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    New sonic games, new nintendo games, media that influences me to come up with more ideas to draw. My favorite music, Old school rap, indie, reggae, blues, video game music, bibio, tame impala.
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  1. Need some advice. I wanna finish this super hero comic book I started years before I started getting back into watching anime. I just started back watching it this year and I see a lot of similarities my book has with My hero academia with my characters and their abilities, but my book has a wayyy different, off the wall kinda plot. How can I prevent my work from looking like a ripoff or what is considered stealing ideas and making them obvious?

    1. Plumbers_Helper


      I don't know how helpful this is, but I think if you have a good story you want to tell then concentrate on telling that story. If you concern yourself too much about what your audience will think then your story will never be told. 

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