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  1. Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    Well, I'm not sure why exactly one needs to finish a game to "get to know the roots of the character". Unless suddenly, a bit more changes than just how difficult the obstacle courses are, I'd argue I've gotten a pretty good impression. As for what made a video game mascot a success...I'm leaning toward the cynical position that it was mostly an aggressive, pretentious and often mean-natured marketing campaign in this case. Sonic was conceived to be his generation's version of cool, and conceived to be different from Mario--really, different from any other platformer mascot. They succeeded at those things, but I think it made game development problematic from the start for them. I don't think it was a good idea to design games with the intention of being playable with just one button and the few moves it accommodates--that gets dull fast for me. Also, speaking of fast, Sonic's trademark speed places level creators in the dire straits of either having to build oversized levels or build more compact levels with myriad contrivances to slow things down--including cheaply-placed enemies. The former, like Green Hill Zone, play well to the empowering feeling they marketed Sonic around; the latter, like Marble Zone and Big the Cat, are there because they or something like them arguably have to be there to pad things out. This wouldn't have been such a big problem, though, had they only conceived Sonic to be about a few more traits than running fast and being a hedgehog. Slow-paced levels might not be so bad if the character's powers weren't all conceptually tied to going fast, and excessive difficulty wouldn't have been so bad--it could even have been good--had the gameplay variety been enough to make staying the course and getting good an appealing proposition. Alas, they designed Sonic to do a few things well; not enough things for a game done well in my opinion. So TLDR; I have, in fact, examined in depth what many consider the gold standard of Sonic to which Sega should aspire, and find that they barely even fill the boots they ran in wearing. I leave open in my mind the possibility that the main reason I'm not enjoying these games is that I'm not good enough; my reflexes have gotten rusty due to time away from reflex-based games. The solution I'm looking at, though, is re-training them by going and playing some other games with reflex-based challenges; like maybe the Mega Man series. After rising to that challenge, I'll try Sonic again. Who knows if getting good at Mega Man games will have made me good at Sonic games, and even if it does, who knows if being good at them will make me enjoy them more, but at least in the meantime I'll have spent time playing games I actually enjoy.
  2. Sonic Crushes <3

    Yeah; I'm not a fan of them, either. They seem like they're part of the continuum also including floating lava platforms, Big the Cat, mech shooting, the Werehog, and forced 2d sections in 3D games, that exist mainly to slow down, and thus pad out, Sonic games. While these sorts of obstacles might be good if they were part of challenges that involve good timing and running fast enough, too often they just mandate complete stops and then relatively slow resumption of the pace. Unless you're somehow so terrible at the game that you can't get sonic under a crusher that's only about twice as wide as he is, and a lot slower, there's no real gameplay involved with such a scenario; merely an interruption from gameplay during the times the crusher is blocking Sonic's path. That's most of what these things do; not crush, but block.
  3. Music Preferences

    No offense to the OP, but what you call music "types" should really be "eras". It's rather incontestable that Sonic Adventure and Sonic Rush don't have anywhere close to the same type of music. Likewise, I'm not sure how a comprehensive opinion about favorite eras is necessarily formable when they consist of disparate elements one might have very different opinions of. Having said all that, my favorite era is circa-Dreamcast. While the Genesis games have some wonderful music compositions, in their original forms the songs loop too soon, and with the long levels and the stress those games place on retrying, they can get go from pleasurable to obnoxious rather quickly. I really prefer listening to remixes of them. Meanwhile, the Adventure series and Sonic Heroes have music that runs longer before looping, and also changes more throughout stages. Shadow the Hedgehog was, for whatever reason, a return to the old issue of some good songs that loop too soon, becoming therefor irritating. Sonic Rush, while I like it's music, doesn't feel bound to Sonic at all. Moreover, nothing about it says "giant trees" or "Egypt" or "Greek isles" or "I'm fighting against a robot plesiosaur", either. It's just weird.
  4. New Sonic Action Figure by Tomy also forces figures

    Nice sculpt, but is that really an action figure? It looks static to me. FTR, an action figure has articulated joints.
  5. Gaming media that isn't Classic biased?

    Two things to point out: 1) The official Sonic YouTube channel does seem to love the Adventure series. 2) At least for a while, the "Classic biased" gaming media was actually on the liberal side with regard to Sonic; some just went straight to hating Classic Sonic as much as any other sort. As for a more in-depth point, well, for whatever this is worth, there's a big elephant in this room: Despite the oft-discussed Classic bias of the media, there still is something being called "Modern Sonic", and I'd argue that, ironically, in some key ways it deviates even further from Classic Sonic than the Adventure series did. It's only fair that I admit, here, that based on last return to the series, I truly think I prefer the Adventure series over Classic Sonic. &nbsp;I grant the Classic games have nowhere near as many technical flaws or stupid design choices as the Adventure games, but to me the characters and their abilities are just too simple to remain fun throughout a game that throws more and more shit at players, and that's made worse since you're limited to one character per-save file. &nbsp;I prefer the high variety of characters played throughout story mode, and that all of them have bigger movesets; even if some of their levels suck. Still, I'm not going to deny that the Classic games did some things very well, like making challenges based on building up momentum, and making levels that encourage exploration, nor will I deny that the Adventure series gave us some real "dirty diapers", but in retrospect it also can't be denied that Sega threw out some babies with the diapers; ones particularly ironic since many of the complaints against the Adventure series took the form of "this isn't enough like the classics". Case in point, the aforementioned exploration. The Genesis games were famous for the liberating feeling that Sonic was athletic enough that he could zip all over the place; up walls, on ceilings; even across gaps if you were fast enough. The Adventure series downplayed it, but your character could still move around a lot and there was still stuff to find off the beaten path; particularly in SA2. Then came Sonic Colors, the first well-reviewed Sonic game in a while, and I like it too, but it sure felt wrong that as of the very first level, there were invisible walls on either side that prevented you from exploring. Playing as Sonic shouldn't feel so limited, motion-wise. Then there were the many places things were forced into two dimensions, which they might have seen as a good choice since 2-D Sonic games were generally better-received, but the 2D sections generally didn't feel like Sonic levels. Frankly, much of SC felt more like a Mario game that they stuck Sonic into; a particularly damning point being that Sonic had his spin-dash removed and replaced with a boost you needed a power-up to use. When we consider that Sonic was specifically designed to be different from Mario, for SEGA to say they were listening to complaints that "we prefer classic Sonic" and proceed to do that is quite ironic. Then there is the bit about characters. I'm sorry, but while "we prefer classic Sonic" could definitely be an impetus to get rid of Big the Cat and mechs and treasure hunting, it never once was a valid excuse not to have Tails and Knuckles back and playing the way they used to play. Sonic Mania had Tails and Knuckles, and it was well-received. That should be enough impetus to bring them back everywhere.
  6. What were your headcanons, as kids?

    I figured Knuckles was a dog. Bare in mind my family never owned Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Sonic & Knuckles, so while we certainly knew of the character, we didn't have access to the info on him being an echidna. I think the first time I actually learned he was an echidna was when I thumbed through a Disney Adventures magazine profiling the game's characters. (Note: I don't think those magazines exist anymore, so to people who don't remember them, they were indeed put out by Disney but also hyped up a lot of media that wasn't by Disney.)
  7. This presumes that Cartoon Network isn't run by extreme morons. The real reason just about every cartoon ever isn't on that channel anymore is because someone inexplicably decided to make Teen Titans Go 60% of the schedule. I'm not going to pass judgement on whether that show's good or not, and I actually haven't seen too much of it to form a concrete opinion, but I can't see any way that dedicating that much time to any show, let alone one that a sizable amount of people despise, is a good idea from a business perspective. Even dedicated haters of TTG probably wouldn't boycott CN for it, but if there's not also shows they like, they've got no reason to watch. So even proving that Sonic Boom can be a profitable show won't convince network executives that dumb.
  8. I don't exactly expect more trailers, but announcements clarifying trailers are always a possibility.
  9. I'm asking because it seems to get quite a lot of talk here and here. Certainly, Sonic Generations introduced the idea of them being officially distinct entities, and in the case of Classic Sonic, he's pretty clearly Sonic from before the redesign he got for the Adventure series. Going still more retro, present day depictions of Classic Sonic seem to favor more of Naoto Oshima's original vision for the character than the sort of adjustments the late Greg Martin made to him in America, while a lot of the things Martin introduced, like darker blue fur and more prominent facial bones, have carried on more in Modern Sonic. On that note, though, what's Modern Sonic, exactly? It isn't exactly convenient to say Modern Sonic is Sonic since his redesign, because...which redesign? There have been several since the first on the Dreamcast. So if "Modern Sonic" refers to anything other than "The design used for him roughly from Sonic Generations onward", then what, exactly is it? Is there a definitive gameplay trope that defines Modern Sonic?
  10. When did you first make fan art/fiction of Sonic?

    Fanart: Shortly after Sonic and Knuckles released. It was of a fancharacter I have taken my name from. Fanfiction: Shortly after Sonic Battle released. Let's say no more on this.
  11. But...wouldn't doing that just
  12. I'd say it's fairly possible, actually. It's not at all out of the question to place platforms so only Tails can fly to them, or have walls that only knuckles can break through, or have ramps that only Sonic is fast enough to speed off and sail the full length to the other side.
  13. Which obscure species would make a great character?

    I'm not sure they did, actually. According to what I've read--on Sonic Retro, I think--hedgehogs were obscure in America but not Japan, and the reason they chose a hedgehog is because curling into a ball and attacking with spines fit with their desire to make a game with jumping attacking the same move. Echidnas probably were obscure just about everywhere that isn't Australia, but they probably made an echidna character because they wanted an animal kind of like a hedgehog but not quite. Aside from those two, just about every species they've made into a character has been well-known, up until Storm the Albatross...and after him, as well. As for my pick, while it's not obscure, I'd like an octopus character, because they've got so many awesome abilities: Color-changing, ink squirting, high-intelligence and ability to squeeze into any space so long as their beaks (the only hard part of their body) can fit through. Also, in a relief to Sonic players everywhere, they can't drown!
  14. Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event-THE END!

    Aw, fuck! I should have answered this earlier and linked my vitriolic rants from my thread, so I could get a badge. Thing is, I'm getting the feeling that neither Modern or Classic Sonic appeal much to me in terms of which games they mean. The height of my fandom was the era that began with true 3D Sonic and lasted until the introduction of built-in boost. To be fair, I haven't played any of the 3D boost games yet; I did buy Sonic Colors, though, so we'll see. But whenever I watch videos of those games, they look like a bore.
  15. Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    So, this morning I went back to Sonic the Hedgehog 3, maybe because I'm a masochist. I finally ended up beating that fucking asshole with two seconds left on the clock. The ending was terribly underwhelming. After letting the game restart to verify I did, in fact, get the "Cleared" status I earned, and could then choose a level, I exited. Later, I came back, and found that again, for whatever reason my progress had been erased. I was in no immediate mood to go torture myself getting those emeralds, so I wasn't as enraged as I might have been, but still, that's pretty damned shoddy. So on to Sonic & Knuckles. Once again, there's no save; how the fuck did this series regress from that key breakthrough?! The Mushroom Hill Zone music doesn't just get old with repetition, it's about the most blah song I've heard in Classic Sonic to begin with. Finally, that Act 2 boss feels utterly impossible with Knuckles; I burnt through a continue before I just gave up. I'm sure it's doable, but it feels like it's only through pure luck or being able to get a shield to that location. It feels designed for Sonic, and I've beaten it easily with him, but Knuckles is slower so it's like he can only get in a hit and evade getting hit through luck. Then again, maybe I'm just bad at it, but then again, why should I get good when the game just isn't very fun? Because it's not. Maybe I'm just not in the right mindset, but I have no idea how to get into it. I have no idea what the right mindset even is for these games. It's especially unpleasant for me to play these games because every time I find myself annoyed, I can't help but remembering how SEGA promoted them as the better alternative to Super Mario World, which feels increasingly cocky and delusional--and I'm not even that big a fan of Super Mario World!

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