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  1. Turrican music goes with everything

    These are some videos I cooked up with my recent Youtube Channel. This is merely to get some more views and comments.
  2. Well Weird Sonic Stuff

  3. Well Weird Sonic Stuff

    Sonic Gear has a whole bunch of them. Highlights: And my own addition:
  4. Ban @Sega of Japan and @HardcoreFurry, please.


    1. Tornado


      If we could just ban people willy-nilly I would have had this place whittled down to maybe 8 people years ago.

    2. Sean


      who are you

    3. Kiah


      Maybe we should ban those that motion for others to be banned instead. 

      Seriously though don’t do this. This is really irritating and obnoxious to see this sort of thing. 

    4. Sgt Jack V

      Sgt Jack V

      I apologize for everything, and have reported myself for what I have said.

    5. Sega of Japan

      Sega of Japan

      I have done nothing wrong but merely make posts

    6. Sgt Jack V

      Sgt Jack V

      Make useless spam posts, that's for sure.

  5. Rampage Movie (April 20th, 2018)

  6. Sonic Headcanons

    I literally just watched that episode before posting my headcanon.
  7. Sonic Headcanons

    Boom!Nega (going on @Miragnarok's headcanon) built Steve.
  8. Sonic Headcanons

    Dingo is actually a T-1000 that's been reprogrammed to always look like a cartoony Dingo on steroids and to only transform on the push of a button.
  9. what do you want from sonic forces dlc

    Would work if 06 was canon.
  10. What would your idea for a Forces mod be?

    To further expand on my first post in this thread, I see a mod for the OC that adds the gun and suit from Turrican. Both combined will throw in a few gameplay mechanics from Turrican, such as powerups.
  11. I've only got a few words here... a few of you probably recognize them... "Hello and welcome to Sonic Forces. Be my guest, another day another try. But remember! SHOOT! OR! DIE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  12. Sonic Headcanons

    Apologies for I have not played Forces yet, as I do not have it, don't spoil it for me. The Ruby was created by demons as a warping device to easily get around, whether it be time, world, or place. Infinite was created by the demons to guard the Ruby. Infinite was created as a demon with infinite powers and possibilites, hence his name. However, one thing stood in the way of the crafting of the Ruby. One man, who decided to stay in hell for eternity to make sure the demons never came out. When the demons trapped this man, they had the time to create the Ruby and Infinite. Once the man had been released, the demons warped the Ruby to a random dimension. The events of Mania and Forces play out here.
  13. Those who complain about SEGA refusing to make the games they want.
  14. I am the only one who realizes that this also ties into the beat up Omega in the Japanese intro trailer?
  15. Blaze is confirmed to not be in Sonic Forces

    Holy fuck, I didn't realize I unknowingly lit a blunt in here.