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  1. He says he's playing the extra stages after the cutscenes. Taking a little break.
  2. Isn't it DLC? It should be out Day 1 then.
  3. This looks more challenging than Terminal Velocity, to be fair.
  4. New video with the cutscenes before and after the Classic Sonic Eggman boss fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXczS59CtOI
  5. It's from the Twitter of the producer/writer of Forces.
  6. I guess none of you guys have seen the official sketch for Forces that Shun Nakamura posted on his Twitter of Tails beside Modern Sonic, Tails fighting Chaos and Sonic fighting Metal Sonic. The quote that accompanies the Tweet sounds like Adventure Tails, implying that he finally wants to stop standing around. EDIT: The pic Dee Dude posted.
  7. It was stated in a Forces interview by either Nakamura or Iizuka that the reason Eggman's robots look that way is because they're trying to make them look more "military-like." I'm hoping that Eggman is as evil as in the Archie comics, especially since this is the Eggman Empire decal in Forces (don't know if this was posted yet:)
  8. I noticed that in the last two screenshots, those cubes in the balls of energy that Metal Sonic has bear some resemblance to the cubes Infinite had used in the E3 trailer. This, along with the fact that the glitchy effect that surrounds Infinite is surrounding Metal as well, seems to support what others are saying about the villains being illusions or being mind-controlled by Infinite. In any case, the villains seem to be able to use some of Infinite's powers if this is the case. However, one thing I don't get is that it was stated that Shadow is fighting for his own reasons. Regardless of the fact that he looked brainwashed in the Enter Infinite trailer, he couldn't have been if that was the case. Something else related to Infinite's power that I noticed is that it most likely comes from that gem-looking object in the middle of his chest. If you pause during the parts where Infinite is using his powers (the AMV-like part) in the Enter Infinite trailer, you'll see the energy coming from that gem. Just wanted to point this out just in case nobody noticed it.
  9. We'll be getting a good amount of info from a Forces livestream occurring on the 24th on Nicovideo/YouTube. Forces will be playable at Gamescom, but we're not aware of whether or not we'll be seeing new stages yet.
  10. It'll be playable there, but we're not aware of whether there'll be new or old stages.
  11. I already made a thread about this, titled "Sonic Forces Renders."
  12. I'd like a stage akin to Egg Fleet in Heroes and one similar to Aquatic Base. I'd LOVE a new space zone akin to Final Rush. I hope the temple-looking area in the Enter Infinite trailer is a stage similar to Lost World from Adventure.
  13. IMO, this is the first badass Modern Sonic art we've had for Forces so far. Also, new art of Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Infinite: https://imgur.com/0sQqFC9 http://imgur.com/kA2VjH8 http://imgur.com/s1zTpgO
  14. Wow, they look Unleashed-tier. Also, apparently we're getting a new trailer soon.
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