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  1. There are a lot of horrible games, personally when someone asks me about it the first game that pops in my head is: Expect No Mercy: * Shity gameplay; * Shitty history; * Shitty graphics; * Shitty moves; * Shitty characters; * Shitty cutscenes; * Shitty Fatalities; * Shitty sound effects; * Shitty music; My recommendation about this game, expect no quality, if you can bear until 3 minutes you can see some "fatalities" in this video:
  2. Oh thanks for the suggestion, at the start I was thinking to use one of these ones: But this one that you linked here sounds better for the occasion I think, the intro and the music gives a "The End" feeling, I can see the staff roll going up XD For while I'll take this one, if you know another good music, let me know too.
  3. Hello guys, in the middle of this year I am planning to finish my final project and finish my Computer Science undergraduate course where I struggled a lot to get here. There will be a graduation ceremony where you can choose one music to play when you are going to get your bachelor's degree and I want to choose one Star Light remix because it is a very special song for me. It give me a winning feeling because it is the song which you hear after the Labyrinth zone, and since Sonic is the first game that I played after changing my Atari for a Sega Genesis (I think that I was 6 years old) I struggled a lot to beat it. Also it is a very pretty song Soo TL:DR do you know any cool Star Light remix song to recommend to me to play in my graduation ceremony? And sorry if I am asking for something in the wrong place of forum :x
  4. A random memory, isn't in Ocean Base some parts like wall corners with a bug that kills you from the nothing?
  5. Kaze_Senshi

    Jurassic Park

    Oh Jurassic Park, I played a lot of JP games when I was a child like the platformer one from Genesis. The co-op platformer from SNES and the top-down game too, also there are that fighting game from PSX
  6. So many cool pics that I can't quote all, great job man
  7. Sonic 1 LSD Special Stage, lovely music
  8. My favorite soundtrack is from S3&K, it has some awesome songs here like Sandopolis, Hydrocity, Death Egg, where each one has a different catch and the best sonic's last boss song ever.
  9. - What do you think of the transformation gimmick in the series? Personally I am not a fan of the transformations (except the ones from Sonic Colors). I think that they make the game lose their essence, even Super Sonic I don't like him too much in the game because he is too strong, but it is pretty cool. - What do you think of the forms? The forms looks cool, but someones are too strange to me like the werehog one, it does not make sense in my head. It is like a character from some comedy-parody game that it isn't Sonic. - What do you think can be done to expand upon them and their gameplay and story relevance? I think that instead of changing the form, they could create some gimmicks that don't break the Sonic Image, like differente shoes colors with different powers( for example: purple shoes invert the gravity, green shoes reduces the gravity force, yellow ones allow you to step over the rings like ground, etc ). - What about forms not covered here from alternate Sonic continuities/Non-canon forms i.e Hyper Sonic from S3&K, Archie's Ultra/Polar/Eco/Solar Sonic, "Dark Super Sonic" from X? IDK And I think that you didn't talk about the most polemic form change, from fat chubby Sonic to cool teenager Sonic :V
  10. Now I am working on one Emerald Hill sheet, I'll try to apply some tips that I received to make the music sounds better like music texture and etc. Gotta study harder
  11. You talked a lot of gimmicks that I like, there is one special gimmick that I only saw (when playing Sonic 1) on Sonic 1's ending cut scene, the gimmick is that part where Sonic is pushed by the water flow and must grab on the bars and move up and down to avoid the spikes, something like this pic but in Sonic 1, when I was a child I really wanted to play in that part but I never knew how to reach it http://www.soniczone0.com/games/sonic3/hydrocity/s3-hz-objectsimg6.png And the water gimmick itself is an interesting thing Also can I consider Metropolis's "infinite screen" trick as a gimmick too?
  12. I am starting to study music, so I started to listen classical musics too, I don't know a lot of them but I love Moonlight Sonata and the Four Seasons Looking for more recommendations
  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Hmmmm I don't remember when but I think that when I was starting to lose my interest I discovered the Sega Genesis Sonic hacks and I noticed that the Sonic community is pretty active, making a lot of fan-games and fan-works. If this community continues this way I think that I never will lose my interest in the blue hedgehog.
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