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  1. Side by side comparison of the PS4 and Switch versions of TSR. Besides the halved framerate and very very slightly pared back shadows, I'm hugely impressed at how close the Switch version is to the other console versions. Can't wait to see how the PS4 Pro and XB1X handle it.
  2. Heroes was an imperfect implementation of Sonic's friends. I enjoyed how they all had their own stakes and goals for doing what they were doing in the story but its how they all intersected (save for the finale) that bugged me the most, and those intersections felt super hand waved at best and even pretty contradictory to the story at worst.
  3. The funny part is, that actually sounds like a pretty awesome idea.
  4. The reviews are about in line with what I expected, if slightly less positive than I'd hoped. The bulk of the complaints seem to come from how it's a step down from Transformed (as expected) and how they wish there were just more to the game itself in terms of track and character numbers. The racing mechanics themselves seem to be pretty damn well liked and the game overall seems fun, if imperfect. Yeah, definitely looking forward to this one.
  5. I find the tongue-in-cheek dialogue appropriate for this sort of game. The stakes are much less serious so it's not like it's out of place, and I think it also strikes a nice balance of appealing to longtime fans as well as children.
  6. Can't say I'm too bothered by the ASR courses returning since I don't have too much experience with that game to begin with, ASRT courses on the other hand bother me quite a bit since those were built in mind with the transformation mechanic from that game. It feels like I'll be left with a prevailing feeling of "something's missing." Otherwise, I don't really mind the returning courses that much, if at all. The team mechanic should do a decent job in making players rethink how they'd approach going through the returning courses and they don't make up enough of the game's courses to really bother me. If it were closer to Mario Kart's ratio I'd be decidedly more annoyed with that decision.
  7. I wouldn't really be surprised if they were, but that doesn't really mean much when they *feel* the same
  8. It's hard to say since we don't have any direct track comparisons, but if Lost Palace is the baseline then it doesn't seem like there'll be too much changed in terms of track layout or mechanics. Even the most familiar feeling tracks in MK8 had a good bit changed about them, and that's on top of having been completely rebuilt from the ground up.
  9. Any word on whether dual audio will be available for this game or not? I'm mostly fine with the English voices with this game but having the option would be nice in case I want it.
  10. Funny you mention that since FRLG gives Charmander Metal Claw specifically to deal with Brock (similar to how LGPE gives Pikachu Double Kick to deal with him). FRLG was also a game catered towards newcomers and casuals and handled teaching the player what they needed to know in a far better and less intrusive manner. It gives you the type chart which teaches you that Rock is weak to Fighting, so if you're struggling vs. Brock with just Charmander, you can catch a Mankey to make things easier for yourself. That's way more gratifying and self-fulfilling than literally not even being able to progress unless you're as well equipped for the "challenge" ahead as possible. But more importantly, it didn't impede on the enjoyment of veteran players who simply wanted to re-experience Kanto and already know what they're doing.
  11. I get the game is geared towards kids, but the footage we saw seems downright patronizing. NEEDING to have a type advantage Pokemon for Brock is honestly such an absurdity.
  12. Thanks, but no thanks. Nothing about this game screams that it's a full-price game in a multi-billion dollar franchise. I get that it's sort of a stop-gap for newbies to get into Pokémon, but it kinda comes off as filler-y fluff that they're charging 60 whole bucks (and 50 for that accessory) for. I also feel like shoehorning in Pokemon Go mechanics they way they are is to misunderstand what made Go such a huge success in the first place. It wasn't popular because of the mechanics, it was popular because it you could catch Pokémon straight from your phone for FREE, and it was a big social experience. If people wanted Pokémon Go, they'd just play Pokémon Go. Plus, I feel like if people really wanted to get into Pokémon through Go, they'd have done it already with the release of Sun and Moon. Go was at its peak then and Sun and Moon had a monstrous marketing campaign. Adding onto that, getting into Sun and Moon was a FAR cheaper affair than getting into Let's Go (79.99 2DS console + 39.99 game vs. 299.99 console + 59.99 game and optional 49.99 accessory). Not even mentioning my qualms with the game's art direction, the very unnecessary lack of wild battles, going back to a grid based map, the forced motion control both in docked and handheld play, and the incredibly jarring decision to only have Kanto Pokémon and their Alolan varients (which probably also means the Sevii Islands from FRLG are cut), the game just doesn't sound appealing in the least. As a longtime Pokémon fan who's been onboard with the series since Crystal, this series continues to only disappoint as of late. The 2019 game had better be worth it.
  13. Tails Adventure 2 would be a no-brainer. The blueprint is already there thanks to the original being a decently competent and creative game that actually took advantage of aspects of Tails' character rarely seen in the Genesis classics, if at all. Given how butchered his character has been in recent titles, I think something like this could be a good break for him.
  14. I think my favorite era is definitely modern, a good deal of the modern games suffer from some really jarring drawbacks that really makes you wonder if Sonic Team is run by a bunch of hacks. But the highs it has are easily my favorites in the series by a large margin. Speaking more objectively, though. I think classic is the best for maintaining a more consistent understanding in what makes a good Sonic game, sans Sonic CD. While it does have its share of not great spin-offs, so does every era of Sonic so that part's not really that relevant to me. As for the Adventure era, I like those games more when I think of them as simply doing their own thing. While they haven't aged well...at all, I still think they're fun games in their own right for their variety of fun playstyles, with some not-so-fun ones here and there.
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