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  1. Well, we're already getting a tanuki, Dodonpa, in Team Sonic Racing. He might not stick around, though, doesn't seem made to be a main character and he might be a robot. I wouldn't mind another Sonic anime...for being a Sonic anime; I would definitely mind if it had the problems of Sonic X, but if the first Sonic Adventure is any indication that art style doesn't look good in 3D--then again, that was two decades ago and they might be better at animating it now. In terms of other things they could add to appeal more to Japanese audiences, Espio coming back would be neat since he's a ninja, although I feel Cream doesn't really contribute to the series the way it is now. Chao, though, can definitely come back and their reappearance would give Cream a potential purpose. I hope that comeback is in progress, given their heavy presence in Team Sonic Racing, though it's hard to know whether that roster was made at Sega's behest or entirely Sumo Digital's idea. Either way, this game and its animated adaptation are the most love the Adventure era has gotten in over a decade, so I'm glad for that.
  2. Possibly because the implications are so much darker. The way things are in games, Sonic's animal friends aren't gone for good; he can rescue them by smashing open robots. If the robots actually are his former friends, though, then if there was any chance of reversing the process, Sonic probably ruins it by destroying them. This doesn't really lend itself well to the sort of experiences Sonic games promote, which is generally more upbeat and fast, and can't afford to buzzkill players with unfortunate implications. Then again, they figured we'd be just fine with the probable body count Sonic was wracking up smashing through cars in City Escape...
  3. If you mean the one by "Shrek's Donkey", then he said Robotnik only looks like his game self post-credit.
  4. I want to say it will make more sense to call him Robotnik since it's hard to make a live actor look like an egg, but it's possible he won't use any robots in this film either. So right now the most accurate name for him is probably Jim Carrey.
  5. I will concede the first potentially interesting thing about this movie is that it is a very rare bit of Sonic media that seems it will go into his backstory. Of course it's also potentially cringey. Baby Sonic seems like the sort of thing that could backfire.
  6. Yeah; I'm not buying that there's nostalgia for any era of Sonic in this movie. It feels like it's just testing whether the barebones of the license are enough to make a successful movie. If they wanted back-to-basics simplicity, this film would just be about Sonic fighting...whatever he's called to free his animal friends from robots. No word on any of that being here.
  7. Yeah sorry, but while that took a lot of people by surprise with how big a hit it was, you still need some realistic perspective. The original Mirage books were a hit by the standards of indie graphic novels, and aimed at a more adult audience, but it was a branch of adults willing to accept outlandish ideas more than most adults. The series only really got big when the cartoon was made catering excessively to children, and I'm guessing there weren't too many adult fans of the turtles up until those children grew up. Also, it helps that almost every major version of Ninja Turtles has gone wild with a fantasy kitchen sink, which helps to sell people on the premise in a way that the silly title alone won't. This movie doesn't look to have that. Neither did the first Bayja Turtles film, and it was a lot worse for it.
  8. Not that I mind this, but if their goal is to cater to as many people as possible, why is this movie so half-assed with things that both fans and children would want to see? I know this horse has been dead for months, but I seriously don't know what the plan is with this film. Short of a very small allotment of funds and low faith in its ability to make a lot of money back through merchandising and fanservice, very little explains how askew this film's priorities seem to be.
  9. Well some were. It seems to me that if they intended to make a lot of money selling toys, they should have included more Sonic characters in this movie. For all that the Bayformers films get a lot of crap, even they remembered that Transformers is about highly marketable toy robots.
  10. Especially if Baby Sonic wears diapers.
  11. As shocked as I am to say this, a live-action Chris might actually be a better fit for this film than Tom the cop, given he's closer to the age of the primary demographic. Then again, I'm not sure children are this film's primary demographic, though I don't see why not. Since it doesn't seem well-suited to pre-existing adult Sonic fans either, whom does that really leave? Who else besides children and current fans can really be attracted by a film called Sonic The Hedgehog?
  12. I think that's an exaggeration. People will judge its writing, directing, acting, comedy and action...once we see enough of it to judge them. However, even if those end up being fine, they shouldn't be the only things in a Sonic movie; we want stuff we liked in the games. Right now, all we have to judge are Sonic's design and various sources all pointing to this film hardly using anything from Sonic.
  13. "We were tasked with making a movie about a giant blue hedgehog that runs fast, but we couldn't think of how, so we just smoked a bowl while watching some other movies."
  14. A possible way to debunk Shreksdonkey would be determine whether this movie actually has done any advance screenings. I know Brazilians got footage a bit earlier, but I mean the whole movie, sans complete animation. If they haven't shown it to anyone, at least not anyone random whom they can't trust to maintain confidentiality, then that leak is probably false. However, it also sounds like the sort of thing that could be true; if only because it sounds as bare-bones and alien to Sonic as every detail officially released suggests this film will be.
  15. Step 1 for me would be a show of goodwill from Sega in the form of open betas. If not as downloadable demos, then as beta builds you can go into their studios and play. The only thing that would convince me they aren't going to do anymore bullshit like Sonic 2006, and Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric is adopting a policy of transparency that will make it possible for people to call them out if they dare try. But to keep this thread from going too far back to games, the upcoming cartoon could help. We'll see. IDW could help. This film...I don't expect it to help, but if only the series had something else to show, it wouldn't really hurt anymore than that old Mario movie did.
  16. The really sad thing is that nothing is stopping Sega from making a fully animated Sonic movie. Game-wise they aren't ready to compete with Mario, but if only they cared about Sonic's world enough to put it in a movie's focus, I think I actually has more potential for a good story than Mario's does. Granted Nintendo doesn't have much choice; thanks to the first attempt trying to do another live-action Mario film would invite mockery. However not being Mario hasn't spared Sonic that mockery.
  17. That isn't likely to happen until Sega fesses up to poor management screwing over multiple Sonic games since the series' heyday and makes a sincere effort to turn over a new leaf. Sonic Boom was supposed to be its big attempt at a return to prominence among esteemed childhood brands, but because Sega sprung a bunch of stupid shit on Big Red Button, the core game sucked and the spin-off eventually failed. Well, that and choosing Cartoon Network to promote it.
  18. You say that, but Angry Birds doesn't. It still got really popular. Gamers may be older on average than they were in the 1990s, but that's just because there are more older people playing games; not less younger people. There will always be a thriving "Rated E" market; especially since plenty of adults still like many of the better games in it, too.
  19. I think you have it backwards. Sonic needs to stop failing if he is to stand any chance of being popular again. Cramming all manner of side-games, adaptations and merchandise down society's throat, much of it questionable, may have worked to keep the brand soaring when its core games were actually good (back then they could even have gotten away with this movie with little detriment), but if it doesn't have those underlying games, then that overexposure just makes it annoying to people.
  20. Not that I have any solid arguments against that, but just an interesting thought: All of those games, and presumably "the likes", are made for more mature audiences than Sonic is. Sonic's success used to be measured by whether it could stand toe to toe with Mario. I don't remember anyone back in the 1990s drawing comparisons between Sonic and Mortal Kombat, Duke Nukem or Tomb Raider. Sonic at the height of its popularity was aimed at the same age as Mario, Kirby, Zelda, etc. The question of whether Sonic can at least regain prominence among young gamers poses the inevitable haunting question: Was Sonic only ever able to do that because of his presumed edginess? If so, then I think Sonic is in a bad place.
  21. I don't want Sonic to be popular again if the cost is his old identity. And I don't get excited about things on the mere basis of how I want them to be; expectations are far more important. Also, get real: I don't think Sonic is the sort of thing that can get all that popular with adults, and if they really wanted the movie to be more popular with children, they should have made it fully animated.
  22. Here's the really awful thing: It could be well-written and good-looking, and still, from at least our perspective, a disappointment. This point can't be stressed enough, as it pertains not only to this movie, but to the entire Sonic series. Game critics and gamers in general may be satisfied with Sonic games that are good, but fans want more; they want the games to be good and still feel like Sonic should be. That's why the boost is so divisive, because when it's in a game they lose the ability to make it challenging and fun in the way Sonic used to be. Conversely it's also one reason Classic Sonic has gotten so popular. Adaptations are in a similar boat; the film might manage to be entertaining, but if it's not entertaining in the way Sonic fans think it should be, so what? Being like that might actually be even worse in a way; if a Sonic film ends up succeeding despite not being what the fans want, it could signal to the powers that be that old fans are irrelevant and it's time to move on to greener pastures--something Sega has already admitted to considering at times, such as when explaining why Sonic Forces automated so much speed. The direction I want this series to take is not the one either this movie or Modern Sonic are taking, and at least in the movie's case most fans agree. They might tolerate it; even enjoy it, but if given the chance to helm a Sonic movie themselves, this is not what most fans would make.
  23. If it was really well-written, I could enjoy it, but being well-written alone isn't enough to capture Sonic really well; at least not in my opinion. In fact, they could throw in a much better Sonic design and it still wouldn't be enough. This is because Sonic's essence isn't about how he looks, and it isn't about what he says. It's about what he does, and without other components from the series, Sonic can't do a lot of what makes him fun. I'm not in this to watch Sonic run along a normal road, with the only difference between him and a car being that Sonic is faster. I want Sonic to traverse fantastic environments shaped like roller coasters and skate parks. The closest we've come to any promise of that is San Francisco; it might provide enough spit in the bucket to give this film some appeal akin to what the games have. But should we even support spit in the bucket?
  24. The comparison isn't deep. Yes; both characters are taller and more human-proportioned than most Sonic characters, but at least Paramount's details show an understanding that the character has fur. Ken's design...what exactly is that? It might as well be spray-painted clay. Now that I see it up close, the realistic quills of movie Sonic are growing on me. It just sucks that he lacks a good shape to roll into a ball and use them.
  25. Scritch the Cat

    A question about the Classic characters

    This is a cliche by now, but they did get Classic Sonic right in 2D in one sense: They let outsiders develop it. Doing that for 3D games is a good next step...that, and not screwing over the developers the way they did with Sonic Synergy.

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