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  1. Sand Hill Zone confirmed! Seriously though, going to love seeing new spins on new spins of old classics, this team can pull it off.
  2. Any stage with Eggman's face plastered on it. He's supposed to be in charge but his face isn't in my face every single frame of this game. To try and add something to this conversation, Eggmanland. Someone already mentioned that? Let me try again... Maybe a 2 act level against Eggman's fleet (not actually sure how acts and zones work in this game so just assuming the norm). First zone has the fleet attacking whatever up in the sky. Maybe you get an Unleashed side step thing avoiding a bombing run from either a ship or some smaller air troops but otherwise they are there for decoration. I'd suggest Spagonia but it was in Generations, we've already got a city under siege and it might be too close to what initially inspired this. Any zone could fit here I guess, just something Eggman would want to capture. I'm going to say Metropolis/Power Plant so this can be a mostly Heroes homage. So you run through the city under siege. It is under siege for the power plant. You stop the siege. Siege Siege Siege. Eggman, knowing he can't take the power plant, orders it's destruction. The end of the level is still the core and the way out is up. You here a familiar craft up above and a familiar sound busts open the roof of the core. You start racing upwards as the Flying Fortress' bombs continue to rain down. This would be a faster escape with less stops and enemy blocking gates and waiting for cylindrical platforms as that wouldn't work so well with the boost gameplay. I'm not even sure if this works in Heroes but I definitely enjoyed the feeling of panic first playing this. You blast through with Sonic speed (sorry not sorry) and the act ends as you smash into FF. Act 2 has a short FF section, you damage something internally and leave for the Heroes homage to continue. You work through the egg fleet till you get to Wing Fortress/Egg Carrier/Whatever Heroes had/something new and have a fight with Eggman/Metal Sonic ver. 2/whoever. So in short, Metropolis Power Plant into Flying Fortress into Egg Fleet and a boss fight across two acts. Would also like returns to Scrap Brain, Hang Castle and Mystic Cave.
  3. The man with the master plan and the master ego. Casinos, parks, soldiers, weaponry, propaganda and flags in HIS image. He is a cheesy guy, but not just a cheesy guy. Maybe mix in a bit of Boom Eggman in that he cares about other's perception of him, just not to a fault. Reality is another thing, but I think he'd want people to love him, but that he'd crack down and make an example of those who couldn't appreciate all the casinos, theme parks, media and other entertainment he was producing. He'd have countermeasures for that, or treachery against his Empire (as I said Master Plan). I'm making all this up as I go along but hopefully my painting isn't too messy. I think he is pretty calm and collected (unfortunately 06 is the example that comes to mind here) until Sonic makes things personal*, which he always would. *personal in the dictionary of my Eggman is any attack on his self, even as weightless and immature as Baldy McNoseHair, because it suggests anything less than the love he deserves and is very image focused. To put it another way, the death egg robot personified. Deadly deadly and deadly in love with it's creator from it's grinning face to it's egg-bombs (do they have a name?). Alternatives would be small variations on Unleashed, Classic or Archie Flynn Eggman, they seem to be where I've gotten most of this. But I'm flexible-ish about all this; most of this doesn't sound like SatAM Robotnik who I enjoyed who (hoping I'm not wearing rose-tinted glasses right now) I enjoyed. Definitely not wearing rose-tinted headphones, damn that is a nice voice. But not the voice of my Eggman. Or the voice of Forces Eggman either, looking at anything but the Death-Egg Robot Squad Cummings would be more fitting that Pollock (despite preferring Pollock in general).
  4. Why not both? If there isn't some confirmation that confirms that Force's Classic Sonic is both from another dimensions unlike Generations, but all the same he and Modern know each other BECAUSE of Generations in the form of a giant middle finger from the writers. That there is a parallel enough dimension with a Earth/Mobius/Whatever wins the Coin Toss this Time exists that has a Classic Sonic is close enough to the last one to run fast, be a hero and look the same? But despite my attempts to reason it, I'm not oblivious to the fact that canon and Sonic don't go along.
  5. I'm interested, but beats me if I know why. Also, I'm not going through 24 pages to see if someone else has made the exact same comment sorry, I'm sure the general sentiment has been made but... FEATURING ALL YOUR FAVORITE ANTAGONISTS... AND ZAVOK!
  6. Seconding the love for 225, that issue is why I am (was?) collecting this series. 250 is probably the better option, but technically 230 continues on from 225 so if you spring for three and want to listen to me, make it two thirty-three.
  7. Hey everyone, been stalking this conversation since this whole Archie confusion started but joined because of this comment above me. Specifically, I have an unhealthy relationship with Transformers, heard Ratchet mentioned and have to ask... Which show/film/game series are we talking about? Presumably not TF Animated, I'd guess Jeffrey Combs or Tatasciore but can't really how he sounded in the Sunbow cartoon or the films. I only really remember original Ratchet from the comics and his 80's cartoon death. Hopefully you are actually talking about Transformers... Anyway, don't want my first post to be completely off topic (just mostly apparently) I hear a Jaleel-ish voice with Classic Sonic. Something is different about it, can't quite put my finger on it though. More him than whatever the other part though. Seem to swap between Smith and Drummond depending on the dialogue for modern Sonic. Default to Smith, but Drummond comes out with with some of the more 90's attitude-y comments. Eggman is almost always Pollock, SatAM Robotnik doesn't really fit his current portrayal.
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