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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Celestia in Ever wanted to play a game you used to love, yet were afraid to play it in case you no longer liked it as much as you used to?   
    Okay so, recently I replayed a bunch of older Sonic games. Had no worries with the 2D games, but I was honestly expecting to not like the Adventure games as much as I used to. Hell, when I booted them up briefly a few months back (it was the first time in a while I had access to a system that could play my GCN games), I remember not having much of a good time.
    But as it turns out actually sitting down to properly play them was a different experience. The flaws are more noticeable now but when it comes down to it, they're still the same games I remembered. The only place I ever cut corners was with Mad Space and Cannon's Core...and with the latter it was my fault. I accidentally reset the entire thing during one of the later sections and I'm sorry, I actually love Cannon's Core both conceptually and in execution, but--no, I wasn't going to go through the whole thing again that soon.
    On the other side of the coin, I'm sorry but I don't enjoy Kirby Air Ride much anymore. City Trial is fun but uhhhh, I've noticed I usually lose interest pretty quickly. I've never bothered to unlock everything in it either. If they ever make a follow up (unlikely, but) it'd be nice if they gave us more to do and y'know, made other modes fun..
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Skooks in Ever wanted to play a game you used to love, yet were afraid to play it in case you no longer liked it as much as you used to?   
    Simpsons hit and run for me. When I was a kid it blew my mind with how massive the world seemed, and I remember exploring it for hours finding all the cards and secrets. Now though it's absolutely nothing in comparison to games like GTA V and when I played it again recently it surprised me with how small it actually was and the fact that the game wasn't really open world in the first place kinda ruined it for me lol. 
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    dämmerung_rabbit got a reaction from Skooks in Ever wanted to play a game you used to love, yet were afraid to play it in case you no longer liked it as much as you used to?   
    A month ago, I powered on my Gamecube. Grabbing my copy of Vexx, a game I hadn't played since the winter of 2013, my hopes of loving it as much as I had years ago had soon faded as I played more of it and I realized it just wasn't worth it.
    The title of this topic says it all, has this ever happened to you?
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to realxandra in Ever wanted to play a game you used to love, yet were afraid to play it in case you no longer liked it as much as you used to?   
    As what the saying goes, everything change as we grow old. This has also happened to me, the games that I used to love before seems to be boring nowadays as my preference has changed. 
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to E-122-Psi in If you could get an adaptation of any game, what would it be and who would you want the director to be?   
    I'd love to see an adaptation of the Crash Bandicoot games, especially something that charted the 1-2 era and added details like Crash meeting Coco.
    Concerning a director, I'm not sure actually. I'd preferably like someone who has a penchant for goofy, whimsical stuff, but can still channel in a decent bit of other moods like dark atmosphere and sentimentality. Don Bluth would be interesting, especially given stuff like Dragon's Lair, but I fear film-wise he'd lean maybe a bit too much into dark and tearjerking for what Crash is supposed to be.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Hyp3hat in If you could get an adaptation of any game, what would it be and who would you want the director to be?   
    I will take a Shadow of The Colossus movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki, please.
    A Sonic movie directed by George Miller (of Mad Max fame) would also be incredible - Miller really knows how to direct fast action in a clear sense, and that action is often stunning. 
    I'm struggling to think of the best ever directorial fit for a Metal Gear Solid movie, though - Kojima's talents in direction are so tied to videogames and player agency, which doesn't translate into cinema, despite the obvious influence cinema has on Kojima. He straddles this weird line between arthouse fuckery and straight action movie cliche, with a twist of Japanese Anime heroics. Maybe he's gotten the best deal with Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed the superlative Kong Skull Island, but even writing that script should be a nightmare that even the Sonic screenwriters can look at and say 'guess we dodged a bullet there!'
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Solister in Obscure Adaptations   
    Hey! Can you pass me some scan or review about this comic? I understand portuguese (In fact, I born in Brazil), and certainly I can say something more about it.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Klinsy in Obscure Adaptations   
    So. usually when something gets made into something other the source material, there is one that always overshadows everything, everyone knows about the 2003 Yu-Gi-Oh series but the adaptation before is so obscure, people think it's a missing season that was never dubbed for being too violent, this topic covers lesser known versions of our favorite franchises, here we go!
    KC Deluxe Mario Manga

    Now isn't that a adorable version of Princess Peach? It's actually the first appearance of Fire Peach, Super Mario Land 2 style!
    Looking for this comic's panel out of context ... I have no idea what's going on, they're adapting Mario games released at the time but they're doing it in a very weird way, but in it's own style opposed to the not so famous but famous compared to this Super Mario Kun, like I said, the art is adorbs.
    JoJo Phantom Blood: The Game

    Three specific parts of JoJo got their own game, the famous Stardust Crusaders fighting game(with part 2 Joseph) and it's more obscure RPG, the bit more obscure Golden Wind game that we could have gotten over in states and be confused on what the fuck is going on(But it does have a remix from the fighting game) and ... this.
    No one seems to even know this game exists but it seems like it's in for a good time, poses are a gameplay element, plus it's tied to the lost Phantom Blood movie, yet there doesn't seem to be any interest.
    Doh Doh Island
    Do you remember that Play Doh exists? Do you know they have Happy like mascots now? Yep, but before that, they took up a approach with a bit more charming characters, I think the concept, animation wise, is pretty cool, I think stop animation with a tropical island theme would be really cool, it's got a look that takes me back when I was 5? years old and I got it because I just wanted the tape.
    Anymore, let's list them all!
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Klinsy in The unresolved mysteries in media topic   
    *Puts up wooden bar over the door so you can't get out*
    Good evening, my friend, you will be staying here for some time ...UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW or if you bust down the wood with your hand or something, it's not that strong but please don't hurt yourself by getting splinter my beloved child
    This topic covers what the man, man, doesn't want you to know and the man,man, in this case is the creator of various stories ... what were you expecting with that topic title? This isn't TLC
    Here we cover every mysterious character and unresolved plotline till we get to the truth! ... Okay, it's basically a very specific headcanon  and theory topic, but hey, the man, man, isn't giving us answers!

    Now,  here is what I want talk about

    This guy only appeared in specific versions of the first Animal Crossing and he is never mentioned again, he's not even mentioned in the manual or guidebook, none of the villagers ever bring him up and he never appeared again.
    He's a contradiction in this world, he  is neither human or animal, he's some sort of ... duid? He has his own voice, which very few Animal Crossing characters have and  he sounds creepy as fuck and he only appears when you have the "perfect" town, in contract to the other one game with a character that gives you an ax, is clearly shown to be a deity and is talked around town and at least is mentioned in New Leaf and had a trophy in Smash 4, maybe Farley is some sort of upper deity that only appears to those who are pure of good town keeping, never letting anyone know of his existence or else
    I don't know what this guy's deal is but he creeps me the fuck out.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Blue Wisp in Your favorite authors and creators   
    Guillermo del Toro is one of my favourite filmmakers. Pacific Rim was fucking great, I love mechas and I love kaijus and this is the best of both worlds to me. And I have a soft spot for Blade 2 and Hellboy. It's really a shame that his work most of the time gets cancelled or doesn't turn out how he really wants to (Pacific Rim 2, the whole fiasco with Hellboy 3, the Silent Hill thing, to name a few).
    Bookwise, Karen Traviss I love, she did various Star Wars books, including my favourite part of the entire Star Wars franchise with her Republic Commando series of books. I always loved the Clones more than the Jedi or the Dark Side, I can't tell you why exactly but there's something about them that just makes me love them. 

    Fuck Disney with a passion for making all of her books non-canon. I fucking hate that decision to make everything from the expanded universe non-canon.
    Hm... I have to mention Blizzard as a whole as a honorary mention if that counts. I'm not a big fan of the games themselves, but damn do I love me some Starcraft lore. The Protoss are badass, I love them.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Klinsy in Your favorite authors and creators   
    One of humanity's most interesting qualities is to make the non existent on our own world into something existing in a new world, we can create worlds like we are gods, our worlds may not be real, but very talented people can make people feel they are real, this is a topic about our favorite authors and  creators of various works, let's go into some of my favorites:
    Rumiko Takahashi:

    One of the biggest names in manga and anime, known mostly for Inuyasha, Ranma-1/2 and Urusei Yatsura, her worlds are funny but charming with a lot of character concepts can be credited back to her, not bad for someone who only started making well known work in the 80's, Ranma is my personal favorite of her's, the characters are all very flawed but still very likeable and most of the mythos add up if you pay attention.
    Shu Takumi:

    A man able to make works over the top and down to Earth at the same time, he is able to make a ghost story that has a character say "Ha ha! I died again!" but still made the capability of us fear for her life, Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick have some of the best video game narratives I ever seen while still being fun to play, who said games don't need a story?

    Guillermo DelToro

    A man who manged to have works that are very dark but still have a view of light in the end, he tends to make a lot of story about monsters, monsters we can fear and monsters we can sympathize, he is very well rounded in his work, his stories have many reoccurring themes   but they never feel like just him doing the same ole thing over and over, he has worked in both media for adults and children, yet is able to make them appeal to both of them ... uh, I wouldn't recommend showing a kid Pan's Labyrinth though
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to SonicsShadowX in Art of SonicsShadow :D   
    Hey Everyone My name is Trisha,I am 24 years old and married
    I'm a licensed Hair stylist but I'm still a kid at heart and love to draw!
    I will try and keep posting some of my work! Hope you all enjoy!

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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Roboat06 in What game are you currently playing?   
    I was playing SA2B on my PC earlier and I just played a bit of Colors.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Borvoc in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    /sigh It looks like the people over at ASO are trying to stir up trouble now. That can only make things worse.
    Edit: Never mind. That was probably mean to say. I'm sure there aren't enough people at that board to cause an issue. I just think irritating Archie isn't the way to fix this, and irritating Sega is even worse, as it could cause them to decide the license is more trouble than it's worth.
    Edit 2: So if the information about the Archie representative is true, then maybe they'll be updating people soon. Maybe. I wonder if any of this is timed to the Fulop case at all. I'm not sure what the status there is.
    Also, I know how you feel, @Smash Slash CC14. I still haven't played the last episode of a podcast I used to listen to before it was cancelled.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to BlueSky in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Oh jeez. Next thing you tell me is Adventure era never existed.
    Is it because of '06 erased the universe as we knew it? Damn you Sonic, why you had to let your "girl of the week" with an idea to blow out a freaking candle?
    But wouldn't that (Archie Sonic didn't exist) mean Penders' characters are completely original concept then? Since, you know, if American Sonic comics wouldn't have existed, there wouldn't be any possible way of him having any reference from the said media outlet itself?
    Uhh, some days the stuff just won't get loose...
    I'm still holding out hope of comics coming back, eventually. Hopefully sooner than later. Are they still thinking we think that "no news is good news"?
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Roboat06 in New Nintendo 2DS XL?!   
    In case you haven't heard yet, a few days ago, Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 2DS XL. It is basically a New 3DS XL that lacks 3D. Just like its older brother, the New 2DS XL features the C-Stick and the ZL/ZR buttons. It also has the same Amiibo functionality; All you have to do is put the Amiibo on the touchscreen. Of course, it can also play the New 3DS exclusives, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and the SNES Virtual Console games. 
    One good thing about the New 2DS XL is that it has the clamshell design that is seen on all DS models excluding the 2DS. This is great, as the 2DS' flat, slate design did not look that good, and made the console prone to scratches.
    The New 2DS XL is set for release on July 28th, the same day as the releases of both Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia. It will retail for a suggested retail price of $149.99.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Your Vest Friend in General discussion on sonic cartoon production   
    There's no way the Sonic OVA became Sonic X. That thing was made in 1996, and was still released in the US before the turn of the millennium. Not just that, but they represent two entirely different eras, and Sonic X likely wasn't a thing until the modern era had been solidified. It was a 2-episode OVA in Japan as opposed to a movie (hence why it's called the OVA), so the idea of it being an anime pilot isn't too far-fetched.
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    dämmerung_rabbit got a reaction from Riseodvi in General discussion on sonic cartoon production   
    Ouch...what a mouthful of a title...but I think this would be a interesting topic!
    All right, not sure if anyone except me cares for this stuff, but the production of the sonic cartoons is pretty intriguing.
    A theory I have heard tossed around often was regarding the sonic ova, of which I made a topic a few days ago discussing the long-lost cels of the sonic ova. This particular theory is regarding the fact that the OVA was a supposed 'pilot' to a sonic anime, and I often hear a theory that the ova ultimately became sonic x, so most if not all its assets were passed on to the production company who created sonic x. Not only that, but I recommend watching the sonic x pilots, as they are drastically different to the final product.
    SatAM had very interesting production as well, not only were there two very different alternative openings and endings, (both of which are lost) and its character designs were borderline unrecognizable (particularly with Sally Acorn, who in very early production, was actually a human). 
    And lets not even get started with Sonic Boom! That's an entirely different beast!
    So if anyone is interested or knows more about the production of the Sonic cartoons, please discuss it with me, I am very interested in the production of the sonic cartoons, and if you like the shows, then I recommend looking into the production and concept art of them its very interesting.
    So...yeah, anyone else wanna add to this?
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Roboat06 in General discussion on sonic cartoon production   
    I don't know anything bout this, but it sounds very interesting!
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Roboat06 in The future of Tomy's Sonic merch...   
    I've noticed that this topic has not had much activity in the past few days, so I'm gonna change the theme of this topic from Tomy plushies to Sonic plushies in general. Hopefully it will help out.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Roboat06 in The future of Tomy's Sonic merch...   
    Yeah. That one has the same crushed velvet material as the 25th anniversary plushies and the 20th anniversary Pokémon plushies Tomy made.
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    dämmerung_rabbit got a reaction from Roboat06 in The future of Tomy's Sonic merch...   
    Yeah, Tomy is known for delaying stuff a lot DX
    I'm pretty sure there's the Boom Metal Sonic plush though which could tie you over for the wait (if there is one in stock where you live at least).
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    dämmerung_rabbit got a reaction from sonicDX in The future of Tomy's Sonic merch...   
    I really just hope Tomy can make some good and hopefully diverse modern sonic stuff....not super interested with the Boom merchandise but i am really interested with the modern sonic stuff since modern sonic merchandise hasn't been very prominent in a while.
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Roboat06 in The future of Tomy's Sonic merch...   
    Morning everyone! Anyone awake yet? Cuz I am, and I'm ready for more discussion!
    I was watching PatMac's video on the 25th anniversary plushies, and he mentioned how the crushed velvet material makes the plushies more expensive than the normal 8 inch Tomy plushies. He said that they might eventually release these plushies without the crushed velvet, which could make them less expensive. I don't think that will happen though, as they are still available in my local Toys "R" Us, and a lot of other places. I mean, these plushies are supposed to sell for $14.99, but on Amazon, Knuckles is $11.99. 
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    dämmerung_rabbit reacted to Miragnarok in The future of Tomy's Sonic merch...   
    Does anyone think they'll also have game-specific lines for Forces and Mania like how Jazwares did for Unleashed trilogy and Black Knight? And given that Great Eastern mentioned how Tomy were now the ones making the character plush, does this keen we could get some lesser-known characters down the line?
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