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  1. D.C. Douglas (voice of Yoshikage Kira and Albert Wesker) got banned on Twitter. About time.

    1. KHCast


      What did he do?

    2. RedFox99


      He's done other things to warrant a ban.

    3. KHCast


      ...I’m sorry but that’s what you’re going “about time” over? A hypothetical satire that slams trump and his actions using his actual words? I really don’t see the problem here outside twitter hypocritically once again silencing the wrong people while allowing certain groups to continue on with their “freedom of speech”

    4. RedFox99


      I'm talking more about times that he's been a jerk to others and made a post about being in a bathroom for women.

    5. KHCast


      What’s the context to the latter thing?

    6. RedFox99


      Apparently he accidentally got in there, yet instead of trying to get out he decided to film himself.

    7. Perkilator


      @RedFox99 I guess Wesker needed another woman to mind control.

      What, too soon?

    8. DiamondX


      Funny how I just saw his Twitter page today for the first time.

    9. RedFox99


      Meh. 6/10 joke.

    10. TCB


      I knew Yoshikage Kira was a serial killer with a hand fetish, but this is ridiculous!

    11. RedFox99
    12. KHCast


      So judging from what I can at least tell, I’m not too familiar of the situation, going off the comments, this seems to be a bunch of republicans specifically angry with him. Any particular reason it’s mostly the right mad at him? The response there from him seems like a reasonable retort to why “f*g” is a derogatory term. Bigoted idiots started using the term to apply to lgbt people. I also am not getting much clarity on this bathroom situation. Was he perving? 

    13. RedFox99
    14. KHCast


      >Guy uses “sjw” as a tag

      k is there a non biased explanation of the situation not from the side of geekdom that doesn’t seriously uses that term?

    15. KHCast


      Yeah researching this, I still can’t exactly see the deal. All I’m seeing is “totally not alt-right” leaning gamer and meme groups standing for Vic regardless of the allegations which sound pretty damn legit if you ask me, blaming “dah sjw’s”, and getting on DC Douglas for also personally not defending him and also saying he received disgusting videos from fans(like I’m sorry, I don’t see why a guy with a career on the line would lie about that) and slamming republicans/trump. I need to do more research on the bathroom situation, but from what I’ve seen so far, nothing is really coming off as “perving on women”. Like recording himself while someone is shitting is hardly what I’d say is that. But maybe there’s more to the story 

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