutso no Mori (or animal crossing in every other country that speaks English) had a lot of Japan-only promotional manga. All of these are pretty obscure to people who aren't super into Animal Crossing and none of them have ever been localized officially sadly. There isn't much to talk about with them though, but I do love the art in Oideyo Dobutso no Mori, which is based off Wild World.

    M Oideyo.thumb.jpg.a6cba3df9a73fa7f5564c9989e1ddb2f.jpg

    Yeah...I'm pretty limited in knowledge of obscure adaptations.

  3. I don't read much personally. But in terms of what I do read (manga, light novels, comics stuff like that) my favorites would be Nisio Isin, creator of Faust, and the Monogatari franchise, two exceedingly bizarre light novels trite with pop culture references and long, drawn out conversations with an emphasis on meta humor.

    Another writer of mine that I love would be Reiko Yoshida-writer of my first ever manga that wasn't Pokemon Adventures-Tokyo Mew Mew, Reiko has written for many shoujo anime, a genre of anime I love and probably will always love.

    In terms of general people who inspire me and influence me, Mia Ikumi who also created Tokyo Mew Mew and did the artwork for it, was the first anime/manga person I was familiar with. Their work hold a special place in my heart.

    Genndy Tartakofsy, creator of some of my favorite cartoon network shows, Samurai Jack and Sym-Bionic Titan, is a very talented veteran animator who has a knack for action shows.

    Jhonen Vasquez is one of my favorite visual artists of all time, in fact I think he my favorite artist of all time. He has a twisted artstyle with equally twisted comics. His work was very popular in the 2000s and his art, featuring thick outlines and geometrical shapes, is exceedingly reminiscent with the atypical 2000s cartoon look. He also created my favorite Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim.

    There's a lot of other authors and creators I love and inspire me but those are the ones who hold a special place in my heart and stick out to me as people who I look up to.


  4. Ouch...what a mouthful of a title...but I think this would be a interesting topic!

    All right, not sure if anyone except me cares for this stuff, but the production of the sonic cartoons is pretty intriguing.

    A theory I have heard tossed around often was regarding the sonic ova, of which I made a topic a few days ago discussing the long-lost cels of the sonic ova. This particular theory is regarding the fact that the OVA was a supposed 'pilot' to a sonic anime, and I often hear a theory that the ova ultimately became sonic x, so most if not all its assets were passed on to the production company who created sonic x. Not only that, but I recommend watching the sonic x pilots, as they are drastically different to the final product.

    SatAM had very interesting production as well, not only were there two very different alternative openings and endings, (both of which are lost) and its character designs were borderline unrecognizable (particularly with Sally Acorn, who in very early production, was actually a human). 

    And lets not even get started with Sonic Boom! That's an entirely different beast!

    So if anyone is interested or knows more about the production of the Sonic cartoons, please discuss it with me, I am very interested in the production of the sonic cartoons, and if you like the shows, then I recommend looking into the production and concept art of them its very interesting.

    So...yeah, anyone else wanna add to this?


  5. I think the crushed velvet material makes it difficult and more expensive to manufacture so I imagine the prices get higher and the stock gets lower given how many people want and like them, so making them with the normal material Tomy usually uses would be less pricey for them and more would be made. Plus I believe there are already the recent classic sonic plushes of tails and sonic by Tomy being sold on sites like Amazon (in the US at least, certainly not where I live haha)

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they did, but it really depends on what characters and the designs are like if they change, since Black Knight and Unleashed had different designs and characters (though unleashed had Werehog so I wouldn't be shocked if the new character for forces gets some plushes and figures).

  7. I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up as of late, but since the cels for Sonic CD have resurfaced, the idea of the cels for the Sonic OVA resurfacing has crossed my mind.

    Now, the companies for the cutscenes and the OVA were separate, but both would generally keep and distribute their cels (for anyone curious the animation company for CD's cutscenes were Toei and the OVA were Studio Pierrot).

    So, where do you think the cels could be now?


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