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  1. At this point I would usually ask why you would want such a thing but I'm afraid of what the answear might be. In any case you'll probably be hard press to find any like that as anime usually go for a more serious visual style then the toon look your discribing. Closest one I could find is in the very first episode of Pokemon.
  2. I use to be an adventurer like you, then I took many things to the face....


  3. Well .... Thats one universe down.

  4. Well, Polaris and IGN are involved .... Thats my interested firmly squashed.
  5. How cute, you think this game is going to have a story.
  6. large.png

    Everyone loves the bad girls.

  7. Xenoverse 2 added GT elements to the end of the DLC for Super .... Mmm, Tasty fanboy tears.

  8. Dammit Hasbro I'm not dying from Cuteness again!

  9. This may very well be my second favorite rebooted series.

  10. Dammit Source Film Maker!

    Stop crashing!

    Trying to do pony stuff!

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      It's trying to give you some important advice

  11. I was more talking about the open world survival horror. I own a PS4 so its exclusivity doesn't bother me, Not that I plan to buy it anyway but you get my point.
  12. Yeap .... Cos I haven't seen one of those before.
  13. Got Arms today, having some real fun with it so far.

  14. New Metal Gear Solid game annouced!:lol:


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