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  1. I didn't laugh at that scene either. I smiled a bit, and it's nice to see Sonic has emotional depth and is capable of being annoyed by others as well as annoying others, but it's not like Ben Schwartz's acting talent was the dubious thing to people about this movie. I will agree with the tweet that his delivery is great, but a good actor can only do so much with a bad script. To be fair, pure comedy doesn't look like what they're shooting for there; it's a scene where something has happened that puts a strain on their relationship, while also showing that something is at stake demanding that they make it work, anyway. But the bits portrayed as pure comedy are also just okay at best.
  2. Can I just say that “so-and-so is evil because he wasn’t loved enough as a child” is becoming a rather obnoxious cliche? It isn’t interesting, it isn’t automatically sympathetic, it isn’t a cautionary tale of how to avoid evil; it’s too absurdly vague to serve as any of those. River City Girls mocked that right on the nose, and it may not have even been the first thing to do so.
  3. Anyway, I will second the desire for Tangle in the main series canon; Sticks too. That said, I don’t know what interesting things could be done with them, gameplay-wise, by Sonic Team in this era, except in multiplayer games. Meanwhile, I would also like Fang to appear in Modern Sonic games, as that’s the subset of the series that has multiplayer games, and I don’t see his abilities being useful in a Classic Sonic game.
  4. If you mean Sticks, I’m not sure that’s accurate. In fact, I believe I remember reading/hearing that she was mostly designed by Sonic Team, in other words Japanese people. She died with Sonic Boom, but SEGA wasn’t looking to kill Sonic Boom; they had sincerely hoped that it would bring in new fans and one of the reasons RoL was so broken is that it started as a separate project before SEGA ordered a retool to make it a plug for that series. If anyone is to blame for the demise of Sonic Boom and hence Sticks, it’s the American-run Cartoon Network. Also Blaze isn’t really stereotypical either, she remains the only female character who has (what I would consider) a super form, and she keeps coming back. I’m not saying everything is all hunky-dory in Japan, but in this case everything blamed on sexism might just as easily be blamed on them not caring much about writing good characters in general. As for LGBTQ representation, that seems to be dialing down after a few high-profile backlashes, demands for censorship and sometimes outright cancellations in many foreign markets, so I wouldn’t expect it right now. Especially since romantic relationships aren’t really a thing in this series; making one exception for the sake of activism when it would irritate at least as many people (at least globally) as it pleases seems unlikely.
  5. The problem with Amy Rose, greater or lesser depending on the game, is that her personality is to some degree tied to having an agenda, which in simple episodic plots, tends to be unsatisfying. Accordingly, it’s usually the villains who have agendas in these plots; that keeps it from being a problem that their agenda isn’t likable and that it’s fated to fail. In turn, most game heroes, like Sonic, Knuckles, Mario and Mega Man, may or may not have things they impulsively do, but in game plots their main role is in reacting to the villains’ agendas. Amy is actively seeking something Sonic, which in itself annoys many people, but even those who are on board with her and Sonic becoming an item will get annoyed that it doesn’t ever happen. To be fair, Amy’s ambitions aren’t always limited to becoming Sonic’s girlfriend; sometimes she wants to make him respect her, and while it’s fair to say SEGA would never let them become a couple, I think Sonic coming to respect her might have been possible, had the games stuck a bit more with ensuring character development stuck, and also with Amy being playable. Given the backlash against the less Sonic-like gameplay in Sonic Adventure, a more athletic Amy was looking to be the norm, as was her genuinely friendly persona when it wasn’t being undermined by stalking tendencies. They could easily have spun this into respectability without having to write any deep plot, but with her out of both playable status and and often even chances to interact with other characters, that development has been dropped.
  6. That people expect this to flop is understandable, but the shame is in how this movie flopping likely won’t send the powers that be the message that you should actually include more of what’s in the game to make a game movie good. Yes; you shouldn’t cram everything into a huge mess of a movie, but when writers strip so much of the source material out that they have to add new material to compensate (for example, the movie’s reconception of why Sonic and Robotnik are fighting) that is a sure sign they’ve stripped too much. I don’t expect this to make SEGA give up on all Sonic projects, of course, but even they won’t necessarily get the message that the lore and supporting cast are what make many people love this series. That sucks, as it is something they need to learn ten years ago.
  7. Alas, you’re going to get that in a film that fans mostly have no higher hopes for than that it won’t make the brand look bad. This film’s premise is aiming so low that I don’t blame people for not expecting any higher. It would feel lacking as a Sonic property even if it’s writing and soundtrack were constantly great.
  8. The sad thing is that this still might be the most reference we get to Knuckles and/or Tails in this movie. Anyway, having listened to the song again, fully this time, I actually don’t think it’s bad. The background track has something of a 1980s New Wave sound, at least some of the instruments seem pulled from SEGA Genesis, and the rapping isn’t terrible, though the fast part is hard to understand. I don’t think it’s very remarkable by Sonic standards, but it’s more it’s own thing than I expected based on its creation by a has-been flash-in-the-pan pop rapper and three even more obscure artists.
  9. Even Sonic 06 had good music, if a bit too morbid and serious. Certainly “His World” and “Dreams of Absolution” were memorable. This one I already can’t remember.
  10. Worst-Case Scenario: It’s the same game, except with touch-ups like better-looking models, better-looking lip-syncing, Eggman having an actual mouth, and less pauses between characters’ lines. As someone who will often defend the first Sonic Adventure for doing some things right, even I concede that a lot of the game’s design doesn’t hold up. The hubworld is tiny, sparse, and barely interactive by modern standards, the levels aren’t exactly big either, though some are less narrow than SA2’s, padding the game out by making multiple characters play the same levels could get on people’s nerves, and while telling a story across six-different perspectives is an interesting idea, the story they told is too vague to survive such fragmentation. To fix that, you’d need to add multiple new scenes and more dialogue, but that isn’t viable as many of the original actors are now unavailable, or even dead. Everything that needs to be said about Big the Cat has been already, and a fair amount of people would also like at least some other characters gone. The truth is that without going the other extreme and becoming a substantially different game, a Sonic Adventure remake is going to be too similar to the original to stop its haters from hating it and convince its fans to buy it. Even in the present situation with Sonic Team’s talent, resources and even existence quite questionable, I’d say a Sonic Adventure 3 is a safer option, mostly because it frees them from having to make many tough decisions about what to keep. Best-Case Scenario: It’s the same premise, story, and setting, in a new game. I’m thinking keep Station Square’s layout but make it truly contiguous, add more, make physics work, and maybe even have the levels be missions and events set in the same map. The game’s progression in that case would be like Conker’s Bad Fur Day; different things happen at different times in its world depending on what you’ve done, you keep having to do new things, and if you want to replay old “levels” there’s a chapter mode for you to do that without erasing progress in story mode. Big will be one of multiple unlockable and optional characters, and play better while still being able to fish. Bonus Mediocre-Case Scenario: It’s Sonic Adventure in name only; maybe with the same plot and environment themes but with new, Sonic-only, shallow boost levels.
  11. SEGA has that money, too; Sonic simply isn’t important enough to their bottom line.
  12. Are we entitled to get bothered if we've seen plenty of trailers/TV spots featuring jokes we like better, whether or not we were presently engaged with the film?
  13. I can't say I laughed at the English baby Sonic clip, but at least I was charmed instead of annoyed.
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