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  1. Does anybody know the name of that surfing music that was used in cartoons in the 90s?

    You could hear someone going "ha...HA....HAAAAAAAAAA!!" near the beginning of the song.

  2. Reaction: Throw it all away plays Every time you eat a meal.

  3. *Thinking of putting 2 cents in on latest topic.

    *Remembers a verse from infinite's theme:


  4. *looks at price*

    "The new iPhone better take me on a vacation when I switch it to airplane mode." XD

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      It turns into a mini jet for one passenger.

    2. blueblur98


      it better take me to one of the most well-received resorts and give me a cold drink when i get there.

      and it better get my tablet to charge.

  5. Forget boost, adventure, and classic gameplay. What gameplay can you see sonic evolving in? Hoe Would he still have flowy speedy platformung?

  6. "My enemies always fall before me!"

  7. Sonic Forces - Shadow DLC and new Screenshot

    That was the most linear 2d level I've ever seen. I like that homing attack though. Glad to see omega and rogue are back.
  8. Rate Sonic Mania's Bosses

    Ratings in the spoiler tag. Higher points means I liked the challenge.
  9. Sonic Forces - Shadow DLC and new Screenshot

    This looks soooo fake. But somehow believable
  10. Sonic Forces Screenshot and Concept Art thread

    Weird. I just woke up from a dream about this. I'm not joking. My subconscious works at sega.
  11. Sonic Forces Screenshot and Concept Art thread

    I wanna say that it looks like a playable shadow but the lighting looks like it's a cutscene.
  12. Who's gonna go to box y'all?

    bo-box, box, bo-box, bo-box 

  13. Nonaggression's boss fight theme is so good.