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  1. Ugly sonic's reaction to the sonic movie:


    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Feel like there should be tears....if that thing can even cry.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I didn't expect Lego Sonic to have babes with Smeagol, of all people after Lego Dimensions.

    3. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      He looks on the verge of tears...

  2. I don't know if it was the music video or the song itself but 'speed me up' has surprisingly grown on me lately.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Same, it helps that since I’ve been listening to it on Spotify, I can hear the lyrics better and appreciate a few of the actual game references thrown into the lyrics.

  3. It just took me 3 days to download megaman x legacy collection 2 on my craptop and i finally did it, but every game played slowly and lagged so i deleted it and judging by the most recent status updates, i should've known it was a bad idea from the start.😡

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      XLC2's specs on PC are really high, for some reason. 

    2. Polkadi~☆


      On PC?

      Good luck, the Legacy Collection ports are pretty bad.

  4. What are you better at? Small talk or deep conversations?

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      where's the "neither" option

    2. Diogenes


      what the fuck are either of those things

    3. TCB


      is this a trick question 

    4. Harkofthewaa
    5. Osmium
    6. Solister


      Personally, I'm very shy and so start up a talk with strangers (Not online) are one of my biggest fears.

      But as much as the other part takes the first step and we talk a subject I like, I surely can hold up for some good minutes.

      Eh... It's a pretty subjective question simply for two possibilities.

  5. Spoiler

    Best ending: the sonic movie sequel has an awesome plot and does better than the first and tails is back to being a badass.

    Normal ending: the sonic movie sequel has a decent plot and does pretty good.

    Worst ending: The plot is trash about tails being jealous of Tom being sonic's new best friend and the movie does poorly.


    1. Blue Blood
    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      “the plot is about Tails being jealous of Tom being Sonic’s new best friend”.

      ...Sonic and Tails haven’t even met in this continuity yet.

  6. "Why does sonic never spindash in the movie?" Because he doesn't learn to spindash until sequels. Brilliant touch.

    1. Tarnish


      But he doesn't speak either until the who knows which entry...

    2. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      @Tarnish You, uh, haven't seen the movie, I take it. Joke or not, that doesn't really work in context of the actual film.

  7. Just went back to the gym for the first time in a while and my arms feel like i just used two infinity gauntlets. Ugh....

  8. Sonic vs captain america. Wonder how that would've turned out. (I know it's chris evans but still)

  9. Sonic movie staying true to the classic games: 3 acts, a miniboss fight in the middle of the movie and a robotnik boss fight.

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      That was definitely a nice touch.

  10. I like how the sonic movie stayed true to the classic games. 3 acts, a miniboss fight and a boss at the end.

  11. Man, i sure hope movie <spoiler> is gonna be way better than game <spoiler> in the sonic movie sequel. 

    1. 8ther
    2. Milo


      @8ther You may want to put that in spoiler tags....

  12. Sonic movie was great. Cliched as heck imo but still great. Was not expecting that stinger at the end.

  13. One minute! One minute! Good! One minute! And the next one's mine!

  14. `Don't know how long we've waited, As the Eggman watches~

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I miss Julien-K too . . .

    2. Tarnish


      Before actually checking the lyrics, I always heard "The all distant player" instead of " We all danced in fire" in that song.

  15. The original king of cards game:


  16. You ever felt like you sometimes repeat a status update you made years ago?

  17. The ssmb cinematic universe.

  18. New art for my project:


    main screen 2b.png

  19. Gonna repost this track the day the sonic movie gets released.

  20. So i just found out a golden axe movie was made in Nigeria a couple years ago...and I was just thinking about what if sega announced a golden axe movie next.

  21. What if jim carrey played mysterio in SFFH and Jake Gyllenhaal was robotnik in the sonic movie?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      How about if Jim Carrey just played both XD

  22. 7626c81c48ceb42485451e2895ebc851d457143e5647cb86007322078a8cce0e_1.jpg.thumb.jpg.47a3da4582e3481627aa7bf13a12406f.jpg

    1. Rabid-Coot


      Thanks for spoiling the movie.

    2. Tarnish


      He finally got the 100th ring that granted him an extra life.



      Good thing since he looks like he was dying inside.

  23. Man, imagine if the studio that did the model for the sonic movie had shot down before they decided to change it and were stuck with the bad one.

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