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  1. Amy was indeed born into nobility, although her family renounced their wealth to aid the poor before Robotnik’s takeover. We do have plans to explore her and Rob’s lineage down the line 👍
  2. I’m not much of a debater, so forgive me if I worded my previous message poorly. The problem here isn’t having those moments of self-doubt and moral conflict in and of themselves, it’s how they’re grossly disproportionate to the role they will ultimately serve in the story. After all the time setting up Mr. Tinker and the possible stories that could be told with him, Eggman immediately returns and that all goes up in smoke. In fact his return is so rushed that they had to breeze through Neo Metal Sonic, which the entire comic up until that point had been building up to, so he would turn back into plain old Metal Sonic and go crawling back to him. Sonic gets infected and his friends scold him for letting Eggman go, but does it matter? Does it REALLY matter? It may seem engaging when reading them for the first time, but when critiquing the arc as a whole it’s clear that they’re nothing more than red herrings used to facilitate fake drama. Even if the good guys are destined to win, there are ways to introduce legitimate conflict and plot threads that actually will go somewhere in the future, but this just... isn’t it.
  3. It may seem like I’m reaching here and that’s entirely fair, but I think this video can be used as a perfect representation of what’s bothering me most about this comic. Much like the elongated setup and immediate retirement of the Great Saiyaman, Ian has been constantly teasing us with setup of stories that we already know are never going to happen. Eggman CAN’T be killed off, so wasting story after story of the characters waxing philosophical about whether or not they should feels completely empty. Sonic CAN’T lose, so trying so desperately hard to make us believe that he will almost comes off as insulting. The other supporting cast (at least the Sega ones) CAN’T develop, so having them go through these traumatic events to make us wonder how it’ll affect them in the future when they’ll inevitably get over it in one issue has no impact whatsoever. Ian pretty much wrote himself into a no-win situation from the start with the pointless Mr. Tinker subplot, and much like the Great Saiyaman, it will only serve as a red herring before returning to the warm, comforting embrace of the old status quo.
  4. Late reply, but no it doesn’t. Save assist basically means you’re never penalized for losing a life, it’s pretty much diet save states.
  5. I don't believe we're accepting writing tryouts at the moment, but if you'd like to contribute as an artist, you can join our Discord server and show us some examples of your work there: https://discord.gg/4rxrP4r
  6. KNUCKLES ENDANGERED SPECIES #2 Rad Red’s quest to liberate his people reaches a fever pitch in “Endangered Species Part 3: Habitat Destruction!” Knuckles’ former ally Thrash has appeared with a startling declaration, and the warring factions of Albion must call a truce in order to stand up to his Devil Dog army! But why does he desire the end of the echidna race, and what secrets do the ancient city hold to provide some answers? Featuring cover art from fittingly-named Finitevus!
  7. Sonic Legacy #4 is released! https://m.tapas.io/episode/1511719
  8. No problem @PaulyBFromDa303, glad I could help! And on that note, the solicit for Issue 4 is released!
  9. This isn’t directly related to ASO per se, but some of the members in our team are involved in a different Archie project, to restore the final issues that were left unreleased before the official comic’s cancellation. They just finished Sonic Universe #95, check it out! https://m.tapas.io/episode/1459306
  10. Issue #2 of Sonic Legacy has been released! https://tapas.io/episode/1351064
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