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  1. Although cases like Banana Blitz HD and Final Fantasy IX do exist, PjD Mega39's definitely did not switch engines. Hackers got into it on Day 1 and confirmed it has the exact same file structure as PS4 Future Tone, to the point of including leftovers from the PS4 version. This is also how people managed to disable the toon shader in Mega39's on the first day after release, as well as bring the new songs back into Future Tone the day after that.
  2. Jet is broken as hell. His projectile, the Bashosen, leaves a long trail behind it that causes just as much damage as the fan itself, and it doesn't disappear if it hits anything except for the goal. Jet can basically lock a lane of his choosing out of play for a few seconds - or, once he's upgraded enough, two or even three lanes! He's probably the best character in the game, so it's perplexing that he's only Rare instead of Super Rare. I have a feeling he's going to get nerfed hard when the next patch arrives. Speaking of which, a new article appeared in the in-game News section. Seems Zazz will be joining the game soon, alongside a new Mystic Jungle track called Dash Vegas. Screenshot and transcript inside the spoiler tag.
  3. Is the partner in Encore mode AI-only, or can he be controlled with a second controller like in Mania mode? I wonder if you could have escaped the second glitch by getting Sonic back up to the platform he jumped off. Ray was clearly on the ground for the purpose of being able to jump while in that wall, but I don't know if the swapping code has some other checks.
  4. @TheOcelot, thank you very much for recording all this footage and showing off the update for us! If you're still taking requests, could you please record some footage of the non-stretched Competition mode? I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, but I don't think it has been caught on video yet.
  5. Regarding the argument about Sonic being on foot or not, I don't see much of an issue with one character having a much smaller size than the others - so long as they also include other, similar on-foot racers, like maybe Blaze. I find the idea of a disparity between different classes of 'vehicles' on the same track very interesting in racing games, which is why I'm fond of the MX vs ATV and Motorstorm series. I remember MX vs ATV Unleashed went even crazier with the concept by also allowing helicopters and planes to participate in races with the various kinds of land vehicles, complete with their own unique controls and flight models! Motorstorm instead focused much more on the interactions between land vehicles, and how (for example) tearing up the dirt with a monster truck would alter the terrain for smaller vehicles like ATVs and bikes. The first developer diary for S&SASR described how the first prototype for the game had Sonic on foot, and with vehicles of wildly differing sizes. I think this new game would be an excellent opportunity to revisit the concept and try to get it working again. The 'hovercraft' fliers were a good solution to dealing with extreme wing width, so they could do the same thing in this game. On-foot character drifting hasn't been an issue since Unleashed, and games like NieR, NieR: Automata and Final Fantasy XV all had living mounts capable of drifting, so that wouldn't be an issue any more, either. Then again, I can't recall any Sonic characters who have mounts like that, so it wouldn't be an issue for this game, anyway.
  6. That button's been in every 3D game since Unleashed. In Colours, Eggman reaches for it in the Nega Wisp Armour fight when you Homing Attack your way up to its head, but I forget what it actually does. I don't think it's used at all in Generations, but it is there. Same for Lost World.
  7. Oh, I see. Apologies for misinterpreting your comment.
  8. I don't have the game so won't be competing with any of you, but I thought it was worth sharing that the Drill Wispon seems to be very effective in boss fights and certain platforming situations. DSS grabbed the #1 position on Avatar's Infinite fight and one of the Extra Stages with a Drill. Have fun!
  9. Look for a button prompt on the right side of the screen. That should slide out a list-style stage select.
  10. Hmm... Maybe they were inflating that number with the Special and EX Stages? Does anyone have a list of those Stages, or remember how many Modern Sonic ones there were?
  11. Not yet; just an "intelligence division". This might be a Resistance thing, but according to the white-on-black text before this dialogue, this is a month before Eggman took over the world, so I'm not sure what's happening.
  12. Woun is now streaming Episode Shadow! From the first dialogue scene. When did Rouge turn into Sonic?
  13. The patch only "added support for additional content: Transformation into Super Sonic". The "added support" part is the exact same phrasing as the stuff we know to be DLC (i.e. Episode Shadow and costumes). I'm sure someone would have shown Super Sonic off by now if the patch actually included Super Sonic, rather than just making the game compatible with DLC related to him.
  14. There's some new stuff courtesy of the Steam version manual: Hard Mode still has a ring cap, but it's 999 rings. It is possible to get a Time Over at 60 minutes, which will boot you back to the World Map. Dying is still referred to as "losing a life", even though there's no lives. Also, the wall jump is not listed as an action in the manual, probably because it only appears in a single level.
  15. Thanks for compiling all this in one place for us! It's just sad watching the running speed cap hit Classic Sonic. Why is it even there? Mania didn't work like this, and he is supposed to be Mania Sonic now. Sonic 2 didn't work like this, and it let you get big air on Chemical Plant's ramp without rolling. Then, Forces Classic Sonic tries that same ramp and can't even clear the quarter-pipe because he didn't pick up any speed while running. That drowning timer's kicking in awfully quickly, too. Finally, why is there no frost anywhere in Classic's version? I'm convinced they had a different level order at some point and Classic's versions of Green Hill and Chemical Plant came before the other characters' versions. Classic Sonic getting hung up on that light quarter-pipe at the start of Death Egg because he jumped (around 0:18) is a perfect summary of what's wrong with the physics in this game. I wonder why they even bothered bringing back wall jumps if it's only used in a single level. I miss Unleashed, where you had the freedom to wall jump and Light Dash anywhere... Why is there an autoscrolling segment in Classic Sonic's Eggman Empire Tower/Iron Fortress? There is absolutely no hazard that would justify it. Lava Reef's autoscrolling segment was dumb, but it sort of made sense because of the platforms crumbling or being shot down with missiles. Desert Ruins'... didn't quite make sense, because why wouldn't Sonic be able to just go ahead of the tornado slowly creeping up on him? Here, however, there's absolutely no attempt at justification.
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