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  1. When I first read that Tails had a fear of thunder, I theorised that it had something to do with his big ears being more sensitive to sound, and that in addition to this specific phobia, he disliked sharp, loud noises in general. However, this is disproved by pretty much any piece of official Sonic media featuring Tails, including the OVA itself; he takes being shot at and having explosions all around him like a champ. Was it the OVA that introduced this character trait? Ashamed I don't know for certain.
  2. I'm Australian, but the European and Australian stores are mostly the same. I got nothing, even though the store page says you'll get the bonuses. Back on topic, I'm not planning on avoiding spoilers and might even actively seek them out, because I've run out of patience waiting and have no self-control whatsoever.
  3. Unleashed HD had camera control, so it's not like it would be unprecedented for a boost game to let you move the camera. I thought it worked really well, actually. In places with fixed cameras, like 2D sections, you could look anywhere within a small radius around Sonic, and you had Adventure/Heroes-style free camera control otherwise, letting you rotate left and right as well as bring the camera closer or further away. It's true that Unleashed's levels were mostly linear and even had invisible walls appear to stop backtracking, but I still found it fun to look in every nook and cranny. Giving the player manual control might also reduce the number of fixed cameras around, and in turn, hopefully reduce the chances of another goddamn Speed Highway glitch happening. I also wish they'd move back to Unleashed's model for taking damage, where enemies have to attack you for you to take a hit. Not only was it fun to find enemies you could manage to stand on top of by jumping right, but it worked much better with the fact that Sonic doesn't immediately curl up when he jumps anymore. I've lost count of how many times I took damage in Generations because I either jumped up into something and didn't start spinning in time, or I tried landing on an enemy but Sonic uncurled because he was too close to the ground (yet still in the air). Granted, the latter almost only happened when playing as Classic Sonic in 3D with the Unleashed Project, but still... Oh, also, bring back Unleashed's spinning kick and crawling. I also wanted to address something from like fifty pages back. There was speculation that the presence of a custom character means there won't be any pre-rendered cutscenes, but I don't think the two concepts are incompatible. Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Fates both have customisable characters and pre-rendered cutscenes. In Awakening, only a few of these cutscenes include the custom character, and they generally do so by either using camera angles that avoid the character's face or using a first-person perspective; in these cutscenes, the character always wears the default Tactician class outfit, a unisex ensemble with a convenient face-obscuring hood for when there's no choice but to have the character's head in the shot. The hood is only ever raised during the pre-rendered cutscenes. From what little I've played of Fates so far, it handles the custom character the same way. However, this is not a perfect comparison. The avatar creation systems in Awakening and Fates do allow you to change your character's sex, body build, face and hair, but they also guarantee certain characteristics like skin colour; this is used by one of Awakening's early pre-rendered cutscenes to show your character's bare right arm and the brand it possesses. Sonic Forces comparatively seems to let you customise many more facets of your character, and can't even go the FE: Awakening route because of the ability to choose your own clothing. Thus, I could only see pre-rendered cutscenes featuring your character if they are set in first person, and the camera is very careful to not show any part of your character's body, which probably means your character wouldn't be able to do a whole lot during them. Alright, that's enough rambling out of me. Hopefully some of this was relevant.