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  1. If the only way to get your child to read is The Lara-Su Chronicles, it's too late for them. Unless they're reading it for the comedic appeal, I suppose.
  2. Aw, those are both very cute! I like how the designs are very accurate to SEGA's while the adorable style is your own!
  3. All we can really do is hope and pray that SU doesn't get it. *cough* Seriously, though, I'm really impressed that Boom got nominated! I'd be really surprised if it won, but it makes me happy that it even got this far.
  4. Character customization in a Sonic game as a concept is... okay?? I guess?? I mean, if Chao gardens didn't ruin the franchise, this won't. But then there's the whole deal that these just don't really look good and have a bit of a cringe factor. And honestly, the "example" character they specially chose to feature just looks dorky. Those glasses look so absurdly tacked-on. Like. Did any of you guys ever play those old Petz games by P. F. Magic? Dogz and Catz? Those glasses look exactly like the ridiculously chunky glasses in those games. So I guess I'd say I'm pretty neutral about this news. I'm definitely not looking forward to DeviantArt being flooded with photos kids took of their TV screens displaying their OCs, though. Let kids be kids (I'm sure lots of kiddos will really enjoy this feature) but yeah, not looking forward to that.
  5. Hello, all! I'm Monkey Destruction Switch's little sister. I'm a Christian, my hobby of choice is writing novels, and I just graduated high school. My favorite Sonic game is Mean Bean Machine and my favorite character is Knuckles (second place goes to Silver and third to Bean the Dynamite Duck). I'm probably not going to be super active on this forum, but oh, well, here I am. It's nice to meet y'all.
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