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  1. Sweet! Now I can play it on my Space-station 1!
  2. Jack is what people call me IRL, and "Is In The Stadium" part is self-explanatory.
  3. If there is a way to make another Sonic, I would make Boom Sonic first xD
  4. I don't know why I thought of this but... What if we are the villains, Shadow has his own reason to fight to save the world, Chaos appears in situations where there is destruction, etc. (And fight back the one who caused that) and Zavok betrayed Eggman but now He's on Eggman's side, Metal Sonic too, in Sonic Heroes. If brainwashing was the reason, then why? It adds nothing to the story. So what if we (Sonic, Sonic and Creativity) are the villains who indirectly caused this, maybe with time travel, or multiverse.
  5. My mind was blown after watching that. Like who knew!?! And am I the only one who thinks that the new villain is somewhat like Silver. Everything I knew about the game was thrown out until I saw this and Shadow man, why is he a bad guy though? Even chaos! Why is Chaos there? I don't know about you guys but it's theory time for me!
  6. Cream Becoming the Playable character? PFFFFFFFT, those kids trying to get Cream back, they are stu- Oh yeah, they're going to burst and destroy me. Also I mentioned that it is what most fans creates and not wants, it was just a mistake cause my mind is filled with so many randomness. But besides that, I have something to say, we did something, and it was something that no other gaming franchise fans have ever done, we used memes like we always did in the past, we ignored the internet, instead of making whatever there is as a meme, we made a huge mistake, and while we were making memes like we did, it was too much, we brought back something, it's not Sonic, because we always talk negative about him, it is Bubsy, We are Sonic fans, only to revive Bubsy, we have went too far with what we had and now, because jokes become reality, they are not jokes, they are seriouses but we need to remember this, What could possibly go wrong.
  7. Sonic Adventure 2 Live And Learn Escape From The City Won't Stop, Just go! That's The Way I Like It E.G.G.M.A.N. Option Menu Mr. Unsmiley The Supernatural Highway In The Sky Chao Garden Theme
  8. I did say Most Fans, I didn't say Every Fans, it doesn't mean you can be counted because you weren't like the Sonic Fans I mentioned that were like this, I made the post judging on people on YouTube.
  9. Okay, I kinda made a mistake there, I didn't mean the fans Wanted it to actually happen, I meant that they were making Fan Characters cause that's what they like to do, and SEGA thought of making it a thing in the game they are making, which just makes the fans angry instead of happy, well there is at least some fans that is happy about this.
  10. Tl;dr but the custom characters were what most of the Sonic fans wanted, nowadays they hate on everything SEGA does.
  11. 1. How long have you been a Sonic fan? I'll say about 7 Years. 2. What was your first game? Sonic Heroes. 3. What initially attracted you to the Sonic the Hedgehog series? Really good Sonic Fan-Games. 4. How many Sonic games do you currently have? Feel free to count duplicates! 7 or 8. 5. Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan? I'm a Modern Sonic Fan. 6. Who is your favorite Sonic character and why? I don't want to be know as an "Edgy Sonic Fan" but it's Shadow, because the past is complicated and people can theorize about it, I love theories. 7. What is your favorite continuity? (SEGA, Archie, SatAM, OVA etc.) SEGA because I've never watched or read any other Sonic stuff other than SEGA. 8. What is your favorite Sonic quote? This can come from any character. Find The Computer Room! 9. What is your favorite story in the Sonic franchise? Sonic Unleashed's story. 10. What is your favorite Sonic cartoon? Neither Sonic X nor Sonic BOOM, I didn't watch the rest. 11. What is your favorite cutscene from a Sonic game? 12. What is your favorite Sonic game? Sonic Unleashed. 13. What is your favorite Sonic track both vocal and non-vocal? Open Your Heart K-Klub Remix and Main Menu Theme From Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed. 14. What is your favorite move from Sonic or any other playable character? I am not sure about this one, so I'm going to skip it. 15. What is your favorite Sonic soundtrack? Isn't question 13 the same thing? I am just gonna say it is, "Green Hill Zone" soundtrack EDIT: Sonic 1, you mean? Yeah, let's go with that. 16. What is your favorite image from the series? Please post it here and mention the source. 17. Which is your favorite voice acting cast? Dunno, None? 18. What is your main/favorite Sonic head-canon? I don't read Sonic Head-canons, so this doesn't have an answer. 19. What is your favorite recurring level theme (e.g. green forest, space stations, lava ruins)? I like City or Town-ish kind of level. 20. What is your favorite level from the Sonic games? Rooftop Run Act 1 Day (Sonic Unleashed). 21. What was your most memorable year in the franchise for you? 2016. 22. What is your one favorite thing in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series? Custom Hero Character in the upcoming Sonic Game, Sonic Forces. 23. What is your favorite trailer for Sonic games revealed? Lots of trailers, the best one is the Pre-order Sonic Mania Trailer 24. There are many versions of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog in the quarter century he has existed across various forms of media. Which one is your favorite version of Sonic and why? 15th anniversary Sonic, he had so many emotions 25. More than a quarter of a century and the Blue Blur is still running! What keeps you around at this point? I just didn't want to leave the Sonic Franchise. That was alot to say, it took me 1 hour to type the whole thing, it was cool to share my opinion.
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