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  1. I managed to snag an APK and play a little. It's... meh. It performs atrociously on my Galaxy S4, making it impossible to react in time against people who know what they're doing and use their power-ups. Even the track's obstacles are hard to avoid at times because the low framerate makes it hard to perform multiple actions quickly. Of course they decided to lock upgrades and new characters behind those goddamn random loot boxes, too. They're a cancer on the gaming industry, and I pray they cause an industry crash so severe that nobody ever even thinks about trying them again.
  2. I'm only going off gameplay footage and screenshots of the menus, but it looks like each character only has access to three of the possible power-ups from the pool. Has this been shared here yet? I found it on /r/SonicTheHedgehog, and they apparently got it from someone's Twitter. Anyway, it shows icons for Zavok, Metal Sonic and Chaos 0. If no other character so far uses those Lost World badnik power-ups, I'd bet that Zavok will use them when he's added.
  3. The iTunes page has a new screenshot which seems to show Sonic launching a fireball at Shadow. GAH WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT. I'm not the only one who thinks he looks soulless here, right? Edit: The way the description's worded makes it sound like this is exclusively a multiplayer game. I'll be quite disappointed if that's the case.
  4. Wasn't it only Sonic 2 that was developed by STI? I thought 3&K went back to Sonic Team.
  5. You should read Deleter's comment more closely; he doesn't think it's a good idea, either. He explicitly said the practice is not benevolent and stated his concern over what this might mean for the future.
  6. I've been playing on PS4. No input lag; the only glitch I've encountered with Blue Sphere is that once, the sphere counter didn't match the actual number of spheres in the stage, so I cleared a stage with two or three blue spheres still in front of me. Not sure if it was like that from the start or if maybe the game messed up when it was converting a non-rectangular formation of spheres into rings or something.
  7. I think we might just have to ask Taxman or Stealth or someone in a few days. Wanted to share some more stuff. Sorry if it's been pointed out before. Studiopolis: Mirage Saloon:
  8. Right as I was about to comment that there's not a lot of Tails stuff in this thread, someone posts Super Tails. It's awesome that he's actually in! Are there any differences besides the lack of Flickies? I also wanted to share some stuff which I don't think anyone's posted here yet. Tails' game intro has Sonic piloting the plane. Sonic's wearing what I'm pretty sure are the Sonic 1 leftover goggles, which is pretty cool! And here's part of Tails' intro to Chemical Plant.
  9. The Sonic 2 Master System/Game Gear version is summoned by Metal Sonic as a phase of a boss fight. Metal powers a machine that produces an infinite number of these little Silver Sonics, but there's only one out at a time. To advance, you have to clash against its spin jump with your own and send it flying into Metal several times. It pops and release an animal just like a Badnik when it hits Metal or you hit it when it's vulnerable.
  10. They probably wanted to encourage you to keep running as in the original Stardust Speedway boss, but felt that keeping the original's instant-death laser would be too hard now that you have to hit Metal to win. So, HOLY SHIT MEDALS GIVE ABILITIES. Kinda strange that Up + Jump doesn't seem to activate it and there's no documentation about it anywhere, though. I really hope this means you can unlock the Instant Shield as a replacement for the Drop Dash! Wonder if the other characters get some unique abilities, too... or even additional characters altogether?
  11. Okay, now I see how the fight with the little Silver Sonic works, there's no way they could have personalised that for each character. Maybe it's just the visual lag, but I don't think the "Time" display started flashing at the minute-to-go mark to warn you of a Time Over. If that is the case, do you think they'll change it in a patch?
  12. PSN trophies are now up! Seems that each stage gets its own unique little objective, in addition to some generic ones. I see Mark's up to Stardust Speedway as Knuckles now. What do you think are the odds that we'll see Metal Knuckles in the boss fight?
  13. For me, enabling Flash helped. Click on the "Secure" text to the left of the URL, then make sure Flash is set to "Allow".
  14. Thanks for coming here, Mark, and thanks for streaming the game! I'd appreciate some confirmation on whether Competition mode is available for every Zone. I believe this to be the case because of it being locked off at the beginning and being unlocked together with Time Attack mode, but maybe it's still limited to a certain selection. I am also curious about whether Tails can go Super with the Chaos Emeralds, but since this would mean going to the effort of collecting them all again on a new save and Tails' game being unlikely to have substantial story differences to Sonic's, you don't have to do this. I suspect that if there's an art gallery in the Extras menu, we'd find the names there, unless the pieces are just numbered instead of having titles. However, confirming that would mean getting medals, and that would mean playing Blue Sphere.
  15. Did anyone else think the animation in the hand-drawn portion of the ending cinematic was kind of... I dunno... half-baked? The artist(s) clearly put a lot of effort into the rolling clouds and smoke/explosions, all credit to them for that, but after the cut to the Little Planet, it essentially becomes an animatic with coloured assets rather than a proper cinematic, with there being no animation to speak of besides translating static image layers and Sonic's expression changing across three or four frames; if I still had access to After Effects, I could easily make something like this half of the ending. This together with certain things like the lack of transitions between some Zones tells me that the game could have used more time and a bigger budget. In other news, Mark apologised for Oil Ocean and said he'll do another video either tonight or tomorrow.