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  1. Will Sonic appear in Wreck-it Ralph 2 in 2018?

    The Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 movie's film rights are now owned by Paramount Pictures with animation still from Sega's Marza Animation Planet. Paramount Pictures is responsible for the Spongebob movies, Transformers, the newer TMNT films, the latest TinTin and Iron Man, Avengers as well as the other MCU films. The same team is working on it as before with Sony.
  2. Will Sonic appear in Wreck-it Ralph 2 in 2018?

    I do hope they keep the current voice cast for the film, mostly because it took me a while to get used to their new voices after colors was released. Sure, with the Sonic 2019 movie have a couple of bigger names in there for new characters, like say for example if Infinite was in the movie, okay he's a new character in Forces changing his voice wouldn't really affect the character because he's only in 1 game and that's Sonic Forces. Now the only things they have to do now is to Not include humans or Eggman portrayed as he was in 2006 and to Not to have the darker themes and elements of Shadow's game. So yeah the current voice acting is overall pretty good, with nearly 2 seasons of Sonic Boom has really improved the voice cast by 20x since Sonic Colors or Lost World, so including the current cast with some bigger names would be the best move, a voice cast strategy similar to Ratchet & Clank's movie.
  3. Will Sonic appear in Wreck-it Ralph 2 in 2018?

    I didn't think about that, could make a good reference, Disney did say they had good relationship with Nintendo. Even the first movie had numerous refernces to the Sonic series, one of which is Sonic pose in the posters for Wreck-it Ralph, which is the same pose for Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 video game which came under heavy criticism and is now the most infamous Sonic game. Here some links to the Wreck-it Ralph Wikia that names the references to the series. http://wreckitralph.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog http://wreckitralph.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Eggman
  4. Will Sonic appear in Wreck-it Ralph 2 in 2018?

    With Wreck-it Ralph 2 heading to theaters in November 2018, around a year before the Sonic The Hedgehog movie releases in 2019, what do you guys think? Will Sonic appear again as cameos or will he have a main role in the story? I mean their already trying to get Mario and Tron, so why not, might also be like an advertising strategy for both movies. Maybe Sega moved the release date of the Sonic 2019 movie, so that it doesn't interfere with Wreck-it Ralph 2 or they don't want Sonic in 2 movies in the same year. They also said they are exploring online and console gaming, which could include Sonic mostly because Sonic fits into both of those types of gaming. Now the first Wreck-it Ralph was pretty good, I watched it because I saw Sonic and Eggman on the advertising, so I thought they were main characters. Even though they were just cameos the film was still pretty good, so just hoping the sequal has more Sonic related material and actually having Sonic characters as some of the more mainer characters, not just cameos. Now having Sonic characters having a major part in the story is not very likely, would be pretty good idea, so that way we have 2 Sonic movies 2 years in a row, even though 1 isn't really about Sonic. Even better would be the inclusion of characters like Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Metal Sonic and some others to appear in the Wreck-it Ralph sequel as well as the Sonic 2019 movie. On another note Sega did include Wreck-it Ralph as a playable character in Sonic & All-stars racing Transformed, so the possibility is still there.
  5. Has anybody seen the French versions of Lair on Lockdown and You and I Bee-come One, because they aired in France within the past week. Do these 2 episodes have returning characters? Also the Do Not Make Me Angry episode airs in France tomorrow.
  6. Skylanders Academy Season 2 streaming October 6th/ new details

    Yeah, it's been almost a year since the series premiered and now were getting the second season which is on it's way in about a week. I am just as excited as everyone else is about it. Now there is some brand new screenshots which I will post here, again Skylanders Academy Season 2 arrives on October 6th. So, I'm taking that Cynder is a main character in the series, not like the other Skylanders that appear as side characters, I mean a full main character like Spyro and his team or Kaos and the Doom Raiders. This news is even better now that there are chances at a DVD release with the new partnership between Activision Blizzard and 41 Entertainment, I think the reason to partner with 41 is because Activision's 2 season partnership expired with Netflix, however season 3 will still be on Netflix, just the show will no longer be exclusive to Netflix (exclusive as far as SVOD goes). That news will be revealed at Mipcom 2017 between October 14th-19th.
  7. The 15th anniversary of the Sly Cooper series is tomorrow, while the 15th anniversary of Ratchet & Clank is in November. Within this time frame should come news of both series', Sly Cooper on Youtube by VTNVIVI and other Sly Cooper Youtubers will be doing special 15th anniversary videos for the series.Insomniac games is getting ready for R&C's 15th, with a new logo and the announcement that a new R&C art book by IDW comics (the same people responsible for Skylanders comics and now Sonic comics in 2018), also some new R&C figures or toys of some kind. Now, Sly Cooper, the tv series probably won't be released until fall 2018, also the Twitter account for the Sly Cooper movie will be shifted over to support the TV series and as for R&C, Insomniac Games said shortly after the release of both the R&C movie/PS4 release that they are Not done making R&C games, Sanzaru Games on the other hand as not said anything regarding a Sly Cooper 5, however announcements on these 2 seires' will probably be held back until Paris Games Week in October or PSX in December. Maybe when both developers finish up their Marvel games, they'll announce them, anyways until then the discussion for both Sly Cooper and R&C franchises are open for discussion, I'll be finishing Sly 1 for the however many times for the 15th anniversary.
  8. Sly Cooper Movie / TV Series

    The Sly Cooper series celebrates it's 15th anniversary tomorrow, also over at Youtube the Sly Cooper community member VTNVIVI will be having a special video celebrating the 15th anniversary tomorrow, some other Sly Cooper Youtubers might have special videos also.
  9. Skylanders Academy Season 2 streaming October 6th/ new details

    New screenshots from Skylanders Academy season 2. Also the voice cast has been updated with new voice actors. And could this be Malefor from Legend ofSpyro Dawn of the Dragon and Skylanders comics? Can't wait for October 6th for season 2 to premiere, this is overall going to be 10 times better than season 1 both in animation and storyline. Also can't wait to see what everyone is going to post on Youtube or Dailymotion about the series, whether it be clips or whole episodes, either way I'm excited.
  10. Skylanders Academy Season 2 streaming October 6th/ new details

    The official trailer for Skylanders Academy season 2 is finally here. This season we finally get to see more dragons and Skylanders. Also first footage of Cynder, still I think the idea of streaming Skylanders Academy season 1 & 2 clips or episodes on Dailymotion is good advertising to increasing popularity.
  11. Sonic Boom is on tonight, but not a new one, just a rerun of Vector Detector, according to the Sonic Wikia page. Also, with the Mipcom event coming up,I forgot to mention in my last post that the whole Mipcom/Mipjunior event runs from October 14th-19th. Hopefully, we'll find out something new about the future of Sonic Boom. Speaking of Mipcom 2017, the new global distributer for Skylanders Academy is 41 Entertainment and they will be representing the show this however will lead to airings on both pay TV and free TV, possible DVD releases. Also with Sonic Boom compared to Skylanders Academy which is better in your opinions?
  12. So, now the season finale will air the week after Sonic Forces releases. The air date for the finale should be November 18th. Also CN is attending Mipcom/Mipjunior this year in France on October 14th-16th , so this could mean news on Sonic Boom's continuation with season 3 or cancellation after season 2.
  13. How do you know if next weeks episode is postponed like this week? Does that mean next week we're not getting an episode either? I heard in the most recent stream that no new episode is premiering this week, nothing about next week.
  14. If it takes about a year then Skylanders Academy should be releasing on DVD soon and with the new distributor they might just do that. Same goes to Dreamworks and Universal with Dragons and Puss in Boots, also they released these 2 shows digitally for Amazon (Dragons RTTE and Puss in Boots) and Youtube (Puss in Boots only), after being on Netflix for a few seasons. however only 2 season of each are available so far.
  15. Technically the Season finale for North America would've aired on Boomerang on November 4th, now that no episode airing this week would put it back a week late on November 11th. Sonic Forces releases on November 7th. There are 8 episodes left and 1 per Saturday until then, not counting this Saturday, would land on the same week of Sonic Forces' release. Yes, the episode is airing in France later this month or pushed back to October, but that's France Not North America. Who knows maybe Sonic Forces can be good advertising for the 2-part finale, after all the first part airs on November 4th, while the second part airs on the 11th and right in the middle is the release of Sonic Forces.