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  1. Yeah, that racing trailer kinda made the assumption that people would go nuts just from the tease. The only game that would be worthy of that kind of coy reveal at this point would be SA3.
  2. Sonic Forces made me question everything. Why do I like Sonic? Why do I still hang on to this franchise that clearly needs to get things figured out? At first, I thought it was because of all the good games I still enjoyed. But now I realize, my love for Sonic doesn’t stem from any game at all. Something about Sonic is deeply compelling, even inspiring to me. It has to do with the characters and the world they inhabit. Part of it is mostly psychological. Eggman’s thirst for control is an amplified version of what many of us struggle with: refusing to accept that we can’t really control what happens in life. This is something I’ve been working on for years, with recent events really driving it home. Beyond that, there is something unique, profound, and memorable about the series’ imagery. The sheer size and the bulky forms of Eggman’s arsenal juxtaposed against this little blue hedgehog. The surreal, beautiful landscapes. The iconic sound effects. The joy on Eggman’s face as he concocts his newest plan. Sonic’s refusal to give up or mope around. This is a series with a remarkable foundation. It’s why I still care about Sonic.
  3. What do you think the next sonic game will be?

    Literally no idea. This is the most unpredictable franchise ever, in a bad way. Sega picks up on complaints the way politicians pick up on memes.
  4. At what point did Sonic Forces lose you?

    There were a lot of people, including myself, who made apologies for Forces right until the leak, but I think we should get a bit of a break. It was - and still is - hard to imagine that a game four years in the making would be comprised of two minute, barebones levels. As such, it was hard to believe that the shit we were presented with was representative of the whole game. Then it became undeniable. The Green Hill demo was the straw that broke the back. It took a few days of processing that, but by the time the leak came, Forces had lost me.
  5. I hope they don’t take its success as a sign to keep pumping out low-effort crap. Instead, use that money as motivation to reinstate talented developers in Sonic Team who have passion for the series and its characters. Imagine if we could get the gameplay of Generations with the heart and soul of Adventure.
  6. How will Sonic Forces be remembered in the years to come?

    If Sonic games get better budgets going forward and some actual time and effort put into them, Forces will be remembered as that half-assed game that made us question if Sonic’s best days were behind him and not ahead.
  7. This is going to sound shallow and neurotic, but I honestly just want a game NAMED Sonic Adventure 3, mostly so we can point at it and say, “This is SA3.” It won’t live up to the hype, but hopefully it would be decent. Then we can de-mystify our community’s Half Life 3 and move on.
  8. Even if they showed a CGI teaser in the vein of the Project 2017 one, I really wouldn’t be that excited. I would need gameplay to give the slightest shit at this point. The fact that they’re still going with a live-action/CGI movie is mind-bogglingly idiotic, too.
  9. In light of the brain drain at ST, I wonder if the current team is really capable of making something great, even with the proper budget. This thread is all about suggest what to do and what not to do, but at the end of the day, no amount of answers can replace good intuition. Like an employee with terrible judgment, ST seems to need constant direction from others, rarely taking initiative with positive results. So what do you do after so many years? Get a better employee.
  10. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    The way I see it, this is a compilation game. I’m going to be neutral on gender politics and say that if it’s an issue, then it’s one caused not by this kart racer so much as the series it’s representing. Why should we put blame on the all-stars game for simply featuring the characters that exist? It’s not this game’s fault that male characters outnumber females like 6 to 1.
  11. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    I’d like a release that coincides with a 2k remaster the other two. Maybe an ultimate version for 80 bucks. On the subject of this game, I’m actually okay with there only being Sonic characters. Sonic has a huge cast of characters that, while not particularly well written (or sometimes not written at all), stand out visually and would make for an appropriately diverse racer. Example: Lightweight - Charmy Bee; Chao; Flickies; Wisps; Omochao; Cream; Zik Light-Middle - Orbot; Cubot; Tails; Amy; Sticks; Marine; Chaos Zero; Tikal; Classic Sonic; Jet; Middleweight - Sonic; Knuckles; Blaze; Shadow; Espio; Rouge; Mighty; Wave; Silver, Zeena, Zor Middle-Heavy - Egg Pawn; Eggman; Metal Sonic; Storm; Bark; Zazz Heavyweight - Big; Zavok; E-123 Omega; Vector; Zomom; As for the gameplay, I think I’d prefer something less hectic than Transformed, but I dunno. I just want to burn rubber and race through some iconic stages.
  12. The Possibility of Sonic Adventure HD

    I’d be okay with Vicarious Visions and a completely new team of writers remaking the game with different code and everything, Crash style. I mentioned this before, but it could be a really good springboard to a reboot. You could establish the chaos emeralds again by showing some kind of prologue with Super Sonic. But it’s just extremely unlikely for the pieces to fall into place at the moment.
  13. The problem isn’t whether a story is serious or silly, it’s about how well it’s written. Captain fucking Underpants was a fun and engaging movie, even though it was clearly targeted towards grade-schoolers. Because no matter how goofy it got, there were actual stakes involved. Professor Poopypants was a fun villain with clear motivations. Sonic Forces being dark wasn’t the problem. It was the way it was conveyed and how unnatural it felt. So as many others have said, get some better writers.
  14. Here we go again.
  15. The Possibility of Sonic Adventure HD

    A loose remake that serves as a springboard to a rebooted continuity would be awesome.

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