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  1. Sorry... Just noticed that too.
  2. Oh yeah... GET REKT M8!
  3. Yeah, why does Green Hill have sand anyways? I'm not exactly sure how a tropical beach-like area on an island can turn into a oasis in a desert in the middle of nowhere. The game probably doesn't take place on South Island, that's for sure. There is one thing to note. In the first Modern gameplay trailer, we can see Green Hill off in the distance, but no desert like we see in the background of the level. Why?
  4. Fun Fact about me: I actually know the guy who did Mario in this commercial:


    Harris Shore (that's his name) actually commented on that video. And I met Harris Shore. My grandpa was his college roommate, so he occasionally visits us.\

    Just a bit of a fun fact I remembered while watching Roger Craig Smith in that infamous Extra Life stream.


  5. No, I get it SIMILARITIES Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic are both playable Eggman does time paradox Green Hill Zone
  6. Generations 2? Yeah good one
  7. Okay, I guess...
  9. I love you I do too.
  10. Yes it does. Also, does not sound like Green Hill at all to me.
  11. I don't know anything bout this, but it sounds very interesting!
  12. I've noticed that this topic has not had much activity in the past few days, so I'm gonna change the theme of this topic from Tomy plushies to Sonic plushies in general. Hopefully it will help out.
  13. Back a few weeks ago, I was messing around on YouTube when I found these tutorials on making Sonic logos in Photoshop, such as the Runners logo and the Unleashed logo. Interested, I booted up my copy of Photoshop and followed the instructions, but it was too difficult for me. I don't know what happened next, but I created a few iterations of a Sonic logo design using just layer effects. Here's my latest design: The font used in the logo is called NiseSegaSonic, which I presume is a fan-made font made to capture the exact font used in the official logo. As for the Sonic logo itself, it is speculated to be a modified version of a font called Syntax Ultra Black. Here, take a look: But I digress. The point is that graphic design for logos in Photoshop can be easy. Especially in the case of the Sonic logo. Here's the font:
  14. I'm having a little trouble finding chats that are active right now, so why not make my own? Let's just have a little discussion about the cutest thing in the Sonic franchise that isn't Tails... I'm of course, referring to the cute and cuddly Chao! They're so adorable! I want one as a pet! I'll hug it and cuddle it and kiss it... and call it George. Despite being just a simplistic side-game, these lil' blobs with eyes can be very hard to understand sometimes. Just like any living creature, Chao have genetics. They also have the ability to breed. There are are a lot of different things to consider. They can be different color, they can be shiny or jewel (or both), they can be mono-tone or two-tone, they can be hero, dark, or neutral, they can be of a different type alignment, etc. There's a ton of stuff to consider when caring for Chao. It's very complex, but not as complex as real life, of course. RULES: Absolutely no porn or any illicit imagery. If you post anything that falls under this category, you will instantly be banned. No 13+ content. This is just to keep it safe for our youngsters here (like me!). No spamming.