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  1. I know this is a confirmation on something that everyone assumed a long time ago. So I asked them and sure enough they answered the same day, actually within a couple hours, which was yesterday. And now we finally found out why the Ty The Tasmanian Tiger TV Series was cancelled.

    Now I did ask if they would be interested in possibly bringing the show back if a new TY game were to be made, but I didn't get response back. Very interesting, now they did say something recently that their exploring the possibility of a new Ty game. But their finishing work on Ty 3 for PC which like the last two will have a full release in December, before they can start on a new Ty game.

    I hope you Ty the Tasmanian Tiger players find this interesting and find in this that everyone's favorite Thylacine is not yet extinct.

  2. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    I hope in the film that Sonic is voiced by Jason Griffith because his voice felt like the perfect fit for Sonic,(especially in the CGI cutscenes from Sonic 2006, Secret Rings, Riders, Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight) as well as Shadow. While I do like Roger's voice for Sonic, but he had to perfect Sonic over time and I think Boom helped with that and in turn helped the voice acting in Sonic Forces as most of the cast were with Boom since 2014. As long as Sonic is voiced by one of these 2 then I won't have any complaints in that department.
  3. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    There's no doubt about it. There will be news at SDCC 2018. Sega has had a Sonic presence there for the past 2 or 3 years and I don't think they'll skip this year. Because this years and next years SDCC (along with next year's E3 2019) will be big times to market the film.
  4. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    Remember Sonic did appear in Ready Player One, although only for a few seconds. But he did seem to fit in to his surroundings. Now if he was around other humans and fit in around them I on't know because I didn't see it. Now I can imagine Sonic still looking like Sonic with a little bit more fur texturing that I can deal with.
  5. Okay guys I need to know something about PC requirements for the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy.

    Here is the minimum and recommended requirements according to Activision's website.

    Minimimum Specs

    • CPU: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz
    • GPU: GTX 660 2GB | AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    • RAM: 8GB

    Recommended Specs

    • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz
    • GPU: GTX 950 2GB | AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
    • RAM: 8GB

    Here is my PC specifications

    CPU: Intel Core i7-5500, 2.40GHz

    GPU: Geforce 930M

    RAM: 8GB

    For some reason system requirements lab claims that Intel Core i5 is better than i7 (also for Jurassic World Evolution it says that I meet all of the minimum requirements, except for Intel core i5, why is it saying i5 is better than i7?), which what I heard is the opposite case. So I know some of you PC gamers know what this stuff means.

    Can my PC run this game is all I'm wondering. So if any of you can help me out it will be appreciated.

    1. Strickerx5


      CPUs can be tricky in quite a few areas. The i7 line basically has better architecture and memory than an i5. This means that if two chips with similar specs were put up together with the only difference being which line it's in, the i7 would crush it. Though, this doesn't mean that an i7 chip will always beat out an i5. If that i5 simply has better components in it, that alone will enable it to beat out the build advantage of the i7.

      In your case, it seems that you're operating off a laptop. Mobile components like that are pretty weird as before recently (with desktop grade gpus and cpus going into laptops now), they've always been significantly under-powered compared to even 5 year old desktop hardware. Though, as far as your cpu goes, I'd venture to say that you should be fine on that end. I'm not seeing anything that'll really put you at a disadvantage there. Especially considering that not a lot of games use the cpu that heavily to begin with.

      What's extremely tricky here is that there really isn't a lot of recorded information for the 930m. From what I can gather it's pretty much comparable to a 660.

      Basically, your current system is right on the line with the minimum requirements. With a few tweaks to the resolution you should get a playable experience from it. It might be a close shave (especially if you're aiming for 60fps), but I'd give it a try. All else fails, Steam has that refund feature.

    2. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      What kind of resolution tweeks, do you mean like making it smaller or bigger? Or does that include Big Picture Mode?

      So Crash Bandicoot should play without any problems and if I do run into anything I can get my money back.

      So should Jurassic World Evolution and Sonic Forces play on these specs too?

    3. Strickerx5


      Resolution as in the X by X size. So basically yeah, making the actual image smaller.

      Forces would probably be stretching it but it's also very forgiving so you could try that out too. But yeah, with Steam if you realize that you don't want a game and haven't played it for more than 2 hours you can get a refund.

      Jurassic World though... it's possible. Especially if Forces works. PC gaming is a bit of a trail and error thing which is largely the reason why we get demos and refunds. Sometimes system requirements are spot on or there's quite a bit of wiggle room. Just gotta see what your system can do firsthand.

    4. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Yeah I guess I could try that. But since I'm limited on internet for a month, I wouldn't be able to get a refund because it would take me longer than 14 days to download any of those. I wish PC gaming was easier to figure out, that's what I like about console gaming which is why I prefered to get a Switch. But I just wanted to see if my PC was up to doing gaming as I couldn't get a straight answer anywhere. So thanks for the help, you really summed up what I needed to know.

    5. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      It should run. Maybe not in 4K in 60fps but at least comparable (or maybe slightly worse) to the PS4 version. As for the processor, its a more recent version than Activision's requirements. An i5 and an i7 are two different things and there are many variations of them, different versions for different years. I think the current one is 8(blahblah). A high end recent i7 is pretty much one of the fastest processors you can get but an old i7 and a new i5 are more closer, then mobile versions are slower than the main versions.

      Problem is that PC gaming is very variable and whether it works fine, has glitches or doesn't work is pot luck.

    6. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Well I wasn't trying to play in 4K, I was just wondering if these games would work on my PC. So if I decide to it should work.

  6. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    What game are you currently playing?

    Just finished Sly Cooper and the thievious Raccoonus about a day ago. Now I'm resuming Sly 2 Band of Thieves with Episode 2.
  7. I know some of you might've already seen the joke by now, about the part from the plot summary about the Sonic Movie. Where they describe Sonic as a juvenile delinquent, okay I stuck that joke into the E3 2018 recap video. The part I'm talking about is at the 11:14 mark,  but I think I did it really well compared to another person who just did a clip and nothing else and just said in the description was a joke.

    Now with the Sonic news we got today which will be featured in my new video/article, which isn't very much info but I thought I'd get it out there anyway. But todays news did reassure that the Sonic movie won't be what everyone else is saying.

  8. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    The moment I seen you i the notifications I knew something happened. Well I guess we all seen this coming as predicted, I guess I did my Sonic movie/ E3 2018 recap video too early. I wonder now is this an origin story for Sonic sinse we never got one in the games.
  9. I just noticed a pattern between video game villains, it's not a major pattern, more like a similarity in comments.

    In both Sonic & the secret Rings and Forces, Sonic is reffered to as a rat, by Infinite and erazor, when he clearly is Not and reminds them that he is a hedgehog.

    Same thing in Sonic Boom, in Eggheads Eggman refers to Sonic as a rat. In Cowbot Eggman gives a more accurate comment instead calling Team Sonic rodents, now this is more accurate except on Tails' part who isn't a rodent, instead he's in the canidae (or related to dogs,coyotes, wolves) family. Then again in the season 1 finale Eggman refers to Team Sonic as muskrats, which again is completely inaccurate species. Not entirely sure about season 2 though.

    But this isn't just in Sonic it's also in Sly Cooper & Ratchet & Clank

    In Sly Cooper 1, Muggshot refers to Sly as rat with a stick that's the only instance I can think of in Sly.

    In Ratchet & Clank 3 Dr. Nefarious refers to Ratchet as a rodent even though he's more feline than anything.

    Also in Jak II, Daxter is reffered to as a rat when he's actually a mix between an otter and weasel, hence the name ottsel

    In Skylanders Academy Crash is reffered to as a fox which is clearly Not the case.

    Now a different observational note, is that Ratchet & Clank started in 2002 and Jak & Daxter got considerably darker in 2003, which I think inspired Sonic Team to create the darker more weapon focused Shadow The Hedgehog in 2005, but it didn't turn out as good as R&C or Jak II, but the story of Shadow was one of the best parts of the game. But the point of that observation is that games released after Sonic pick up things from Sonic, while the Sonic series picks up things from other series'. Some of these similarities include multiple play styles, weapons, gimmicks, story elements, gems (heavily used in Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon), design changes, etc.

    So what do you guys think about this, do you think these are interesting connections? Now I know it's nothing major, but I just wanted to put it out there.

    1. SupahBerry


      What would happen if the video game protagonist is already a rat?

    2. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Good point, but I don't know of any that are.

      They might just say Hedgehog instead.

  10. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    I was actually going to name some of those, but forgot to by the time my internet started working again. Mostly the first one, because it needs a really good story and a very epic. Super Sonic finale.
  11. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    I'm all for Sonic being chased down by a government organization like G.U.N, but by the way the descriptions are it seems like we're getting more human focused and the merged worlds like Sonic X. Where is Eggman in this description? Or even Tails, Amy, Knickles or Rouge for that matter? Now I can understand keeping a character like Shadow, Metal, Chaos, Silver, Infinite or Blaze kept quiet, but not the more common characters. Also about the description of Sonic reminds me of the Planes, Trains & Dude-Mobiles episode of Sonic Boom. Now I don't think their referencing Boom because this is a modern Sonic Movie. Now we could see a trailer 9 months before the film releases, which could be in February or March, or I could be wrong and they'll release a trailer with bumblebee in December. But what will be the deciding factor of this film being good is 1. Sonic's design (as well as the other CGI Sonic characters) 2. Dr. Eggman's design (as long as we don't get another 2006, instead another redesign more reminicent of the Modern Eggman we all know, depending on whether or not he's live action or CGI or a mixture of both) 3. At least 85-90% of the film should be centered around the Sonic characters 4. Great animation (of course we're talking about Marza and Blur so great animation that surpasses Pixar and Dreamworks, is kind of their thing) Now another example of transitioning from cell-shaded game models to fully animated for a film would be the Sly Cooper Movie (now a TV show is happening before the film) Same goes for Angry Birds Now there is this division that people have involving the Sly and Angry Birds movies and main concern was the designs, however these came from fans of the games. Plus in Angry Birds the characters talked while in the games they didn't. But these are Animated examples, Not CG/Live action. Jurassic World is even considered CG/Live action, but Sonic would be more considered similar to Spongebob Sponge out of Water. That's what I think the Sonic movie would be like, but it's hard to tell unless Marza releases test animation pictures or video reels. Until a picture of some sort is officially released showing the character designs, I'll be a little skeptic on designs. One last thing involving Eggman's design, even if there is an actor doing Eggman they could do a CG overlay kind of like what you see in Pirates of the Carribean for all 5 films even using CGI to de-age Jack Sparrow, so this cou;d work for Eggman's character.
  12. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    Well Marza is really good with fur textures, just look at the Unleashed opening with the Werehog's fur textures. Basically in the film we'll have Sonic with the werehog fur textures.
  13. Heads up guys a massive brand new, Playstation Exclusive game has just been announced and it's called



    Sonic & Universal Heroes United

    Okay it's not a real game, but wouldn't it be great if such a crossover game like this did exist or ever get made. Lots of gameplay styles and playable characters and a deep interwining story that switches back and forth between stories also replayable levels, missions, jobs and boss fights.


    1. Polkadi~♪


      i was hoping for knack 3 >:c

  14. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Tom the Cop reporting for duty!"

    More like Dr. Eggman trying to steal a high tech piece of equipment for his new weapon that he's always coming up with, just look at Colors and Unleashed.
  15. https://press.activision.com/ More screenshots in the link under Spyro, all screenshots are from Spyro 1. More gameplay

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