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  1. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    Here's a fruit for thought. Null Space.
  2. Here's my say in this, I think we've all grown up playing the classics almost daily for most of our lives, it impacted our ideals of game design and how things should play. So i leave you this. Do you have a sibling or relative that seems to be into gaming? Hand them Mania and see how they play. Trust me it really does open your eyes because eventually after playing the Classics for so long you start sorta growing a tunnel vision of level design, We learn the best route, the best way to move around and how we can go at our fastest in these games so by the time Mania fell into our laps it was very easy to swift though the game because we had Experience. While i do love Mania and while i have my bias towards 3&K's Gameplay and CD's visual aesthetic, I do agree that Mania can be too easy, But why is it too easy? My answer is that we've all gotten really good at playing Sonic. At least that's what i believe.
  3. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    In terms of Story, I hope Little Planet is involved somewhat again. Anything connected to the Little Planet is a huge plus for me.
  4. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I think it's better for everyone to push forward, It's nice that Mania had returning zones but i won't be so excited if they are handed the same situation if a sequel occurs, I'll probably be only fine with returning zones if they were merged or turned completely upside down.
  5. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    Eh, tried to make a penguin while playing the game. Didn't really come out that way.
  6. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I just beat it an hour ago and i'm gonna give you this. I loved all of the Modern Sonic's Since Unleashed, Lost World was at least playable but Forces seems to have taken the worst aspects of Lost World's Psychics. Modern/Avatar feels so clunky, the lack of a drift system has thrown me off lanes during Metropolis more than i can psychically accept it. Classic Sonic is pretty much crap, He served no purpose to the story and his inclusion is really hap hazard. The Game felt like it played itself most of the time, It was pretty much a Interactive Movie and it sucks, I think the highlights were most of Metropolis and The final Modern Stage. But yeah Forces isn't 06 or anything, it just lacks everything. Plus the game literally just "Ends" there's no resolution. Plus they based the game from Lost World, That really explains all of my problems in Movements.
  7. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    After How Refreshing Mania was, it's a good idea to give Forces some Tough Love to be honest. Maybe i'm in the minority but i want to actually play a game and not a interactive movie.
  8. What does Japan see in Forces?

    I mean the only thing i can really show is this.
  9. I pre-ordered it weeks ago and by now it's not refundable from what i've known, Whatever the case i bought it and i might as well live with it for another day.
  10. Ever slowly i regret my pre-order, also the fact i won a copy of the game thanks to mcdonalds doesn't help my case any further.
  11. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Did they actually made Tails worst than Lost World? What the fuck why is Sonic Team doing this to my two tailed fox? I'm pretty devastated.
  12. Yeah i'm gonna call BS for now. But whatever happens, i do think the Soundtrack will be a Plus on all situations.
  13. Advice for anyone who downloaded the Switch Demo, DON'T GO TO SLEEP MODE FOR TOO LONG WHILE THE GAME IS ACTIVE. IT WILL BRINK YOUR SWITCH LIKE IT NEARLY DID MINE. If yours got bricked, my advice is to hold the power button for about 20 seconds and hope it doesn't black screen once it reloads and then delete the corrupted demo. Don't risk your Switch for this demo since it has the power to brink your switch. I got extremely lucky and i feel like others aren't so lucky right now. I'M SERIOUS.
  14. The lack of the drift has been my biggest defining problem with Modern Sonic and the lack of it is a huge evidence at the major disjoint the Gameplay is suffering from, the demo has only made this feeling worst for me. 3/4 Years of development for this. I don't know man. I mean i like the spectacle but it has no fruit if the gameplay is so lacking.