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  1. I don't watch the show anymore since it's not really interesting/funny, But I think i'm gonna watch the Bee-bot fusion episode, sounds very interesting.
  2. I just watched "Unnamed Episode" it was pretty bad. I think the town was way too jerky, hating Sticks just because her great-great-great grandfather was mean. The story of them trying to rename the town and all was uninteresting, and the climactic action scene was once again lame one-sided robot smashing. I enjoyed the political joke midway through but the rest of the humor fell flat. Frankly, I don't think i'll keep watching the show. Every time it has a good episode (Biggest Fan, Mech Suits Me) it falls back into weak eps like this, or Og Man Out. Out of 70 episodes i've only liked 2. And none of the future episodes really capture my interest, either. The plots just look really bland and routine. "Knuckles is confused for Bigfoot", "Eggman takes a test to make him a true villain", "Amy takes care of a bee-bot" none of these look like they could be entertaining.
  3. That was Vector's appearance? Kinda disappointing i'd say. Nice for a cameo and all but a bigger role would've been more worth the hype.
  4. Late reply but I wouldn't really say Sonic Boom feels like an "adult" show. Just feels like a typical kid's comedy series to me.
  5. Man the line Knuckles said about Feminism in the Anti-Gravity ray episode (Haven't seen it yet but there was an ARTICLE about it) really surprised me! I didn't expect commentary like that out of THIS show of all things seems more like something out of like I dunno The Simpsons? It's cool it also gave the show rare press attention.
  6. Catching up, "Blackout" was another weak episode. The plot was interesting, I liked the ancient mythology from the games. However, the humor was still poor. The jokes were still immature and juvenile, and don't have much variety, they're mostly just relying on overused "Knuckles is stupid" jokes, "Sticks is paranoid" jokes, and endless fourth-wall breaking or self-referential or "Hey we know this joke's bad so we'll cover it up" kinda stuff. These kind of jokes would be fine in small doses but when they're used OVER and OVER again they become tiresome. Episodes like The Biggest Fan, Mech Suits Me, and Multi-Tails were better on the humor side. If I wrote Season 3 the jokes would be less reliant on old-standbys, action wouldn't just be one-sided and dull, and the episodes would be 22 minutes and not 11.
  7. So that's IT? The longest running licensed comic series ever, with nearly 500 issues combined, 25 years in print, countless beloved characters and locations, which launched the careers of lots of famous writers and artists, many of whom were big fans, and captured the imagination of millions of readers worldwide and continues to do so to this day. And THAT is how it all ends. No big final farewell, no wrap-up, no heartfelt, touching goodbye issue to send the fans off with a smile and a tear, NOTHING. Just "It's done, screw all of you", coming after six months of truly disgraceful media silence from Archie and SEGA where all we got was "We're talking about it, news coming soonish", not telling anyone about what was happening and pretending that the comic didn't exist. After all the hard work, ups and downs, trials and tribulations, twists and turns, laughs and tears, drama and excitement, instead of getting a big goodbye or at least something like the final Sonic Boom issue, the longest running and most beloved licensed comic ever ends with NOTHING. No conclusion, no wrap-up, no nothing. I wasn't even a FAN of this comic and this pisses me off. There were still so many stories left to tell, so many questions left unanswered, so many readers to entertain, and we get a "kbye". To me, this is the saddest way something can end. So many years of work and storytelling and it just ends, just like that. Is THIS worth all the waiting, speculation, rumors, and confusion? Disgraceful. My only hope is that the story can at least be concluded in some way, or maybe picked up by another publisher like IDW. But for now, I guess, so long, and thanks for all the fish.
  8. Still catching up, "Knine To Five Knuckles" was a really poor episode, IMO, one of the worst! Plot was really thin, action scenes lame, and no funny jokes! A real shame, after improvement FriendBot, Og Man Out, and this have all been poor. "Blackout" may turn things around though?
  9. About Boom and the Teen Choice, it's not that I don't think the show's "good enough" to win the award, it's just that it would feel undeserving for it to win over much more popular and acclaimed shows, given it's a Teen CHOICE award, all of a certain age can vote, and it's supposed to represent the most popular show among an age group. It's not like the Oscars or Grammys where it's chosen by a panel. It winning over shows like FG and SU would really be kinda unrepresentative of what teens enjoy most. Here's an analogy. Let's say there was a poll for "American's Favorite Film 2016", where everyone could vote on favorite film, and most nominations were popular films like Deadpool, Rogue One, Civil War, or Zootopia, but the winner was an acclaimed but not very popular film, like Sing Street, or Everybody Wants Some! or The Nice Guys. I'd imagine while fans of those movies would be happy most wouldn't be. Same goes for this show, which is probably the least popular (Again, not the WORST, that's subjective) of all these shows.
  10. Controversial opinion, but I wouldn't really be happy with SB winning the award. All the other shows have much greater followings, acclaim, fandoms, press coverage, merchandise, everything! It wouldn't really be representative.
  11. "Og Man Out" was really disappointing to me, the plot was good (Nice to bring the frog guys back) but the action scenes were one-sided and lame, and there weren't any good jokes. These two bad eps disappoint me since Mech Suits Me was really good. Let's hope "Nine-To-Five Knuckles" is better.
  12. The show being nominated for a Teen Choice Award confuses me. The show doesn't really seem to be too popular, having very little reaction from media/pop culture websites (VERY few websites have talked much about the show, i've only seen reviews/articles about it from Kotaku, talking about episodes 1 and 2, Nintendo Life talking about the first eight, and Unleash The Fanboy which wrote a pretty negative review for episodes 1 and 2, outside of a few smaller sites and SEGA fansites, and since the early hype wore off I haven't seen any articles) and fan buzz/fandom activity doesn't seem to be pretty big, especially compared to the nominees which are probably the biggest animated shows on TV right now. Of course, maybe i'm wrong. Still, good for it. Also, about MysteriousGirl92, I think you're taking this all too seriously. It's a cartoon, it's not afraid to play with the real world laws, most shows do stuff like that. However I do disagree that she's not "mature" enough to enjoy the show, no offense to the show itself but it's hardly a "mature" kid's show in the way of things like Zootopia, who dealt with racism/prejudice, the War on Drugs, political scare tactics/fear, and government corruption beneath it's shiny surface, or like Steven Universe, which regularly deals with themes such as rape, abuse, consent, PTSD, war, and attempted murder, and even PBS Kid's Arthur which has dealt with the death of a pet, drug addiction, corrupt businesses, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Asperger's/Autism, and child obesity. Sonic Boom is just a kid's comedy show, without much in the way of dark/mature/complex themes.
  13. For me, Season 2 HAS been somewhat of an improvement over Season 1, "The Biggest Fan" and "Mech Suits Me" were both good episodes, the jokes have got a bit better, characterization has been improved. While there's still lots of bad it's a step. FriendBot wasn't good for me, it's just my opinion. Not everyone has to be 100% positive about this show.
  14. Anyway I finished watching "FriendBot" (I'm Way behind) And it was terrible. The plot was stupid, Eggman building a robot that knows everything about Sonic could've been a great action-packed episode, but just because he sees Sonic do one nice thing he suddenly becomes his best bud? Lame. The action was one-sided and boring, and the jokes were bad, I laughed at the jab at the Sonic franchise but no other jokes in the ep were good. Overall, highly disappointing after the great Mech Suits Me.
  15. I hope the comic doesn't end, it would really suck for a comic which has lasted over 20 years, nearly 300 issues in the main series and hundreds more spinoffs, and captured the imaginations of tons of readers to end with a whimper.
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