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  1. 1. I know you were. 2. Big levels: Unleashed and Lost World. Levels that generally err past the 3 minute mark for a casual playthrough. 3. Fair enough
  2. Unleashed had: - Huge levels - Moderate (not too fast) pacing - Collectibles and ulockables galore - An epic scale and scope - Stakes that you care about - Hub worlds with NPCs No Sonic game since has had more than one of these things.
  3. Here’s the thing: at least regarding budget, I’d argue they’ve been taking a break from “big” Sonic games since Unleashed. Yeah, it’s been literally 10 years since we had a game that didn’t feel slim and budget-restricted in some way. So unless it’s the best move for Sonic’s longevity and quality, I’m really not interested in any $10-20 game.
  4. Whatever the WhoCares

    Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

    There’s something inherently bizarre about Sonic stories having elements of seriousness to them. But you know what? That’s just part of the package. Whenever Sonic Team gets self-conscious about it, the stories go from bizarre and interesting (albeit never as good as their potential thus far) to bland and unengaging. Yes, multicolored gloved animals saving the planet in any primarily serious setting are always going to be just outside the mainstream. It’s weird. But I love that about Sonic. I miss the kind of Sonic I was embarrassed to admit I liked in Middle School. This recent milquetost shit is just not good.
  5. Whatever the WhoCares

    Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions

    Oh god, I watched an E3 demo where the player asked the rep, “So I can still lose even if I get first place?” And the rep goes, “Oh yeah, if you get like 1st place but your other teammates get 6th and 8th, then you might not actually win.” And as he was saying that, his voice got less confident, as if he was realizing what a broken system this could be. Please turn out alright, and if not, then please have a classic racing mode.
  6. Whatever the WhoCares

    Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions

    The team mechanic totally killed my hype for this, not gonna lie. They just couldn’t resist putting in a counter-intuitive gimmick.
  7. Whatever the WhoCares

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Gotta say, I’m bummed they’re introducing new characters instead of developing existing ones. Hopefully they keep it relegated to villains. Is this canon to the main series or no?
  8. Whatever the WhoCares

    Is Jirard (The Completionist) right about Forces’ endgame?

    Yeah, I tried going back to get more red rings, and I actually found the shorter length to make collecting things HARDER. Every hundred feet is another red ring, making them much easier to miss by not seeing them or just happening to choose the wrong path.
  9. For those who don’t know, The Completionist made a Sonic Forces episode, where he basically echoed this forum’s consensus regarding level design, story, and (lack of) gameplay. However, one thing got me intrigued: he insisted that going back for the collectables breathes life into stages and makes them more engaging than they were the first time through. What are your thoughts on this take? I really hadn’t considered the possibility, but on the other hand I find some of those red rings more frustrating than anything.
  10. Whatever the WhoCares

    Should Sonic be "wise"?

    To answer the OP, I don’t think he should be wise beyond what he knows. Sonic and the Black Knight showed a realistic extent of his wisdom because the advice he taught (about enjoying your life, not trying to control every aspect of it, letting yourself live in the moment) fit in with his character. However, he shouldn’t be lecturing anyone about things like thinking before you act, choosing your battles wisely, knowing your limits, or really anything to do with caution. That’s his pitfall, or at least it is when he’s handled by writers who understand the characters. Sonic’s carefree attitude is admirable, but I’d imagine he’d be dead by now without characters like Tails to clean up his mistakes.
  11. Whatever the WhoCares

    How will Sonic Forces be remembered in the years to come?

    Unleashed was the closest thing we got to a big-budget, Triple-A revitalization of Sonic, but it was ultimately too flawed to be deemed as such. Colors was a return to quality, but its cheapness showed through. Generations was comparable to unleashed in terms of gameplay effort, but the story and world just weren’t there. Forces was hyped, at least early on, as the next Unleashed in terms of scale, and yet again, it turned out to be another budget-tier product. We need a game with the grandeur of Unleashed and the fun of Generations.
  12. Whatever the WhoCares

    How will Sonic Forces be remembered in the years to come?

    I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly bad game so much as it came out at a time when Sega really had no more excuses to put out a mediocre product. It’s nowhere near as bad as Sonic 06, but it FEELS that way in context. I would even argue that the extra ten years of experience for Sonic Team makes Forces a more embarrassing product than Sonic 06 ever was.
  13. Whatever the WhoCares

    What Would You Rate Each Sonic Game?

    Based on what I’ve played: Terrible (1 to 2.5): None, but that’s because I didn’t play RoL, 06, or Secret Rings Bad (3-4.5): Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Lost World 3DS Mediocre (5-5.5): Sonic Heroes, Sonic Forces, Sonic Generations 3DS, Sonic Rivals Okay (6-6.5): Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 4 Episodes 1&2, Sonic Rivals 2, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Adventure, Unleashed HD, Unleashed Wii, Good (7-7.5): Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colors DS, Great (8-8.5): Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, Sonic Generations Awesome (9-10): Sonic 3&K, Sonic Mania
  14. Yeah, that racing trailer kinda made the assumption that people would go nuts just from the tease. The only game that would be worthy of that kind of coy reveal at this point would be SA3.
  15. Sonic Forces made me question everything. Why do I like Sonic? Why do I still hang on to this franchise that clearly needs to get things figured out? At first, I thought it was because of all the good games I still enjoyed. But now I realize, my love for Sonic doesn’t stem from any game at all. Something about Sonic is deeply compelling, even inspiring to me. It has to do with the characters and the world they inhabit. Part of it is mostly psychological. Eggman’s thirst for control is an amplified version of what many of us struggle with: refusing to accept that we can’t really control what happens in life. This is something I’ve been working on for years, with recent events really driving it home. Beyond that, there is something unique, profound, and memorable about the series’ imagery. The sheer size and the bulky forms of Eggman’s arsenal juxtaposed against this little blue hedgehog. The surreal, beautiful landscapes. The iconic sound effects. The joy on Eggman’s face as he concocts his newest plan. Sonic’s refusal to give up or mope around. This is a series with a remarkable foundation. It’s why I still care about Sonic.

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