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  1. Burp, I slipped.


  2. Sonic Mania Vinyl - Now Pre-Orderable!

    Mine should be arriving by next week, Can't wait.
  3. Emergency Communication From The Resistance Forces

    I'm up for my boy knuckles to being leader, anything that shows him in a good light is a plus for me.
  4. Hi. Mirage Saloon Act 1 K, 8th place in leaderboards. And i did Stardust Speedway Act 2 with Sonic
  5. That's great and all but where's the PC pre-order?
  6. So what's all the talk about Sunset Heights or whatever it's called?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sunset Heights?

    2. BlueTidalGamer


      It's the official name of Modern Sonic's city stage.

    3. Rummy


      Apparently it's a song that Aaron mentioned about but i don't really know what's it's for.

    4. Operationgamer17


      I think they mean city Hieghts, the names of Modern Sonic's level in the Sonic Forces demo.

  7. Aside from the Lighting Wispon feeling awfully familiar to the bad power controls of Heroes, I think the tag team gameplay is currently the most interesting and most "fun", plus i love how "anime" it is, i'm a total weeb okay?
  8. Sonic Forces: Theme of Metal Sonic (US Stardust Speedway)

    I feel like i'm the only one that actually likes how Kenichi Tokoi remixed this song. It's basic yes. But if the Screenshots are to indicate anything, it might be a "Race". and the fast paced melody and synths seem to fit that idea.
  9. November 7th, alright. Not a bad time but not a good one. Okay i'm actually interested what they have in mind and that bird species looks awfully familiar to the one that Tails devastated from his own Adventures
  10. Studiopolis Act2 Music Uploaded

    y'all don't mind if i...
  11. It's far too early to predict. But if were to look at the standing of the Sonic Series after Mania dropped.. it's looking like a really rough climate for Forces, With many reviews outright dismissing the 3D/Modern games in order to prove a point that Sonic had a working game play back in the Genesis Era is not a good start. And sadly the game isn't looking like it's gonna balance though, with how messy Forces is looking like currently. I don't think the majority of the regained and peaking audience will enjoy what they see. Again, this is how think things are right now and plus Sega needs to put Forces at a release date far away from Super Mario Odyssey in order to not get hammered by the Gaming Journalist. and by no means i suggest pushing the release forward.
  12. With Mania now behind us, It's time to see if Forces can show its more refined edges. get it.
  13. Favorite Old Zone: Stardust Speedway. I love everything about that Zone, To anyone who loved CD. It is really great to see the references go full hog. Favorite New Zone: Press Garden. I can't quite explain it but man i love how Act 1 is, and it has all the mechanics i loved from Sonic 3. Favorite Old Track: Metallic Madness. It's crazy how awesome the music is in that zone. Favorite New Track: The Egg Spider from Flying Battery/The Heavy Magician & Hooligans No words, Those bosses genuinely had me smiling.
  14. I think it's a massive oversight that there isn't a configurable button for going super because i'd like to not go super while climbing please.

    1. Celestia


      Yeah, it's strange.

      One of my favourite hacks (Sonic 3 Complete) has it that you have to press two of the jump buttons at once to turn Super (and you can even de-transform using the same input), I think that would have worked. Or just assign it to a button like the modern games.

  15. The Hard-Boiled Heavies Appreciation Topic

    I love the heavies, especially the Heavy King and Heavy Magician. I should draw the gang more.