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  1. When it comes to getting stuck, it took me ages to figure out how to pass the barrel of doom in Carnival Night Zone. But when it comes to actually challenging stages, Eggmanland first and foremost, of course. I'll admit though, Eggmanland after some practice isn't too hard. Security Hall is another, and that stage is just badly designed, point and blank. Way too little time and I only ever beat it when the emeralds are placed near the starting point. Getting all Super Emeralds in 3&K can also be a pain.The infamous Labyrinth Zone however isn't too hard if you just just take your time.
  2. Well, obviously 90's. Critically and commercially. But even then, starting from the late early to mid 90's they made a lot of mistakes which would gradually hurt their reputation as a quality console manufacturer.
  3. I actually got to talk (veerry briefly) to Mike Pollock (https://plus.google.com/101590910100602170406/posts/VG3U5Zb5EUQ) I was too busy fanboying my butt off to actually start up a conversation, but he noticed me!


  4. That's what one would initially think, but again, many like to ridicule Sonic no matter how ignorant they are about the franchise's current situation.
  5. These are hilariously fake. The characters have the same Sm4sh renders beside the health percentages, the models look pretty much the same as before, I highly doubt Cloud's returning as that seems like a one time thing, and overall it's only been 3 years since Smash 4. I remember Sakurai complaining that constant development on Smash 4 and all the DLC greatly fatigued him. This isn't real, as much as I'd like it to happen.
  6. Those beats sound amazing. And that animation is glorious, period. If Sega ever makes another Sonic anime, this quality of animation is what they should aim for.
  7. Sonic's reputation's gotten pretty beaten up the last 10 years or so, and everyone knows it. At first 3D Sonic was totally liked, everyone loved Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. But a bit after Heroes' release, Sonic started to wane in terms of popularity. In the next two years, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 would come out and become notorious for their (sometimes hilariously) bad quality. 06 was so infamously trashed that people even started to hate the first two Adventure games that were initially considered great. After 06's release Sonic's rep was never the same. Sega realized their mistakes and came out with the mostly praised Boost trilogy, but still, there was always that large group of people who've ridiculed and dismissed Sonic as "dead" because of how bad ShTH and 06 were, and that group only got bigger with the release of the Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric in 2014. Even recently, Sonic Forces has gotten mixed reception so far. It's a crazy thought, but, do you think if Sega ever actually starts consistently releasing well received games (as unlikely as it is), the "Sonic is dead" group I mentioned earlier would disappear?
  8. Nice work! Can't wait to hear more.
  9. Wow, interesting. I'm familiar with Total War, Alien Isolation and Football Manager but I didn't know they actually had multiple teams dedicated to strategy game development. Thanks for the info.
  10. I think it's a fun idea. Difficult to imagine in 3D though as Sonic is no where near as straightforward and established to a main gameplay style as 3D Mario is, but when we're talking about a Classic/Advance Sonic level creator it could definitely work. As for wanted features I'd think it'd be nice to have a feature where you get to create special stages, like the Blue Ball levels from 3&K.
  11. Many? I know that they've invested into the strategy market, but I don't believe it's anything they've really found that big of success in. I don't know honestly.
  12. I finished my replay of Super Metroid about a week ago, and let me just say this game has aged beautifully. 20 years later and it's still the king of Metroidvanias. I really do hope Nintendo brings back Metroid. At least the 2D ones, Ninty! But other than that I'm currently playing through Sonic Advance 2, Banjo Kazooie, and a gen 3 Pokemon ROM hack I picked up from Pokecommunity earlier today: Pokemon Team Rocket edition. It's pretty cool, the "steal Pokemon" gimmick is quite fun and I also like it's focus on story. Oh, and then there's the frequent Sm4sh/Smash Flash 2 session to pass time when I'm bored. SSB all the way!
  13. I'm not a fan of it. When it comes to the main series of Sonic games, very rarely has there been any romance in the stories and when there was, it was pretty awful (I hope I don't need to mention the story I'm talking about here). Do I think there should be romance in Sonic stories? No thank you. This series has enough problems when it comes to story and writing on its own and the last thing we need is romance. And even without all of that I just don't like the idea of these cartoon characters, most being underage, getting all lovey with each other. It just never went down with me and I don't get why so many fans obsess over ships, especially considering none of the main characters have ever liked each other in THAT way, and besides Amy Rose none of them have ever shown to have a crush on the other in any way. The franchise is better off without it.
  14. Sonic started off with the more meaner attitude, and to be honest I like that characterization more than the more nice guy Sonic that a lot of Modern games have. Sonic's 'tude was what made him different, and one of the reasons why he got so popular. Sure a lot of video game characters didn't exactly have personality back then, but nobody expected a mean blue hedgehog wearing shoes that runs faster than sound. He held that personality throughout the 90's and then when Sonic Adventure hit, he sort of lost it. I mean the "cool" guy factor was still there, but his edgier side vanished for the most part. I never really got why, but I guess it could be that whole trend in general got old. Not to say I dislike the more easier Sonic of today but his 90's character was more unique for a game character and defined him the best imo.
  15. I'm hoping they actually stick to this decision. Even Sonic's been declining in sales recently, and Sega needs to expand quite badly. Bring back Streets of Rage!
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