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  1. Blake Stone was popular the week it came out....I say the WEEK because Doom came out the week after.
  3. if you look closely next to the R it says "acing"
  4. This means nothing to me. I barely play Sonic Mania. In fact, I barely play Sonic games at all. Because the Chaos Emeralds are nearly impossible to get. I only played through Sonic Forces because there were no shitty and nearly impossible special stages.
  5. Is that it? Is that seriously it? That ain't worth shit to me. Oh wait, what shorts?
  6. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    No. He is one shitty villain. His backstory is shit. Even Betrayus didn't have a backstory that shitty. There is no valid reason to see him return unless his is literally torn to bits on screen.
  7. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I was parodying Cinemassacre's "You Know What's BULLSHIT?" videos.
  8. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    You know what's BULLSHIT? Confusion between SatAM and Pre-Reboot Archie, that's what's bullshit! There is CLEARLY a difference in universes if you read closely. Like, in SatAM, Uncle Chuck was Roboticized when Sonic was about 5. In Archie, Chuck was Roboticized when Sonic was 15, thus being one of many examples that SatAM and Archie are not in the same universe. I once read a Game and SatAM crossover fanfic. At least, it CLAIMED to be SatAM! It had many of the things SatAM had, mashed together with the characters of Pre-Reboot Archie! That's not SatAM! That's what you get when you put the two in a blender! And that's bullshit.
  9. Are Sonic media better than the games?

    Sonic Underground, even with it's spotty continuity and bad attempts at being like SatAM, manages to have better continuity than the games. Yes. I accept Underground as a piece of shit, but it at least doesn't have as many plot holes as recent games.
  10. I literally keep hoping for a proper SatAM game even though SEGA keeps trying to push it under the rug I don't really care for Sonic racing games I will constantly mock the movie trailer if there will be one
  11. I heard there was a SatAM fangame in development, and I think a few demos came out of it but that was it. It was more of the Classic Sonic type.
  12. Idea thread: if IDW did Archie Sonic reprints

    Even if they COULD do Archie reprints, SEGA's crusade to erase all that was American Sonic in the 90's would prevent that from happening.

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