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  1. Personally, I'd love to see either Ice Cap or Launch Base be remixed. But my dream remix would be combining the aftermath of Launch Base's Death Egg Launch set a few years after the events of S3&K where Ice Cap has mostly engulfed Launch Base with bits and pieces of the Death egg spreading around creating this hybrid zone., But that wouldn't happen. It's still cool to imagine what if. But realistically speaking i can see Hydrocity Zone being remixed.
  2. While I do agree that Eggman's presence hasn't been intimidated to a slean of a "World Conquering Dictator" quiet yet. And with the returning writers indicate to be the case. Now I might have a huge bias but i love Eggman's current character and i wouldn't change it any other way, same with Sonic. But with a game like this, we need to see Eggman's step back into a more villainous face in order to give purpose to the story, orrr they could pull a "Monster Of The Week" scenario (and they will most likely do that) I'd be pretty disappointed. It's been years since Eggman has been a huge threat to the protagonist. Now we did see a glimpse of a more serious Eggman in Lost World and honestly I enjoyed that. It's been 3 years since Lost World so I think they had plenty of time to evolve and change, especially with how great Fire and Ice turned out in terms of Character Interactions. But yeah I'd be up for a more serious Eggman and if it's pulled off just right, this might be a new high for the writers personally.
  3. A part of me thinks Eggman has gotten a huge boost in his god complex after he won as evident in the classic stage boss, he starts off with probably the oldest trick in the book and when it doesn't go his way, he lashes out with the Egg Dragoon.
  4. I think what Jango meant was the fact that Coke E-sports decided support Sonic Mania's release.
  5. I thought i could share one of my only Sonic Related material outside of my millions of animation tests (and music) i've done by showing off a old recording of me playing SSX (2012) with two tracks from the JAP Sonic CD soundtrack going alongside some sick tricks.
  6. Are already fighting the final boss of Sonic 2? IN GREEN HILL? HOLY MOSES.
  7. I feel pretty lukewarm about this song, I like the melody and the way it was arranged but i can't really shake that feeling off it, so is most of forces. It screams lukewarm. I do have to explain myself that i like how the "Colors" inspired Custom Character is going to play and same for "Modern Sonic"'s gameplay. But "Classic Sonic"'s gameplay is looking pretty bad.
  8. Odd, Maybe i'm blind because in my 19 years of playing Sonic, I have never noticed it in exceptions of his jumps.
  9. In a change of subject. I felt like i wanted to talk about the demo builds shown for this game. If there's one thing i've noticed from the San Diego to The Late 2016 Build is that after you land a drop dash. Sonic's Ball sprite seems to flicker between his actual shape and the "pinball" form. But within the exception of the Switch Build, All shown builds after 2016 have shown Sonic turning into a solid pinball after a roll by random chance or via the drop dash. This is some evidence to stand my point. Anyway from a visual standpoint i actually really like this. It gives Sonic a lot more of a placebo effect and with how much pinball like mechanics have influenced 2D Sonic, It's very nice to see it like this. Perhaps this is a bug or a randomised occurrence. but i love seeing sonic turn into a pinball for a few seconds.
  10. Welcome to SSMB!

  11. I made an account to say this, i've been lurking this topic for about 7 months now. While i'm very excited about Mania as much as the other guys around here. I feel like having a concise and built up story helps give a motivation to get though the game. Part of why i love Sonic 3 & Knuckles is because it had this huge story centred around the Death Egg and Angel Island, It felt very adventurous and vivid and yet very minimal and straightforward. Whatever the Maniacs have planned, I think it's going to turn out great. Same can be said about most Classic Era story lines, Even Sonic R and Sonic The Fighters. Sweet. Simple. Motivating and Straightforward.