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  1. I get that erasing the existing continuity seems drastic and potentially disastrous, but a remake of Sonic Adventure and SA2 is a great way to do a reboot. None of the stuff since SA2 gave any real (good) development to the characters, save for the game that erased itself from ever happening to begin with. So just nuke it all and start from there. If the new stories are engaging and well-written, the storm over the old continuity will clear up. Who cares if Eggman never built an interstellar amusement park that nobody visited? Who cares if the Deadly Six never existed when they were so one-dimensional in the first place? I get that my argument seems self-defeating; that the stuff after SA2 is so inconsequential that we actually might as well keep it, but here's the thing- SA and SA2 could benefit tremendously from remakes. And as long as those remakes stay true to the general character arcs and themes, they could make a lot of small plot changes that very few people would take issue with and would drastically improve the stories.
  2. Do People really want Different Characters in Sonic?

    Right now, mainstream critics don't really care either way, and I don't blame them. Such characters are visually interesting, and the comics have fleshed them out some, but in the game's they're just kind of there. Vector, Silver, and Knuckles all could have changed roles and nothing would seem off. Not a good sign, at all.
  3. Reboot the franchise with a Sonic Adventure remake that changes that game's story in several ways. Flesh out the Chaos Emeralds and show what they can do for Sonic by having him go super at the beginning of the game. Sonic and Tails have never met Knuckles, who doesn't get tricked by Eggman in this version. After Knuckles helps retrieve the Emeralds, Sonic unwittingly displays entitled behavior after defeating Perfect Chaos. This plants the seeds of suspicion for a Sonic 3&K remake. At THAT game's end, a post-credits scene reveals that Eggman has escaped the falling Death Egg and is headed towards what in the next game will be revealed as the Ark. Cue SA2 remake. A man can dream, right?
  4. where will sonic team go from here

    Ideally? Release whatever game they've actually been working on all this time, and then focus on grand titles that involve the entire team- not split into groups like we've seen since 2009.
  5. So we're really in a second "Dark Age" huh??

    When I think of a franchise's Dark Age, it brings to mind RELATIVE quality and release droughts. For Mario, everything after Mario Galaxy 2 and before Mario Odyssey can be considered that series' dark age. Throughout the Wii U's life, Mario was playing it safe, which for his outstanding series does constitute a dark age. For Sonic, everything between Sonic 3&K and Sonic Mania (and so far, after) fell far short of those games, although one can argue that because of how well they were received at the time, SA and SA2 were not part of this dark age. Regardless, there was an over-15-year dark age leading up to Mania. I actually enjoy Sonic Generations more than any of the others, but it lacks the proper realization of its potential for me to sit here and rank it anywhere near the Genesis games. So it sits in that dark age. Mania brought an end to that dark age, giving us a 2-month golden age. Sonic Forces brought us into another dark age. So yes, people, we are in the second dark age of Sonic as a franchise, just not for the reasons people think.
  6. Was Sonic Forces False Advertising?

    I recommend you go back and play Unleashed. The Generations mod uses much sharper textures than the original game, and lighting effects like god rays are much more realistic in Forces than Unleashed, where they looked like white smears. Unleashed doesn't hold a candle to Forces.
  7. How would you fix the story of Forces?

    Establish Infinite as a threat by having Sonic and all of his friends subdued, minus Knuckles. None of them are tortured. Eggman takes over the world because there isn't a resistance in the first place. Knuckles meets Rookie during an attack by Eggman, and the two agree to help take back their friends. The story proceeds without any Classic Sonic whatsoever. Infinite is beaten down, and he reveals that Shadow insulted him earlier. Shadow is now aware of his role in Infinite's creation, and we see the mental effects of that. Sonic and his friends take things seriously. We see and participate in battles through levels, rather than being told about them. The team decides they need the Chaos Emeralds to get the job done.There is a push and pull to the tide of war, with Eggman actually gaining back some land at one point. The whole bit with that idiotic sun plot is removed entirely. We get boss fights with the fakers, that include help from their real-life counterparts (except Metal). Once Sonic and Shadow face Infinite, you get to play a three-section boss fight where the Rookie helps out. Once Infinite is defeated, Eggman thoughtlessly murders him. Eggman uses an illusion of Perfect Chaos to send them all flying miles away, then retreats to an unknown facility. Days pass as they find the last emeralds, and Eggman makes a violent return from underground with a swarm of enhanced Death Egg robots. He reclaims some territory, setting the stage for a final fight in his capital. Each character takes a turn being Super as the one before tires out from ring loss, culminating in Rookie going Super and finishing him off. Day is saved. Eggman retreats into space, warning Sonic that it might take longer than usual, but he will be back. Post-credits scene shows Rookie and Sonic parting ways.
  8. Might as well put it in though, if only so you can say you did.
  9. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    So is there a full version of Infinite's theme or what?
  10. What is so bad about Forces gameplay?

    I agree, but I would add that Classic Sonic actually controls worse this time around, on top of the levels being far more simplistic and blocky. He simply doesn't gain momentum in many cases, and the automation introduces random hikes in his speed that feel completely unnatural.
  11. At what point did Sonic Forces lose you?

    When I saw the leaks, although the demo had already drastically knocked down my expectations. I guess if we're talking about it as a game, when I saw the demo.
  12. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Exactly. Just because he gives them a lot of attention doesn't mean he loves them. He even said at the beginning of his first Sonic marathon that the Genesis games are much better and more worth your time. There just isn't as much to say about them, great as they are.
  13. where will sonic team go from here

    SoJ should just let go of Sonic. They have no idea what to do with him, their own culture is less privy to him than the West, and everything they produce is polished up by western elements of development. Having Sonic produced over there is like having Monster Hunter produced here. It's just not working.
  14. where will sonic team go from here

    Oh. Well fuck them both.
  15. where will sonic team go from here

    Didn't Sega literally facepalm when Sonic Team showed them their Avatar: The Game concept? Plus Sega weren't the ones who ordered one-minute stages, that I can promise you.