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  1. Actually, SEGA's pretty much already done something like what @Whatever the WhoCares suggested, and it didn't involve them doubling up on assets. Project Diva Megamix, a Switch game, uses the exact same base models and textures as the arcade and PS4 game, Project Diva Future Tone; the major difference is only in the shader used. The new shader uses all the same data that already exists for the PVs and character models, including lighting, but uses it to give the game a brighter, cell-shaded look that's less performance-intensive. People pretty quickly modded it to get the old, more realistic shader back, and the performance hit is very noticeable in some songs, like at the end of Teo when the sun rises (toon, non-toon). Of course, it does drastically change the look of the PVs like you said, and not really for the better, and the game also relies on other tricks like dynamic resolution which still aren't enough to keep it at a high framerate for really intense parts like the ending of Senbonzakura, so this isn't the greatest example... but it does show that the option is there and cheap to do if they want to squeeze a bit more performance out of the Switch.
  2. This actually raises a very interesting question: how will rings and damage work in this game? I think there's basically two routes they could take: either you have a life bar that's healed with rings and don't drop any of 'em when you're hit, like the Werehog; or they'll take a cue from some of the mobile games and have it work traditionally, but also add places where you can 'bank' your rings and keep them safe. Or maybe they'll combine the two and make you lose more health if hit without rings, like the mechs from Adventure 2.
  3. You raise an excellent point about the actual meanings of the words, and I can't believe it didn't occur to me. This does make me a little more optimistic about the potential for multiple characters in Rangers. Tails' first playable appearance in a 3D mainline *this decade also being accompanied with a story focus on his species would be delightful. If we're getting Knux as well, I wonder if we'll get some additional lore about echidnas, too; maybe their stories could even be intertwined somehow. ...I'm not really sure what more they could do with echidnas, but if the Chaos Emeralds are involved, it would only make sense for echidnas to be relevant as well. A teaser's a teaser, so it might not reflect the actual game at all, but I think the spincycle might actually be a boost as well because of the burst and extra speed Sonic seems to take off with, both just before the Sonic Team logo and then after he finishes the circle. (Assuming what we're seeing here is the spincycle in action.) It might be that it turbo-charges all of his movements such that he can quickly change and move in any direction so long as he's doing it, which could be used for faster forward movement and also tighter maneuvers. Though when I put it that way, it... kind of sounds like it would be a twitchy nightmare to handle. Maybe not, then. I do think you're onto something with the '06-like distinction for how the hub and the cyberspace stages will control differently, though.
  4. I don't wanna burst your bubble, but... Colours, Generations, and Forces were plural, too, and they gave us Sonic, Sonic, and Custom Sonic between themselves. And Shadow, I guess. Keep forgetting that. With the towers, it would definitely make sense to have a more vertically-oriented character to deal with Ubisoft towers, but they could have come up with another solution, too - maybe the towers have ramps at the base so you just run straight up 'em, Generations Spagonia style, or maybe there's some totally different way of reaching the top. I would love nothing more than for Tails to friggin' finally make his return as a playable character in a 3D mainline game, but at this stage, nothing is certain except for Sonic Team's disappointing track record with playable characters this past decade, so please hype responsibly. If the game's taking cues from BoTW, then it would have the potential to be very short if you only bum-rush the absolutely mandatory content - which in this case seems to be the Chaos Emeralds. However, just like BoTW, you could probably also stretch it out for hours and hours if you do a lot of screwing around and/or go for all the optional things. Speaking of the Emeralds, I wonder if you'll be able to go Super at will once you have them all, or if that'll only be available for the final boss. Oh, and if you'll be able to return to the cyberspace stages once you get their Emeralds.
  5. I nabbed some shots of Sonic with the different shoes/gloves. Sorry they're low quality from the stream.
  6. Mmmmmmmmeh. It's great that they're releasing S3&K again, but it's very disappointing that it seems to just be an emulation instead of a Retro Engine remake. I noticed that in some of the shots of the Sonic Colours trailer, Sonic was wearing differently coloured gloves and shoes - I saw silver in the opening bit of gameplay, then golden in Planet Wisp. Wonder what that could be.
  7. I'm sick of Classic Sonic, too, but at the same time, I can't be too upset about the Taxman/Stealth versions finally breaking free from mobile.
  8. For a given definition of "interesting", the Sonic content dropped on the SEGA 60th site and it really was nothing of value. The avatars are just the Mania artwork of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles with thick circular GO SEGA borders, while the wallpaper and profile header are just different crops of the Sonic 2020 render with the GO SEGA logo in the corner.
  9. Although cases like Banana Blitz HD and Final Fantasy IX do exist, PjD Mega39's definitely did not switch engines. Hackers got into it on Day 1 and confirmed it has the exact same file structure as PS4 Future Tone, to the point of including leftovers from the PS4 version. This is also how people managed to disable the toon shader in Mega39's on the first day after release, as well as bring the new songs back into Future Tone the day after that.
  10. Jet is broken as hell. His projectile, the Bashosen, leaves a long trail behind it that causes just as much damage as the fan itself, and it doesn't disappear if it hits anything except for the goal. Jet can basically lock a lane of his choosing out of play for a few seconds - or, once he's upgraded enough, two or even three lanes! He's probably the best character in the game, so it's perplexing that he's only Rare instead of Super Rare. I have a feeling he's going to get nerfed hard when the next patch arrives. Speaking of which, a new article appeared in the in-game News section. Seems Zazz will be joining the game soon, alongside a new Mystic Jungle track called Dash Vegas. Screenshot and transcript inside the spoiler tag.
  11. Is the partner in Encore mode AI-only, or can he be controlled with a second controller like in Mania mode? I wonder if you could have escaped the second glitch by getting Sonic back up to the platform he jumped off. Ray was clearly on the ground for the purpose of being able to jump while in that wall, but I don't know if the swapping code has some other checks.
  12. Thank you so much! I agree that this looks miles better than the stretched mode. Can't wait to see what the 4-player mode with Plus will look like! As for a Knuckles playthrough, I guess it would be cool to see how he handles the new form of Metal, and the changes to the Oil Ocean boss. Thanks again!
  13. @TheOcelot, thank you very much for recording all this footage and showing off the update for us! If you're still taking requests, could you please record some footage of the non-stretched Competition mode? I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, but I don't think it has been caught on video yet.
  14. Are the projectiles in kart racers so small that this is a major issue? I can't say I had issues hitting smaller racers like Shadow and Ryo in the first ASR compared to standard-sized racers like Sonic and Tails. Besides, smaller racers being harder to hit could be balanced by making them suffer worse effects if they do get hit. Fragile speedsters and mighty glaciers show up in plenty of racing games, and I fail to see how expanding on this with an increased diversity of size between racers would be unbalanced. I point once more to the Motorstorm games. While they're not kart racers and don't have power-ups, they're still balanced such that bigger and smaller vehicles both have fair shots at winning; bikes and ATVs have to pay more attention to avoiding obstacles because the riders can get thrown from their vehicles easier than cars can crash, but their manoeuvrability helps them keep up with the bigger, stronger vehicles, which can barrel through stuff (including small obstacles as well as smaller racers like bikes and ATVs!) and maintain their speed without issue. This applies to pretty much all racing games, including Burnout, Mario Kart, Motorstorm and ASRT; Shadow's tank thing in the latter is noticeably bigger than, say, Tails' car, and can't get away with being as close to the edges of the track when drifting. Again, different vehicles have different characteristics - I do not see how having to learn them and taking corners differently by starting to turn sooner or later is a big deal, especially since this is something that already happens in ASRT. In addition, the greater manoeuvrability of smaller vehicles is once again offset by their lower weight/durability in this situation; I've lost count of how many times I've been pushed aside by a heavier vehicle while drifting in the aforementioned games. A smaller vehicle can slip through those cracks, sure, but once again, this strength is offset by the risk of getting crushed between the larger vehicles if one of them notices and turns into you. I hope that my responses above have shown that there are ways to offset the advantages smaller vehicles possess. I haven't played the F1 game you mentioned, so could you please go into more detail about this mechanic? Is it a permanent reduction to your speed when you're damaged, or more like a multiplier on the effects of items, as I suggested in my first point? If it's the former, then that does indeed sound quite pants for a kart racer where you're going to get hit with a lot of items. If it's the latter, then I understand the reasoning behind this decision, though naturally, being hit once completely ruining your chances would be too hardcore for a kart racer. It might work if it was combined with catch-up mechanics like getting better items or having increased speed, though. That was why I offered solutions to the problems they identified. Were those size advantages really the reasons? I thought it was more to do with visuals, and making it look believable that a small vehicle like a bike could transform into all these different forms. I'd appreciate a link if you have one handy, because this sounds like interesting reading. Regarding the wheelie boosts, Mario Kart went through a similar situation - bikes were overpowered in Wii because of their ability to boost whenever, so they were taken out completely in 7. They then returned in 8, without the ability to get boosts in this way. I'd be totally fine with this happening in the upcoming Sonic racer - I'd rather have nerfed bikes than no bikes at all. Regarding size advantages, again, I hope that my responses have shown that it is possible to make smaller vehicles balanced. If you have a PS3, I would also encourage you to download and play the demo of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, so you can see for yourself how multiple vehicles can share the same track in a balanced way.
  15. Regarding the argument about Sonic being on foot or not, I don't see much of an issue with one character having a much smaller size than the others - so long as they also include other, similar on-foot racers, like maybe Blaze. I find the idea of a disparity between different classes of 'vehicles' on the same track very interesting in racing games, which is why I'm fond of the MX vs ATV and Motorstorm series. I remember MX vs ATV Unleashed went even crazier with the concept by also allowing helicopters and planes to participate in races with the various kinds of land vehicles, complete with their own unique controls and flight models! Motorstorm instead focused much more on the interactions between land vehicles, and how (for example) tearing up the dirt with a monster truck would alter the terrain for smaller vehicles like ATVs and bikes. The first developer diary for S&SASR described how the first prototype for the game had Sonic on foot, and with vehicles of wildly differing sizes. I think this new game would be an excellent opportunity to revisit the concept and try to get it working again. The 'hovercraft' fliers were a good solution to dealing with extreme wing width, so they could do the same thing in this game. On-foot character drifting hasn't been an issue since Unleashed, and games like NieR, NieR: Automata and Final Fantasy XV all had living mounts capable of drifting, so that wouldn't be an issue any more, either. Then again, I can't recall any Sonic characters who have mounts like that, so it wouldn't be an issue for this game, anyway.
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