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  1. Hey everyone, I still exist!

  2. Alright, some new stuff from the official Doom Twitter! Number 1: That's no Cyberdemon! It's a Tyrant! https://twitter.com/DOOM/status/114169217468326 Number 2: The Khan Maykr, possibly our designated main baddie for us to tear to bits! https://twitter.com/DOOM/status/1143563969522819074 And one last little bit here:
  3. I haven't been in this thread ever since the trailer was released. Can anyone catch me up on what arguments and stuff have happened since then?
  4. When I first saw that, I thought it was just a lame joke. Boy, I wish it was.
  5. I didn't watch the stream because I was dropping my older brother off at the airport, but the only thing that seemed the most important to me here was TSR Overdrive. I got more excited about this at Toy Fair last month than whatever they showed off here
  6. Damn straight. I fuckin' loved TF VS. GI Joe.
  7. Turok is now owned by Night Dive Studios, who did a remaster of Strife in 2016. I believe one of the developers also did Doom 64 EX.
  8. In fact, this is the EXACT SAME DESIGN AS THE LEAKED POSTER! Right down to the white fur in between the eyes.
  9. I think in reprints of the second one she keeps the jacket on.
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