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  1. A few thoughts about recent happenings: I'm actually fairly pleased at the inclusion of Ristar. I always figured he was a long-shot at best, but at least now I get to see him every race. It's a bit too bad that Toejam & Earl won't be playable, but again--they were long-shots at best, especially since there won't be two riders to a car (unless there's some clever mincing of words, and that while Toejam and Earl won't be playable, Toejam or Earl will--and who's to say who is the primary and who is the "secondary" character of the duo. ) If not, at least S0L wouldn't be misleading us--this is all fun conjecture. I'm really excited to see who will be revealed next. If any of my hopefuls aren't in the mix, well...there's always hope for downloadable content.
  2. Anyone else hear that the Wii U version will support up to five players offline? Four on split-screen and one on the GamePad. Not completely unexpected or unheard of (NSMBU, NintendoLand, Rayman Legends all have similar options), but still a nice little addition, if true. http://www.tssznews....ne-multiplayer/
  3. I really thought the Miis were going to be absent in Transformed (though I'm very pleased that they're in! ). S0L (or maybe it was Sumo-Rex) once mentioned that one of the reasons why Miis and Avatars wouldn't be practical as riders on NiGHTS and Reala was potential licensing issues, so I thought maybe their inclusion in the game itself might be skipped.
  4. That means if you start a race in the water, you'll need someone who can swim--Ecco!!
  5. http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?409253-Semi-official-fire-questions-at-SUMO-and-get-vague-responses-thread&p=7478889&viewfull=1#post7478889 So...does this non-confirmation confirm he's making a cameo appearance in the game? At least in the Outrun track? Or am I just grasping at straws? I was starting to think that perhaps Vectorman would be the flagman in Transformed. Guess I'll just have to wait and see... I'm happy with the inclusion of Metal. Although I have the Wii version of the first game and never got to play him, I'd hate for him to be left out...probably because I never got the chance. Here's hoping the Wii U version gets the same bonus treatment (whenever Nintendo gives the "Okay" for third parties to reveal their Wii U games).
  6. Cool--good to know. When I eventually play Transformed, I'll have little trouble taking it at face value. If I need to let my mind wander...it's NiGHTS' dreamworld.
  7. Normally, I like a story mode in collaboration games just to help me piece things together why certain things are happening. While I didn't mind not having one in Smash Bros 64 and Melee, I certainly appreciated the story mode in Brawl. Regarding the first Sonic Racing title, I was willing to suspend disbelief and just take it for what it was--a homage to Sega's characters. If at any point I needed to rationalize it, I kind of made up that since NiGHTS is present, this is all happening in the dream world. If there's no story mode in Transformed (which I won't mind if there isn't), I'll just do the same. If all else fails... Magic.
  8. This is really awesome. I honestly feel as if they (Archie) will treat this cross-over with the fan fiction-esque approach it deserves. I mean--not only pairing Sonic vs Mega Man (obviously at some point this will happen, and then they'll be friends), but already alluding to Knuckles vs Proto Man, and Shadow vs Bass--everything just fits so well.
  9. Beat me to it, VEDJ-F! It seemed like it would happen eventually, but I can't wait!
  10. I'm taking a break from my constant Altered Beast hopes to suggest a racer from the Oasis series. It has had a somewhat lengthy legacy, with games spanning Genesis, Game Gear, and Saturn (Beyond, Defenders of, and Legend of). I've never played any of the games, myself (something that may change in the near future), but it seems like a series that would be unexpected, and could be rife for creativity in Transformed.
  11. This should alleviate most peoples concern, I'd hope. I wouldn't worry about it much, because... I get that impression, too--which is fine. What better way to appease NiGHTS fans and give some more recognition to the into Dreams... remake. Also, I look at it this way--if they already have the build for NiGHTS, then it's all that much easier to make a "clone" character. I seriously doubt Reala took up an extra spot, and I'd much rather have an extra clone character than no character at all.
  12. Agreed. While, if given the choice, I think I might prefer to play as NiGHTS in a car/boat/plane (opposed to a Nightopian/Nightmaren operating a NiGHTS/Reala vehicle), it makes perfect sense that Sumo and Sega went in this direction--in terms of the "transformed" aspect that you mentioned, along with the gameplay of Journey of Dreams. In fact, there was a large outcry from fans that Elliot and Claris should be in the next iteration in just the same manner that the Nightopian and Nightmaren are. I know when I'm playing as the Nightopian/NiGHTS combo flying section, and I see the Nightmaren/Reala team, I'm going to have that twinge of giddiness, as I try to take the lead, bump them to the side, or unleash a special attack. I'm good with this decision. Just glad to see NiGHTS and its evil twin in the game.
  13. Sonic Spinball was the first Sonic game I ever felt disappointed with. Looking back, it's not a bad game. In fact, I suppose I can see why it garners praise. However, as a young child it felt slow, monotonous, and difficult (I feel this way every time I play it, to this day). I found the whole "Spinball" mechanics work best in short-bursts, for example the pinball stages in Sonic Adventure (and to a lesser extent, Sonic Heroes). Unless it's a cheap, mobile game, I can't see--nor would I like to see--another Spinball-esque title.
  14. He would be the ultimate fan-service though... (Well, to fans of Nack/Fang, anyhow.)
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