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  1. I just thought of something...

    Mike Pollock has provided voices for both Sonic characters and Pokémon characters (the reason being that the english dubs for both Sonic X and Pokémon were both produced by 4Kids at the time.)

    Both Sega and Pokémon have made their respective fanbase angry before by firing beloved voice actors. First, Pokémon USA sold the licencing for the English dub of the anime to another company, and replaced the main voice cast, most notably, Veronica Taylor, which made everyone furious. (Fun Fact: Apparently Veronica Taylor also provided voices for characters in Sonic X. She apparently voiced a character named Galaxina, who was Cosmo's "older sister")

    After that happened, Sega fired Jason Griffith because they wanted a more mature-sounding Sonic. (Fun Fact: Griffith also voiced a ton of the main characters and Pokémon in the anime, most notably Cilan in Best Wishes, Looker, Brawly, who is the leader of the Dewford Gym in Hoenn aka trumpet land, and Sir Aaron from the eighth movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. He also voiced Ash's Scraggy and his Goodra.)

    Is this all a coincidence? I don't know. The only reason I posted this is because I was browsing the section for the anime on Bulbapedia. 


    1. Roboat06


      That was a long post for something that is not a rant...

    2. Ferno


      as a fan of Sonic, Pokemon, and One Piece, I've been burned by 4kids either gaining rights to something or losing rights to something in some shape or form 3 different times over the years

    3. Boomer



      and replaced the main voice cast, most notably,

      Behind the original VA's backs too...

    4. Roboat06



      Veronica Taylor was pissed herself. She wanted to keep her role. 

    5. Boomer


      I love what Eric Stuart said about it

    6. Roboat06


      what did he say


    7. Boomer


      Two things


      "Pokémon USA has decided that it's too expensive to use 4Kids and the actors that have made Pokémon the TV show such a success for the last 10 years. They have 'behind our backs' re-cast the show with 'sound-a-likes' to try to save money. They actually believe the fans don't care. They are starting with the 10 year anniversary special - starring all new voices. The main cast, me included, has taken a lot of pride in the characters we have helped to create. To change now, on the last season, based on greed is a sad example of what big business kids marketing really is.


      Please spread the word - maybe some fan buzz can stop this tragedy.

      Eric "Brock & James" Stuart"


      I want to thank the fans for all of the support. You have really made me feel the work I have done has actually meant something. I have enjoyed making the voices for Brock, James (even Butch!) come to life. It has been a fun ride.

      I do want to clarify a few things based on what I have read around the internet. It’s amazing what power some of you think we voice actors have. Yes I have directed a bunch of cartoons but I have no say to what the content is. We do adaptations. All the director does is try to piece together individual performances and match lip flap. What changes in the story is due to a lot of different factors including the broadcast standards of America compared to Japan.

      Next I would like to address my personal situation. I love doing these voices. I feel very attached to the characters I have helped to create. As for the financial gain, yes it’s a job, but if you only knew the small part of the pie we voice actors get for dubbing you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. When I said PUSA is driven by greed they think they can do it all without the original voice actors and 4kids. We didn’t want more money they wanted to spend less overall and that cut into the talent budget. It’s much more complicated. And yes, PUSA is being greedy. They will learn though, trust me, just try to tune in to Pokemon next season. You may have a hard time finding it on any network.

      Lastly, for those of you who over the last 10 years have corresponded with me you know where I stand with the fans. For those of you who want to speculate on what my motivations are, so be it, you don’t know me or don’t care to find out the truth behind my rant. I am less angry than I am disappointed. It would have been nice to have had a chance to finish the Pokemon legacy. Now it ends on a sour note.

      All I ask is one thing: When you watch the original cast episodes remember that those actors worked hard and loved ‘being’ the characters you grew to know so well. It was much more than a job to all of us.




    8. Roboat06


      This is sorta irrelevant, but for some reason they are still selling Spiky - Eared Pichu plush brand-new on Amazon for $10. Which is weird considering that HGSS came out 7 years ago. 

    9. Roboat06


      Apparently, Mike Pollock has an account on Bulbapedia, but has been inactive since 2012. It makes me wanna go on his profile or whatever and spam Eggman memes on it.  

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