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  1. With Sonic Boom Season 2 wrapping up in November, now with only 20 episodes left to go. As we approach the end of the season, we will be seeing Shadow and more returning characters from the Modern Sonic games redesigned for Boom. Metal Sonic will no doubt appear, because as of Robots From The Sky Part 4 they were trying to fit Metal into Season 2. A possible renewal of Sonic Boom Season 3 may probably come in October. The longer Sonic Boom goes also means more games and Modern Characters redesigned for Boom. I think the other returning characters that return outside of Shadow and Metal would be Silver, Blaze, Rouge and Espio. So what do you guys think, what characters do you want to see return to Boom and do you want to see more Boom games after how well Fire & Ice was received.
  2. The Emoji Movie is no doubt the worst movie made Sony Pictures Animation. I mean Open Season, Goosebumps 2015 and Angry Birds movie were way better than the emoji movie, it's literally a movie nobody wanted. The Legend of Spyro movie would've been a good movie if it wasn't cancelled. Sonic The Hedgehog will be the best movie ever made, surpassing Jurassic Park, Ratchet and Clank, Pirates,Sly Cooper and others.
  3. Voting's ending today, Here I thought we had until August 12th. Happy 26th anniversary.
  4. Jurassic World went through this process it was originally going to release in 2005 but got delayed to 2015. Sly Cooper I don't think the Sly Cooper movie is going through this process the show is coming first to promote the series and movie and increase Sly's audience outside of video games for the first time.
  5. And how we got started on Sonic is when we was watching new episodes of Sonic X every Saturday on 4Kids.TV.
  6. Maybe Sonic Boom Season 2 in a multi part episode it will show why Shadow is the way he is toward Sonic and his team. After all he is confirmed for Season 2.
  7. This Teen Titans Go is way worse than the last Teen Titans. I used to like Teen Titans the version before TTG. At least then they actually tried their best at animation and it was better than this dumbed down, poor animation excuse for a cartoon. At the time The Batman, Ben 10, What's New Scooby-Doo, Duck Dodgers and Tom and Jerry Tales were still better than Teen Titans. Now back to current time, CN has had a downhill drop in good cartoons since then with poor quality animation 2d cartoons that are dumbed down versions of great cartoons, even spreading it to Ben 10 (some reason PPG still managed the same animation for a newer cartoon along with Samurai Jack). Here lately all the good cartoons are the CG 3d cartoons like Dreamworks Dragons and Sonic Boom, the Tom and Jerry show retains the character designs with a new art style, unlike Be Cool Scooby-Doo (which isthe worst version of Scooby-Doo to date, at least Mystery Incorporated and What's New did Not completely distort the characters and it's one of the highest rated shows on CN right now, WHAT??) That just makes me mad, taking Sonic Boom off CN for these low budget animation shows. I'm still confused on why Looney Tunes went downhill, I understand the animation is going downhill with Duck Dodgers being the last good animated Looney Tunes show, I think this is due to the overall poor Box Office performance of Looney Tunes Back in Action, but still does Not give WB the excuse to knock Looney Tunes into the Grand Canyon despite all the money they get from all their other movies they release every year. I can see why Dreamworks took Dragons and put it on Netflix.
  8. I think Sega is really wanting to continue the Sonic Boom series, hopefully more games and season 3. Now this is the advertising needed to win, with already over 1000 likes and 796 retweets. Sonic Boom has a great advantage over the competition with it's very large fan base established for the past 26 years. Despite the fact that some of the fan base is divided over Boom, even people from the Classic/Modern side are still coming to like Boom.
  9. On a scale from most anticipated/most liked to least favorite, which would you pick from best to worst. Sonic Boom Sonic 2019 movie Sly Cooper Movie Sly Cooper TV Show Ratchet & Clank movie Skylanders Academy Angry Birds Movie Angry Birds Toons Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  10. Sonic Boom needs to win this award from North America so both the show and the games can continue and get better as they progress. Winning this award should be enough to convince Sega and CN to bring it back to CN.
  11. In order for Sonic Boom to get better treatment than Boomerang here in North America is for Sonic Boom to win this. As of now to I assume August 12th 2017, everyone in the Sonic community should advertise Sonic Boom getting voted for whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, anywhere get it advertised and hopefully, if this pays off and Sonic wins maybe we'll get Sonic Boom Season 3 and more Sonic Boom games. This will finally show CN and Sega that Sonic Boom is still very popular. Also voting 10 times a day really helps, no idea why they let people vote that many times a day. Sonic Boom is still improving in both games and show, the show and games can keep going and are getting better and better this needs to be known to both Sega and CN and let them know that Sonic is the only good show we want to see on CN and hopefully a DVD release.
  12. Agreed, we need to advertise Sonic Boom to be voted as much as possible.
  13. They downloaded the apps after I got them to like Sonic.
  14. Angry Birds movie was made by Sony and is getting a sequal in 2019 same as the Sonic movie from the same company. Sony owns Ratchet & Clank but Universal distributed through Focus Features. Angry Birds even made the highest grossing video game movie, surpassing the record held by Prince of Persia from Disney, until Warcraft came along and took Angry Birds place. Actually I've gotten several people to like Sonic and we happen to have all the free Sonic android games. Jurassic World was a good movie and made the top 5 highest grossing movies of all time, even after the new star wars came out.
  15. Yeah, but look at the Angry Birds movie how successful it was. I liked the Ratchet & Clank movie some things could have been better, it's pretty good since it's about the only video game movie I like except Angry Birds that I'll watch. The other two movies I'll watch is Sly Cooper and Sonic The Hedgehog 2019.