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  1. I just found the Facebook post about a possible Courage the Cowardly Dog prequel series. Of course this happened while I was still catching up on Skylanders Academy Season 3. I would definitely like a prequel as long as the main 3-characters are in it and the animation quality is the same as the first 4-seasons if the 2D route is taken. Maybe a CGI route will be considered like Fog of Courage. I think it could take place before the original and the "Remembrance of Courage Past" episode, if that's what their implying I'm not sure. So far the original creator is in negotiations with Boomerang.

    So here's the Facebook post someone posted on Twitter, it's the left image.


  2. I'm currently getting a special video ready for Halloween, kind of like my 4th of July video but better. I'm just trying to decide whether or not to release it on Halloween or a couple days early. As for music, I might go with something from Ratchet & Clank Into The Nexus. Possibly one of these, which do you guys think matches Halloween the best?


  3. I just heard that the Courage the Cowardly Dog series could get a revived 5th season or a prequel series. Possibly in full CGI.


    So if that happens and is like The Fog of Courage released on Halloween 2014 (see below video)

    Then I think it would be great, because it'd be more Courage. And I'd be for that. Of course the advantage of using CG over the traditional 2D, is so this particular series can avoid what happened to Ben 10 when you compare the original animation to the remakes animation. As well as other shows like Scooby-Doo where the 2D animation is downgrading and it should get the CG treatment.

  4. I know I'm late about this, like 7-10 days late. But the Ty The Tasmanian Tiger franchise is now 16-years old.

    Now it will take some time for Krome Studios to get the Remasters onto consoles before moving onto the next 3D game (maybe have a teaser after finishing all 3-games, like what the Sly collection did with Sly 4). Hopefully within the next 2-years, after Night of The Quinkan makes it's full release on Steam this December.

  5. I know what happened to YouTube.


    Dr. Cortex, What have you done?


  6. With the latest Sonic Twitter hints/ teases, one of the mystery number sets are 2:22. Could this mean February, 22nd? If it does, that is the same day How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World releases. Could the Sonic Film trailer release with HTTYD3? What do you guys think?

    1. Diogenes


      if 2:22 means feb 22, then they must have something pretty crazy planned for march 33

    2. Polkadi~♪


      They're numbers that are supposed to say "Now we have your attention," as to keep us tuned in for future clues.

      They don't mean anything.

  7. Well probably because that's where Season 2 was announced a few weeks before Season 1 finished. At least that they could've done here in North America. Well nothing at MipJunior 2018, I guess it's kind of disappointing. I guess there's still a chance for the show to continue, but those chances are not as high as they were. Like @Strickerx5 said with Sega probably already started on their new animation series and possibly ending Boom altogether. Which makes no sense why they just don't announce a cancellation like other Sonic shows. It ain't like Sonic X's case where the show finished as opposed to cancellation.
  8. Well I got my first Steam Game yesterday. So I went with something with that didn't take up a lot of my internet. It was either the Ty games or Bigfoot with the smallest sizes. Well I went with Bigfoot instead of Ty because I still have the PS2 versions.

    Well it seems like a good game, but nothing was explained on what to do or where to find supplies. I get it's still early access, but it's kind of difficult. And a little scary when the bigfoot sneaks up on you or attacks your cabin. Of course it was choppy but that decreased when I turned down something about the resolution.

    But now I wish I went with the Ty games or some physical Xbox 360 games for the same price. Because when I lose I get taken to a screen that flickers when I'm supposed to press the continue button. Then when I do press it, it loads the main menu only to freeze. Okay it worked this time, but just leaving it open in the background freezes my PC as well. Then the time before that, I minimize it to close it that way and it freezes my whole computer, forcing me to force shut down the computer. And doing a force shut-down causes it to start up way slower than it normally does, plus it won't recognize my ethernet connection (this happens after updates and force shutdowns) until I plug it into another ethernet connection. So has anyone else experienced this problem with the Bigfoot game on Steam? The version I have is 2.0, which doesn't make sense because it's supposed to be 2.1.

    So I tried to get a refund from Steam, only to find out about an hour later that I can't get one because I played it for more than 2-hours. Which isn't right because I've seen people playing games for more than that and getting refunds. So that's $16 and 1.6GB of internet down the drain. Well I was hoping to get a good experience out of this so I can eventually get Sonic Lost World and Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. But because of this I won't be buying anything else from Steam, instead I'll stick with the free Steam stuff like demos and SFM (which has been months since I started downloading it because of limited internet, but I won't discuss that right now). So now I'm stuck with a game that I can't really use, but this is an Unreal engine game, the Hello Neighbor demo didn't do this and it was also an Unreal Engine game.

  9. I don't know yet. But the first day of the event is already done. So maybe there'll be something during day 2 for both Sonic Boom and Sly Cooper.
  10. October 13th has arrived and MipJunior 2018 also begins. Will we find out anything regarding Sonic Boom S3 or Sly Cooper TV? We'll find out soon enough over the next 2-days.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      I'll be happy if Im wrong but I dont think Sonic Boom is getting a season 3. Its been a while since we even heard anything about that sub franchise.

    2. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      It'll be a big surprise if Sonic Boom does get announced there. Hopefully something is announced.

  11. I plan on getting my first Steam game soon and I was wondering about the recommended and minimum requirements.

    Is the recommended requirements for like if you want to play in 4K and max quality? Because I'm only wanting to do games in at least 1080I/P, as that's the limit of my display and external moniters. Would Geforce 930m be good enough to play recent games in 1080? Would everything set to medium be the equivalent to 1080 or is that game dependent?

    Because I don't plan on playing graphics heavy games. Just games like Sonic Lost World, Sonic Forces, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy (I already know Crash runs perfectly on the 930m on I think medium settings), possibly the Ty The Tasmanian Tiger trilogy, Geometry Wars 3, Bigfoot and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy (whenever they announce/ release the PC/ Steam version).

    Again I'm a little confused when it comes to the graphics cards and their performance with various games and settings. So if anyone can clear this up, it'll be greatly appreciated.

  12. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Will Sonic appear in Wreck-it Ralph 2 in 2018?

    Now I'm wondering if Sonic and Eggman will travel into the internet as well. I do hope they give Sonic and Eggman more screen-time, like have Sonic defeating some of Eggman's robots either in the arcade or the internet. My guess is the screenshot is from when the internet is first installed into the arcade.
  13. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    That could work if they were to expand and blend it with the speed. Look at Spider-Man PS4 for example where parkour was used to keep momentum going, no matter the type of obstacle in the way. The same thing could be utilized in the next Sonic game. Of course they should give you a variety of ways to get past obstacles be it boosting, parkour or by other ways. But they do need to bring back Sonic's spin-kick ability from 2006 and Unleashed, at least it brought a little more variety than the usual boosting and spin attacks. Plus another thing I overlooked and that was enemy toughness, because it seems that the newer the Sonic game is the easier they get. At least in Unleashed's Day stages enemies took more than one hit and were tougher, usually the first one (if they have shields) will just knock you away. Then the 2nd sometimes rids the enemies of shields or defeats them. That's another thing too after playing Unleashed, then switching over to Generation's Unleashed level. The toughness is downgraded. In Lost World they required being stunned before defeating them, which I guess was better than Generations and Forces in terms of toughness. But Unleashed's Day enemies were the best and probably the most challenging enemies to defeat. So tougher enemies is a must for the next game.
  14. https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/insomniac-games-magic-leap-seedling-1202975872/

    Well I guess we finally know that Insomniac Games was teasing a new game announcement in Spider-Man PS4, which was announced earlier today. But I wasn't expecting the type of game that was announced. I guess we just have to wait a little longer for a new Ratchet & Clank.

  15. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    After all it was the first 3D Modern Sonic game since Lost World. And I liked what I've seen from Forces, especially the story and Episode Shadow (which might be more of a problem if I ever get a Switch due to the online service). The custom avatar I'm not all that into, as with other games with custom character features like Lego and Skylanders Imaginators. Other than that I think the game was good, better than 2006 and Rise of Lyric (which I don't get why it's criticized from what I seen). In some ways it was an improvement over Lost World, even featuring Lost World like sections. Hopefully they can just add onto Forces and perfect some of it's problems. Like the double jump and unlimited lives could be carried over, but the rings need to be re-collectible and what fills the boost gauge (in addition to defeating enemies). The white wisps should fill the boost gauge just not as frequently as they were used in Forces. The other wisps should be usable by every character instead of just one like in Forces. And of course longer levels. Anyways, it'll be a while for the next game to arrive. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

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