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  1. I like this! It feels like Station Square, but as a stage.
  2. I went keto due to some blood work turning up fairly bad. This lead to more suspicion that I have a condition (which has been confirmed). It's not diabetes, but the condition puts me at risk. I've lost around 10 pounds so far after about a month. I can eat meat, cheese, most vegetables, certain fruits, and nuts. I'm avoiding carbs, so I can't have breads, most fruits, and really sugary things. I'm enjoying the foods I can eat on it and am trying new vegetables, or at least, trying to incorporate them into my diet some more. That said, I'm planning on staying on this diet until around October, after getting a second round of blood work and seeing if I've improved. Hopefully I will, what with taking the steps to manage it medically and the diet. I don't think I could stand the holidays if I couldn't eat most of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, never mind the treats we usually bake at the at time. I think the thing I'm taking from this is measuring serving sizes, more vegetables and having less sugary snacks in between meals. If I can control that and count my calories, maybe I won't need to go on a full on diet.
  3. Hey, uh quick question, if I blocked someone on twitter and someone took a picture of my tweet to show them it, can I... say something (it was on my thread, the blocked person asked)?

    I don't like that. I feel like that person is disrespecting my boundaries?

    1. Polkadi~☆


      If you feel like that person is disrespecting your boundaries, what do you think is the right course of action?

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Calling them out on it; "Don't do that, I blocked them".

    3. Polkadi~☆


      If you feel like that’s the right thing to do, why not go do that?

    4. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I was overthinking it, I think. I wasn't sure if that was twitter etiquette to do that for blocked people.

      Thanks! I'll give that a try.

    5. Failinhearts


      I think it's fine to basically take your stance. After all, you got dragged into such a mess after all. You deserve to stand up for yourself.

    6. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Thanks-- it's not anything terrible or anything mean spirited (I'm not being bullied/poked fun at as far as I see it), I just feel like it's very inappropriate regardless of the image guy's intent. I said something, idk if anything will be said back.

  4. tfw a chinese bootleg mobile game gives more satisfactory animations to the Pokemon than their own franchise.

    1. Ruomarta


      If you look further into this, it's only actually one idle animation for each Pokémon(also the fact theirs only like 67 Pokémon).

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      They're still much better than the animations in the main series. It's a billion dollar franchise that's on top of the world. It's still embarrassing.

  5. the newest thing about the animation looks like... Hops' mouth moves. None of the animations so far have looked like they were worth Dexit. EDIT: I know I must sound like a broken record at this point, but tbh, the Pokemon are an important aspect of Pokemon to me. Everything about this feels off for me, and it's deeply troubling to me as a lifelong fan.
  6. I was once really looking forward to the game, but now that's changed. They've... kinda gone and promoted a feeling about apathy for just about every aspect of the game. A Pokemon? Well, don't get too attached, it might not appear in a new game for a while (Shinx, a fairly liked Pokemon, has shown up in only one regional Pokedex; Sinnoh, its debut region). That one mechanic? Those have been dropping like flies since before this mess. That battle gimmick? It's gonna be thrown out for something else in the next generation. Like, what's sacred now? If the Pokemon aren't, what's next? How long until certain less popular Pokemon (Simisear) are retired? It might be unthinkable, but so was this. What was the point of all that poetic waxing about how people love their Pokemon and want to take them to the new generation? The strongest system Pokemon has ever been on, and this is how they plan to kick off Pokemon's main series console debut? Not only does it not inspire confidence, it's a hype killer when you realize a lot of the Pokemon you've taken time to capture and raise are going to be fragmented across multiple games at best.
  7. I...uh... saw that trailer. The 2003 Titans look so weirdly animated, like y'all have been saying. The way they're animated just doesn't fit their designs, their expressions are wonky and the proportions between the counterparts look off. it just doesn't look good.
  8. Couldn't sleep. the only normal reaction was to assume I had a rare genetic/sporadic disease that keeps me from sleeping.

    The most obvious answer are probably; stress, didn't follow my routine, kept going to bed around 4:00 and sleeping longer than usual from the other day/yesterday fricked me up.

    EDIT: and now I have a hard time yawning????????? is it stress?????? oh well, I'll ask a doctor about this.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Hopefully everything's okay.

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I think it's stress/anxiety (on top of a embarrassingly bad sleep schedule and possibly too much caffeine). Things have been a little rough. I'm gonna take it a little easier and that's gonna be easier with the medication refil;l I just picked up.

      Thank you for the hope!

  9. I know this may be tiered, but it looks like everything (Pokemon, Items, moves, move-sets via level-up, etc)from gen 7 was ported into Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. Things add up even less.
  10. It was sexist because it enforced a slant in favor of males. Like, tail/whisker/hair length as well as different colorings are one thing. Those add variety within Pokemon. Giving girl Pokemon a disadvantage in attack just makes her undesirable. It's not even neutral like a gender difference, it's a flat out negative. And, like said by @Mad Convoy, Female animals can still mess you up if you provoke them. A female bear might be smaller, but she's by no means less of a threat. In fact, you should stay far away from momma bears, let alone most other mother animals.
  11. Holy shit, someone did a remake of the Pokerap.


  12. It's like they put Minecraft elements in Animal Crossing and it worked out so well! I'm seriously looking forward to this!
  13. Well, it's hard not to be caught up in emotion, especially when given reasons haven't been really valid from what we've seen They want to even out the competitive scene? Then exclude non-Galar Pokemon from their competitive scenes without snapping them from the game. They've done something very similar in the past, where Pokemon born in 6th/7th gen games could be in competitive, but not the same species of Pokemon that was from another generation. It's too much effort to put in? Then I really am mystified. The models we're seeing of Pokemon from gens 1 to 6 are the exact same from 2013. They were designed to be future proof and they clearly are, since you can see them in these trailers. Better animations are taking up more space? Wingull just... glides in place (and not in an entirely natural way in how it turns and doesn't seem to occasionally flap). Scorbunny doesn't kick when using double kick. I think there was an entrance animation for Machoke, and while nice, it was hardly anything complex. In one of the Dynamax raids, the enemy Steelix just... appeared in. So when I hear that I won't be able to play with all the Pokemon I've raised because of new/improved animation, and see that... that's really irritating. Like, at the moment, with everything we've seen, they don't look like valid reasons, especially when looking at other games and how much GB they take up. BOTW and Skyrim don't even take up half of the switch's 32 GB; at 13.4 GB and 14.3 GB respectively. An MMO like DC Universe Online takes up 30 GB. All of the data from USUM took up 3.6 GB out of 8 GB. This means that all 807+ Pokemon, the models and animations took up less than half the 3ds' limits and that's why I don't really buy any of their reasons. Nothing they've shown looks like it takes up 32 GB. Not to mention that they haven't alluded to this at all. The reveal of Home was as good a time as ever to announce it, but they didn't, and chose to do it when viewership to their presentation was dropping. Not even a year ago, when this game was likely well in development, they released a video called "Pokemon Rescue Team" emphasizing how from a GBA Pokemon cart, you could transfer Pokemon all the way to SUMO/USUM. So something doesn't sound right.
  14. No, people are not entitled for wanting to bring their favorite/sentimental Pokemon into newer games like they always have, especially since GameFreak has gone on to emphasize that they know how their fans hold their Pokemon close to their hearts due to unique experiences they've had with them. This didn't just happen to them; they knew that this would not be popular with long time fans who have been transferring Pokemon since gen 4. They decided not to put in the effort. They're deciding to rush this game to get it out rather than honor the time, work and attachment that they've encouraged their fans to put into their Pokemon. They did this to themselves. Because Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, on the 3DS, had a total of 807 Pokemon, which does not account for gender differences, mega evolutions and other sort of variants and forms. That without a doubt places us close to 900 if not over it, and each different model has a variety of animations (eating, sleeping, happy, angry, special attack, physical attack, attacked, fainting, running, walking, signature; some had more or fewer than others). The 3ds had all of that. The Switch is obviously much more powerful. It can run Skyrim and Witcher 3. There is no doubt that it can hold all of USUM's assets and then the new Galar content. This isn't GF pushing the system to its absolute limit, this is their programming/optimization skills cracking under pressure to meet a deadline. For such a controversial statement, they've done nothing to soften it. These are the same people who knew Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee would be polarizing, which is why they mentioned that they were working on the then unnamed SWSH after announcing LGPE. If this was the case, they would have said that. And that doesn't look like it will happen, and we also have precedent that it may not; new ORAS mega evolutions didn't get patched into XY, the new Pokemon and forms in USUM weren't patched into SUMO. This is apparently going to be the norm now as well. Because of that, people are rightfully angry that what was once a guarantee is not anymore. Those "self-entitled goofs" have Pokemon that are over a decade old, traded from special people in their lives, or are simply attached to them for literally an other reason, and if said Pokemon aren't popular enough, are unpopular, or GF plain old doesn't think they fit for some reason (reminder; Solrock and Lunatone weren't in Sun and Moon, you had to transfer them, so it can "fit" but not get in), they may see years of storage in Pokemon Home. That prospect is ridiculous, so it's no wonder people are mad.
  15. in less Pokemon related news... I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this candy bar I ate...

    Darkish(?) chocolate, wafers and a filling or some flavoring that reminded me of vick's... minty, but not mint flavored.

    Gugh... wasn't the most pleasant thing I've eaten from Spain.

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