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  1. Guest

    Happy birthday! :)

  2. Hooooly crap, I am in love with your art!!! <33 Are you taking commissions at this time? I tried looking at your pages for info but I couldn't find any ;v; Feel free to PM me if you have the time to accept a commission similar to Sean's, because I'd be thrilled 8D
  3. I return to the forums after... a whole year 8D; Can't wait to be a proper member of the community this time

    1. Blue Wisp
    2. Celestia


      Okay, but did you remember to get milk?

    3. Celestia


      (Welcome back!)

    4. Sean


      Welcome back! Hope you'll enjoy your stay

    5. Choppi


      Thanks everyone!! 8D It's good to be back~

    6. Solkia


      Just remember to speak nothing but hivemind conclusions and you'll fit right in.

    7. Choppi


      ... Oh dear.

    8. Solkia


      Joking, welcome back.

    9. Choppi


      Haha, I fear what I may have gotten myself into by coming back!!! Thanks for the welcome!

  4. Oh my goodness, hi everyone!! I don't know if anyone remembers me since it's been a year or so (you might remember me as that collector chick), but it's great to be back <3 I got quite a bit of messages since I've been away, too, so I need to catch up on them ;v; Anyway, I hope to make lots of friends and stick around this time as a proper member of this wonderful community~ (Why did I ever stop coming here in the first place??)
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  7. Interesting game choice. I personally love this game (especially for the "obscure" character choices... always been a fan of the underdogs. and I really liked the zany graphics/music.), but it only really worked in a "Gems Collection"-like pack... a strange choice to sell by itself! Gotta agree with making Honey and Metal playable, though Always wanted to play as them.
  8. That new Robocop look... the helmet looks nice, but the rest... ugh, why?! I've always thought that Robocop had so much potential for a remake as the original has not aged well. So when it was announced, I was actually excited and had high hopes. But nooot looking so good...
  9. My favorites are boring... they're all from SA & SA2. I won't bother posting any since I'm sure you all know them by heart But a close second is the '06 one... game might have been bad, but you gotta admit -- it had a KILLER soundtrack!
  10. Choppi

    Polar Bear Cafe

    Normally this type of show wouldn't be my thing, but my friend is obsessed with it so I decided to watch it as practice for my Japanese studies (like SuperStingray said, it's perfect for that)... and now I'm hooked! It's such an adorable show and something I look forward to each week. The characters are lovable and the writing is great. Not to mention the surprising voice acting talent! It's very relaxing and calm, yet it keeps your attention... I recommend it
  11. The worst thing(s) that happened to me were always in SA2 and had to do with rings... For example: I used to use City Escape missions to collect rings, and I wouldn't complete it until I got 999 rings so it kept looping the stage over and over... and then, as expected, I'd get hit and lose everything after all that work and then proceeded to throw the controller across the room. It... wasn't a very smart plan... 8D;
  12. Ouch! I have had RCT3D pre-ordered since May; it's most likely going to suck, but I had been playing a lot of RCT3 (one of my favorite games) and needed something different! When it releases, I'll post my thoughts~ (And from reading above; FINALLY someone else who loved the Zoo Tycoon games! I was so, so addicted...)
  13. I reaaally want to see this ;_; I thought it'd be in theaters for awhile and I'd have plenty of time, but it came and went so fast in my area! I've heard nothing but great things about it (my friends are hardcore obsessed with it) so I'm missin' out, maaan! I've heard rumors about it being re-released in some theaters on/near Halloween -- has anyone else heard this? I'd really like to see it for the first time in theaters, but as it's long gone in my area I hope it's true!
  14. Just wow... Disney has just completely blown me away with this movie!! ;_; This advertizing is the coolest I've seen for any film. Making an actual Fix-It Felix arcade cabinet was when I really started paying attention to the marketing. It's probably already been talked about in previous pages, but still... PERFECT! Already my favorite Disney movie ♥ As well as Ralph my favorite of Disney's stars... he's just too adorable, oh my goodness. In fact, ALL of the characters are! Going to the midnight release, for sure
  15. Hello, everyone! It's very nice to meet you all! ♥ I'm very nervous about posting! I haven't been on a Sonic community in so long... it's such a nice, familiar sight. I just had to join! I've actually wanted to for a very long time, and now I finally got the courage! Mostly for the Sonic collecting community, as memorabilia is my biggest passion and Sonic is a long-time favorite in the category... but it's a little hard to do that when you need 15 posts to start postin' in that side of the forum! </3 So until then I'll be posting here and there~ So hopefully I'm not TOO far behind in the Sonicverse -- and if I am, you guys can educate me~! Hope to see you around; this place seems very nice!
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