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  1. Sapphirine Wind

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    If that's what he really looks similar to, then I will be absolutely fine with Sonic's design and textures in the movie. Honestly, that's probably the best case scenario we could get here-- I'll be glad to see if whoever was calling the shots managed to make him work in an endearing way a lot like Pikachu did in Detective Pikachu. Now for the movie's content. I'm not that peeved that Sonic's friends aren't in this, and am sort of looking forward to Sonic's dynamic with this Tom cop guy, which looks interesting in terms of conflict and character development for the both of them. I think their friendship will be unique when compared to the others, and to better develop it, I don't mind the use of just Sonic and Eggman. I really hope that this is a fun film to watch, whatever happens. Now all they have to do is use typical try-hard, aaaaawwwwkaaaard movie humor and an over-reliance on crude and possibly sexual jokes to completely and utterly ruin this movie for me.
  2. Sapphirine Wind

    The Introduction Topic

    Thanks! I hope I can help with the same in any small way.
  3. Sapphirine Wind

    The Introduction Topic

    I've been lurking on this account for like... over a year. Before I comment on anything else, I ought to introduce myself. Hi... I like Sonic. Been a fan since I was a kid. Hilariously enough, my mom was a fan before me. She remembers running away from lava, I remember running away from a killer whale. I draw a little and I'm trying to get into writing fanfiction, and Sonic's what got me into those hobbies properly. I hope we all have a good time!

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