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  1. We got a new puppy recently!

    He's such a good boy! I think he's got a handle on his name now  (which we had a hard time deciding on).

    Our older dog is a bit... annoyed. She doesn't hate him; she can go to any room, but stays in the room with him, she sniffs him, she exposes her stomach around him, she even played with him and I'm pretty sure she let him win tug-of-war, because she was dragging him.

    He just tries to to play with her by nipping at her ears and tail. Sometimes it seems just being near annoys her, but she has been fairly close to him.

    It'll take some adjusting, but I think they'll get used to each other.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      congrats, buddy!!!

  2. Tried some Mexican styled corn today.

    It was really good! much better than I anticipated.

  3. Shane: *contemplating suicide/dying*

    Jas: *runs away crying*

    Marnie: *Goes to comfort her*

    Me: *awkward silence, because I only came over to buy some cows*

  4. Been a while and thought: Why not? Title: Chaos Degradation. Medium: Animated (ideal) Written (if I did it) Outline: Following a fatal accident, Sonic and friends find their mourning interrupted when they're swept up into the Digital World. Assigned partner Digimon by Homeostasis, they must quell the rage and destruction of a large organization of irate Digimon. As everyone tries to find their footing in this world of powerful monsters. Sonic has held a firm position: he won't let Tailmon fight. Everyone knows why, but no one is sure how to tackle the problem, not when they're all missing the same friend. But each battle puts the confrontation to the side. Little do they know, there's more to this war than meets the eye. Does it exist? Nope. Tl;dr Sonic needs therapy.
  5. I... did not realize how old those statuses were. I guess I hadn't refreshed this page in hours


  6. I feel like both can happen. Tails may find an older bother figure in Sonic, but could simultaneously serve as an exposition fairy to fill Sonic in on what he's missed. Tails' bullying is such a part of his backstory, so it could also be part of Tails' inner struggle with feeling accepted. Sonic's abilities make him someone that people will kidnap him for, while Tails' abilities got him picked on. So Sonic thinking it's neat might be a huge boost to his self-esteem. I've seen speculation that Longclaw has factored in Tails' search for Sonic; perhaps she's taken Tails in and told him about Sonic as he grew up. I think the quill will definitely factor into making Metal Sonic. Shadow, maybe not so much, but I do wonder if his backstory will be the same if he does appear. Then again, apparently the US government likes to say "this person never existed" about any of their failures, so I wouldn't doubt Gerald and Maria "don't exist". I'm gonna go through some other characters, I like to speculate. It's obviously not everyone, but I feel like a lot of my other speculations would be "maybe they have the same role", and as much as I'd like to add onto it, I should wait till there's more to speculate on. Otherwise it's just baseless/bland.
  7. If the movies ever end up having Shadow, I want it to turn out that under his anti-social personality that he's just as annoying as Sonic.

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I want that in the games

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Maybe that's why team Dark isn't a thing anymore; they'd know too much.

    3. Wraith


      This is basically the case in my mind

    4. Kuzu


      You mean he isn't already?

  8. I love them! One feels like an episode of a sitcom, while the other feels like a scene that could happen in the next movie.
  9. Yeah, Cyrus seems fine as is right now, it's just that seeing a redesign for him would have been interesting for me. I do have trouble pointing what could be changed, maybe other than giving him some tech. The E4? Dated, They need something to up their designs.
  10. All I feel is that Cyrus can use some more oomph in his clothes. Or look a little younger (because he's apparently in his 20s). Maybe not a transformation as big as Archie and Maxie. Oh god, the Poketch... Let's Go DID utilize the touch screen when you went to pet Pikachu/Eevee. Have any Switch games had the controller screen look different from what's going on on the TV screen?
  11. Like, looking at it compared to ORAS, they're setting it up to be a faithful remake, and that's... underwhelming. To me, what made ORAS neat was it added on some neat stuff, like Soaring with the Latis, using that to access various legendary Pokemon, updated some older designs (Maxie and Archie look so much more memorable to me now), and even added something new to the story and some new stories, like with Zinnia and a bit with Lisia. Even with FRLG and HGSS, they still added things to them that made it feel like they were more than just a remaster. I would say THAT'S why people liked remakes so much and were looking forward to DP remakes. Looking like this, I don't think there's gonna be any cool additions like Soaring, or any add ons to the stories, or any neat redesigns. It seems like it's going to be the same game with prettier graphics. Sure, it might be early to say that much, but first impressions are important, and that's the vibe this gives off for me.
  12. Your works a great as usual. Very slice-of-life-y, and the cares are awesome as always.
  13. I'm not fond of how they're choosing to to go about the art style for BDSP. It feels like it's saying "HEY THIS WAS A DS GAME". The models when they're battling look good, though, there's a good polish to them. Pokemon Legends Arceus is very interesting; it's about time we saw some ancient Poke Balls. But the environments look too... garry's mod. Just bland.
  14. After SWSH, it's gonna take a lot more than Diamond and Pearl remakes to reinstate my goodwill with them.

    And it'd be so easy, but given the state of Swsh's pokedex, idk how much I can expect.


    1. Sonictrainer


      What if we get Orre Remakes?

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      That'd be neat. They have brought back Shadow Pokemon in Go, and since raids became a thing in SWSH, it's more likely than we think.

      And it'd get points if, like it original, it was used to "reintroduce" Pokemon you can't have in the current games.

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