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    Games.<br />Amy.<br />Girls.<br />Human behavior. *likes to just watch people*<br />Being weird.<br />Umm... Making jokes.<br />Hating myself. <br />Computers.<br />Reading. Mostly comics but still.<br />Umm... Think thats it.
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  1. I think it might but it won't be on tv. It will most likely go straight to dvd blueray.
  2. That is like in my top 5. The super sonic fight theme from sonic adventure. The one from final chaos where your super sonic. The beginning is ifie but the rest of the song is pretty good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDUVkigB0_c...feature=related
  3. I still think sonic 3&knuckles super final boss music blows all other stuff out of the water. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wadbanUyXRo
  4. For REALS! A faster DBZ would be awesome! It did get fairly old during the freeza saga where it was basically 21 mins of talking and like 2 or less mins of fighting.
  5. *blinks twice* ...?

  6. Neet. I made mine also.

  7. You're welcome and nope, but I did make my avatar. =P

  8. Figured it would be starlight. Love that level.
  9. I made it, did you make yours?

  10. Johnny Sasaki


    Lol I know. I was just making a little joke. But I don't live in the UK I'm a states men. United states. But I might look into it if you want.
  11. Thanks I like yours too.

  12. *likes the banner in his sig* ^^

  13. Johnny Sasaki


    I'm just saying that furry fag is still something people say then they are trying to be mean.
  14. Johnny Sasaki


    I still think people hating cause of sexual pref is messed up. There not hurting anyone by doing it with the same gender. Stupid homophobia.
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