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  1. So I should probably look into buying a microSD card for my Switch if I wanna get Spyro.

  2. If by some chance Smash Ultimate does bring in a Digimon rep, I'm kind of hoping it's Renamon rather than Agumon.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Renamon would be cooler, but Agumon is the Pikachu of Digimon

    2. RedFox99


      Good point. Maybe she could get in as an assist trophy.

  3. Can we just talk about how incredible some of the musical references in JoJo can be? 

  4. Why is Sword and Shield trending on Twitter?

    1. Bloxxerboy


      Because someone in the Pokemon Company fucked up as far as I know.

    2. Tracker_TD


      Because a bunch of new stuff just got released

  5. "Disney actor Cameron Boyce dies aged 20" https://twitter.com/i/events/1147762568770940929

    R.I.P. Cameron

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Fuck...I remember watching him in Jessie, he was just a year younger then me.

      Way too young, he had his whole life ahead of him...


    2. RedFox99
    3. tailsBOOM!


      I saw that before I went to bed.  It's crazy sad. 

    4. AtomicReader 饶日

      AtomicReader 饶日

      I was just opening my Twitter when the message appeared. I was really shocked, and at a moment I thought it was joke, but it wasn't, and I almost started to cry.

  6. I legit hope Tawna becomes a regular character after CTR (and yes I say that as a shipper).

  7. Where did you buy it from? I only had to pay $3.99 plus tax.
  8. JOJo made me try microwaved cola... kind of.

  9. Managed to jog close to 6.75 mi in almost 90 mins 

  10. Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/AntifaTerrorists?s=09 Wow, this is spreading.
  11. Recently bought a Retsuko funko pop figure that I've yet to open. I'm really hoping one day I can get it signed so I can auction it off. 

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      One of only two Funko Pop figurines I'm willing to buy since it actually lends itself well to the show's art style.

    2. RedFox99


      THANK YOU!

  12. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jun/29/andy-ngo-beaten-up-by-antifa-activists-at-portland/ Yikes.
  13. So, can someone explain to me how someone forgets that they tweeted hundreds of posts centered around a specific person during a relatively recent period of time?

  14. This is beyond disgusting. 

    1. JosepHenry


      Today is day to lose hope on humanity again it seems... Beyond disgusting is not enough to describe.

    2. Menace2Society


      I remember reading about this kid on a site that’s probably best not to be mentioned here. Poor kid lost most of his childhood to this shit.

    3. RedFox99


      It's pretty effed up

  15. Except here it's a bit more understandable since a) it's her mother telling her it and b) it would be nigh impossible for Cream to go out there w/o getting infected.
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